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Keeping Him

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin Ricci

ISBN :978-1-77111-810-1

Page :59

Word Count :12757

Publication Date :2014-01-27

Series : Pine Hollow Wolves#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Keeping Him (epub) , Keeping Him (mobi) , Keeping Him (pdf) , Keeping Him (prc)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-810-1

Eleven wonderful years together and for Liam and Travis, life still holds surprises.

Liam has been avoiding taking his vacations for a while now. There’s always something that stops him from getting some much needed time away with his husband. But with a little intervention that isn’t exactly legal, he gets just what he needs in the form of a forced relaxation trip with Travis. They’ve been through a lot together, both good and bad, but that’s what marriage is. They love each other and have a wonderful daughter and its everything either of them ever thought it would be.

Travis was first aware of being cold. Then he heard a seagull and by that time he had started to wake up. He blinked and frowned at the ocean he could see through the window across from him. Liam was beside him, he could tell by the man’s soft snores and mumblings, so at least that was a comfort. But why he was looking at an ocean was not. He sat up and groaned as sore muscles made themselves known. His shorts had no pockets to hold his phone and he didn’t see it anywhere around either.

“Liam, get up,” he said as he moved to the edge of the bed. He was wearing shorts and a faded college t-shirt. It was what he remembered going to bed in, but that had been in their house, which backed onto woods and definitely not an ocean. When Liam didn’t wake up, he reached back and pushed on his shoulder.

His husband was awake and sitting up next to him with his feet on the floor moments later, looking far more awake than Travis felt as he curled his lips back from his teeth and growled. He looked like a human so the effect wasn’t as menacing as it would have been if he’d looked like the wolf-dog he could turn into. But the threat was clear.

“We aren’t at home,” Liam said, getting to his feet and looking around the room in a slow circle.

Travis nodded. “I noticed that, too. Do you have your phone? I don’t see mine anywhere in here.”

Liam reached into the pocket of his slacks. Travis remembered that Liam hadn’t yet gone to bed and was working downstairs on picking out stocks to buy when Travis had gone to bed and fell asleep. It was complicated and came with calculations that Travis didn’t enjoy trying to do, but Liam appeared to like it and, by the pack’s bank accounts, he knew that his husband was good at his job. “Sure, it’s right—” he frowned and checked his other pocket.

“You don’t have it?” Travis asked, his worry increasing by the second.

Liam shook his head. “Dammit. What do we know?”

“That we were kidnapped?” Travis quipped, feeling moody.

Shrugging, Liam crossed his arms over his chest. “At least Hannah’s safe at that week long horse camp we took her to on Saturday. To me that was yesterday, but I don’t know how long we were out. I’m assuming we were drugged. Does that sound right?”

“I guess. You seem very calm,” Travis said, eyeing him warily.

Liam’s brows rose. “I’ll freak out when we figure out who did this to us and why. Right now I just need to think. Good enough?”

Travis gave him a soft smile. At least one of them had a level head. Liam smiled back at him.

“Are you uninjured? I don’t smell any blood.”

“Yeah, freaky man, I think I’m okay. Sore, but I think that’s from laying still for too long instead of anything else since I don’t feel pain anywhere.” Travis stretched his arms over his head and rose from the unfamiliar bed, then came to Liam’s side as he continued to look outside through the wide bay window across from him. “So, we know that we’re unhurt. But we don’t seem to have our phones.”

Liam nodded. “And we’re in a bedroom. No one else is in the house, though I do smell unfamiliar people that have been in here before. And its morning.”

“How do you know that? The position of the sun or something?” Travis asked him, going to the window and looking up at the cloudy sky.

Liam chuckled. “There’s a clock on the bookshelf behind you.”

Travis turned and looked over his shoulder at the direction Liam was looking. “Oh.” The red digital numbers did indeed read a little after nine in the morning.

“We’re in Key West. Or at least at one of the little islands around it,” Travis said, going to the large book whose spine he’d been able to read from across the room. Upon closer inspection, he saw that all of the books on the shelf were about the Florida Keys in some way or another. The local fish, the currents, best diving spots, history, it was all there.

Liam joined him at the bookshelf and picked up a book. He flipped through it, then put it back. “So we were kidnapped and brought to a tourist spot?” Sighing loudly, he ran his hands through his hair.

Travis put back the book in his hands, too, and wrapped his arms around Liam. “Think we’re to be ransomed? Like in the movies?” He didn’t like that idea. Not at all. Sure, he knew that Samson would pay to get them back. He needed Liam. But the idea that someone could do that to them—

Liam kissed his forehead. “No. We’re not that kind of kidnapped. I smell something familiar. And I’m getting very angry about it.”

Travis was surprised. “What kind of familiar?”

Pulling away, Liam opened the bedroom door and led them out into a narrow hallway with seashell wallpaper and horrible lighting.

“I don’t approve of the decorator’s choices,” Liam mumbled.

Travis laughed. He couldn’t help it. They were a thousand miles from home without their phones and Liam was upset about how the place looked. He reached forward and took Liam’s hand as the hallway opened into a small kitchen and small sitting area. While Liam was looking around, Travis went to a piece of paper laying on the table under a bottle of water.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, werewolf