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Rip Current

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Lynn Michaels

ISBN :978-1-4874-2861-7

Page :52

Word Count :13043

Publication Date :2020-07-03

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Rip Current (pdf) , Rip Current (epub) , Rip Current (mobi) , Rip Current (prc)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2861-7

Magic comes to the beach, but it’s love that changes everything.

Neil was the head lifeguard at an exclusive resort in the beach town of Cambria Bay. He had thought it was his dream job, but between his slacker employees, nosy boss, and the new and strange man in his life, he decides that maybe he’s ready for a change.

Neil leaned back in the lifeguard stand, ran a hand through his hair, and promptly knocked his sunglasses off. They fell to the sand below. Shit. He hoped they didn’t break. He jumped down to get them.

His whole day had been this bad. And it wasn’t the first fucked-up day, either. No, not the first time that lazy Tanner had called off, sick. He wasn’t sick—he was hungover.

He grabbed the glasses and shook them to get the sand off.

A flash of something caught Neil’s eye, and he looked out over the water. Where? Where?


Someone caught in the rip current. Neil dropped the glasses, grabbed the rescue can, and took off running along the beach. He tried to calculate how far and how fast he needed to run and where to enter the water to catch up and drag the person out of the tide.

Neil’s feet pounded the sand. He pumped his arms as he ran, his chest heaving and lungs fighting for air. The sweat dripped down his forehead, but he ignored it and kept running.

He wasn’t going to make it.

He had to make it.

As the waves crashed over his feet when he entered the water, he saw a bright flash, and the tide shifted. A massive blond dude on a surfboard was skimming across the water as if he controlled the currents. He jumped in and pulled a body out, then draped it over his board and paddled toward shore.

Neil dropped the can. He stood there, mouth agape, wondering where the blond surfer had come from. What happened to the rip current? They didn’t disappear like that.

It didn’t matter because the next moment, the surfer ran forward with a girl in his arms and released her at Neil’s feet. “She’s not breathing.”

Neil dropped to his knees beside her in the sand and tilted her head to the side. He stuck his finger in her mouth, checking for a clogged airway, but it seemed clear. He leaned over her and blew four strong breaths into her mouth.

He moved his cheek close enough to feel whether she breathed out. Nothing.

He repeated his breaths. Nothing

One more time. “Come on, come on,” he grumbled as he checked for breathing.

Then she coughed. Water poured from her mouth, spilling out a ton of relief with it. Neil could hear the sirens of an ambulance, and hopefully, it was on its way. “Lay still. Did anyone call nine-one-one?”

“I did. They’re coming.” Neil recognized the deep, raspy voice—the surfer.

“Good.” He ignored his curiosity and focused on the girl, ensuring she was still breathing. She could still have water in her lungs or go into shock.

Once the ambulance had taken the girl away and her family had been located, he turned to find the surfer who’d brought her in. He was sitting on his board at the edge of the water, letting the foamy waves lap over his feet. He leaned back, supported by his arms, and his hands dug into the sand. His wet hair fell like a golden mane around his shoulders like a royal cloak. He was simply stunning with his muscular shoulders and chest.

“Hi, I’m Neil. Thank you.”

“For what?” He didn’t even look up.

“You saved her life. Bringing her in so fast—hey, how did you do that?”

The surfer shook his head, then stood. “I didn’t do anything.” He grabbed his board, tucked it under his arm, then started walking away.

“Wait. What’s your name?”

He looked over his shoulder, checking Neil out. “Jax.” He jutted his chin up but kept walking.

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