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Melissa’s Christmas Wish

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : M.R. Kelly

ISBN :978-1-4874-0956-2

Page :43

Word Count :11933

Publication Date :2016-12-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Melissa’s Christmas Wish (epub) , Melissa’s Christmas Wish (prc) , Melissa’s Christmas Wish (pdf) , Melissa’s Christmas Wish (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance , Holiday Countdown 2016

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0956-2

Club blood is home to Serghei, a vampire who is visited nightly by an apparition of a mysterious beautiful black woman. Someone must have the answer to the identity of the woman and he is on a quest to discover why she keeps haunting him.

One sexy apparition, one lonely vampire and one week to live. Serghei has a dilemma on his hands. He is a vampire who is being haunted every night by a beautiful voluptuous black woman. Who is she? The answer is out there.

Mel has one week to live. Will the man that appears in her dreams find her before her time runs out? She has one week to find out.

Serghei awoke with a start, turning his head slightly to the left, his ears twitched as he attempted to locate the source of the noise that had awakened him from his death sleep. Nothing but the setting of the sun should have brought him out of the cursed dark abyss. Yet here he lay in the pitch blackness of the room listening and waiting for some unknown sound that probably was not there in the first place. But it was always better to be safe than dust. Especially since several days ago he was made aware of the Hunters who tracked his coven to New Orleans. As leader of this coven it was his duty to protect his family, those he had brought over into the night. Next door was Gustav, Ivan, and Jerick whom he had found near death and had transformed during the Crimean War. The three men had nearly perished on the battlefield after sustaining gruesome, life threatening wounds. He had carried each man to the ward sister, Florence, who had tried to staunch the flow of life giving blood from each man, but had eventually given up placing them on the broken wooden carts that lined the back of the medical tent. That was where he had later found them. His one question changed their lives to that of the undead for eternity. “Do you want to live?” Their answer had bound the lives of those men to his, thus guaranteeing his protection and kinship. All through the years each had become almost dependent on the others, fighting alongside him against the Hunters who sought to destroy them. 

Now, as he lay there quietly listening for an intruder he wondered yet again had he been wrong turning the men next door, especially now when they were always seemed to be on the move. This time of the year was worse. Christmas kind of brought home what they all missed… never taking the time to build relationships or bond with others outside of their close-niched group. A crash sounded in the far corner of the darkened room and Serghei turned with a quick snap, leaped from the bed, and crouched in his fighting stance searching the darkness for the intruder.

Peering into the darkness he could barely make out the outline of a beautiful Mulatto woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties and from what Serghei could see, about five feet six with a Rubenesque figure. Her hips were wide and long shapely legs encased in a pair of washed out denims and soft cream chemise. Motionless, Serghei’s gaze travelled around the room checking for others. There was no one but the woman. He waited for her to glance his way. When she did, he was stunned speechless by her emerald green eyes that seemed to reach into his soul, stealing in the space of a moment what little breath he still had. Shiny tight brown curls twisted and curled about her face, caressing a cocoa brown complexion with dusty rose cheeks.  Her lips were generous, curved and parted, but no sound emanated from the delicious fullness he found attractive in women. The woman looked around the room, blinking with confusion before her lips began to move rapidly, but still Serghei could not make out what she was saying.

Moving slowly around the darkened room, he approached the mysterious woman holding his hand out in front of him as he tried not to frighten her further. He needed answers and startling her would not help him get them. She had to be with the Hunters who had found their way into his lair and had wandered away from the others. Once he had her in his clutches, he would get the answers he needed. The closer Serghei moved toward the woman, the more she withdrew back into the darkened corner. Finally, she was trapped, he thought. The corner of his lips lifted in satisfaction.

Leaning forward, in a controlled voice he asked, “How did you get in here?”

The woman eyed him suspiciously, her eyes drifting around the room, widening as if suddenly aware of her surroundings. Her lips opened again moving without sound. A crash behind him had him swinging around toward the noise, only to find the room empty apart from a broken lamp lying beside his bed. Turning back on his heels toward the woman who was now slowly fading into the wall. Grabbing at the woman, his hand misted through what should have been her flesh without making contact. She was gone.  Feeling along the wood, Serghei’s hands flashed through the air where she had once stood. He stepped deeper into the corner to check for a hidden entry, but found nothing. How could someone just disappear without a trace or sound?

The next few minutes Serghei retraced his steps as he moved silently around the room rechecking the windows, doors, and blackout shutters. All was secure. Stopping in the middle of the room, he listened to the loud snores of his friends who were undisturbed by the events in his room. Drifting back toward the bed, he leaned against the headboard, his gaze focused on the now empty corner of the room until he again let the darkness descend upon him. The vision of emerald green eyes stayed with him.

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