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Soldier Perfect

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : April Kelley

ISBN :978-1-4874-1490-0

Page :24

Word Count :5920

Publication Date :2017-10-16

Series : Roguefalls#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Soldier Perfect (pdf) , Soldier Perfect (mobi) , Soldier Perfect (prc) , Soldier Perfect (epub)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance , 2017 Mile High City collection

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1490-0

Parker didn’t know what perfection was until it walked into the mess hall.

Parker Holtzer isn’t the type to buy into other humans’ prejudices. He proves it by leaving his human family group and joining the paranormal Rogue Army. When he meets Mimic, he knows he made the right decision. Parker also isn’t a shy person. He doesn’t care if he is in a mess hall full of paranormals—he makes his move anyway. The only problem is Mimic doesn’t say a word. Is it a rejection, or is there a reason for the silence?

Parker nearly dropped his food tray when he saw the most beautiful person walk into the mess hall. The guy had long black hair that hung down the middle of his back. It shone when the overhead lights hit it. Turquoise and black beads hung from a lock of hair. He looked young, but his eyes held a hard edge that gave him the look of someone who lived through some tough times. His black pants and t-shirt coupled with the fact that he was in the mess hall told Parker he’d probably obtained the edge in battle.

Parker didn’t know what battle was like yet, having just gotten out of basic training. Roguefalls was his very first assigned station. Everyone on his team called him a green human. He guessed that meant that he was acting like a newbie, but whatever. He had to start somewhere, and he had always learned fast, so he wasn’t that worried the name would stick.

The guy had lean muscles. He wasn’t bulky like some of the guys who had walked in with him.

Parker wondered if that meant he was a human, too. There were a few in the Rogue Army, and most were smaller than paranormals, which was how Parker identified them, although one human, in particular, had the height and muscles of some of the paranormals. Still, that human defied the norm.

Parker wasn’t the only sympathizer, which had surprised him when he first arrived on Roguefalls Island the week before. Hell, he was even more surprised at the Rogue recruiter’s office when they actually took him. The Rogue Army had proven they were less prejudiced than his family group, and Parker thanked the gods for that as he watched Mr. Pretty grab a tray.

He had a few other names for Mr. Pretty, too, and he’d whisper them all in his ear seductively the first chance he had.

“See something you like?” Pierce, a vampire, stood next to him, flashing his vampire teeth when he smiled. Pierce was on one of the best teams on the island. Because of that, he intimidated Parker a little. He was a nice guy, though, and every time Parker’s team trained with Pierce’s, he made it a point to instruct Parker. For that, Parker considered him a friend.

“Yeah. Who is he?” Parker watched as Mr. Pretty laughed at something the guy in front of him said. Parker bit his bottom lip and fought the urge to move closer. What he wouldn’t give to silence the room around him enough so he’d be able to hear how the laugh sounded.

“Special Operations soldier. He’s a skinwalker.”

Parker nodded and smiled when that laugh came again. “What’s his name?”


“Mimic? That’s an odd name.”

“Almost all skinwalkers have unique names.” Pierce grinned at him. “You should sit by him.”

Parker scowled. “This isn’t high school.”

“We’re standing here talking about a guy instead of you going over and making conversation. Feels like high school to me.” Pierce walked off and sat with his team.

Parker knew it was standard for him to sit with his team as well, but he stood still, waiting for Mimic to sit down with his tray of food. He looked over to his right, where the majority of his team sat. Lyall, a tiger shifter, gave him a thumbs-up.

Parker rolled his eyes and shook his head. Of all the people on his team, Lyall gave him the hardest time. He joked around in a good-natured way, which made Parker feel included instead of alienating him. He probably felt included because Lyall didn’t single him out at all but teased everyone on the team.

His stomach fluttered as if a thousand worms were wiggling around in it, and his heart beat faster as he walked across the room. He swallowed the lump of nerves that lodged in his throat, which didn’t help, because Mimic looked up at him when he was halfway across the room. At first, it was with curiosity, but then his brown skin turned a pretty shade of red, and he looked away.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter