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First Son of the Mound

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Meraki P. Lyhne

ISBN :978-1-4874-2317-9

Page :365

Word Count :111503

Publication Date :2018-10-26

Series : Chronicles of an Earned#8

Heat Level :

Available Formats : First Son of the Mound (mobi) , First Son of the Mound (prc) , First Son of the Mound (epub) , First Son of the Mound (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2317-9

Sometimes, the consequences of a mistake lands on someone else.

Kaleb and Jeff are working on their budding friendship and on earning the trust of their new and potential allies. In the attempt to secure his ally, Kaleb runs into new magic. Or rather, very old magic. That mistake leads to more, and not only on Kaleb’s part.

With planning a wedding, the Enki fest, the opening reception of the auction house, and the art exhibition, the Earned are stretched thin serving. Edward strikes gold when he stumbles upon a young artist with a secret. He reminds Edward of a cycles-old love—one he’s going to need to focus on as his youngest son is once again thrust into unknown kinds of magic.

The two powerful Captains and their new allegiance are put to the test. So is their friendship as Jeff continues to work on saving his marriage.

Tuesday 21, July

It was a typical Tuesday morning in late July, and Kaleb was finishing the fifteenth call that morning from behind Alex’s desk. He once again circled back to the idea that he had to quit his job as an assistant to the Browmans to focus on all he had to help humanity and the Order. But over the past few weeks, Jeff had been able to manage to balance writing a program and making up with his wife, so Kaleb figured he had to manage, too.

He smiled at the sometimes steady flow of energy he got from both Jeff and Susan. Oh, it fluctuated all right, and sometimes Kaleb felt like he was snooping, because that was definitely the highs of their marriage. Sex or serious cuddling, he had no idea, but he certainly got in a mood that Connor appreciated.

It was the same with Alex and Dominic. Even Phil and Heather. Their relationship had been pretty even for a long time, yet Kaleb felt something stirring in a positive way. He had no idea what, but since the energy he got was from Heather, then the fluctuations in energy had to be on her behalf.

The thirtieth email pinged in, and Kaleb flipped to that program. It was a delivery notification for Pritchard, stating that a delivery would be made that afternoon at three, and he was apparently the only one who could receive it. Shit, Pritchard wouldn’t be done at his College job until three. Looking closer at the email, Kaleb noticed a sequence of numbers. He’d seen them in three other emails, and all of them had been prioritized, yet he didn’t know how.

Kaleb looked at the time. It was just before noon. Alex was in a meeting in the conference room at the end of the hall on their floor, and Pritchard was at the school. Kaleb would wait for Alex’s meeting to be done at two. It should give him time to have Alex transfer delivery to Kaleb so that Alex could resume his next meeting. Being a partner to Pritchard, Alex had to be allowed to receive the delivery, too.

Time was tight the next few months. The Enki fest was in early August, Pritchard and Monica would be getting married shortly after that, and the opening reception was scheduled at the end of August. And that was only what Kaleb had a hand in. Mr. Henry, Pritchard, and Edward were working on the exhibition at Jessica the photographer’s studio to open the week after the reception. Alex had to go check out security that Friday to make sure everything was ready and tight.

The Enki Fest at the Earned house had kept Theo busy for two weeks, and that Earned had managed the graduation party in four days, so he was planning something huge.

Monica had dreams of a small and magical wedding. Nothing big, she said, just close friends and family and of course the Earned. Then Mr. Henry and Pritchard had a say, and the thing was going to be friggin huge. The magical part was staying, though, but it was going to be way more magical than Monica had initially meant when using the word. Catching onto the level of magic going to be there, Monica had asked Kaleb and Burkhart to be ring bearers. She wanted wings and their formidable forms, and since they had only one Gargoyle, she’d asked Kaleb to come in his Demon form.

A midnight wedding was planned, and magic was being assembled to hide the mansion even from the air. Monica had a vision of Kaleb flying in from one tower and Burkhart from the other. Apparently, a spell for floating lights had been in the Order for many centuries and was used frequently. It was going to illuminate Kaleb and Burkhart as they flew in, each with a ring.

And finally, the opening reception. As far as Kaleb could see from the meetings booked in the calendars, Jessica the photographer had not only shot all personnel photos at the auction house, she was also hired to immortalize the opening reception.

The feeling of being summoned interrupted Kaleb’s thoughts, and he looked inside. It was Jeff, and he was once again working from home in New York. Kaleb left his phone on the desk, crossed the veil, and exited on the back step of Jeff’s and Susan’s house to knock on the door. Jeff summoned Kaleb again. Fine, that had to mean come on in.

“Hello!” Kaleb hollered as he entered.

“He’s in the living room!” Susan shouted.

Kaleb made it into the kitchen where Susan sat with a mountain of paperwork at the kitchen table, and Chris was playing paper shredder on the floor. “Oh, wow!”

She smiled. “Yes, your order.”

“I’ll just leave you to it, then.”

“Would you bring him?” She pointed to Chris, who was bobbing on his ass and tossing the papers around.

“Sure.” Kaleb picked up the kid, happy he was trusted by the witch mother, and brought the baby to the living room. There he found Jeff sitting with three laptops open on the coffee table, a dinner tray, and the sofa. He had a binder in his lap, a pen in his mouth, another behind his ear, and his glasses riding down his nose. Kaleb wished he had his phone so he could have snapped a photo of the powerful Captain in…mismatching socks, too?

Kaleb roared with laughter.

Jeff looked up, spitting the pen out. “What?”

“I’m sorry, this looks…cozy.”

“Oh, it is. And I made a breakthrough. I need you to take this to Mr. Pritchard, but he has to install it on the offline computer I set up in office three on the second floor. He knows which one.” Jeff handed Kaleb a disk.

“Okay. He’s expecting it?”

“He didn’t tell you? Oh man, he said I could just call on you as soon as it was done and that you should call him as soon as you got it.”

“I’ll do that, then.” Had he missed a note?

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal