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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Belita Renn

ISBN :978-1-55487-381-4

Page :143

Word Count :35750

Publication Date :2010-08-16

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Heartbeat (pdf) , Heartbeat (prc) , Heartbeat (epub) , Heartbeat (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-381-4

We can fall in love in a heartbeat...even with a werewolf.

Advertising agent, Tammy Sinclair, is sent to a small mountain town to gain the advertising account for a fast growing company that makes a cure for erection dysfunction. A heavy rain washing out the road traps her at the local gas station with the sexy owner, Blake, and roommate, Ken, who live beneath the store. A quickly developing relationship is knocked off course when a werewolf molests Tammy while asleep. When new lover, Blake, covers up for the werewolf, it makes her suspicious. When everyone else backs him on the cover-up, she fears she is in trouble.

Casting a glance down the road, she made certain no cars were coming, then remembered they couldn't make it past the landslide. Her dripping top had to go next, then her bra, followed by the skirt. Nude, she reached for her dry clothing in her suitcase. Her teeth were chattering from the cold, her body shaking hard and her fingers felt numb and clumsy. Leaning into the car, she picked up the bra and panties. As she straightened, strong arms lifted her from the ground. A startled squeal erupted from her throat.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Freezing to death! I was trying to put on some dry clothes." She held her bra and panties up for him to see as he stomped around the car to the entrance of the store.

He wore a leather coat and it abraded her skin as her body shook with shivers beyond her control. He deposited her to stand on the cold tile floor. "Stay put, I will get your things," he ordered as he stomped out the door and slammed it closed against the biting wind.

Shaking all over, she leaned against the counter and slid her feet into her panties. She was tugging them around her ankles when he opened the door and stepped inside.

His gaze slid slowly up her nude form as though he had just realized she was naked. Her suitcase clamped to his body beneath his arm, he strode past her. "This way."

Forced to leave immediately, she had to snatch the panties off her feet and run after him. Hurrying along behind him, she hoped he had a heater in the back. Shoving her arms in her bra straps, she pushed it against her body, while holding the panties in her teeth. Trying to reach around and close the clasp, while trotting after his long strides was difficult. Finally, she managed to hook the bra in place.

Pushing open a hidden door that had small shelves containing condiments, he stepped through and continued walking. "Close the door, please," he instructed, glancing over his shoulder.

Closing the door, she paused to lean against the wall and yank on her panties. At least now she didn't feel like a streaker flaunting her body. Crossing the storage room, he pushed open another hidden door and stepped through. Reaching the doorway, her gaze slipped past him into the long dark hallway. The other end of the hall wasn't visible. Apprehension gripped her tight nerves. She knew nothing about this man. Did anyone know of this hidden location? Was it safe to go with him? Was she a total fool to trust him with her life? Sexual attraction was no guarantee that he wasn't a serial killer.

"Close the door," he said. "You are letting the cold air in." He spoke matter–of-factly.

Surely it meant he wasn't feeling violent. Could she trust her instincts just this once? Puffing out a breath, she stepped into the second hall and closed the door. Lights came on overhead. It was a normal white hallway without pictures or windows. Testing the door to see if it would open, she was relieved when the knob turned easily. The light blinked off. Gazing down the hall, she watched to see if he would turn to prevent her from leaving. He slowed, but didn't return and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Closing the door again, the light sprang on. The floor had an incline and she was moving downward. Following slowly, she watched him disappear around a turn. Reaching the turn, she stopped and peeked around the wall. A large living room with a blazing fire in the hearth, normal furniture, and decorations greeted her eyes. Stepping into the room, she hurried to the hearth. The furnishings were heavy and sturdy. The room was neat and clean. A rug covered the floor. The sofa was soft brocade with stripes of tan and green. There were paintings of beautiful scenery on the walls, but no windows. Silence greeted her ears--total silence. The rain had stopped. Turning she scanned the room for the man with her case. He stepped into the room from a hall opposite the room and held out a heavy long bathrobe for her.

"Slip this on. I brought you the phone so you can call your family and let them know where you are stranded. You don't want to make them worry unnecessarily." She saw understanding in his gaze.

"The rain has stopped." Smiling, she advanced to accept the robe and phone. It would be warmer than her thin silk suit. Hitting the call button on the phone, she was relieved to receive a dial tone. She quickly punched in the number.

"No. We are underground. You cannot hear it. Only the rear of the kitchen extends from beneath the store and the side of the mountain."

"Really, that is why you didn't hear me knock? What made you decide to come back to the store?" The phone was ringing in her ear. Her answering machine picked up. "Hi, Mom. The road is washed out. I am on Route Twelve at the small gas station on top of the mountain. The man that owns it has a home underground beneath the store. and I am staying with him." She smiled as though listening to her mother. "He seems like a very nice man, Mom. He said the kitchen is outside the mountain so it isn't totally underground. I will call you later with an update. Love you. Bye." She switched off the phone. As long as someone knew where to look for her, she wasn't going to worry. He had no way of knowing she had talked to her answering machine, and her roommate would receive the message when she returned home. Were she to disappear, the police knew where to look. That was enough for her to feel comfortable.

"I returned upstairs because a bell goes off when a car enters the shelter."

Shoving her arms into the robe, she was pulling the lapels together when another man stepped into view. Shifting nervously, she moved closer to the fire. He was handsome in a different way. His features were bold, and on the large side, from his wide mouth and square jaw to his brow. His shoulders were large like a body builder.

"I'm Blake Floyd. This is my partner, Ken Lee," her host continued.

She nodded to Mr. Lee. The name suited him as she realized he did have a hint of Oriental in his features. Partner? Partner--as in wife or husband? Had she intruded into their lives when he had only been flirting and didn't mean a word of what he had said? She forced a smile. "I am pleased to meet both of you. I'm Tammy Sinclair. Forgive my intrusion into your lives. The road is washed out, and as I told Mr. Floyd before, there is a landslide on the other side of the mountain." Shrugging, she shook from a cold shiver racking her body. There was nothing she could do about the situation. Only, it is a shame. For a few minutes, she had lived a dream of making love to handsome Mr. Floyd. "I will try not to disturb you any more than necessary," she assured them both.

"Is this the lady that was going to help you use up all of the condoms?" Ken asked Blake, a grin tugging at his mouth.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Werewolf