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Gagging the Gharial

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin Ricci , A.J. Marcus

ISBN :978-1-4874-3103-7

Page :50

Word Count :16396

Publication Date :2020-09-18

Series : Kinky Kritters#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Gagging the Gharial (epub) , Gagging the Gharial (pdf) , Gagging the Gharial (prc) , Gagging the Gharial (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3103-7

A misunderstanding last year broke them apart, but maybe Kyan and Sai can find each other again in a world full of kink and gags.

Kyan hid his true self away, afraid that Sai would reject his kinky side. He tried to be happy with Sai in a love without kink, but when his true side slipped out, he lost Sai. Rejected and heartbroken, he moved back to Chicago, leaving Vegas behind forever. But his mom wants to check in on her sister, Lady Leo, and Kyan finds himself being sent to Las Vegas again.

He never expected to find Sai in Kinky Kritters, the premier kink club for shifters in Vegas. Sai was very vanilla, and Kyan is shocked to hear that he's been playing with strangers. When he and Sai decide to try out things again, that decision opens up a world neither of them knew they could have.

But is it enough to get back together again, or is one kinky night the last time they'll have together?

Kinky Kritters still had half an hour before the club officially opened for the night. As Kyan stepped off the elevator, the lights were on high, and the music was barely loud enough for even his sensitive feline ears to pick out the lyrics. It was much different than it would be later that night, when it would be full of shifters looking to hang out and maybe hook up in the underground club. Everything looked a lot cleaner and smelled fresher. It was amazing how quickly the place could change once shifters assembled, started spreading their musk around and spilling beer. It had been a while since he’d come into Vegas and Kinky Kritters.

His cousin, Amani, didn't look happy with his surprise visit. "Mother didn't say you were in town." Amani went back to wiping down the counter. His movements with the rag were jerkier than they had been when Kyan had first spotted him. He had never been good at hiding his emotions, at least to family who knew what to look for.

Kyan took a seat at the bar, pulled out a twenty, and folded it slightly so it stood on its edge, drawing more attention. "Well, my mother said that you should call her more."

"Yeah. Yeah. It's a little hard to be social when I'm most active in the middle of the night. I'll send her a text here in a bit.” Amani slipped the cleaning towel below the counter. “What are you drinking?"

Kyan appreciated Amani's business side. And that he was wearing more clothes than he normally did. "Scotch. And when did you start actually wearing pants? Last time I saw a picture of you from here you were in shorts that were far too short to be considered decent."

Amani laughed and got Kyan a drink. "I've got a Dom now. He keeps me in line. There's actually a lot you've missed. Maybe we could catch up sometime, if you're in town for more than just a few days."

Shrugging, Kyan took his drink. Catching up with Amani wasn't high on his list of priorities, but maybe spending some time with his cousin wouldn't be such a bad thing either. They had been close once, a long time ago. "Sure."

"And I should probably tell you that Sai has been hanging around here, if you're still into him at all.” Amani seemed to be ignoring the twenty between them. “I know your breakup was kind of icky, at least your mom said so."

Kyan stared at his drink for a long time. "You're an adult, find a better word than icky to describe losing someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with because they couldn't handle you." He shook his head. If Sai was hanging out at Kinky Kritters, Kyan really didn't need to be there. He didn't know what he would say to his ex if he happened to run into him. He didn't even know if Sai would remember him anymore.

He was probably kidding himself about that. Of course Sai would remember him. It had only been two years ago that he'd told Kyan that they couldn't be together anymore because of his love of kink. "What is my very vanilla ex-boyfriend doing in a kink club?" Kyan wondered aloud.

"Mostly getting tied up and spanked as far as I've seen," Amani filled in for him, making Kyan choke on his drink.

"What?" Kyan growled. His knuckles went white as he gripped the counter. His lion was far too close to the surface, waiting for any chance to come out and wreak havoc at his family's club. He pushed it back―although Kinky Kritters was a shifter club, Amani and his mom pushed for their patrons to keep their cool and not lose it. More than a few people had been banned for letting their animal side run wild and cause trouble for others. Kyan didn’t want to be the next one thrown out. It would cause a problem for him and his family. He was better than that.

"Apparently you still care," Amani teased.

"Of course I fucking care," Kyan snapped. "We broke up. I didn't stop caring just because of that. Why didn't you stop him?"

Amani looked like he thought Kyan had gone crazy. "Stopped him? Why would I have done that? He's an adult. If he wants to get kinky with strangers, that's his call. What was your kink anyway? The one he couldn't handle? You never said, just that Sai wasn't kinky, and you are and that's why you broke up, but clearly that's not what's happening here. So what weird thing are you into? Not looking to shame, just curious, one kinky lion to another."

"Gags," Kyan answered him offhandedly. It wasn't a really wild kink and he wasn't ashamed of talking to his cousin about it.

Amani looked unimpressed and reached for his cleaning rag. "I was hoping for something a little more out there than that."

Kyan finished off his drink. "Sorry to disappoint you. I like my guys unable to speak. He doesn't like that choice taken away from him." At least…he hadn’t. If Sai really was playing at the kink club then there was no telling what he was into now.

"Are you going to call him while you’re in town?" Amani pressed as he started wiping down glasses lined up on the bar.

Kyan started to wish there were other people in the club for his cousin to pester. But since the club still wasn't actually open, there were only a couple of other employees around, and they were all off being busy. If the music had been louder, he’d have not even heard them moving around in the storeroom. They were good at being unobtrusive. "Are you trying to play matchmaker with me and my ex? I don't think you'll have much luck there if you are."

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, BDSM, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter