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Unsettled Trilogy narrates the stories of three spirit hunters who while hunting for rogue spirits seek their own Destined One. The spirit hunters work under the guidance of celestial beings called the High Domines. The events in each book lead to the Insurgence, a time during which all matters and beings become unsettled, with the finale taking place in the book 3 where all is settled.

Each book has a HEA ending and can be read as a stand alone, however, it’s best to read the books in order to follow how humans and ethereal beings settle all


Written By: Su Halfwerk
Series: Unsettled #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

The only obstacle in his quest is his heart. Andrew Taylor has it all. A flourishing acting career, a stunner...

With the intention of ignoring Helen, Andrew continued toward the door, but he was wrenched backwards. Looking over his shoulder, he saw that Helen had grabbed Adoria’s upper arm and turned her around, pulling him backwards as well in the process. Adoria snapped something at her, and Helen raised her hand as if to slap her. With one hand, Adoria seized Helen’s elbow and pushed the producer to carry on with the momentum of her body, except, Adoria pulled backward and continued steering Helen’s arm until her hand connected with her own face in a loud slap.

The sound echoed in the hushed dining room, everyone stared at the two women, Adoria glaring at Helen, and the other woman holding her cheek, eyes brimming with tears of humiliation and anger.

“Now, this gives a new meaning to bitch slapping,” Andrew mumbled and snickered. He hadn’t meant to say it aloud, he could still think clearly, he believed, but his actions went haywire. A few giggles sounded around them, as he, Adoria, and Steve walked away from a raging executive producer.

They stepped out into the night, the smog, for the first time, invigorated him, reducing his sickness and confusion. The downside to this change was that his senses were centered in his lower region. Adoria’s hips nudging his as they walked didn’t help matters any.

They reached the SUV, and Steve left his side to unlock the door, Andrew thought. He couldn’t take his closeness to Adoria anymore. He intended to move away from her, but instead he pushed her against the car, placed both hands on her waist and leaned into her, grinding that ache against her warm body.


Desire, so long forgotten, hummed through him. Her breathing caught when he delicately touched her cheekbones and lips with his hand, his lips trailing his fingers’ path. They tasted her, teased her. He was driving himself insane, just as he did to her, for her body reacted to his touch, her breasts pushed against his chest in an inviting challenge.

Andrew, stop! You will ruin everything, Gruesome shouted in his head, but he ignored his Guide.


The only obstacle in his quest is his heart.

Andrew Taylor has it all. A flourishing acting career, a stunner of a model as a girlfriend, and a countenance that swoons women right into his arms.

Except, this is not the only life he’s living. He is also a Spirit Hunter tormented by the murder of his wife and daughter and destined to hunt rogue spirits, seeking the one who destroyed his family. Even if that means repressing his needs.

Adoria Hall’s life is turned upside down after an unfair layoff from her job. Financial pressures force her to accept babysitting a spoiled actor like Andrew. Or so she thinks, until she discovers a lonely heart beating beneath his glamorous façade. Protecting Andrew’s life from harm is her duty, safeguarding her heart is her compulsion.

When the spirits drive the war to Andrew’s turf, he must confront his key enemy to settle the score. Yet, if forced to pick, will Andrew choose to exorcise the one he seeks or will he opt to protect the one he adores?

Written By: Su Halfwerk
Series: Unsettled #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Coerced into hunting corrupt spirits, the headstrong spirit hunter must expel his lover's soul and give up his...

“Hey, you,” some moron screamed at the top of his lungs. Would these people ever consider adding a name when they call each other? Sheesh! Pru straightened up and resumed walking while massaging her middle.

“You, girl in violet shirt! Wait up,” the man shouted again. Yeah, adding an adjective might attract some girl’s attention. What a lousy pick up line.

She stopped in half stride. Hold on a second, she thought, I’m wearing a violet shirt.

“Yes, I’m talking to you. Turn around,” he said, more calmly now that he had her attention.

The resonance of his voice kindled a flicker of recognition in her. His voice, full of authority, demanded immediate yielding. Pru half turned, hope surging through her like an electric shock. She pointed at herself and asked in a shaky voice, “You’re talking to me?”

The man’s upper half was in shadows, but he seemed to still at hearing her voice. Anyone would if they could see through someone else.

“Pru?” He uttered her name in a husky and deep whisper. It did nasty things to her pulse.

He stepped out of the shadows. Long, muscular legs clad in black pants were revealed, the swagger slow and surefooted. The shadow receded and the man’s torso emerged. Black t-shirt stretched over a broad chest, outlining every bit of its firm muscularity. Raising her gaze, Pru encountered a firm mouth set in a smirk and deep cryptic, dark eyes that made her their sole focus. All that rugged handsomeness was topped by army style trimmed black hair.

“Luke?” Pru blinked, not believing her eyes. Occasionally, memories of her teen crush pushed through her mind for no reason and she used to push them back. She couldn’t do that now, those memories were in the front seat because he was standing right in front of her.

He just had to develop a voice that dripped awesomeness.

Pru shook her head. What’s wrong with me?

Luke gawked at her, his hands tucked casually into pants pockets. Pru had the impression he wasn’t as nonchalant as his appearance implied for meeting the girl who—according to him at the time—qualified to enter a mind-**** contest.

“What are you up to?” He barked at her.

Definitely tense. She chose to ignore his rudeness. “You can see me?” She rushed toward him then halted as memories of previous attempts to touch others surfaced in her head. They were nasty experiences that left her reeling with emotions alien to her.

“Are you looking for a place to stay?”

She tucked a runaway strand of hair behind her ear and frowned. “What do you mean?”

Slowly, he said, “Are you up for a stay?” His voice had an edge to it, one she didn’t trust.

Eyes narrowed, she said, “I’m not homeless. Your hostility doesn’t make sense.”

He lowered his head and shook it. Perhaps if she explained her situation, he might know what she should do. “I guess I should be grateful for meeting someone. It’s been very lonely. No one to speak to—”

“And no one to possess.” A vein throbbed in his jaw.

She took a step back. “Possess?”

“Since I’m the only living person who can see you, I suggest you drop the innocent act.”

People gawked at him and changed paths as they neared him. It didn’t seem to bother him that others thought he was talking to himself.

Pru laughed, pointing a finger at herself. “You think I’m dead?”

“I know you’re dead,” he said through gritted teeth and pulled his hand from his pocket. “Time to send you home.”

Home was too far away, way beyond her lifeline’s limit. An ache pulsed in Pru’s chest and birthed a fury that paralyzed her with its intensity. Instead of facing her, Luke swiveled about, his gaze following a woman pushing a baby stroller. Pru ceased to exist for him and that infuriated her even more. She stomped a foot. “You don’t even know where I live.”

He kept looking at the other woman.

“I’m talking to you, Luke. Look at me.”

He tilted his head as though tuned to something else. Finally, he said, “Yeah, I see that.” His eyes flicked back to Pru. “I’ll have to give this one a rain check then.” Smirking, Luke lifted his hand and saluted her. “Catch you later, sunshine.” With that, he followed the other woman.

“Don’t call me that,” Pru shouted and dashed after him. After few strides, her breath caught and her steps faltered. Like a lasso, the invisible lifeline tightened around her mid-section, constricted her chest, and snatched her back.

She had overstepped her boundaries.

Coerced into hunting corrupt spirits, the headstrong spirit hunter must expel his lover's soul and give up his body at the end of his tenure.
Luke has two purposes, hunting spirits and avenging his own death.
Pru has one goal, to return to her body, especially now that Luke is interested in her. Her memories of his shady past haunt her and keep her on guard around him.
Ignoring his teen infatuation with Pru, Luke looks for ways to exorcise her, while she must face the fact that she might never be united with herself again.
Amidst rogue spirits, ferocious drug smugglers, and unbendable celestial rules, Pru and Luke’s love demands a sacrifice that can snuff out their rekindled romance before it has even begun.
When Luke has to decide between his conflicting desires, which path will he choose?
And will the sacrifice be worth it?

Written By: Su Halfwerk
Series: Unsettled #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Their romance will break all the rules. On a foggy day in Santa Monica, Faye is arrested for attacking a scho...

Celestine rushed to her, angry at himself for leaving such a huge obstruction in the room. He had thought it would make a great marker for her. Not anymore, that monstrosity was going to the storage room.

She struggled to rise. Celestine grasped her hand and helped her. “Are you okay?”

“I hurt my knee a little,” she said on a huff.

“Let me see. “ Celestine bent down and examined the abraded skin. “No blood, it is just a graze.” When he touched it she hissed. “But it will hurt for a while. The healing chest…I mean first aid kit is in the…”he trailed off, shuffling through memories for the right place. “In your bathroom. Come with me, I will take care of it.”

“It’s nothing. There’s no need for the hassle.”

“It is no hassle and there is a need if it can be done. Please come with me.”

With his hand under her elbow, Celestine guided her to the bathroom. He closed the toilet lid and seated her on it. Fortunately, Faye gathered the robe in her lap to stop it from sliding open. Unfortunately, it bunched the top part and left suggestive shadows of full soft skin.

He wetted a cloth and cleaned the wound, pausing and blowing on the irritated area every time she gasped in pain.

“I will apply a topical antibiotic to keep it moist and infection free. It will sting.”

She nodded.

He washed his hands and squeezed the cold ointment onto his finger. To distract her, he asked, “How did you manage a shower without help?”

Her lips pursed into a full, plum heart. “You have doubts about my blindness?”

He looked up, his finger poised to rub the medicine. “Not at all. The bathroom has several fixtures. I was only wondering how you avoided them.”

She lowered her eyes, a pink cloud growing on her smooth cheeks. “Not all. I bumped against the sink and almost tripped on the tub’s edge. Vicky took me through the bathroom before she left.”

Celestine smiled and rubbed the ointment. She clamped a hand to his wounded shoulder and held on. He swallowed a wince. “Almost over.”

When done, he wiped his hands on the cloth and pulled her up with him. When she rose fully, she was so close to him that he could see the palest of blue in her beguiling eyes. Fate might have taken the gift of vision from her but had endowed her with arresting and unmatched gaze.

“I’ve been meaning to ask…can I see you?” Faye’s voice came out husky on a whisper.

She would be seeing Gabriel, not him, but he would not deny her. “You May. I have dark—”

“No. Let me.”

She raised her hands and placed them on his face. Soft, feather like touches shifted from one area to another.

“You have a five o’clock shadow,” she murmured and continued her investigation.

“What’s the color of your hair?” Her voice was low and husky.

“Dark brown, almost black.” He resisted the urge to clear the dryness from his throat.

Her soft touch lingered on his hair, which he usually wore slicked back neatly for the office, but at the moment was in disarray. After sweeping her hands through it she moved to his brows.

“Your eyebrows are thick, shapely. What color is your eyes?”

“They—” he cleared the huskiness out of his voice. “They are light brown.”

Her lips stretched in a tight smile. “Like honey?”

Since he didn’t trust his voice, he nodded, trusting her inspecting hands to deliver his response.

His hand came up and reached out to her mouth. Would those velvety lips feel as smooth and soft as they appear?

The sound of a door slamming shut jolted them.

Their romance will break all the rules.

On a foggy day in Santa Monica, Faye is arrested for attacking a school bus. Though blind, she has a duty as the spirit hunter to rid the world of rogue spirits. A responsibility, she carries with diligence, as the possessed and their minions stalk her everywhere.
Dispatched to support her, Celestine is cast into a challenging and questionable role that muddles his emotions. His wants and desires swirl out of control in a battle to resist his devastating attraction to the spirit hunter.
Who can Faye trust when her savior is riding a body that doesn’t belong to him? How will they work together to free Faye, keep her safe, and abolish the possessed?
And what happens when Fate steps in and determines that this is not enough?
Whatever they finally settle on, it will certainly break all the rules.