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Road to Paradise

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Tianna Xander

ISBN :978-1-55487-279-4

Page :139

Word Count :34000

Publication Date :2010-08-10

Series : Paradise#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Road to Paradise (pdf) , Road to Paradise (prc) , Road to Paradise (epub) , Road to Paradise (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-279-4

Can four people overcome their differences and form a bond set to withstand the obstacles they encounter on the road to paradise?

Nicola Stone gives up her career as the nation's most sought after super model when she senses a malevolent force stalking her at a party in New York. When everything inside her urges her to flee, she runs not to her high-rise penthouse but back to her childhood home. Danger is never far behind until she meets the intense Jarrod McCleod who vows to do whatever he must to protect her. When Jarrod McCleod sets out to search for the next Sabbat Slayer's target, he has no idea he's about to meet his long awaited mate. After sending Niki's brother and the two men who accompanied him to lay a false trail, Jarrod calls in his two best friends to escort them to safety. Bound by blood, the three men hope to convince Niki they are meant to be together. Will heartache and danger plague them all or will the four form a truebond set to withstand the obstacles they all encounter on the road to Paradise?

He grunted, then glanced out over the railing. His body stiffened and he grabbed her arm. "Get into the room. Now!"

Niki didn't argue. These men were here to protect her and if he saw something that set his senses on alert, she wouldn't quibble over a few lost breaths of fresh air. Standing, Niki took a step toward the glass doors when a dark blur caught her attention just before it knocked her to the floor.

Tony grunted with pain as something hit him, too. Blood spattered her face and she screamed. Not knowing whose blood only made things worse. If it was Tony's, it could only mean that he was badly injured. If not, then there was still one more…thing here that could harm her. Whatever it was that knocked her to the ground, wasn't alone. It had company and she had no idea what to do.

"Get to the room. Don't worry about me. Get inside, lock the doors and get Jarrod out of the damned shower. I'll be fine."

Doing as she was told, Niki crawled to the door, dragged herself through it after kicking the…thing from her foot and slammed it before the dark furry animal could follow her and attack again. She didn't know what it was. It was the size of a medium sized dog, but it had a tail like her gerbil. Niki shuddered and locked the door as instructed.

Standing, she spared a short glance at her aching ankle. Whatever the thing was, it clawed her good and took a good-sized chunk out of her skin. Limping to the bathroom, she pounded on the door. "Jarrod, something's attacking Tony. He needs help!"

Immediately the door swung open and Jarrod strode out wearing nothing but a towel. "Follow me to the door and lock it behind me." He grasped her shoulders. "And whatever you do, don't leave this room. We don't know if there are any in the hall."

Shivering with fear, Niki nodded her agreement. "Okay. I'll stay here and I won't open the door for anyone but Kameron." Even if he was an overbearing jerk with delusions of grandeur. Niki could do nothing but watch as the man she'd come to know and respect over the last few days stepped through the door into harm's way to protect her.

She couldn't bear to watch. In fact, she went to the bed, sat down and stared at the latch on the door. What were those things? They looked like some sort of giant rodent, but she'd never seen a rat that big in her life.

After a few moments, there was a tap on the door and she turned to look. She couldn't help herself. She had to know how they fared against those…things. When she glanced through the doors, she couldn't help but grin. Tony and Jarrod stood on the other side looking in. Tony stood behind the other man, blocking the view from below. At some point during their scuffle, Jarrod had lost his towel.

Taking advantage of the impromptu show, she took her time standing and walking over to the door. Jarrod's muscular frame never failed to make her heart race and her blood heat. In fact, she could feel the heat suffusing her face even as she took a slow but thorough inventory of his attributes…and he had many. Reaching the door, she couldn't help her up-close-and-personal look at his nether regions. Whoo buddy! After unlocking and opening the door, she looked up into his eyes, then hurriedly glanced away.

Placing his finger under her chin, Jarrod said softly, "I hope you liked what you saw, Niki."

Swallowing thickly, she tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let her.

"I'm going to see if I can find Kam," Tony said as he headed for the door. "We'll get ourselves a room, hopefully just next door here and try to get a good night's rest. You two look like you need to talk."

Niki felt her whole body flush. Heat suffused even her arms and legs. Tony was leaving them here so they could have sex. The question was, did she really want to have sex with a man she'd only known three days? She looked up into Jarrod's eyes.

Oh, yes.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Menage, Paranormal, Shapeshifter