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A Cry To Heaven

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Matthew Angelo

ISBN :978-1-4874-1201-2

Page :94

Word Count :28200

Publication Date :2021-06-30

Series : The Heart of the Dragon#4

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Cry To Heaven (pdf) , A Cry To Heaven (epub) , A Cry To Heaven (mobi) , A Cry To Heaven (prc)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1201-2

In a dying world at war, a warrior must reconcile prophecy with his heart to save the one he loves most of all.

The world of Aria is dying due to the evil that spreads upon its land. In the elven city of Elraiel, prophecy awakens Wynter to his true calling. Traveling to Eden in possession of the L’atha’anar, the Twilight Stone, he finds the land dying and a world at war. Knowing he must bring the elves back from hiding, Wynter and Arianna must battle hordes of dragons. An old enemy has returned to fight Wynter, and it will take all his power to defeat him. Only his love and bond with Arianna will give him the strength to sound the call to victory. As enemies clash, decisions are made that will alter the course of events. Time is short as the gods’ judgment approaches and must prove to them that love is enough to save the day.

The cold of the rock beneath my feet filled me with a pleasant jolt of shock as I stood barefoot on the boulder overlooking the sea. An occasional spray of seawater sprayed throughout the air as the waves crashed in with a thunderous noise bringing music to my ears. Birds sang their songs as they flew in the sky on warm winds warming my body and easing my tortured soul.

“Have we been here too long?” I asked. I didn’t expect an answer as Arianna rested in the cave we had called home for the past week. The sea answered with another crash upon the shore to push me away. “It’s time, but I don’t want to go. For once in my life, I’ve some semblance of peace. What are we to do?”

The sea burst forth in a spray of water blanketing my naked skin. For the past week, I came down here to meditate and hope an answer, an easy one, would manifest itself in my mind and lead me down the right path. None came, or at least not any I recognized. With each passing day, our time got shorter. In all this peace and solitude Arianna and I have enjoyed, the gods would see fit to tear us from it and lead us back into the war they played amongst the mortals they loved.

“I’m not ready to leave, and I need guidance. Does this place offer any supernatural wisdom to clear my mind and unburden my soul?” I questioned, knowing an answer wouldn’t be coming soon and I would have to seek one.

It had been a while since the last time I used my magic for divination. Images of dragons raining fire upon the city of Eden burned in my mind to want to cast another spell, but with no direction, I would have to. Deep down, as much as I wanted to stay here with Arianna forever, the war would reach us. By then the world might’ve already lost, and I couldn’t afford to allow that to happen.

“Let’s see if the sea will offer any of her secrets. The treasure I seek is not gold, but a simple direction, a clue, or anything that will show me the way,” I murmured. Closing my eyes, the magic within me roared to life, and the sound of a dragon’s roar filled my head. Eldritch energies pour through my veins lighting my nerves afire as the magic flooded my soul. “Et aquam ad me divinitio!”

The words poured from my lips with a fluid grace that rivaled the power of the sea before me. Focusing on the energy of the great expanse of water in front of me, I demanded the ocean to give forth its secrets. I would accept nothing else.

“Speak. Show me the secrets of the deep.” I flung my arms out wide.

The air before filled with the spray of the incoming tide and shimmered. Multi-colored lights coalesced into an image of an abandoned port city with buildings which took their form and shape from the surrounding nature. Elves? Could the elves dwell within the world still? The image faded as the spray, caught by gravity fell into the sea, washing it away.

My magic faded, and I blinked. The sea showed me an elven port city. I knew of only one, Elraiel, which lay to the east, at least a few hours’ travel. Turning around, I scanned the path that led to the cave where Arianna lay sleeping. I didn’t wish to wake her, but it was time to leave. Walking toward the cave’s opening, I hoped we would have a few more days here. Wishful thinking but I refused to give up hope.

I climbed the narrow path to the cave to find Arianna waiting for me. Calm radiated from her as if the Keeper himself stilled her nerves. Perhaps he did, but it was a far cry from the chaos that lived inside my soul. She stared at me as I got dressed as if expecting something.

“Has the time come already?” She stood up and tethered her mace to her side.

“Yes, it has.” I finished buckling the last piece of my chainmail shirt. In time, I won’t ever have to wear this again. “We head east, to Elraiel.”

“I wonder…” Arianna slumped her shoulders.

I wrapped my arms around her in a tight embrace. “What do you wonder?”

“If there are any elves, and if the city still stands or my people have left with the rest,” she sighed. “I doubt the Speaker of the Twilight would’ve left so many elves behind without giving them time to follow.”

“How would they have disappeared with the rest of Dusk?” I asked.

Arianna broke away from and crept closer to the cave opening. She straightened her back and glanced back at me. Moving close to her, she leaned back against me and closed her eyes. Her chest rose as she inhaled.

“They must have used the elven gates. It’s the only thing I can think of the Speaker using,” she answered. “Wherever we can find the gates, we can travel anywhere in the world. Elraiel would have one.”

“If they have one, could we use it?” I asked. The only gate I knew of was the one that bordered the Tallanian forest. Only those of elven blood could see it.

“No, we couldn’t. The elves could've locked the gates once they retreated from the world. We wouldn’t even find the gates now. The elves left behind can't find a way home.” Arianna choked back a sob.

“I’m sorry, Arianna. This damn game of the gods has wrought so much sorrow upon both of us. Once this is over, we will find a way to Dusk,” I insisted.

“I know we will, but I fear we may not be the only ones left behind. There are other elves in this predicament,” Arianna said.

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Tags: Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Dragon, Elves/Fae/Fairy, Epic, Magic