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Martine Jardin

Martine Jardin has been an artist since she was very small. Her mother guarantees she was born holding a pencil, which for a while, as a toddler, she nicknamed "Zessie"

She won several art competitions with her drawings as a child. Ventured into charcoal, watercolors and oils later in life and about 15 years ago started creating digital art.

She's created hundreds of covers for books for Zumaya Publications and eXtasy Books, private projects, and several for other publishers. Click on the links to view her art. Martine will take on private projects. Please email her for pricing.

Martine lives on the West Coast with her son in beautiful British Columbia.

Email : martinejardin@telus.net

Website : http://www.martinejardin.com

Blueprint for Revenge

Written By: Martine Jardin
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Johanna is devastated when her beloved grandmother passes away, but shocked to the core when she is left an inheri...

She gazed out of the window. Tristan had loved the way her eyes changed color with the tide of her emotions, reflecting the depths of an inky sea or the sunlight on shimmering smooth blue water. Like the eyes of a mannequin, they watched vacantly, devoid of life and recognition. Her irises remained fixed, the eyelids motionless. At least, he thought she did not see anything. At times he could have sworn he glimpsed a flicker of life, but it was merely his imagination--his silent wish that Johanna would return to the real world.

Tristan wheeled the chair closer to the window and knelt beside it. He frowned worriedly as he carefully watched her face, her eyes, for any sign of life. 


Not a flutter of her eyelids or a tremor of her full lips. His hand trembled as he stroked her cheek. Then he laid it on her hands resting so still on her lap, folded--as if she were in prayer. But she wasn't. It was just how the nurse had placed her hands and they remained that way unless someone moved them.

"Johanna, I wonder if you can hear me," he murmured softly. "I love you so much. Where are you, my darling? Why are you hiding from me and all the people that love you?"

Her small heart-shaped face remained quiet, beautiful and serene. He wondered if she even had feelings. She'd tripped several times during her daily outings and hurt herself, but there was no change, no outcry of pain, not a twinge that she even knew what had happened.

With a sigh Tristan stood up, brushed her forehead with his lips and reached for the hairbrush. Gently he brushed the long blonde locks, holding and brushing each strand as if it were made of spun gold.

A nurse entered the room with Johanna's lunch tray. "No change in her, Mr. MacDonald?" she said, sending him a smile while she put the tray on a small table next to the wheelchair. "Would you like to feed her?"

Tristan did not return the smile. His heart was bleeding for the girl he loved and his mood was dark. It was almost six months now since the accident. "Yes, of course."

"You spend so much time with her. It must be wonderful to have a man in your life who loves you so much. I'll take her to the bathroom first. Come, Johanna. Time to let Mother Nature do its job." The nurse gently took Johanna's elbow and tugged her arm to suggest that she wanted her to stand up.

It was strange how she responded to a gentle prod, to the touch of a spoon on her lips, would open her mouth for food, could walk to the bathroom--yet was lifeless as a doll. 

Like an automaton Johanna stood and slowly allowed herself to be led to the bathroom by the nurse. 

Tristan pulled up a chair. He ran his fingers through his black hair turning it into a tangled mess, while he watched his beloved walk to the bathroom like a zombie. He sank down onto the chair to wait for her. 


The word echoed through his mind. Suddenly his sharp reporter's mind took over. Somewhere he'd read something about catatonic states induced by some drug. It was in a foreign country. The natives would administer the drug and then the victim would behave like the living dead--like a zombie. Why hadn't he thought of this before? That bastard husband of hers was capable of anything, who says he couldn't have gotten hold of such a drug? 

Alert now, he sat up and waited for the nurse to lead Johanna back to the wheelchair. After the nurse left the room he fed Johanna the soup. When the spoon touched her lips she automatically opened her mouth and swallowed. 

Excited and anxious to go home to his computer, his usual patience now on edge, he tried to feed her as quickly as possible. His mind roiled while he spooned the food into her mouth.

The specialists who had studied Johanna's case had diagnosed her with catatonia, but she did not have the regular symptoms preceding such a case. They were baffled.

As they all were.

Usually catatonia was diagnosed in patients with severe mental illnesses. But Johanna was a normal, bright young woman before her marriage. The specialists had ruled out schizophrenia or manic depression. There was just no explanation.

Until now--maybe…

Could it be? Voodoo? If only he could find Paul Blake--he'd be the one with the answers and if need be he'd beat it out of the man.

Johanna is devastated when her beloved grandmother passes away, but shocked to the core when she is left an inheritance she couldn't believe possible. A modern fairytale come true, a girl's dreams fulfilled, especially when she meets the love of her life. But when Tristan enters the picture, doubts invade her heart. Should she listen to her heart, or keep to her commitment? What folly when the mind overrules the heart... The newlyweds travel to Switzerland to investigate her inheritance. Little does Johanna know what awaits her in Europe. And how can she erase Tristan out of her heart?
Price: $5.99
Shadowed Love

Written By: Martine Jardin
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Set in the early sixties, this book is partially based on true life events, and is part fiction. Romance is like a...

After she'd attended the school for six weeks, Bonnie had to start taking her turn to make tea. Mrs. Reis had her marked down for mornings that week and Nina for afternoons. Each girl had to make tea for a week until, after twelve weeks all the students had their turn.

Bonnie didn't mind at all. She was allowed to leave class ten minutes early, so it would give her shelter from the other students' mean remarks for at least fifteen minutes. When she left the classroom, sly smiles and whispers followed her, and she quickly closed the door behind her and walked to reception.

After she opened the door to the print shop then closed it softly behind her, she noticed Abraham busy at his desk. He'd either not heard her come in or didn't take notice. His concentration remained on the work he was doing. "Good morning, Abraham," Bonnie said loud enough to overpower the noisy printing press.

Abe sat up then looked at her, pencil between his teeth. "Good morning, Missy."

Bonnie frowned. "My name is Bonnie." Their gazes locked and wild turmoil coursed through Bonnie's veins as she noted his fine features, very white teeth that contrasted sharply against his black skin and black eyes. His gaze bored into hers.

"I'm not allowed to call you by your first name," he said while he took the pencil from between his teeth and tapped it on the desk.

"Who says?"

"It's the law, Missy. I had better continue with my work before the boss walks in and catches us talking."

"It's a stupid law. I will not have you call me missy. You can't be that much older than me anyway."

Abe put his pencil down. "Missy, please let me do my work? I'll lose my job if they walk in and hear us talking."

Bonnie hesitated. Irritation at the South African apartheid law made her obstinate, but then she thought about what he'd just said. She didn't want to be the cause of Abraham losing his job.

Quietly, she walked to the kitchen, put the kettle on and got the tray ready. She couldn't find the sugar. After she searched all the cupboards and couldn't see it anywhere, she started for the door to ask June, but turned to Abraham instead. "Abraham, do you know where the sugar is hiding?"

Without a word he stood up from his chair and walked into the kitchen. Bonnie followed him. She stood behind him while he opened a top cupboard, reached into the back, and produced a large tin. Bonnie felt very small next to him. Her head just reached his armpits. She wondered how tall he was.

When he turned suddenly, he bumped into her. Their bodies touched briefly before Bonnie stepped back. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest as the chemistry between them caused wave after wave of wild abandonment. His black eyes gazed into hers. She tried to read them, but all she sensed was separation, anger, defiance and disillusionment. Her eyes searched for a spark of interest, but she found none. The only signs of his discomfort were tiny droplets that suddenly dotted his forehead.

Set in the early sixties, this book is partially based on true life events, and is part fiction. Romance is like a burning jewel, it either sparks and flames brightly, or it is shadowed by the world's cruel intervention. Shadowed Love is the story of a love between a black man and a white woman. Their love is like a flawless pearl, perfect, unblemished, except for the cruelty of humanity determined to destroy it. Young Bonnie Winters and her mother Noelene have left Australia to begin a new life in South Africa. Bonnie's attraction to Abraham Mogale, a black man working the printing press at her private school, soon ignites into a passion that cannot be ignored. Despite the considerable risks, the lovers vow to be together even if it means leaving the country. However, their ultimate goal faces several challenges that will test the endurance of their spirits and their love for each other.
Price: $5.99
The Star of Hope

Written By: Martine Jardin
Published By: Devine Destinies

Polly Parker is tired of hospitals, needles, surgeries and chemo. She wants nothing more than to be a normal teena...

“How long does it take to get there?” she shouted.

“You don’t have to yell. I’m not deaf. We’re almost there.”

“I can’t see a thing. I don’t even see any stars. All I see are huge rocks.”

“Those rocks are your stars. Down on Earth, the moonlight lights them up and they become what you call stars.”

“Is Kelhatmor another planet? I’ve never heard of it.”

“Kelhatmor is only known to us and the children who are fortunate enough to visit it.”

“I’m going to look stupid in my nightie. I wish I could have put on some clothes. What will everyone think?”

“All new arrivals first come that way, either in a hospital gown, pajamas, in your case a nightie, and sometimes only underpants. No one will laugh at you. You’ll be welcomed in our midst with joy.”

“Wow. It must be some kind of a magical place. At home, if anyone would see me like this, they’d all make fun of me, just like some kids at school made fun of my bald head.”

“Children on Earth can be cruel sometimes. They don’t understand. But you haven’t gone to school very much. Didn’t your mother teach you at home?”

“I went to school sometimes. I even started high school, but then the tumors in my head grew again and I had to go back to the hospital.” The memory of those days made her sad for a moment, and then the thought of her parents sitting by her bedside. “I guess they’ll be very sad for a while after my funeral,” she told Rhuntana.

“Funeral? Girl, I don’t want to hear you talk of death again. You’re very much alive.”

“Sorry. Then it’s a dream. Never mind, I’m enjoying all this even if it isn’t real.”

Rhuntana didn’t answer her this time so Polly assumed she was right, she was dreaming. The vast space around her suddenly got brighter and she thought she saw a light in the distance.

“We are approaching Kelhatmor. You’ll see it soon,” Rhuntana said.

Polly strained to see through the dim light and yes, soon she saw something. At first it was just a dot, then as they flew closer, it resembled an island. Long vines dangled from the bottom. It didn’t seem to be attached to anything, just floating free in space. The area around them brightened even more until it became a vivid mauve. Above the island Polly saw a brilliant sun surrounded by a mauve halo sending mauve beams in all shades down to the island. Peeking out from behind the sun was what looked like a very purple planet.

“What’s the name of that planet?”

“That’s Zultfor. We go there on field trips sometimes to study its exotic animals and vegetation.”

“Wow. I’m going to love it here.”

“Pollyanna, no one stays on Kelhatmor permanently, but yes, you will enjoy your visit with us. Get ready to land now.”

Polly Parker is tired of hospitals, needles, surgeries and chemo. She wants nothing more than to be a normal teenager, to go to school, to make friends, but it will never happen? There is no cure for her. She knows she hasn’t got long to live and has accepted it. She is at peace, knowing she will finally be free of pain, but did it have to happen around Christmas? While reading a book on her laptop, she quietly slips into a coma, but is awakened by what she thinks is an angel who calls herself Rhuntana. Has Polly finally been released from her pain? When she sees her parents’ grief and Rhuntana takes her away, she believes she has died and is going to Heaven, but is it really called Kelhatmor? Or is it a final strange fantasy dream before she passes away…
Price: $3.99