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Looking for Paradise

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Tianna Xander

ISBN :978-1-55487-903-8

Page :113

Word Count :24531

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : Paradise#9

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Looking for Paradise (pdf) , Looking for Paradise (prc) , Looking for Paradise (epub) , Looking for Paradise (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-903-8

When Kayla went looking for paradise, she dreamed of finding one man who could love her as she was. Instead, she found two.

When Kayla finds her fiancé in bed with another woman, she does what any self-respecting woman would do. She leaves him. Let him have his tiny and trashy bunny-sex baby. Kayla didn’t want him anyway. What she wants is a real man. One who can see her for her real worth. Instead, she lucks out and finds two. Alex and Ryder are looking for the sister of their alpha’s mate. What they find is the woman of their dreams. Their mate. Ripe and ready for them. If only they can convince her she needs them as much as they need her before the mating heat takes the choice away from them all.

Reaching up, she rubbed her forehead. She was going mad. It was the only explanation. Why were these things happening? She wasn’t psychic. She didn’t hear people’s thoughts either. Yet she felt something in that thick fog on the mountainside and she would swear she could hear these men’s thoughts. What’s more, she imagined she could hear them having complete conversations telepathically.

Apparently living with Edward had driven her over the edge. Not only was she running scared, she was crazy. Sudden tears blurred her vision and she stumbled.

Alex caught her to him. “Are you all right?” Stopping, he took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. “Are you crying?” He frowned. “Have I offended you in any way? If I have, I apologize at once.”

Kayla smiled sadly. He couldn’t help her. She wasn’t sure anyone could. “It’s not you.” Reaching up, she smoothed an imaginary wrinkle from his shirt. “It’s me. I…” She had to stop for a moment. Swallowing thickly, she continued, “It’s nothing…something stupid, really. Forget about it.”

Alex cupped her cheek, stroking her bottom lip with his thumb. “I do not like to see you cry.” He took her hand in his. “For some reason, it hurts me.” He pressed her palm to his chest, just above his heart. “Here.”

What could she say to that? Kayla bit her bottom lip, sucking into her mouth. When she did, his eyes darkened to the deepest mahogany. He pulled her tight against him. She could feel every hard muscle in his body, including the ridge of his cock pressing against her lower stomach. She looked up and up at him. She loved the fact that he was so much taller. He and Ryder both were well over six-feet tall. They made her feel small and feminine—something she hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

When Alex’s eyes darkened even more, he pulled her tighter with a low growl and slanted his mouth over hers in a long, deep kiss.

Delicious heat curled in her middle. Every nerve ending in her body came alive with awareness and she pressed closer into his embrace. White-hot energy seared her from the inside out when she opened for him and his tongue made contact with hers. Something grew deep within her. That wild thing that raised its ugly head when she growled at Ryder and Alex made itself known again. The heat increased, making her burn. Her skin felt as though it was on fire as his tongue continued his slow exploration.

A slow burn began in her toes and worked its way up her body as he turned and pressed her back against the wall of the hallway. The photos on either side of her head rattled at the impact. Kayla didn’t care. All she could think of was the sensation of his tongue delving deep into the recesses of her mouth.

Kayla reached up and thrust her fingers through his inky hair. She tightened her fingers around the silky strands and held him tight. It had been a long time since she kissed anyone like this. The passion in her last relationship had cooled a long time ago. This…this was everything she ever wanted, ever dreamed of in a kiss. Liquid heat pooled low and slid from her painfully empty channel, soaking her panties.

“Ah…um…wow! That’s some kiss. This is a lodge. Can I get you a room?”

The amused female voice interrupted their kiss. It was probably a good thing, seeing as somehow Alex’s hands went from both rubbing her back to one on her rear and the other on her breast. It was only a matter of moments before both of them lost their heads and stripped right here in the hallway. What the hell had come over her? Her face burned as she pressed her back harder against the wall. Why wouldn’t the damned thing just open up and swallow her?

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