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A Summer in Paradise

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Tianna Xander

ISBN :978-1-77111-259-8

Page :95

Word Count :30786

Publication Date :2012-06-21

Series : Paradise#12

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Summer in Paradise (epub) , A Summer in Paradise (mobi) , A Summer in Paradise (prc) , A Summer in Paradise (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-259-8

Two men, one woman and one isolated lake add up to one hot summer in Paradise.

Pearl didn't expect to run into anyone on the mountain over Paradise when she went home for a visit. She planned to spend a few weeks in the wilds at a line cabin between Sabbats to try and recover from her last encounter with her ex-boyfriend. She didn't expect to find two males on the lake sunning themselves, naked, while the fish took off with their fishing poles.

Duncan and Jarrod loved the mountains. It was why they decided to go to the lake. Between Sabbats there was nothing more to do than swim, fish and get a tan. Planning to live off the land, while they contemplate ways to find their mate, the two men are surprised to discover that the mountain over Paradise can provide everything they need—even a beautiful female to help pass the time.

Three souls, one cabin and one isolated lake add up to one hot summer in Paradise.

Duncan fisted his hand in Pearl's dark hair and drew her closer. When she was just a girl, she had always smelled of flowers and sunshine and sexy, sexy woman. Even though it had been hell to be around her when she was younger, they always anticipated her visits.

Though she never knew it, they heard her coming when they had come up here to relax all those years ago. They could hear her walking through the woods, talking to the animals while she made her way up the mountainside.

She had been so full of life, of innocence. At first they had thought it was her love of life that drew them to her so inexplicably. It was only after she left, when they thought her lost to them, that they realized that she could have been their mate.

Perhaps it was for the best that she had gone. If she had stayed and had been violated like her sister, it would have driven them mad. Their beasts would have sought out and killed the men responsible for raping her. In their rage, they would not have been careful, they would have sought out the men and killed them as viciously as they could. Inevitably, someone would have seen them and their cover would have been blown.

He slanted his mouth gently over hers, loving the feel of her soft lips pressed against his. No, her leaving had been for the best. Perhaps it had even saved all of their lives.

When she opened for his questing tongue, he thrust inside.

She tasted of the honey she used on the biscuits he had made. The cabin, always well stocked, had the makings of several meals in the pantry. With no electricity, the meals were simple, but nourishing and he'd used some of the flour to add to their meal.

Duncan felt Jarrod's head near his as the other man nuzzled her neck, his hands cupping her full breasts. This was what they had dreamed of all these years. This woman completed them.

Hell, no wonder he was so fucking horny he could drive a railroad spike through a tree trunk with his dick, he was so fucking hard. His cock jutted up, pressing against her stomach. No embarrassment here. No difficulty in getting his cock to stand at attention for this woman. Relieved that his equipment wasn't defective after all, he pressed forward, rocking her against his hard length.

Breaking their kiss, he moved lower, his lips and tongue gently tasting every inch of her jaw and neck as he pushed her oversized t-shirt aside to suckle the tight peak of her breast.

He inhaled deeply, loving her scent as he moved from one breast to the other while Jarrod held them up for his loving attention.

Bending his legs, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tighter against him as he continued to suckle and lave the hardened nubs.

He almost chuckled when she groaned, her head falling back to rest on Jarrod's shoulder. This was how they were meant to be together. This was why his body wouldn't respond to another. It had waited for her to return.

"Spread your legs, baby," he whispered against her breast. Gooseflesh covered her arms and legs as his hands skimmed over her lightly tanned skin, as his hand made its way past the elastic waistband of the shorts he'd hidden here so many years ago. He thrust his hand between her spread thighs, his fingers delving deep between her slick folds.

Not once did he come back here to retrieve them. He knew that once he had her scent in his nostrils again, he wouldn't stop until he found her. Then, when he finally came to the decision to go in search of her, she returned to his side.

She hadn't changed a bit. She was the same girl who left here all those years ago. The only difference was that she was no longer that little teenaged girl. She was a woman who could drive both Jarrod and himself wild with just a smile or an innocent glance.

He straightened his legs, lifting her off the floor when her legs gave out. He continued to suckle her breast while Jarrod moved toward one of the double beds and turned the covers down.

Gently, Duncan lowered her to the bed. Before joining her, they both shed what little clothing they wore and left it in two forgotten heaps on the floor. He moved down her body, removing her clothes as he went. He didn't know what he would do if she turned him down now. He hoped to God he could stop before he hurt her. His beast rode him hard to bury his face between her legs and drink of the sweet nectar it knew it would find there.

He needed to fully taste this woman more than he had ever needed anything before in his long life.

Once he had removed her clothes, with Jarrod's help, he settled himself between her legs. Pressing the palm of his hand on her lower stomach, he rested his chin on her mons. "Tell me to stop this madness now, Pearl, or I will continue to love you, to taste you."

"Yes, baby," Jarrod whispered in her ear, just loud enough for him to hear. "He's going to settle himself between your creamy thighs and eat your pretty little pussy, until you scream."

Pearl whimpered, her breaths coming in short pants as Duncan continued to slide his fingers through her creamy flesh.

"He's right, Pearl." He leaned down to breathe on the glistening, plump lips. "I'm going to eat this pretty pussy until you beg me to make you come."

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Tags: Romance, Menage, Paranormal, Shapeshifter