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Bargaining with the Bear

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Caitlin Ricci , A.J. Marcus

ISBN :978-1-4874-1003-2

Page :79

Word Count :25030

Publication Date :2017-02-03

Series : Kinky Holidays#4

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Bargaining with the Bear (epub) , Bargaining with the Bear (prc) , Bargaining with the Bear (mobi) , Bargaining with the Bear (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1003-2

Clyce is determined not to leave the escort business, and he might have finally met someone who won’t ask him to.

For Jamison's fortieth birthday his best friend has hired an escort for the night. Jamison is shocked, but Clyce is too sexy to be ignored and far too tempting to resist. A few short hours of fun is all that is supposed to be between them, but some Valentine's Day fun is about to become a lot more complicated when their hearts get involved.

It was two in the morning and his phone was ringing. Clyce rubbed at his eyes and rolled over in bed. “Hello, Critters on Call, this is Clyce. How may I serve you today?” He was proud of how coherent he sounded, despite the late hour and how little sleep he’d actually managed to get. His last client session had ended at eleven-thirty. Clyce had been in bed by midnight—and now this.

“It’s almost Valentine's Day and I need something special.” The man’s voice was rough, as though he was out of breath.

Clyce lay back on his pillows and stretched one arm above his head. “Absolutely, we can accommodate special requests. What did you have in mind? Age? Gender? Species?”

“Do you have any snakes available?”

Clyce smiled. He was the only snake within two hundred miles who worked for the company. “Maybe. Depends on what you need him for and what day you want this to happen.”

The man’s excitement was practically palpable through the connection. “It has to be that night. It absolutely has to be. And I need him to be at Kinky Kritters. I want to use him in front of everyone. I want to—”

“Sure, that's fine. Big Valentine's Day show, getting a scary snake to submit.” If Clyce hadn’t been so tired he might have let the guy continue with whatever he was going to say, but Clyce had a thing about people panting in his ear when he wasn’t being paid to deal with it. And even when he was getting paid, if he was exhausted, his tolerance for that sort of behavior was extremely low.

“When you say it like that, it sounds lame.” The man’s excitement dimmed considerably.

Clyce rolled his eyes. It didn’t matter what he thought of the idea. He had to jolly the man back to a happy state. He was a potential client, and money was good. “No, not at all. I think it’ll be fun. I’ll need to get Lady Leo’s permission to work in her club, but that shouldn’t be a big deal. Do you want to meet ahead of time to see if you like me enough to have me for the night?” Every shifter in Vegas knew how important it was to stay on Lady Leo’s good side. Clyce wasn’t about to do anything to change his standing with her. Such a move could be the end of his career, and he liked his money too much to take a chance on that.

“Oh it’s not for me, though I’ll be watching you two. It’s for my friend. For his fortieth birthday. I wanted to get him something extra nice, if you know what I mean.”

An escort was a pretty special gift. Clyce like being men’s presents. Being gifted to someone for a special occasion made him feel especially good. “Very well, then. What time would you like me to show up at Kinky Kritters, and how long would you like to book me for?”

There was a brief silence. “Can you do nine at night to one in the morning?”

He was actually pretty open both days, so that would be fine. “Sure.”

“Are you really a snake?”

“Yes. I’m a python.” For some reason, more shifters questioned snakes about really being what they claimed to be than any other kind of shifter. Clyce had never figured out why that was. He would’ve thought squirrels would’ve been questioned more about their animal than snakes, but this sort of thing happened to Clyce a lot.

“Are those the poisonous kind?”

Clyce detested having to give biology lessons at two in the morning. “Actually, poison refers to things that you bite or drink. Things you consume. Like a mushroom can be poisonous. Venom is what’s injected into you. Snakes can be venomous. Like some spiders. But no, I’m the constricting kind. I squeeze my prey to death until it slowly suffocates and then I swallow it whole.”

The man was silent for a long time after that. Maybe it was too early in the morning to be so gruesome.

“Can I get a credit card to hold the reservation?” Clyce knew he had to move on quickly before the guy backed out of the deal.

“Sure. Can I request you wear something special?”

Clyce could accommodate most requests of that nature. He had a whole closet full of clothes in his spare bedroom just to fulfill whatever his clients wanted him to be for the evening. “Probably. What did you have in mind?”

His voice sounded lust-filled again. Clyce wondered how much this guy would be getting off on what his friend was receiving. “Do you have a red kilt? Or a skirt that’s similar?”

Actually, he had three. “Traditional kilt, or schoolgirl miniskirt sexy skirt?” He really didn’t care either way. He’d wear whatever the client told him to. He could always change in the locker room before and after the meeting.

“Miniskirt. With nothing underneath.” The man’s breaths had become shorter and heavier. “And nothing else. You have to be naked except for that skirt.”

Clyce really wished the guy would stop panting in his ear. “Of course. When you’re ready to give me that credit card, I’ll run it. You won’t be billed, though, until I’m actually there, and at the end of the session, you’ll get an email receipt along with the option to leave a tip.” He took the credit card number as well as the man’s email address. By then, he was more than happy to say goodbye.

Clyce rolled back over to get some more sleep. It had been a while since anyone had asked him to wear a kilt, a skirt, or anything similar. When it came to a place like Kinky Kritters, he assumed that how little he wore would be the least of his concerns.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter