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Viola Grace

Viola Grace (aka Zenina Masters) is a Canadian sci-fi/paranormal romance writer with ambitions to keep writing for the rest of her life. She specializes in short stories because the thrill of discovery, of all those firsts, is what keeps her writing.

An artist who enjoys a story that catches you up, whirls you around and sets you down with a smile on your face is all she endeavours to be. She prefers to leave the drama to those who are better suited to it, she always goes for the cheap laugh.

Listening to readers has gotten her this far, and with her 300th short story looming before the end of 2014, she will continue to listen in the future.

Email : viola@violagrace.com

Website : http://www.violagrace.com

Powered Up

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #11
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Ilsa Kimoni has spent the last three years saving her own people in privacy, locked away in the seizure centre on...

“What brings the Sector Guard to my door, so to speak?” She kept eye contact with him, but it was difficult. Her dark brown gaze was no match for his silver one.

“We have received a report that you are exhibiting symptoms of being a candidate for the Sector Guard.”

She blinked. “Who are you?”

His cheeks bronzed even more. “I am sorry, my name is Razer. I am one of the Guardsmen out of Udell Base.”

“What report could you possibly have gotten on me?” She was curious. She drummed her fingers on the edge of the chair.

“That you have a talent for animating large pieces of equipment.”

Ilsa’s lips twitched in an effort to squelch the run of amusement that his statement caused. The double entendre was only in her mind. “I have never declared any such thing. What could have possibly triggered a report?”

He looked at her legs for a moment. “Can I ask you a question?”


“What is wrong with your legs?”

She giggled. It was nice that he was direct. “Nothing. Well, they are a little weak, but there is no reason for the chair.”

“Then why are you in it?”

“Because they are afraid I will have a seizure when I am standing, so they have alarmed the chair to keep me from falling. It’s stupid, but I can’t check out under my own steam.” She snorted and wiggled her toes, but when she shifted her weight, the chair chirped a warning. “See?”

“So, they are imprisoning you here?” His voice took on a harsh tone that was endearing to her and seemed to surprise him.

“Yes and no. If I go without a seizure for six months I will be free to go.”

His lips twitched. “Why can’t you?”

“Because, for example, if I did have talent, it might read as a seizure and my body might be locked in an unconscious state. Hypothetically.”

He smiled outright. “Indeed. Hypothetically.” He chuckled, a rusty sound that made her wish she was out of that chair and preening for his attention so that the smile would bathe her in its light.

“What would your talent be, hypothetically?”

He already knew, she could see it in his face. “Well, if I were to have a seizure, as they call it…I would send my conscious mind into a mobile machine and use it like my own body.” She smiled. “Hypothetically.”

“What kind of machines?”

“Walkers, transports, boats, anything that can move, but you knew that already.” She squinted at him and he grinned again.

“I do. Would you be willing to leave Pahnnan?” It was a formal request and she read it as such.

“I would. There is nothing left for me here.” Once her parents had died, there was no one left to miss her.

“Excellent. I will make the arrangements.” He rose and bowed to her.

She smiled. “That’s it?”

“That is it. You have already been cleared to leave the surface and the training centre at Udell is awaiting a woman’s touch.” His lips were twitching again.

Ilsa Kimoni has spent the last three years saving her own people in privacy, locked away in the seizure centre on Pahnnan. When a member of the Sector Guard request and demands her skills, she has no choice but to say yes. Controlling technology is her talent, but she will need skill and patience to deal with her new partner, Razer. Born of the warlike mercenary race, Kozue, he is appalled at her lack of physical skills but captivated by her deep brown eyes. What could Commander have been thinking to pair him with such a soft, golden, sexy female? She would be more distraction than assistance. When she powers up, she proves her worth, and still distracts the hell out of him.
Price: $3.99

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Terran Times Second Wave #31
Published By: Extasy Books

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Psyche's Caress

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #10
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Roha Excelter - code named Psyche - is on assignment on Marketh. She had a simple investigation planned until some...

This was ridiculous. She set the controls to follow the beacon at three thousand feet and went to the emergency supplies. She hooked the mask on and felt immediate relief as her preferred atmosphere blend came into her lungs.

Her ship rocked as something struck the side and she staggered back to the helm as quickly as she could.

"You are not authorized to enter this airspace. Please drop to fifteen hundred feet and wait for additional escort."

She pulled the breather from her face. "I am authorized to be in this airspace, I am a representative of the Sector Guard and you have just assaulted my ship."

A small craft was on her left side bearing the marks of impact with her ship.

"I don't have any record of your clearance. Where are you going?"

"Asher Prime. Please contact the ground control for the authorization specs." She snapped the mask back into place.

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "Land. Land now! The Asher Prime signal was highjacked and your shuttle has been coated with acid. I don't even want to know if they got something into your ship."

She did a hull integrity check as she started to lose altitude. He was right. She had been coated with acid. A quick check of the interior of the shuttle showed more than a tolerable share of toxins. If she had been a Terran or Azon, she would have been dead. Her placement of the breather had probably saved her life.

She dropped out of the sky as fast as she could. Alarms sounded on every instrument she had and it was a controlled crash that skidded her hundreds of yards before her ship rocked to a halt.

The Archer was dead.

Moving as quickly as she could, she stuffed all of her equipment into a duffel, grabbed her away bag and blew the emergency exit. She took a few steps back, then sprinted through the hole, tumbled on the ground and ran as far away from the hulk of her ship as she could.

The small craft was landing nearby and she approached slowly, her hands out at her sides, carrying her bags.

A man exited the ship and held an object toward her. "Kneel."

She knelt and waited as he approached. The object he was holding was a palm scanner. "You have ingested quite a bit of toxic gasses. I am amazed you are still up and functioning. Nice landing, by the way."

She kept her mask on and watched him as he reached for her wrist. She jerked her arm back.

"Don't worry. This is just to flush your system. It's saline based and shouldn't have too great an effect on you, even with your physiology."

"You're a doctor?" She kept her arm against her chest and glared at him.


Oh, her mask. Right. She pulled it away from her face and his eyes widened in surprise. "You're a doctor?"

"I have some medical training. Enough to tell that you aren't from around here." His golden eyes in his smoke grey face were smiling.

She extended her arm and waited for the rush of his emotions and thoughts. She was surprised when his warm, strong fingers made contact. He was calm, relaxed and concerned for her. With this man, instead of drowning in the ocean of emotion, she was standing on the shore and wanted to wade further in.

His black hair waved off his forehead and a lock slipped across his face, making him blow it upward as he tried to clear it. He was holding her wrist with one hand and administering a hypo to her skin with the other.

"What is your name?" Her voice was husky and soft to her own ears. She cleared her throat self-consciously.

"Ruar. Ruar Asher." His lips were curved in a charming smile as he looked into her eyes.

"I am Sector Guardsman Psyche out of Station 13."

"We have been expecting you."

Roha Excelter - code named Psyche - is on assignment on Marketh. She had a simple investigation planned until someone tried to kill her. Twice. The simple problem turned out to be a conspiracy to keep volunteers imprisoned and the population in general, ignorant. Working with the Marketh council she has to uncover the seedy details of the confinement and find a way to bring the prisoners back to dignity. Once a third attempt on her life is made and she is saved by the same man for a second time...she begins to realize that Ruar might be a good candidate for the Sector Guard.
Price: $3.99
Psyched Out

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Tales of the Citadel #38
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Wim can bend others into tools for her purposes and only an Avatar and a Yaluthu can bring her back into a semblan...

Wimsah looked at Veera and smiled, waving a tea set into being. “Hello, Veera.”

“Hello, Wimsah. How are you feeling today?”

She shrugged and sat to pour tea on the edge of her charming balcony that looked out over her mindscape. “I am the same. Is that little thing still sitting on me?”

“Yes. He is. We are calling him Spot. Has he given you another name to call him by?”

Wimsah shook her head. “No. I don’t talk to him much. I am not sure why he is even here.”

“He is here because he has chosen you as his person. He is a Yaluthu and their means of procreation is achieving personal evolution through linking to another being. When you are whole and strong, he can change into his adult form. My Yaluthu, Fixit, can show you what he will look like.”

“Do I have a choice in it?” She made teacakes appear. “I know I should be tired of asking that by now, but it is an ingrained reflex.”

“No. Yaluthu do the choosing.” Veera sipped at her psychic tea.

“Ah well. I appreciate your visit but what prompted it?”

Veera set her teacup down deliberately. “I have gotten an offer of a matched mind for you, but it would involve you going to the Nyal Imperium to be partnered with a Guardian on an alien world. Spot can go with you.”

“But, I won’t be dangerous anymore.”

“Correct. His mind is strong enough to match yours and hold the wild power at bay until you can learn to control it.”

“What then? Will I be free then?” It was a question that needed to be asked.

“No. But you will be able to use your mind in the defense of others.”

“I suppose I will have to settle for that.” She glanced over and watched the small figure hopping just in her peripheral vision.

She turned in her chair and beckoned him forward. “Come on, Spot. If I am going to be stuck with you, I want to get to know you.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice; he scampered over to her and hopped up and down until she lifted him up and into her lap. He snuggled against her chest and chirped wildly with his stubby black wings flapping.

“His name is Spot.”

“Of course it is.” Veera laughed. “He must have been broadcasting it.”

He wiggled when Wimsah scratched his head.

They sat together for a few minutes, and then, Veera got to her feet. “Well, I will be returning to myself now. If you have accepted Spot, he will do what he can.”

“What can he do?”

Veera grinned. “That is up to him and up to you. Let him help.”

Veera disappeared and her aura remained for a second before she evaporated.

Wimsah looked down at the pale, intelligent eyes in the sea of black fluff. “What do you want me to do with you?”

She got an image of her cuddling him to her chest and her global landscape slowly drawing inward.

She scowled. “How long would that take?”

He shrugged his little wings and leaned against her, sitting with his stubby feet poking out on her thighs and his toes wiggling happily.

Well, she wasn’t alone in her own mind again, so things were looking up.

Wim can bend others into tools for her purposes and only an Avatar and a Yaluthu can bring her back into a semblance of sanity.
Wimsah was in a coma before the rising of Resicor, and her mind was wide open when the planet’s consciousness burst out. Her already wild talent grew to absurd proportions and a coma was the only safe place for her.
Benliar, Avatar of Roden, was asked if he would take on responsibility for Wimsah and her open mind. With her power, only the mind of a world could contain it, and he volunteered.
Spot has known that Wimsah needed him since she first landed on his world. He has watched her mental landscape, and she is in definite need of fuzz therapy. He is just the fuzz to oblige.
Price: $3.99

Written By: Viola Grace
Published By: Extasy Books

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Rain of Tears

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Tales of the Citadel #22
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Needing help to free her creation, Rain turns to an agricultural specialist who has more than furrows on his mind....

The dust puffed up with every step Reyan took. She shook her head at the arid landscape. They had really let this place go to hell since she was last here.

Three hundred years ago, the inhabitants had begged for her help when their weather-control machine had stalled out. The rest of the world of Jarko suffered because the people of this small corner of the continent liked to screw with nature. Reyan considered it her personal mission to keep the weather patterns even so that everyone got a chance at a harvest.

The people of Nekahar were jerks, there was no doubt about it, but the predictable weather brought settlers by the hundreds.

Reyan stopped and drank some water, hitched the bottle back onto her belt and walked into the city.

The guards at the gate stopped her. “Halt, we are on water rations. If you need food or water, you will have to pay.”

She grinned. “I accept your conditions, now let me pass.”

They could only see the lower half of her face. The marks that the Ichadran scientists had designed her with were an experiment and were also worn by her younger sister, the Destroyer. Her forehead was dotted with a very feminine pattern and her cheeks were streaked with silvery tears. Combine it with her pale blue eyes with their dark blue rings and her pale lavender hair, there was only one person she could be, the Rain.

There were three worlds in this system and Jarko was where she was able to do her best because of their screwy weather system.

The guards let her in after telling her that free food and water would be available in the central arena as a method of calling the rain.

As she passed through the city, she noted the signs of poverty, the abuse of authority and the degradation of society that always came with the drought. Those who couldn’t run, rotted.

She would do what she could, but unless they let nature take its course, they were doomed to repeat the cycle.


“As you know, we have fallen on hard times. Our efforts to repair the weather unit have failed and help is still months away. All we can do is beg the rain to return and hope that it will stay with us until the harvest is in. One good season is all we need, so rain, if you are listening, come to us!”

Reyan milled with the other travellers who had arrived in the city. She asked the man next to her, “Do you know how often they do this?”

“They started last year when the machine first malfunctioned. When did you get in?”

“This afternoon. Why?”

“They have a special treat for newcomers, but you can only claim it once.” He moved away from her, and she could see him radiating fear.

Cocking her head, she noted the guards who had seen her in were pointing her out to arena staff.

This was what she had been waiting for. The horror that had been whispered through the nearby areas, spread by those who had run, told of brutality in an effort to bring the rain.

Needing help to free her creation, Rain turns to an agricultural specialist who has more than furrows on his mind.
After centuries of waiting, Rain has an opportunity to retrieve a creation that she designed and it means far more than a simple machine should. Her memories are wound around the weather machine and it has been used to destroy the natural order of Jarko.
When she completes her introduction to the local mayor, he ends up leaving office suddenly and his replacement is first a member of the Citadel before he is acting mayor. He is more than willing to help her with the weather machine. Of course, being from the Citadel, there will be a price, but Rain has learned that there always is when it is for something she really wants.
Price: $3.99
Raven Dexter Paranormal Midwife

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: The Nexus Chronicles #8
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Raven Dexter chose to pursue midwifery the moment she helped a teen friend deliver her baby. Fed up with unconcern...

Either he was telling the truth about goblins or she had gone off the deep end and was rapidly going under. Perhaps she was at home drowning in a warm bubbly bath.

“Your patient is this way.” He parked the car and escorted her through alleys that held strange and hostile smells, but Eyleno moved calmly and quickly and all too soon, they were passing creatures that were even less human looking than her elfin guide.

“Goblins?” She swallowed. There was an acrid scent in the air, similar to sweat but very different. Her mind accepted it as the smell of a different race with a different diet.

“Goblins.” His word was calm and confirming.

The large house that they entered was full of the creatures, each more hideous than the last. Afraid to be caught staring, Raven walked right behind Eyleno, so close that when he stopped, she ran straight into him. As she righted herself, she couldn’t help noticing that he smelled really nice, like autumn and the sun altogether.

“Here are the women’s quarters. The maid will take you through.” He handed the bags to the four-armed woman and Raven blankly followed her bright blue and pink luggage.

Females filled the labour room. The woman on the bed was hideous with fangs exposed in pain. Raven immediately introduced herself.

“Thank the burning sun that you are here. The child is almost here.” The woman grimaced, a truly frightening sight.

Raven got to work, the anatomy she faced blessedly familiar. The woman was indeed ready to give birth. The dark head was becoming visible. When the small son came sliding into the world, Raven caught him with practiced hands. As she turned him over her arm to clear his lungs, a prickling sensation started and then the little bugger munched down on her arm with all his might.

“Son of a bitch!” She didn’t want to shake her arm, but it was hard keeping still until he released of his own accord. As quickly as she could, Raven handed him over to his mother and took care of the afterbirth and making sure that the bleeding was not excessive.

Her own bleeding was continuing from her forearm as the punctures were still sluggishly giving up their bounty. Hissing, she dumped alcohol on the wounds and bound it with gauze. When the proud father came into the room and licked the child clean, she had had enough. Raven passed out.

Raven Dexter chose to pursue midwifery the moment she helped a teen friend deliver her baby. Fed up with unconcerned physicians, she studied until she could open her small practice in a moderately sized town. Her practice was slowly growing until the night a strange man demanded she come with her to attend a birth. Her introduction to the paranormal society was in the venue of delivering a small goblin baby that quickly took a chunk out of her arm. The elf that took her to her first delivery moves in without even asking, taking care of everything from her appointments to making her meals, Eyleno Miz rapidly becomes indispensable and then becomes something more.
Price: $3.99
Red Run

Written By: Viola Grace
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Sophie Redding is one of the few humans to have dodged the evacuation of the shapeshifting Sethen. She is on a jou...
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Sophie Redding is one of the few humans to have dodged the evacuation of the shapeshifting Sethen. She is on a journey to the Northlands, in a ridiculous outfit and on foot, leaving a trail a mile wide. Commander T'bir is in charge of cleaning out the towns and villages to let his people's city rise from the ground. When a detachment of trackers is unable to capture the human in the red dress, his interest is piqued and he goes on the hunt. Capturing this human may be the tipping point for his people, and her own.
Price: $1.59
Resurrecting Flame

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #14
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Jenya has spent days leading one hundred prisoners to freedom through a tunnel of her own making. She succeeds in...

The tunnel was pressing on her, but she couldn't stop to enjoy the sensation of blind panic that it was engendering. Jenya sent her talent forward, inch by inch, eating away at the rock and dirt of the walls of her prison.

The prisoners who had followed her into the tunnel were now her prime concern. They trusted her to deliver them from the persecution of the Lekark regime and she was going to die trying.

Teachers, doctors, musicians--there were close to one hundred who agreed to follow her if she could bore a hole through the rock.

She inched forward and drew on her inner reserves to evaporate the rock. Jenya knew that her power was failing, but she couldn't trap them in here with her. She had to give everything she had if they were to make it out alive.

Jenya shoved herself right to the edge of the stone and blasted forward with furious intensity. She rode the adrenaline and did the same shockwave of power over and over until finally, after what felt like six hours of crawling, they struck daylight.

She fell out of the hole and tumbled to the ground. Hands grabbed her and pulled her aside. The light of day blinded her and she couldn't see who had a grip on her. If it was the polizai again, she was just going to let herself die.

A voice called to her, but it was far away. In the sun, finally free of the oppression that had almost taken her life, she looked into the daylight and let her mind relax.

A face blocked the sunlight. If she was dreaming of an escort to the afterlife, this face would not be the one she would pick. Braids banded with metal swung and clashed around his face. Silver eyes in a bronze face were the only celestial markers. The rest of him was all warrior and firmly grounded to the earth.

A light slap to her face got her to focus. "What?"

"Are you all right? Can you sit up?" The man seemed angry.

She sat up and her head spun. "I am up. But if you want me to dance, you are going to have to buy me a drink."

Jenya's eyes were shielded by the scowling wall of muscle at her side. She saw the endless dispensing of the escapees from the narrow hole in the side of the rock face. "We made it."

He looked down at her and kind warmth with a touch of pride filled his gaze. "Yes, Digger, you did."

"Can I sleep now?" She sighed. It would not be a sleep she wanted to return from. She had depleted herself entirely digging them out.

He nodded absently as someone caught his attention for the emerging folk.

She scooted so that she was leaning against the wall and relaxed. Just a little rest and it would all be over.

* * * *

The staging area was going nuts with the influx of ninety-four refugees and Vornan was trying to make sure that they all got the attention they needed.

Razer and Tech were in the process of attacking the totalitarian government that had taken over this minimally populated world, and the rebels that they were rescuing were already free.

"Razer, this is Flame. The majority of the rebels have been freed and are receiving medical attention." He waited for the double click that acknowledged and returned to attending the medical needs of those who had fallen out of the wall.

He went from cot to cot until finally a woman grabbed his arm. "How is Jenya?"

He checked the roster. There was no Jenya in the medical tent. "Who?"

"Jenya. She led us through the darkness. She made that tunnel as we went. It took so long." The woman's face was oddly clean. As what she had said sunk in, a chill ran through him. He looked around the room and noted that aside from some grass stains and dirt on hands and knees, their faces were clean.

"How long did you crawl through the tunnels?" He checked her vitals and the bandage on her wrist that seemed to be the most common injury.

"It was a dark forever, but I think it was somewhere between six and twelve hours."

"Was the tunnel already there?"

"No. I told you, Jenya made it as we went." She lay back and looked up at him with exhausted eyes, "Is she all right?"

He didn't answer, Helsin was on this assignment and he checked with the physician. "How long were they underground?"

"Based on pupil response and dehydration, two days. The investigations have shown that the tunnel is over six miles long."

Helsin may have said something else, but Flame was running.

She was slumped against the wall where he had left her, her body quiet and smudged with dirt. He had called her Digger as a joke, but as he searched her body for signs of life, he came to the conclusion he hadn't bothered to look for.

She had offered her life to free her people, and he had left her here to die.

Jenya has spent days leading one hundred prisoners to freedom through a tunnel of her own making. She succeeds in her task and is ready to rest, but the arrival of the Sector Guard throws a wrench in her plans to fade away. Green flames pull her back into the living world and the silver eyes of a Kozue Guardsman are the first things she sees when she wakes. As Digger, she is offered a place in the Sector Guard and put through her paces with Flame and Guardian watching carefully. What possible use could her talent for burrowing through rock be to the Sector Guard?
Price: $3.99
Rhoe's Request

Written By: Viola Grace
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A half-breed swan chases a dream of flight and finds love in the arms of a dark swan shifter of her very own. ...

Her mother sighed. “We have had all the time I can reasonably explain. I look forward to seeing your success, daughter.”

Rhoe got to her feet with her mother. They hugged again, and when they parted, Rhoe had to find the captain who would take her on a tour of the facility.

She put on her pack and opened the door to find a broad back staring her in the face. “Captain?”

He turned, and she looked up to see a male dark swan that was not from her settlement. “You are Cadet Rhoe?”

She nodded.

“I am Captain Hiiron. Come with me, I will show you your quarters and then help you find your way around the training centre.” He inclined his head slightly.

“Thank you, Captain. Am I taking you away from anything important?”

He blinked and shook his head. “No. I am on medical leave, light duties. This qualifies.”

Rhoe tried to control her reaction, but she had never been this close to another dark swan that she wasn’t related to in some way. Her heart pounded, and she blinked furiously. “Well, thank you for being on duty today.”

“It is no trouble. Come with me.” He nodded over her shoulder. “Colonel.”

“Captain. Take care of her. I don’t want her lost.”

“Yes, Colonel Whisk.” He nodded again and jerked his head at Rhoe. “Let’s go.”

She followed him, her head high and her back straight. She gave the colonel a small wave and got down to business. It was time to learn the ins and outs of her new home.

Two hours of touring, a visit to the quartermaster and registration later, Rhoe was sitting alone in the commissary and eating her first meal not prepared by hands that were related to her own.

It wasn’t bad, but it was going down as just another thing she would have to endure to get to her dream of flight.

A half-breed swan chases a dream of flight and finds love in the arms of a dark swan shifter of her very own.

Rhoe wants to fly but being born a half-breed dark swan; feathers are not something she can ever achieve. She asks her father for permission to join the flight academy of the planetary defense corps and to her surprise, he agrees.
Her father gives her more than his agreement, he tells her about her mother and warns her that she may run into the legendary pilot herself.
Rhoe runs into more than her mother, she meets a captain who sends her heart fluttering, and it is that first flutter that will carry her into the sky.
Price: $1.99
Ripped and Roar

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #21
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Cila Wen has lived her life unable to speak for fear destroying those around her. The Sector Guard has offered her...

Grinning, Cila walked to her quarters and noted that her bags were missing. What?

“I took your satchels to the ship and stowed them. We are ready to leave anytime.” Arkhov gestured for her to precede him.

The hooks on his inner wrists were obvious, but she ignored them and led the way back to his ship. If he wasn’t going to mention them, she wasn’t going to mention them. She had no idea of his species, but it was closely related to the Azon with something spiky thrown in.

She stopped at the exterior hatch. It wasn’t yet keyed to her bio print, so she had to wait for Ripper.

He pressed his hand to the pad, the claws on the tips of his fingers clicking lightly against the plate. “I will get you registered for entry to the ship. Just take a seat at the control panel and I will be with you as soon as I seal the hatch.”

Cila walked into the huge, open space and raised an eyebrow at the small bulkheads that delineated the areas that could hold cargo, the tiny dining area as well as wide bunks that folded up against the wall. She gave a mental snort as she took in enough living and running-around space to fill the tiny relay station. This was more space than she had ever had to herself or even to share with one person than had ever been at her disposal.

“Do you like it?”

She turned to face Arkhov and he was inches from her. Waves of heat were coming from him and she held her breath when his scent started to spike her attention. She backed up half a step and signed. Wow, lots of space.

“The Sector Guard gets to do shakedowns of quite a few new designs for spacecraft. It’s one of the perks.”

You get to fly around in untested ships?

“More or less. They are tested by our technicians and inventors and then we are given the go ahead to fly them on assignment. You will be meeting with Fixer. She and Beast have crafted this particular ship with his wingspan in mind.”

Will I meet them?

“Fixer, most certainly. She will be on the team trying to help you gain control over this mysterious talent of yours.”

She smiled, twisting her lips to one side. There is no mystery. I emanate concussive sonic force. I can do it with my body, but my voice is my most powerful outlet.

He laughed. “As are the voices of most of the women of the Sector Guard, mind you, most of them could not shatter bone with a simple whisper.”

Cila Wen has lived her life unable to speak for fear destroying those around her. The Sector Guard has offered her a position and assistance in controlling her talent, but Cila is not sure if that is even possible. Ripper, her soon-to-be partner, is convinced otherwise and does everything in his power to help her out of her shell and into his bed.

Price: $3.99
Ruby D.A.R.E.

Written By: Viola Grace, Tianna Xander
Series: D.A.R.E. Project #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Born of two dragons but raised in a lab, Ruby has lived a life of quiet regulation, waiting until the project prop...

Eiwyn threw the covers back. The rustle of the sheets seemed loud in the quiet of the room. Slowly, she placed her feet on the cold wooden floor and slid out of bed. Draven rolled over, his hand resting on her pillow. Heart pounding, she tiptoed her way to the door. Grabbing the knob, she thanked everything holy that she hadn't latched it when she came to bed.

Draven let out a long snore. His hand moved over her empty pillow as though searching for her. Please don't let him wake up. Eiwyn opened the door a little more than a crack and slipped through. If she woke her husband, he would see to it that she went nowhere. She couldn't let him stop her. She knew he would try. He had put his foot down and she was sneaking under it.

Barefoot, she padded her way down to the room they reserved for opening their portals. Two months ago, she'd had a vision, one she couldn't ignore. If what she had seen was true, the future of the entire universe was at stake. Now was the time to act.

Someone, somewhere, played with forces they didn't understand. One couldn't jump from dimension to dimension willy-nilly without consequences. Her people could, but they were the only exception. They didn't need the help of machines, energy or chemicals to open a dimensional rift. They merely needed the power stored within their bodies since birth. Yet, someone had started to do just that and it was ripping holes in the very fabric of the universe. She had to do something and with her sight, she may be the only person who could.

Entering the room, she closed and locked the door. The thick wood wouldn't keep Draven out, but it would slow him down just enough. Waving her arms nervously, she hummed a soft tune and the air rippled in front of her. Soon, the other side of the room blurred as the transparent rift opened before her.

A loud roar had her looking toward the door with tears in her eyes. It would be years before she would see Draven again. Yet, Eiwyn knew what she must do. It was for the good of all. The entire universe depended on her ability to escape her home and jump to the correct world. Eiwyn blew a kiss toward the door. Tears filled her eyes as she heard the pounding of her husband's feet upon the wooden floor. "I'll be back, my love…eventually."

She stepped through the rift confident that the energy would take the path of least resistance directly to the world she needed to visit. One jump, one world, a few decades and with luck, all would soon be put right.

Born of two dragons but raised in a lab, Ruby has lived a life of quiet regulation, waiting until the project proposed decades earlier can be started. When Dimensional Arrest, Retrieval and Extraction gets underway, her innate ability to jump dimensions puts her on the front lines with her sisters, retrieving people from earth whose presence is tearing their home world apart. Each assignment takes Ruby to another world to retrieve scholars, criminals, researchers, and escapees. The freedom she feels on the new worlds is cruelly taken away when she has to return to earth over and over again. Meeting one of her own kind is a shock, but his determination to help her gain her freedom is even more of a stunning revelation. He offers her a life without walls, in the sun, and wind in her hair. What dragon could resist?
Price: $3.99
Running Wyld

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Agreha Wyld had a good life, friends, family and a place she was accepted. When the Sector Guard call for exceptio...

If a Dhemon walks into your bar, you know you are in trouble, but when he asks for you by name, it's time to run. Agreha Wyld made her way right past the offending Dhemon. He didn't see her, but that was only because Aggie had put on her makeup.

Shifting her features was painful, but if it was only for a few seconds, she was willing to do it. Outside the bar, she let her face go back to normal and stretched her features to relax them. She was halfway down the block, winding her way through crowds and waving at friends in the market, when she noticed that the Dhemon was exiting the bar. His cloak was too heavy for the warm afternoon sun, but he kept it closed as he turned to follow her.

"Aw hells." There was nothing for it. She shifted her legs into a more efficient running configuration and laid on the speed. Moving with the speed of a four-legged animal, she sprinted for safety. She didn't know what the Dhemon wanted, but with the stringent morals of his species, she was sure that she had offended someone somehow. Avoiding him was the best solution.

She wasn't even breathing heavily when she looked back to see no trace of her pursuer, it made it easier for her to slam into the living brick wall in front of her.

He sighed heavily and crossed his arms over his chest, all patience and hard muscle. "Aggie, what have I told you about running through the market?"

She looked up from her vantage point on the ground. "To not do it? To do it when the market is empty? Sorry, Avatar. I was trying to avoid someone." The Avatar was the personification of the planet Cor. Cor used the body to carry his consciousness around when there were negotiations in the works regarding his planetary resources. The rest of the time, Avatar Lio was free to live a life and even flirt. Now was not one of those times.

It was Cor who spoke. "The Dhemon who was looking for you?"

"How did you know?" She stood up, brushing her skirt off and returning her legs to normal configuration.

"I sent him to you. He has a proposition that I believe will appeal to you."

"Well, I think I lost him so better luck next time." She straightened her halter top and smoothed everything down.

"You didn't lose me. I simply tracked you until you stopped moving."

Agreha Wyld had a good life, friends, family and a place she was accepted. When the Sector Guard call for exceptional beings goes out, her planet nominates her and it is over a year later before they get a response. The response's name is Haaro Denler, telepathic Dhemon and Aggie's destined mate. A marriage of convenience is her initial reaction, but her mind swiftly wanders down other paths when she sees the Dhemon's wingspan. During her first assignment on a tech-free world, she embraces her new duties as a Sector Guard, and decides to embrace her husband with the same enthusiasm. Won't he be surprised?
Price: $3.99
Sacrifice to the Stars

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Hashka Chronicles #1
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Tia’s life has been defined by avoiding the priesthood, so when she finds herself on a foreign world with se...
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Tia’s life has been defined by avoiding the priesthood, so when she finds herself on a foreign world with seductively familiar males, she is conflicted. General Jenner Mathwin is striking and his voice sends her body into a full-on riot. Can she trust him when it comes to offering her for sacrifice or will the Lassing priesthood tear her to pieces? She really hopes that her trust is earned because when she offers herself to the star’s avatar, she will be tied hand and foot in a public forum. It may be a little late to change her mind once they bind her…
Price: $3.99
Sands Of Sorrow

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Tales of the Citadel #52
Published By: Devine Destinies

Sapphire D.A.R.E.

Written By: Viola Grace, Tianna Xander
Series: D.A.R.E. Project #5
Published By: Devine Destinies

Instead of going back to Earth after one of her targets shoots her with a poison-tipped dart, Sapphire takes her m...

“Hello, lady.”


Heart in her throat, Sapphire spun around at the sound of the deep voice. She couldn’t help it. She wasn’t sure if it was the poison in her system or if she was just struck dumb by the sight of the male standing before her.


He was beautiful…and large. He stood a good six and a half feet tall, his blond hair brushing his shoulders. His black vest barley covered his wide, muscular chest and did nothing to cover the light swirls of chest hair as it swirled and dipped below the wide leather belt at his waist.


Green eyes similar in color to her sister, Emerald’s, stared down at her with the most mischievous-looking twinkle she’d ever seen. Arms as big as tree limbs crossed his chest.


As he stood examining her, she couldn’t help but notice he had markings similar to hers.


“Hello,” Sapphire replied warily. “Do you know how I can contact Galen?”


The man held his hands out to his sides and grinned. “Why would you search out another male, when you have one so handy already?” He waggled his brows. “Believe me when I say I would service you in any way you need, lady.”


“I need a healer.” Her vision blurred and she felt her body give way to a bout of the cold sweats. Swiping her arm across her brow, she began to pant. Flipping her hair back over her shoulder, she raised a hand to her wound and pointed. “I’ve been shot with an arrow tipped with poison. I must see him immediately.”


“Let me help you, lady.” The suddenly serious male stepped forward and made to take her in his arms.


Sapphire stepped back with a snarl, her scowl fierce. She may be injured, but she was still well enough to fight if this male attempted to kidnap her for his own. She would be no man’s possession. Lifting her chin, she stubbornly stared him down. “I will allow only Galen to touch me.”


Smiling, the man shook his head. “I am not certain how I have garnered such trust in one I have never met, but I thank you, lady.” He bowed with a flourish. “I am Galen, at your service. Now…will you allow me to help you before you collapse, or shall I wait until you do so?”


“No one told me you were a tease.”

Instead of going back to Earth after one of her targets shoots her with a poison-tipped dart, Sapphire takes her mother’s advice and seeks out the greatest healer their people have. How was she to know that just being near him would send her senses reeling and tie her stomach into knots? When five males arrive to convince her that Galen is not the right dragon for her, will Sapphire run for cover or will she fight alongside the dragon male who saved her life and preserved her freedom to choose?

Price: $2.99
Scorched Heart

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Tales of the Citadel #25
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A woman with a talent for destruction is partnered with a Guardsman with a flair for bringing things to life. ...

Winera swallowed hard and pulled at her collar. The neckline of her tunic made her feel hot, but everyone was wearing their best. A chance at a full Alliance education, a job and an opportunity to see the universe was in that sensor’s hands.

Loshosh wasn’t so much a poor world, as unutterably dull. There were two ways off. You could wait until either you had acquired enough money to travel or you could be chosen for the Citadel. There were no other ways out.

Winera stepped forward another position. One of the men ahead of her got the nod, and he was allowed to go to the left instead of the right. She felt flushed and crossed her fingers that she had a dormant talent inside. The power sensor would know and he would tell her whether she was acceptable or not.

No one in Winera’s family ever got the nod but everyone still tried. It was the nature of the population of Loshosh; they were both optimistic and realistic at the same time.

There were three people between her and the sensor. With each slide of skin against scale, her heart pounded until she was facing him and he extended his hands to her.

“Please place your hands on mine, palms down.”

Winera extended her hands to him, slowly lowering her palms to his. She heard a sizzle a moment before he shouted, “Containment!”

A woman broke from the conversation she had been having with the organizer and was at Winera’s side in an instant.

The hug was surprising, but the pull of the woman’s arms broke the contact with the sensor.

Another robed Citadel member rushed to his side and placed their hands over his.

“Calm down, miss. I am going to walk you to the edge of the grounds. You can send out a pulse from there.”

“A what?” Winera was confused. Did I pass or fail and why is she holding me?

“Oh dear. Well, we are going to take a walk and I am going to explain a few things to you. My designation is Container Nehad. You can call me Needy.” The woman chuckled but kept walking with her arms around Winera.

“Well, Needy. I appreciate meeting new people, but why are you hugging me?”

“You have a talent that just woke up under the stress of the determination. Based on the smell, you burned the sensor. Don’t worry. We keep a healer with us for just such occasions.”

“So, I am a talent but I just assaulted the power sensor. Where does that leave me?”

They swayed together as they made it to the edge of the property.

“Well, you need training. Heat talents are always needed for many different applications. You will be a wealthy woman by the end of your career.”

They exited through the door in the fence and Needy tugged her to one side, with her own back to the wall.

“What precisely is it that you are doing, Needy?”

“Well, my talent shields me from yours, but we need the stone wall at our backs to protect all the people at the selection event. With the amount of heat you put out during a handshake, you would not be good for their health.” Needy settled herself and slowly lowered her arms.

Winera was nervous. “What do I do?”

“Step away from me until the heat returns, and when it does, because it will, it will course out of you. Aim it at the mountains and away from any buildings in the distance. You might be more powerful than you think, so pick the safest spot you can.”

Winera took a few steps and looked back at Needy. The woman’s birdlike features and feathered skin and beaked nose were surprisingly comforting. Her dark brown eyes were kind as she waved Winera off.

At twenty paces from Needy, Winera felt the rising heat once again. She let it come.


She shivered on the ground, kneeling on a scorched piece of earth. Needy was at her side in a moment, clucking in comfort and covering her with the Citadel robes that she had been wearing. “It’s all right, child. You will be fine. We have you now. You are joining the Citadel. What is your name by the way?”

“Winera. Winera Eckerhart.” She huddled in the warmth of the robes.

“How old are you, Winera?” The soft hand stroked her forehead and calmed her.

“Twelve, Container Nehad. I just turned twelve.” She dozed against the feathered touch and didn’t look around as she was lifted and carried to the shuttle.


“Mr. and Mrs. Eckerhart, your daughter Winera is one of the strongest Scorchers that I have ever seen.” Power Sensor Riskin was trying to break things gently to the couple.

The couple were clinging to each other and looking around them with wide eyes.

Mrs. Eckerhart spoke up, “Where is my daughter?”

“I will be frank. Do you see that dark mark on the hillside below?”

It was a three-mile-wide span of scorched earth and vegetation that had flashed from living to crisp in seconds.

“Your daughter’s power manifested during the power sensing. She got nervous and this is what happened. Now that she has activated, there is no way that you will be able to train and contain her.”

Her mother straightened her shoulders. “What do we need to do to make sure that she is safe?”

“Sign this contract and authorize the Citadel to make all decisions regarding her training and employment.”

A woman with a talent for destruction is partnered with a Guardsman with a flair for bringing things to life.
Winera showed her talent as a Scorcher in a spectacular first display of heat and destruction. The Citadel welcomed her with open arms.
Years after joining the Citadel, she is finally a full-fledged Scorcher and ready for her first official mission with a member of the Sector Guard. She had no idea that she was getting more than just a partner when a bundle of feathery fluff claims her as his own, much to her new partner’s amusement.
Hyl has been waiting for the matchmaker to find him a partner that he can do more than go into battle with. One look at Winera and he knows that this fiery woman could set his senses ablaze.
Smudge is a Yaluthu who has been patiently waiting for his person. When he sees the woman of fire, he knows she is the one that he is destined to be with, and he flings himself into her arms.
Let’s not talk about the ship. She has too much attitude.
Price: $3.99

Written By: Viola Grace
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Sarah Anders is a Scorcher. She specializes in burning plague victims to make worlds habitable again. When her shi...
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Sarah Anders is a Scorcher. She specializes in burning plague victims to make worlds habitable again. When her ship is captured and her body sold to slavers she knows it is just a matter of time before the Alliance comes for her. She had never imagined that she would be sold as a breeder, or that her new mate would be a man she could respect. Athon Kellan is a creature of mixed blood. His Dhemon appearance is at odds with his Azon mating drive, but together they make him one hell of a fighter. When they come together it is out of neccessity, but will their joined bodies entwine their fates?
Price: $3.99
Seal the Deal

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #24
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Contract has been trying to get into her legal briefs for months, but choosing the Sector Guard over her friends a...

“The Sector Guard can offer you adventure.”

She smirked. “Not interested.”


“I can travel as much as I wish to.”

He dragged in a deep breath. “You will have the opportunity to help folk in dire situations and under incredible stresses. Guardsmen need a counsellor more than anyone can know. We face death, violence, the most heinous situations as well as the burden of arriving too late.”

She leaned back and put her arms on the chair, her party gown flowing around her in soft gold folds that matched her eyes. “You have caught my interest. Go on. What can I do for the Guard?”

“Well, let me state first that I am a Contract specialist. Every legal precedent in the Alliance and Nyal space is within my mind and I can create an airtight agreement that even light cannot escape from.”

Sekhara tilted her head at the Wyoran with the hypnotic voice. “I see. Now, why me and not one of the plethora of other telepaths out there? And, do you really intend to legally trap me?”

“You have an ability to make contact with anyone based on their cranial scans, at immeasurable distances.” His blue eyes seemed to grow larger and she could feel the push of his talent against her.

She quirked her lips, “That is classified information.”

“And as a member of the Sector Guard, you will be in a position to use your talents to the fullest extent, every day. They need you. We need you.” His tone rang with determination and sincerity.

“What about our personal interaction? Even Altius and Effin have told me that there is an expectation of bonding between partners. Physical bonding. Where do we stand on that?” She put an expectant look on her face and waited.

Contract swallowed and looked sheepish. “It would be nice to have a Wyoran woman with me and I promise to be a sensitive and careful lover and to do my best as a partner. I will back you up when needed and stand aside when you don’t.”

“That seems awfully passive for a man with your reputation, Contract. Criton Ethyn was quite the ladies’ man around the hub before he left for his new career in the stars. I have heard tales of debauchery, bondage and any number of group activities of a sexual nature. It is amazing how a man can change when he realizes his choices of life partner are limited.”

His mouth opened and closed, the cords of his neck flexed as he struggled to breathe. “How do you know all that?”

She quirked her lips. “Effin Nywyn, husband of Relay, is the cousin of Altius, our host, tonight, who is the brother of my employer, Sahvahn Nywyn. They did the research long before they let you find me tonight.”

The door to the study flew open and a creature bounded in, wriggling with delight as it sat next to Sekhara’s chair.

“Hello, Maxi. How are you today?”

Criton was looking at the beast warily. “You have a nylander?”

“Ledara gave me one of the kits when Maxi was born. Six months later and she is ready to leave her mother. Is there room on your shuttle for her?” Sekhara reached out and stroked the snow-white fur on her new pet. The mental link between them snapped into being and strengthened as the Wyoran let her mind touch the beast’s. A centre of calm rippled into her from Maxi.

“Room on my shuttle? You agree?”

“Let’s return to the party and have a nice time. You can meet me at my office tomorrow and we will discuss the finer points of the contract.”

He cautioned her. “You will have to apply to let the nylander leave Wyora.”

She grinned as she stood and walked to the door with Maxi at her side. “I already have.”

Contract has been trying to get into her legal briefs for months, but choosing the Sector Guard over her friends and family is a no-brainer for Sekhara.

Life counseling the abused and grieving has worn on her nerves, so when she is offered life in the Sector Guard once again, Sekhara jumps at the chance. After some heated negotiations, Contract and Counsel begin life as partners with Counsel’s pet, Maxi, along for the ride. They find a lost Terran, get blasted across the universe, and have to be rescued by a member of Udell base, and that is just Counsel’s first day…
What kind of a career is it when you have to keep your hands off your partner while you fight for your life?

Price: $3.99

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Return of the Nine #8
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Seeing while her eyes are tied is a blessing and a burden. She is obsessed and determined to find those who have b...

With her bandages in place and a borrowed shirt covering the blood on hers, Vida headed for the embassy of the Nine.

The guards on either side of the gate stared at her as she passed them. She guessed the not a lot of bloody Gaian women hiked through the gates. She heard them calling up to the main building as she trudged past.

Daphne came out to greet her. “Vida, good lord. What happened?”

“I figured it out. I finally figured it out. I have a chance at finding them, but I need to get up there.” She staggered and clung to Daphne when she was close enough.

They walked slowly into the building where Daphne let out a shrill whistle.

A woman with ice blue skin came forward. “Yes, madam?”

“I need some grafting patches and a clean dress, please, Tynyan.”

“Yes, madam. Right away.”

The woman glided away, and Daphne coaxed Vida into the lift. Vida was impatient. She wanted to get up, to get on her way to finding those who were lost, but her vision blurred.

“Relax, Vida. I have you.”

With a woman she knew she could count as a friend, she relaxed. In a quiet room, her clothing was removed, her wounds were cleaned and whatever a grafting patch was, it kicked the ass of stitches. Pale, shining gel showed where the bolt had entered but the ugly threads were gone.

The dress was loose, but it belted snugly at the waist, providing shape.

“You know I am not a fan of dresses.”

Daphne smiled, “I am afraid that it is all I wear most days. Now, let’s settle you and you can tell me what the hell happened.”

With the help of the housekeeper, Daphne got Vida to her feet and into a comfortable chair in the sitting room.

She was still drowsy from the drugs they had given her at the hospital, but Vida stared into Daphne’s eyes. “I figured out how to do it.”

“Do what, Vida?”

“To find those who were stolen and never retrieved. I have been trying to see the trail for the last six years, and I have failed. I have been looking at it from the wrong angle. I need to get onto the mother ship and get into one of the shuttle pathways. If I can see the trail and the Nine are agreeable, we can get someone to go looking for them.” Vida swayed.

“How were you injured, Vida?”

“Oh, I was shot with a bolt gun by a serial killer.” She smiled. “I saw her and I found her.”

Seeing while her eyes are tied is a blessing and a burden. She is obsessed and determined to find those who have been lost.
Vida has been looking for her parents since the Tokkel took them six years ago. Her sister has given up on her obsession and removed herself from the pain of her twin’s hunt.
When Vida has a breakthrough and gets transported to the mother ship, she is one step closer to achieving her quest, until her own body betrays her.
S’rin is a member of the Balance, and his help enables her to recover, as well as find a way to locate those who have been lost. He needs to strike a balance between seduction and companionship; it is harder than he would imagine.
Price: $2.99