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Disgraced Omega

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin Ricci

ISBN :978-1-4874-2726-9

Page :59

Word Count :17258

Publication Date :2019-11-15

Series : Omegas#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Disgraced Omega (pdf) , Disgraced Omega (prc) , Disgraced Omega (epub) , Disgraced Omega (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2726-9

For an omega without a home, the world can be a lonely place.

When his alpha abruptly disbands their pack, Frank is abandoned—who, after all, cares about a middle-aged omega from a pack that no longer exists?

Left to fend for himself, with little hope of life ever improving, he finds unexpected help in the form of Cassandra.

After finding Frank, she reaches out to her own alpha, the young, handsome, David, who agrees to let Frank stay—on a trial basis.

This book was previously published.


I was forty by a few hours, and I was being thrown out of my home. I knew it even before Peter came up the stairs to get me. It was sunrise in Vail. The pinks and oranges were chasing away the gray of dawn, and I knew my time in this pack was coming to an end.

The pack had been slowly dying for years. I’d been Peter’s omega for the last fifteen years, and I’d been his father’s omega for a decade before that. Slowly at first, a little every year, people had been moving away. It was more than just that the finances were in trouble and that the pack had very little money to spare. No one told me these things directly, but I heard the whispers. I knew where the money went—toward expensive gifts for other alphas. It wasn’t the right way to use the pack’s money, but I was just an omega, and even if I’d had a voice in the pack, no one would have listened to anything I had to say.

When I’d first come to the pack decades before, the territory had been vast. Hundreds of acres of mountain land had been ours, and though I hadn’t been allowed out there much to explore it, I’d loved looking out at it. Peter had been quietly selling off the pack lands for years to cover his mounting debt and ongoing expenses. Now there was nothing left. Just the old homestead that no one lived in but us. Peter didn’t need an omega just for himself.

Peter let himself into my bedroom, and I looked up at him. He didn’t look happy about his decision. But he did look relieved.

“I was never a good alpha. I think we both know that. I should have never been made the alpha of this pack. My father should have had more children. I should have had a brother. Maybe he could have done better by this pack than I have.”

I had been sitting, but, at this, I quickly went to my knees. He was about to throw me away, but he was still my alpha, and he still deserved my respect, as much as I didn’t want to give it to him right then.

He took out his wallet and handed me a few hundred-dollar bills. “Here. This should get you started. There are plenty of packs around here. You should be able to find one soon enough. I don’t know how omegas get transferred between packs, and I’m not sure I want to. I’m done with this whole thing. I’m moving into a pack in California. They have an opening for a low-ranking beta, and I think I could be good there. You should be able to find someone who wants an older omega. If you’d been a woman, I could have tried to bring you with me, but a male omega? I can’t be associated with something like that anymore.”

Never mind that he’d used me for his own pleasure for years, as had his father and many other members in the pack, or that we omegas had more uses than just what we could do as far as pleasure went. He chose to focus on the negative, on the one thing that would get him kicked out of most packs.

I hung my head. I didn’t point out to him how I could cook or clean or care for the youngest members of the pack. I had two bachelor’s degrees. I could be a teacher. He’d chosen to focus only on what we’d done behind closed doors. And since I knew that was where his head was at, along with his fears, I knew there would be no talking to him about anything else. He should have vouched for me with another pack. I needed an alpha’s recommendation to get into another pack but here he was, refusing to give me even that slight curtesy he’d given everyone else. Perhaps he hated me that much. Or hated what we’d done together.

“You’re afraid I’ll tell someone what we’ve done.” It was more than a guess. I knew I was right.

“Whatever you think you remember us doing, that was wrong.” He tossed the money at my feet. I needed it, but I knew he was being selfish.

Everyone else had been sent away to go live with new packs. He was taking two of the women with him. All of the other people he’d dismissed had been given thousands of dollars in compensation to start their lives over with. I was getting a measly few hundred after years of faithfully serving his family and the pack they tried to run.

“Do you know of any packs nearby looking for an omega?” I quietly asked him. I pocketed the money. Those few hundred were all I had to my name. I didn’t even have a credit card. None of us had. And I had no work history either. I’d been born into a pack, and I’d lived in them ever since. It was our way, as werewolves, but I feared I would have to learn how to live in the human world soon as well since he didn’t have a place for me to go.

Peter shook his head. “For a male omega in his forties? I don’t. Sorry. You can stay here until tomorrow morning but then I’m moving, so you’ll need to go. Though, if you wanted to be out sooner, I certainly wouldn’t object.”

In other words, I’d already overstayed my welcome, and he was ready for me to go as soon as possible. He may not have been trying not to be rude about it, but he was failing pretty miserably.

“I can be gone within the hour,” I quietly promised him.

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