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Pack Business

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin Ricci

ISBN :978-1-77111-714-2

Page :97

Word Count :21863

Publication Date :2013-10-13

Series : Pine Hollow Wolves#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Pack Business (epub) , Pack Business (mobi) , Pack Business (pdf) , Pack Business (prc)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-714-2

When lines are drawn in the pack, Liam will have to decide which side he’s really on.

Division lines are drawn when Hannah's unusual gift creates panic within the pack. Liam has to choose between his pack and his new family and the choice he makes could have deadly consequences for the ones he loves. A confrontation for Travis will alter his and Hannah's lives forever and he'll have to make his own choices for the future of all he holds dear.


This is a re-release.

“Seven…Four…Three…Five…Two…One,” Hannah loudly called out from where she was standing, her small hands covering her eyes.

Liam smiled as much as his wolf-like face would allow and crouched lower behind a thick bush. He was only a few yards away from her as the little toddler sat in a patch of bright sunlight, his two massive Neapolitan Mastiffs by her side as they indulged in some afternoon laziness.


He barked loudly, letting her know it was time to find him.

“Okay, Puppy! I comin’ for you!”

Liam watched, wanting to spring up and help her stand, even though he knew they were playing hide and seek. Still, he couldn’t help the slight whine that came from his lips as he saw the little girl stumble a second before Lucy brought her giant head up for Hannah to hold onto for balance.

“Get Puppy,” Hannah commanded his dog as she tugged on Lucy’s collar. The simple leather one Liam had picked out had been replaced only the week before in favor of the bright pink collar Hannah had chosen. Lucy’s sister, Ethel, sported a new purple one.

Liam would have laughed if he’d been able to as he watched Lucy try her best to obey the little girl by her side. She led Hannah around to the nearby Aspen trees, but they weren’t anywhere near where he was hiding. Before Lucy could take her too far away., Liam let out a little yip, barely anything really, but more than enough to get his dog to prick her ears forward and start heading towards where he was hiding. Ethel came faster, unconcerned with her sister and the little girl by her side, but Liam gave her a slight growl when she got too close. Hannah had to be the one to find him. Ethel let out a soft whine and then lay down nearby. He knew his dog well enough to know she wasn’t affected by his reprimand, but he’d give her a treat when they got inside anyway.

“Puppy…Puppy…” Hannah called softly as they approached. Beside her, Lucy was getting excited as well, her whole body vibrating with anticipation of their catch.

He stuck his tail out from around the bush, making sure Hannah could see him, and then jumped up as if surprised when her tiny fist closed over it. He danced around her, barking playfully as she tugged on his tail and threaded her fingers into his thick fur.

She sat down on the ground, giggling wildly, as he licked her face and tickled her with his cold nose. A second later, as easily as taking off a shirt, he was a man again and laughing, too, as he stretched out next to her in the warm grass.

“Fun!” Hannah declared as she pounced on top of him.

Apparently his dogs agreed as they crowded around him, wagging their whole bodies and trying to smother them with kisses. He batted them as best he could, but the hundred pound animals barely budged until he gave them a firm command to go lie down, which they obeyed instantly.

“So, Hannah bear,” he said, turning toward her and righting her bright pink dress that had become mussed with the attention from his dogs, “What would you like to do for lunch?”

She flopped back onto the grass with him and he marveled at the brightness of her whiskey-colored eyes in the sunlight. “Daddy home soon?”

Liam shook his head. “Not yet little one. Almost.”

“Promise?” She eyed him hopefully, her little mouth turning into a pout.

He nodded quickly. “Yes, I do. Travis will be here very soon. His class should be getting out in a few minutes and then he’ll be home a little after that. We’ll have him back in thirty minutes, tops.” Though he knew she had very little concept of time, he still liked giving her the information. And he would be thanking Travis for letting him watch Hannah for the morning. It felt good knowing he’d gained the man’s trust in the few short months they’d been living with him. Now if only he could earn his heart.

“Cookies?” Hannah asked him, bringing him back to their topic of what to do about lunch.

Liam shook his head. “Nope, no cookies. You can have one after. And I mean it this time, Hannah. Only one. No sad eyes or pouty lips to get your way.”

“You know that doesn’t work on her right?”

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