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The First Full Moon

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Christie Gordon

ISBN :978-1-55487-348-7

Page :280

Word Count :70000

Publication Date :2010-08-13

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The First Full Moon (pdf) , The First Full Moon (prc) , The First Full Moon (epub) , The First Full Moon (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-348-7

Adam Ross doesn’t believe in demons. After a house-fire killed his family at the tender age of twelve, he’s not even sure he believes in God. But that is about to change. Under the light of the full moon, in 1930, rum-runners wash ashore dead on the Northern California coast amidst carnage, slashed and drained of blood. Rumors and local Indian lore tell of the existence of creatures out at sea, demons. Among a second rash of dead bootleggers, Adam finds Necalli, a stunning young man with strange physical anomalies and amnesia, who arouses him beyond belief. Adam becomes determined to help Necalli and solve the mystery lurking in his broken memories. Will he fall under Necalli’s spell and save himself in the process?

Necalli was on all fours, his face hovering over him.

Adam let out a soft gasp. What did Necalli want? The look in his eyes lit up his desire. His heart pounded and need filled his groin. "What are you doing?" His gaze rested on sensual flesh of Necalli's lips. He couldn't help it.

"I excite you, don't I?" Necalli's voice was low and seductive.

"Uh, wh-what do you mean?" He gulped hard. Necalli knew. Somehow this young man knew about his strange cravings for him.

Reaching a hand down, Necalli ran a pointed fingernail over Adam's erection, through sheets and underwear.

A soft moan escaped his lips.

Necalli closed his eyes for a moment as if relishing in the sound of Adam's voice. "You've done this many times today."

"N-no, I haven't. It just happens sometimes. You should know that."

Necalli fumbled under the covers, grabbed hold of Adam's wrist, and dragged his hand out of the sheets. Placing Adam's palm between his legs, Necalli closed his eyes and let out a low moan. He ran Adam's palm over the fabric of his trousers, rocking gently into the motion. "Yes, I know. It's happened to me, too."

He was stunned. The hard flesh of Necalli's erection slid against his palm. "We shouldn't do this. It's wrong." His voice sounded far away, like it belonged to someone else. His breath grew heavy.

Letting go of Adam's wrist, Necalli lifted his limbs to straddle him. "Why is it wrong?" He leaned his face down to hover closer above Adam's.

He licked his lips. All his attention focused on tasting the beautiful young man just out of reach. "L-lots of reasons." He took a deep breath.

"Like what?" Necalli came down lower on his elbows, almost touching noses with him.

Adam shifted in the sheets. How he wanted to close the gap, to surrender to his need. His words came out slowly. "Uh, it's, it's just wrong." His chest rose with each breath as if trying to make the connection he craved.

Necalli lowered again. His lips barely brushed Adam's. "But why?"

Necalli's gentle breath puffed over his mouth. "B-becau…" He pushed forward, submitting to his hunger. As his lips crushed Necalli's, his tongue penetrated, probed, danced over the long fangs inside the delicious mouth of the young man so close above him.

Letting out a deep moan, Necalli dropped his body over Adam's. Immediately, he ground his hips into Adam's erection, thrusting and writhing above him, stealing sweet friction. His arms wrapped around Adam's head as if holding on to the promise of more.

He groaned, feeling the pressure on his cock pulse pleasure through him. He wrapped his arms around Necalli, placing a hand on his lower back, guiding him to press harder against him, heightening the sensation in his erection. Shuddering, he sent a loud gasp into the room.

Necalli's mouth kissed a trail down his jaw line and onto his neck. He nipped gently on the tender skin, tracing long teeth over the surface.

The feel of Necalli's teeth sent a shiver through him. But somehow, his senses dragged him away. This was wrong, very wrong! "No, Necalli." He shoved Necalli off him.

Necalli fell to the side with a sharp gasp. "Adam?" Lying on his stomach, he propped himself up on his elbows and looked at him. A wounded confusion tensed his face.

He sighed. His body tingled from the brief tryst. He glanced at Necalli's beautiful face. Desire, fear, regret and shame raged a war inside him. "I'm sorry."

Necalli dropped his forehead to the bed, between his arms. "Is it my hands? My teeth? Do they bother you so much you can't bear to touch me? Am I not pleasant to look at?" His voice resonated with pain.

He rolled to his side and placed a hand on Necalli's back. "Oh, God, no. You're more than pleasant to look at. You're the most stunning and beautiful thing I've ever seen. I don't care about your hands and teeth. You've been driving me crazy, wanting you, since the moment I saw you on the beach."

Necalli lifted his face to him.

His eyes shimmered with unshed tears. The tender display of emotion stole Adam's breath.

"Then why won't you take me?"

"Don't you know? It's indecent. It's not done. Well, not done by most guys. Are you, uh, like that?" Shocked, he hoped his answer was yes.

"I don't know. I don't remember it being indecent. But if you're asking if I've been with other men, then, yes, I have. I think." Confusion knitted Necalli's brows. "It's not wrong, it can't be." Anguish returned to his face.

"I don't understand you. You're strange and mysterious and alluring all at the same time. I'm drawn to you, but I don't know who, or even what you are."

"Does it matter?" Necalli leaned in close to his face again.

His eyes rested on Necalli's lips. The taste of them lingered on his tongue. Desire rushed through him, destroying any reason. "No, it doesn't." Pushing sideways, he kissed Necalli, hard and insistent.

In a flash, Necalli pinned Adam down on his back, arms up over his head, legs spread wide. "Then, take me." He flicked his tongue over Adam's lips, teasing and taunting his flesh. Licking down Adam's neck, he bit gently into soft skin. His hips thrust into Adam. Low moans, one after another poured out of him.

Thrusting back, he felt delicious waves of pleasure race through his body. Necalli's taunting drove him mad. He gasped as the long teeth brushed along his skin, down his neck, onto his chest. Necalli sucked and bit on his nipple, making him buck with need. His cock became sensitive, too sensitive. Release beckoned him. He broke free from Necalli's grasp and pressed down on his shoulders, craving the feel of his mouth on him. He never had a male before, but he'd had plenty of women.

Necalli obliged, positioning himself over his hips, pulling the sheets and his boxers down to expose Adam's erection. He ran a slick tongue up the underside of Adam's cock.

He groaned and thrust up, desperate to get more.

Necalli licked him again and swirled his tongue over the head of Adam's erection, over and over.

He squirmed. Delicious pulses sent shivers through him. "M-more, take all of it." He wrapped his fingers in Necalli's long hair and pressed down on the back of his head, yearning to uncoil the tension mounting inside him.

Necalli continued to tease him, with only his tongue, licking his cock, swirling the head.

"Uh, p-please." His thrusts came faster, more urgent. Ragged breathing tore from his chest.

Necalli stopped and looked up at him. "Do you want me?"

Shuddering, he gazed down at Necalli. "Of course I do. I don't think I've ever wanted anyone more."

"Will you take me?"

Confusion muddled his mind. What the hell was he talking about? Why is he asking such questions? "I'll do whatever you want."

With a mischievous grin, Necalli sat up on his legs. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. He unfastened his trousers.

He watched the languid movements of Necalli's naked body in the faint glow of the nightlights. Toned and lean muscles flexed and relaxed. Reaching down, he ran his hand along Necalli's hairless chest and down to the grooves of his taut stomach.

Necalli gazed up. Lust burned in his eyes. His brows tensed and a soft gasp escaped him. His eyes glazed over for a second as if lost in Adam's caress. "Touch me more."

A coy grin spread over his mouth. "As soon as you get those pants off, I will."

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