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Chronicles of an Earned Bundle 2

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Meraki P. Lyhne

ISBN :978-1-4874-3207-2

Page :1054

Word Count :314189

Publication Date :2021-03-05

Series : Chronicles of an Earned#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Chronicles of an Earned Bundle 2 (epub) , Chronicles of an Earned Bundle 2 (prc) , Chronicles of an Earned Bundle 2 (mobi) , Chronicles of an Earned Bundle 2 (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance , Paranormal Romance , Bundles

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3207-2

Chronicles of an Earned Bundle 2

The world of the occult, the paranormal, and the mythological clashes when the half-breed Kaleb is released into the world.

Kaleb’s life has been ripped apart. As a half-breed, nothing else was ever expected. To figure it all out, Kaleb focuses on merging the two sides of himself, getting unexpected help from other beings of mythology.

A grander picture of all the world holds is revealed, and Kaleb gains a greater understanding of his place in it.

So does an orphan in Germany, whose childhood memories of grand tales has haunted his dreams. Someone cries out in yearning in those dreams, finally compelling the now grown Meino to look to the past. He left something unfinished. But he’s not the only one searching for the one who cries.

Series Bundle 2
Saving Starfish Book 4
Blood of the Past Book 5
Gargoyle Rising Book 6

Saving Starfish

Sometimes doing the right thing brings about changes and consequences no one could foresee.

There was no time, no time to think about the consequences. Now a fallen Earned with no pack, no mortal friends, and unable to be loved, Kaleb scrambles to find his new place in existence—a place that was the result of a brave long shot when his Honored One, Alex, was dying from a curse.

Kaleb had felt alone as a half-breed among the Earned, and as a fallen Earned he is even less welcome. Still, he finds himself surrounded by new friends. Least of all did he expect an Angel to give him the time of day.

It is time to embrace his mother’s side—a side that makes him even more feared than he was as just a half-breed. This new knowledge makes him aware of a yet unknown threat to himself, his family, and the mortals he loves. But it also brings about a new understanding of what threat his powers pose for mortals.

Blood of the Past

Some secrets of the past might be better off staying buried. Others were never meant to be in the first place.

Going from a constant workload as a fallen Earned back to the normal family and pack tempo is not as easy as Kaleb would like it to be. Changes to the packs everyday life, and Alex stumbling across new things to be given attention, puts more on Kaleb’s table than he had expected. Hectic time with assisting in thwarting a brewing magical war sucks him back in even as he is still rekindling his love for Mickey and his relationship with his family. Plus he has a secret to keep.

There’s no time for family drama of brothers hating him for his powers. But sometimes it’s the little things that deserve the most attention. A day for Kaleb to catch up with his dad and brothers sets off a chain of events. With the assistance of the mystical Order, to which Alex, Pritchard, and Mr. Henry belong, they unveil a century old secret and discover new magic.

Gargoyle Rising

An old spell book helped him breathe life into a Gargoyle. With its rise come new enemies, but also the possibility of new friends.

At age eleven, Meino buried his dad next to where they had buried his mom less than six months earlier. All alone in the world, he seeks out the Gargoyles and uses his dad’s spell book to bring one to life. But he doesn’t understand the magic he’s using, and he can’t finish the spell. For the next twelve years, his dreams are haunted by the lonely cries of the Gargoyle. As an adult, Meino tries the spell again to get rid of the nightmares. This time it works—but once the magic is alive, it attracts the attention of the New Knight Templars, who want to destroy the Gargoyle.

Nathan and Lucien have settled into a routine at the school where Nathan is studying to be able to help the Order. Just as life is calming down, it all takes a turn. News that a protégé is in danger and that Nathan’s beloved Professor Nigel Gershman has died is just the beginning. Once again, Nathan and Lucien are moved about to assist the Order, and new magic brings out a hidden enemy.

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Tags: Adult, Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal