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The Wolf's Gift

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin Ricci

ISBN :978-1-77111-802-6

Page :133

Word Count :42680

Publication Date :2014-01-12

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Wolf's Gift (pdf) , The Wolf's Gift (prc) , The Wolf's Gift (epub) , The Wolf's Gift (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-802-6

A creepy phone call, a sudden trip out of town and one ghastly mystery—with so much at stake, Evangeline finds herself having to step up in the pack for the first time.

Evangeline’s life is pretty perfect. As twin sister to their alpha she is one of the most powerful female werewolves east of the Mississippi and, though she’s never had to use that power, she likes the idea of it and the respect that position grants her. But when things seem off in the Maine pack and her brother sends her up there to check it out, she’ll have to prove that she’s not just a pretty face in designer clothes.
Add in someone she’d long forgotten, and his boyfriend, and this little business trip turns out to be far more complicated than she ever thought possible. For too long her life has revolved around jewelry and high heels, and when push comes to shove she’ll have to show everyone, including herself, that she’s the wolf for the job and has more than earned her place in the Pine Hollow Pack.

This is a Pine Hollow Wolves Story.


Evangeline plopped down on the soft brown leather couch across from where Hannah was cleaning her ice skates on the floor. She watched the girl for a moment, letting the fire warm her back, as her gaze tracked over the shine of light on the metal of the blades. “Hockey was good?” she finally asked her, breaking the easy silence between them.

“Hockey was the best,” Liam answered for his daughter as he came into the room, sporting a wide grin and wearing little more than a pair of low slung jeans. It was his house after all, so why shouldn’t he be comfortable. He ruffled Hannah’s light brown hair and then settled into the overstuffed loveseat across from where Evangeline was resting, looking completely at ease in his role of father.

She admired them all. Liam and Travis had found each other by chance, and now Travis’ daughter was Liam’s to the point that there was such a blend that no one would have ever known that it wasn’t always so. Her twin brother, Samson, their alpha, had found in his partner Christopher so much more than a complimentary soul. He was the perfect fit and together they were complete. She envied them all, especially as she watched Hannah smile up at her dad as they talked about the goals she had blocked the night before.

“You’ll have it soon enough as well,” her brother said as he crowded in next to her on the couch, forcing her to sit up. She scowled at him, but privately hoped he was right. She’d been the odd one out for years now. Hannah would be turning ten next week. It didn’t seem like it had been nearly eight years since Liam had first brought Travis and his little daughter home with him that weekend so long ago.

“Are we really that old?” she asked Samson, her voice barely more than a whisper so as not to draw the attention of the father and daughter across from her or the human men busily cooking in the kitchen.

Christopher had become almost an amateur chef in the few years since he and Samson had met. And he and Evangeline had even taken a few cooking classes together. It was thanks to those classes and the cookbooks he had given her for her birthday the year before that she was now able to make a simple meal for herself at home. Before that, her credit card had done most of the cooking for her as she ordered take out almost nightly.

“You are, I suppose,” her twin teased her.

Evangeline snapped at him, the points of her dull fangs clicking together in the quiet room. He laughed loudly, drawing the attention of the others in the room as they looked on, curious.

“You’re mean,” she reminded him, her voice playfully soft.

“Maine is having problems again,” he said, his voice just barely above a whisper and cutting into their fun.

“Trying not to worry Christopher?” she asked him knowingly. Her brother tried to protect his partner from so much, much more than Christopher would have liked. He confided in Evangeline at times and she tried to help. But in the end her brother would protect as many people under him as possible, in whatever way he saw fit.

Her brother made a noise of agreement, little more than a rough growl in his throat, before answering her. “I haven’t heard from their alpha for weeks.”

“That’s nothing new,” Evangeline reminded him. “Their alpha is notorious for being lazy when it comes to his pack. That’s why you had to send Liam down there years ago.”

“What about me?” Liam spoke up from his seat.

Evangeline rolled her head to the side to look at the man. The years hadn’t aged him much. The man was stupidly sexy, but at least it no longer irked her that he was gay. She’d nearly cried when he’d first come to work for her brother and then found out that he preferred men. “Maine is being a…” she pressed her lips together and glanced to where Hannah sat. She was no longer working on her skates and instead was paying full attention to their conversation. “PITA,” Evangeline finally decided.

Hannah rolled her eyes. “I’m nearly ten, not stupid. You can say pain in the butt around me. I’m just not allowed to say the F word and a few others that I wouldn’t say anyway.”

Evangeline looked to Liam for confirmation. He shrugged. “I have a potty mouth. It’s better than it used to be but it’s unrealistic to ask her not to say damn when she hears it on occasion. So why is Maine being a problem again? Didn’t they learn their lesson the last time I was down there?”

Samson snorted. “You expect idiots to remember something that you taught them eleven years ago? I had their alpha calling me up six months after you got back whining about some other problem. The man is incompetent to say the least, he can’t be bothered to check in when he’s supposed to and—”

He stopped abruptly as his phone started to ring. He pulled it out and looked at the screen briefly before answering it. “Hello, Jarvis, we were just talking about you…”

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