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Tessa Brookfield

Blinders Off

Written By: Tessa Brookfield
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

When a young, naive woman loses herself in the wealth and power of an older, well acclaimed, businessman in New Yo...

Jax bent one leg and rested it on the couch. His arm stretched along the back ledge of the couch behind me so that he wound up turned toward me.

I leaned forward and set my drink on the mirror-topped circular table that sat centered to the couch. A candle burned a soft flame in a frosted crystal holder centered on the table.

“What brings you out tonight?” he asked in a calm, very confident tone.

“Just needed a night out. What brings you out?” I asked in return.

“After a long day of meetings, I was in desperate need of unwinding.”

“Oh, so you are one of those stuffed suit types,” I joked.

He laughed. “Do I look like a stuffy suit kinda of guy?”

“Just because you don’t look like one, doesn’t mean you aren’t one.”

His eyes narrowed and a soft smile crossed his face, reveling sexy dimples.

I was acutely aware of the returned fluttering deep in my belly.

The air escaped my lungs when his fingers feathered over my shoulder, and an unwelcomed pulsating sensation developed between my thighs. My thoughts were running wild, imagining all the things I would like to do to this man. I was drifting into uncharted territory. I had to find my way back—and fast. It took great concentration and effort, but I managed to snap myself back to reality. It was an even bigger challenge to try to maintain my composure.

“Jax, thank you for the drink, but I really must go.” I hoped he wouldn’t pick up on the slight cracking in my voice as a result of my growing sexual desires for him.

I stood, pulling at the hem of my skirt trying to return it to a comfortable length.

He stood right in front of me. “Can I see your phone?” he asked.

“My phone? Why?” I asked suspiciously.

“You need my number.”

Still feeling like I was in autopilot, I slid my hand into my purse, and I handed him my phone.

After punching in his name and number, he slid my phone back into my purse.

My eyes caught with his. I felt a powerful pull, drawing me toward him. I had to find a way to stop my growing desires, which had become extremely hard to do.

I turned to leave.

He touched my shoulder with a gentle squeeze.

I turned slightly—just enough to see his face. My chest began to raise and drop heavily.

“Chelsea, will you call me?” The deep, rasp of his voice saying my name weakened me at the knees.

“Have a good night, Jax.” I smiled, knowing I had to find Maddy quickly. I need to get far away from him before I find myself unable to refrain from what I really want.


When a young, naive woman loses herself in the wealth and power of an older, well acclaimed, businessman in New York, she is blinded by the enthrallment of the extravagant lifestyle he can provide.
For years, Chelsea Barwick has succumbed to the demanding confines of Leo Eiden only to realize that he is incapable of loving her the way she longs to be loved. With his love for money overshadowing his love for her, she is pushed to the edge of despair. The blinders come off and Chelsea finally sees Leo for what he really is, a deceptive, cheating man that believes that true happiness can only come from money.
Falling into the arms of Jax Goulding, who is as mysterious as he is gorgeous, was inevitable for Chelsea. Fueled by deceitful rage, she is determined to fight fire with fire only to encounter more than what she bargained for. Getting involved with Jax doesn’t come without its challenges. It does, however, come with an undeniable physical attraction toward a man who teaches her a whole new meaning of the word desire with his sexual, taunting tendencies that leaves her begging for more.
Price: $5.99
It All Leads To This

Written By: Tessa Brookfield
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

When the darkened path leads you to where you are meant to be. Shattered by a past of terrible choices and mi...
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When the darkened path leads you to where you are meant to be.

Shattered by a past of terrible choices and mistakes, Hailey Deegan is forced to live a life filled with guilt for all she has done. Embracing the second chance she has been given, which she doesn’t feel she deserves, Hailey is determined to right all the wrongs and make a better life for herself.
Learning to love again, not only herself, but Adam Kipple, a man who helps her to believe in herself again, seems an impossible feat.
Hailey’s hopes and dreams are finally within reach, no longer a haze in the distance, until her world comes crumbling down when her present collides with her past.
Hailey is forced to relive the secrets of her past she so desperately wants to forget. Everything she has ever done has been for one reason, and one reason only. With her past jeopardizing the future she is fighting for, Hailey is forced to dig deep to find the strength to overcome what she now must face.
Price: $5.99
Trapped Inside

Written By: Tessa Brookfield
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A gripping love story that will touch your emotions and warm your heart. After swearing off men, a young cour...

The simple task of opening my eyes was proving to be near impossible. When I finally accomplished that simple but agonizing task, the intense pounding permeating my head made me grab it with both hands, in hopes it would ease.

What the hell happened last night?

Searching within the depths of my pounding, fog-filled head, I tried to put the pieces together.

Ryder, arguably the most beautiful man on earth—I remember flirting with him, only after I realized he was flirting with me. A smirk crossed my face at the blurred recollection I had of him. That other guy, the one that bought me drinks. For the life of me I can’t remember his name, or if he even told me. I remember feeling really uncomfortable and then…why can’t I remember anything else?

Never experiencing anything like this before was beyond unnerving. I knew I’d drunk a lot, but I have drunk that much before and this had never happened.

As the pounding in my head continued, nausea took over along with an intense twisting of my stomach. I somehow managed to scurry to the bathroom just in time, relieving the pressure in my head ever so slightly, only after expelling the contents of what was left in my stomach, which was nothing more than what remained from all I had drunk last night.

Looking and feeling like death warmed over, hunched over my bathroom counter, I cupped my hands, filled them with cold water, splashed some on my face and then rinsed the sour, bitter taste from my mouth. Staring at myself in the mirror, running my fingers through my hair, I froze with horror.

Trembling, I ran my hand over my arm, where a prominent bruise marked my skin, still very tender, and distinctly resembling the markings of fingers. I had been grabbed, grabbed hard for it to leave a distinct mark like that.

What the hell happened?

Flooded with eeriness I took a couple of aspirin and climbed into the shower, tracing my footsteps of yesterday, looking for the answers that would alleviate my terror. My thoughts drifted back to yesterday morning...


A gripping love story that will touch your emotions and warm your heart.

After swearing off men, a young courageous woman didn’t hesitate to leave her home in Canada when she was offered her dream job at a large advertising company in Los Angeles.

 Lexi Green, was at the top of her game. A successful business woman who didn’t need, nor want, the distraction of a man in her life.  Faced with unexpected news, that would change her life as she now knew it, her actions put her in a vulnerable situation that could have been detrimental if it weren’t for Ryder Critchlow’s unexplained intuition to watch over her.

While on a free spirited mission to make up for lost time, her heart becomes captured by Ryder Critchlow.

Together, they encounter a catastrophe that tests the power of the mind and the strength of the heart.  Only time will tell if their love will prevail and be enough to overcome the overwhelming situation that they both must face.
Price: $5.99