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Sweet Hitchhiker

Ghost Dancer

Written By: Austina Love
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Beware of this hitchhiker—she’s dangerously sweet with a rare gift. Keep one eye on her and the other...

Once out of sight and on the roadside, she slipped her walking shoes off, tossed them under a bush and pulled a pair of boots from her shoulder bag. I stand a better chance of hitching a ride in these, she mused while pulling black leather, high-heeled boots over her calves. Standing on the shoulder of the road, she ditched her gossamer dress to reveal cutoff denim shorts that barely covered her tush and adjusted a black halter-style half top over her breasts.

The time had come to use her feminine attributes to their full extent. She nearly fainted when her first possibility of a ride rumbled up the highway. Placing one hand on her hip and pushing it out just a bit with feet planted several inches apart, she poised herself in a sexy pose with her head tilted to one side so that her hair fell off her shoulder. Mister hot rebel rider with the gleaming black Harley slowed to a stop beside her. Dressed in tight faded jeans and an even tighter sleeveless black t-shirt, his biceps flexed as he gently throttled the engine.

Her gaze swept over him. Every rippling muscle could be seen beneath the shirt that clung to his amazing torso like a second skin. She recalled his breathtaking appearance from a few days ago while pouring water over himself. For the first time she stared into his eyes—dark like night and alluring as hell.

“Do you need a ride, pretty angel?” he asked in a gentle yet undeniably masculine voice.

“I’ve seen you around. Which way are you headed, boy?” She did her best to sound casual when her insides were screaming take me now!

An easy smile softened the hard lines of his gorgeous face. “I’m headed into town for supplies. I’ve been camping in the mountains.”

“Perfect, me too.”

He gave her a nod. “Hop on.”

She swung one leg over the black leather passenger seat and braced her feet on the foot pegs.

“Nice boots.” His gaze slid down her leg. “You can hold onto me if you like or grab the bar behind you.”

Seizing the opportunity, she wrapped both arms around his firm waist. “I’ve never ridden one of these. I feel safer holding onto you.” She caught him grinning before he turned his head.

The engine growled as they rolled back onto the highway, then it roared as he sped off down the road. Her long hair whipped out behind her bringing on a feeling of freedom she had never before experienced. Silky strands of his shoulder length hair blew about wildly in the wind, touching her face. She didn’t mind, his hair smelled awesome and so did he.

They rolled into town almost an hour later. “My thighs are still vibrating,” she said with a soft laugh.

He gave her a hot look with arched brows, then smiled. “I’ll be around if you need a ride back.”

“Have you been following me?” She tucked a wayward strand of hair behind one ear while slanting him a demure look.

“No…but if I was, would you blame me? You’re stunning.”

“Hm…well if you are…you’re forgiven.” She flashed a saucy grin.

“I’ve noticed you hanging around town a good bit. Do you work here?”


“So you just hitch rides with strangers for fun?”

She let out a short, light laugh. “Nooo…”

“Let me guess,” he said with a smile and a wink that made her knees weak. “You’ve sized me up as the best getaway driver for when you rob the bank?”

She felt the wind knocked from her. Had he seen me shift? Despite the sudden tightening in her gut, she remained calm and mustered the most innocent expression possible. Staring without flinching, keeping her eyes steadily upon him while offering a sweet smile, she replied, “If I did, would you mind?”

He paused. His smoldering gaze pierced her soul. “Probably not…you look that good.”

Ooo, he’s so smooth, she mused, then turned to go with a flattered smile on her face.

“Hey, sweet hitchhiker,” he called after her before she’d gone more than a couple feet.

She halted in her tracks. The words had rolled off his tongue so seductively that a delectable tingle trickled up her spine. Slowly, she turned half-way, shooting him a hot look that surely must’ve revealed the effect he was having on her. “Yes?” She arched one brow.

“Don’t forget, if you need a ride…I’ll be around.”

Beware of this hitchhiker—she’s dangerously sweet with a rare gift. Keep one eye on her and the other on your shadow.
She was among America’s finest, a retired military officer and weapons specialist, home to resume life as a civilian on her family’s South Dakota farm. What she discovers upon her return can’t possibly be legal.
After seeking guidance from the spirits of her Native American ancestors, Shye is given the ability to shift into her shadow. While in silhouette form she has the power to assume the identity of others by absorbing their shadows for a short time.
What she does with this gift turns a quiet town upside down and one man’s life into utter chaos. Will Trip Viper give her another ride when he learns the truth about her? Or will he ignore his burning passion for the raven-haired vixen and ride off into the sunset alone?

Written By: Austina Love
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Even a shifter must cover her tracks when a determined enemy calls in reinforcement. Shye’s secret is out. B...

“Oh?” She arched one brow. “Am I going to learn more about the mysterious Trip Viper now?”

“Hm…” He leaned his forehead against hers. “If I tell you my secrets you might lose interest. I sense you’re a woman who loves a challenge.”

“Sharp man.”

“What’s your plan for today’s run?”

“Not getting caught,” she replied with a laugh. “You’ll be right here? I need my fast getaway driver who’s as hot as his bike.”

An easy smile swept over his face, the smile she already loved so much. His eyes carried a hint of concern yet the way he looked at her made her feel like the most desirable creature on earth. Even his worry failed to hide the open adoration he had for her. When he gazed at her this way flutters filled her stomach.

“I’ll be as fast as you need me to be, then slow and easy when you’re in my arms later tonight.”

Oh god… She placed one hand over her heart. “I best get this job done because I’m definitely looking forward to later.” Brushing a soft kiss over his sensual lips, she pulled back slowly. “See you in a few minutes.”

He grabbed her hand before she slipped away. “Hey, babe…be careful.”

With a nod, she eased her hand from his and headed toward the bank. Mike Carter had been poking his head outside every half hour, no doubt watching for any suspicious activity. Surely he’s seen the strange happenings on his security cameras. I bet he’s racking his brain trying to figure out how his teller, La and even he showed up on video hauling sacks of money from his bank.

She tried to appear casual while loitering in the main square. Typically the small town was bustling this time of day. Maybe the intense heat kept everyone inside for the afternoon. Glancing up at the sky with one hand shielding her eyes, she could practically see heat waves radiating in the air. The thought occurred to her that Carter had tightened the reins on his employees in light of recent events. Nobody had been in or out of the bank except customers. Tellers hadn’t taken their lunch nor had La been seen outside of Gage’s office.

If nobody comes out, then how can I steal their shadow and continue draining Carter’s funds? Surely he’s having a hell of a time explaining the missing money especially since he couldn’t release the videotapes without incriminating himself. She wondered how Gage had handled losing his entire savings account to his secretary.

A slamming door caught her attention, followed by heavy footsteps. Shye leaned against the cool brick of an adjacent building, hugging the shadows while listening in and secretly watching.

“I didn’t do it!” La’s voice pierced the thick humid air from the porch of Gage’s office.

“Then where is my money?” Gage growled while looking around anxiously. Clearly he didn’t want to make a scene but that was La, always on display and telling the world everything she knew.

“I don’t know, Gage. It’s not my job to manage your bank accounts.”

“You’re lucky I don’t press charges. It’s not your job to do anything anymore…you’re fired!”

Shye couldn’t withhold a smile. Ha ha…finally! Strike one!

La lowered her voice and glowered at him. “You can’t press charges on me…I know all about your involvement with Mike Carter. And if you fire me, I just might start talking.”

Though she had spoken in a low growl, Shye still heard her. Whatever evidence La had on the two men hadn’t been anywhere on her computer. But it was significant because a horrific look of shock traversed Gage’s face. Clearly he hadn’t expected La to fight back.

“Nobody’s going to believe a trashy big mouth like you,” Gage snarled, gripping her arm.

“Sure you want to take that chance? After all, I wasn’t the only one seen on camera making a hefty withdrawal. At least mine looked legit. Mike was taped hauling cash straight from the vault. And what about Jill? She was also caught on video taking money.”

“We are still sorting that madness. Someone has found a way to tamper with security cameras and we have a pretty good idea who’s behind it. But as for you transferring all my money into your account then withdrawing it, that’s clear-cut. I want the money back.”

La stood her ground and huffed, “I told you, I didn’t take it and don’t have your dirty money. If you don’t back off, I’m going to start screaming bloody murder in two seconds.” She gave her hair a haughty flip then added, “And if you think I didn’t back up the evidence on a disc and leave it in a safe place, think again. If anything happens to me your crooked deeds go public.”

Even a shifter must cover her tracks when a determined enemy calls in reinforcement. Shye’s secret is out. But how do you catch a shadow?
Shye pushes her limits too far and is cornered by a man she’s never seen in town. His sudden arrival feels suspicious and it doesn’t take her long to discover who hired him. Paid to catch Shye in the act, Pike Draven is shocked when he sees her shift into her shadow before robbing the local bank. He realizes the task of proving her guilt is remote. While tracking the elusive raven-haired beauty, Pike does a shift of his own.
Trip Viper has been hunting the man responsible for his brother’s death. When Pike rolls into town he prepares to make his move. Pike’s increasing interest in Shye gives Trip more than one reason to see the man dead. But he wants to protect the woman he loves from getting caught in a firefight.
Taken captive by a wanted man, Shye struggles with her feelings when he casts doubt on Trip’s integrity. Will she believe the right man before it’s too late? When fate takes a hard turn for the worse, can she leave her peaceful life behind to become a renegade?
Shifting Targets

Written By: Austina Love
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

You can chase a shadow but you can never catch it—especially if it’s chasing you!   Trapp...

 “This is as close to home as I can give you for now,” Trip said, taking her hand after they’d parked and dismounted. “Don’t mind Remle, he’s rather eccentric but harmless…unless you’re a cop.”

“Did he not like your brother then?” Shye surveyed their immediate surroundings. A rickety looking wood cabin sat in a cluster of huge pines. Vines wound their way up the sides and onto the shingled roof. They stood in the moonlight taking a look around. “Are you sure he’s home?”

“Yeah, he’s around here somewhere. Ty was the only cop Remle liked because Ty didn’t mess in his business.”

“What business is that?” She peered through the dark at a shoddy picnic table plunked beside an outdoor fireplace. Both appeared handmade and rustic.

“Well…” Trip laughed. “He makes moonshine and corn whiskey but never bothered with a license. Times are tough for a lot of folks around here. They do what they can to survive.”

“I see.” After another glance around she still didn’t notice anything suspicious.

“You won’t find it.” He draped an arm over her shoulders.

“Find what?”

He slanted her a knowing look and grinned. “Little miss innocent, like you weren’t looking for his still.”

“Just curious.”

“I know. It’s part of your nature to check everything out.”

She shrugged with a smile. “So where is your friend? Is he sleeping?”

“Not tonight.” Trip pointed toward the sky. “Look at that moon. A perfect night for working outside. We can go inside. Remle will stagger in around dawn.”

“Stagger, huh? No wonder he’s poor if he’s drinking the profit.”

“At least he tastes the product to make sure it’s good.” Trip gave her a wink.

Shye assumed they’d be holding up in primitive conditions until they walked inside. The cabin’s interior was a pleasant surprise considering the outside appearance. “Wow…he must be doing okay.”

Trip walked into a small kitchen and retrieved two cans of soda from a full sized refrigerator, then grabbed a bag of chips from a bar. “You must be hungry and thirsty.”

“Thank you, I am.” She accepted the drink and plopped onto a black leather sofa. “This is really nice. I had no idea the moonshine business could be so profitable.” Her gaze moved around the area. White paneled walls spanned each room. From her viewpoint there appeared to be two bedrooms and a full bath. Bath! Oh would I love a good shower. “Do you think he’d mind if I cleaned up?”

“Nah, he’s very hospitable. You go ahead, I’ll grab our gear from the bike.” He placed a quick kiss on her lips before heading outside. “Don’t worry, you’re safe here.”

After chugging her soda, she meandered into the bathroom. Much to her delight, she found it spacious and immaculate with a full tub and tiled shower. A three-door mirrored cabinet was mounted to the wall above a round marble sink. Even the plumbing fixtures looked modern and well kept. She opened a narrow door beside the sink to find a linen closet fully stocked with towels and toiletries. The man had enough supplies to make her wonder if he entertained frequently.

After helping herself to what she needed, Shye turned the water on and stepped in. Weeds and grime washed down the drain as she enjoyed a nice, long soapy shower. By the time she finished, Trip had returned and left her bag on the floor. She appreciated how he respected her space and her modesty. He was a gentleman through and through.

“It took all my self-restraint to not jump in there with you,” he purred when she reentered the living area. “Mm…you look and smell amazing,” he added when she slid into his arms. “Let me grab a shower then we can eat.” He gave her a slow once over. “Nice pants…they’re hot on you.”

Her gaze followed him as he found his bag and rooted through it for fresh clothes. He peeled the black t-shirt off then unbuttoned his jeans and removed his boots and socks. She inwardly gasped at his sex appeal. Wandering around the cabin half-dressed in bare feet with his fly undone, he sparked her already mounting desire. The hour ride in the dark cuddled behind him had stirred the ache in her soul. She always became aroused when riding with him. Something about the openness and his animal magnetism just made her burn.

“If you’re trying to tease me, there’s no need,” she said low and soft. “I was ready before we got here.”

He turned his head sharply, as if shocked by her bold statement. Their eyes met and locked. She caught the fire in the smoldering depths of his intense stare and for a moment thought he’d skip the shower and ravish her. Flutters filled her stomach as he moved toward her without breaking eye contact. Her body trembled when his tanned muscled arms scooped her right off her feet in one smooth move. He stared down at her.

“How hungry are you?” he asked in a throaty growl.

“Food can wait.” She gasped at his feral approach. Her hands slid over his hard chest then up into his silky hair before her arms curled around his neck. “Our swim and dessert got interrupted back at your cabin.”

“Yeah…” He murmured. “And your sweetness is what I’ve been craving for dessert.”

Her eyes watered beneath his sensual sway. He was without a doubt the most naturally seductive man she’d ever met. With one arm supporting her weight, he used his free hand to unzip her corset-style top then undid the fly to her low-rise pants.

“You know what I want, don’t ya, angel?” He lowered his head and brushed his lips over her bare midriff.

“Mm-hm…” She closed her eyes and let her head fall back. Just the thought of what he was about to do sent a delightful tingle through her body. Intense throbbing welled in her core. She gasped as his lips moved lower. “If you keep teasing me…”

“No, I’m not going to tease you.” He gently positioned her backside on the sink while his eyes took her in with sheer hunger. “You stay perched there looking gorgeous while I peel these painted-on pants off your long sexy legs…then your agony will be relieved.”

With both hands braced on the sink ledge, she leaned back and completely surrendered to this undeniable man. Whatever he wanted she would eagerly give.


“The second shower was better than the first,” she said between ragged breaths as they lay on several bath towels spread on the bathroom floor.

“Hell yeah…you’re awesome.” He buried his face against her neck, panting for breath. “Dessert is always better beforehand.”

She let out a light laugh. “You’re right. I’m usually too full for dessert. I love the way you think.”

“Mm…” He rolled onto his side and gazed down at her. “But with you, dessert is my appetizer because I can never get enough of your wild love.”

A pleasurable shiver raced over her. Everything in her world felt right in his arms. They lay in each other’s arms exchanging tender kisses and affectionate caresses for a long time.

“I’ve never seen this on you before.” She gently lifted the string of beads lying against his chest. “Does the neckpiece have meaning?”

He laid one hand over hers. “They are prayer beads…they were Ty’s.”

Her eyes searched his for a few intense moments. “Then they have great significance. To wear anything spiritual from a loved one is great medicine in our family. Were they in the box he left to you?”

Trip shook his head slightly. “His wife wanted me to have them. She prayed a special blessing over them before we said goodbye.”

Shye traced the cross-shaped wooden pendant. “Ty’s spirit rides with you. “

He studied her with open curiosity. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. He will not rest until his death is avenged…but then again, neither will you.”

“You continue to amaze me, babe.” He placed a deeply affectionate kiss on her lips.

They were about to indulge in more hot kisses when she heard the front door open.

“Sounds like your friend is home.”

“Yeah.” Trip sighed with a hazy expression in those decadently dark eyes. “I could stay here with you forever like this.” With open reluctance, he pushed to his feet then pulled her up.

They took their time dressing. While she stood in the mirror brushing out her hair and checking her appearance, he came up behind her. Gently he took the brush from her hand and began to lovingly brush it. She watched in fascination as his large hands stroked the long black strands then raked it with the brush. His eyes met hers in the mirror as he lavished this new kind of affection over her.

Sweeping her tresses to one side, he lowered his head and let his lips trail along her neck, leaving a moist trail of satin kisses from her chin to the nape. She couldn’t resist reaching back with one hand to slide her fingers into his hair and lay her head against his shoulder. Bare to the waist, he looked and felt awesome. She never wanted this moment to end but knew they had a fight ahead of them.

Until she cleared her name and proved Carter’s guilt or somehow figured out how to ruin him, she and Trip would be renegades.

“C’mon, angel, let’s go say hello.” His softly parted lips feathered her cheek before setting the brush down and taking her hand.

Walking hand-in-hand, they wandered into the living area where his friend sat in a recliner chair watching satellite TV. Tall, thin and considerably older than them with a long blond ponytail tied behind his head—he looked up with striking blue eyes.

“Hey, Viper, I thought that was your bike parked out back. What brings you way up here to my private palace?”

“Shye, this is Dax,” he said, then reached out and clasped hands with the man in friendly greeting.

Dax?” She raised a brow at Trip.

“Dax Remle.”

“Nobody calls me Dax,” the man said with a grin. “Not if you want me to answer. My friends call me Remle.”

“Nice to meet you.” Shye offered him a cordial smile.

You can chase a shadow but you can never catch it—especially if it’s chasing you!
Trapped deep in the woods of South Dakota, Shye must find a way to escape the posse chasing her. She employs her gift as a shifter in a new way that takes Trip off guard, causing him to wreck his bike. With the help of an old friend, the two lovers wreak havoc on a small town while shifting the eyes of the law in the right direction.
Thinking the worst is over—she rides into town seeking to regain ownership of her family’s farm. What she uncovers is more shocking than anything she imagined. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to right a wrong committed against her people? Or will Trip convince her that he has a better way?
Rain Riders

Written By: Austina Love
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker #4
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Summoned from beyond the grave, the Rain Riders strike terror into the men chasing Shye. But will she get her farm...

“Hey, Draven!” one of the men called. “I think that stick is working.” He pointed toward the southwest. “Looks like rain is rolling in. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Pike glanced at the cactus branch in his hand then at the night skies. Clouds—strange clouds had begun to form in the distance. He watched them take shape, unable to tear himself away. Something isn’t right, he thought. Yet instead of taking cover he slid off the tailgate and walked toward them for a closer look.

“You guys better head inside,” he muttered. “I think we’re in for a storm…maybe a tornado.”

They chuckled and laughed off his warning then continued partying around the fire. Flashes of light began streaking across the horizon, illuminating the darkness for seconds at a time. In those brief flashes he noticed the cloud formation become more organized. Rain began to fall.

“See?” The same man threw his hands up. “You wanted rain for the seeds we planted…here it comes.”

“We’re gonna get more than rain…” He stood captivated by the most bizarre storm configuration he’d ever seen.

The moon turned an eerie shade of red and strangely enough the clouds didn’t conceal it. A reddish black hue transformed the black sky into a ghastly color. Vivid streaks of light veined from cloud to cloud. Thunder rumbled overhead but not the thunder of a storm. The sound was more of a rhythmic din—unlike the off and on peals of thunder associated with typical storms.

He cocked his head to one side, simply standing in one spot, riveted to the scene unfolding before him. Another intense flash of lightning shattered the darkness.

Then he saw them.

“Holy shit…” His feet felt frozen to the ground.

The men turned abruptly and looked up too. Shouts of panic rang through the air as they watched the riders come. His crew scattered, taking off in all directions as the clouds ushered in black horses carrying what appeared to be Indian warriors. The horses’ hooves touched down just below the tree line and they barreled through the field snorting fiery breaths. The heavens opened up to release bands of rain so forceful they sliced at his bare arms like tiny knives.

He suddenly realized that Aiden had been right and raced back to the pickup. With his heart pounding in his ears and the rain stick clutched in one hand, he dove under the truck. The sound of thundering hooves split the night and among them he heard the drums. His mind reeled.

How can I be hearing drums in the midst of this rain and those wild horses?

Yet he did.

They were as loud as if the one playing was sitting next to him. Foreign chanting rose amidst the chaos followed by ear-splitting shrieks of the men attempting to flee. Taking tight hold of an axle, Pike pulled himself up far enough to steal a peek. His mouth dropped open. One of his crewmembers was running for his life with a massive black steed chasing him down. A warrior straddled the horse’s bare back while waving a weapon of some sort. He had a hard time bringing it into focus.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered. “That’s not a weapon he’s holding…it’s a rain stick…like this one.”

What he saw next he knew would be forever etched in his mind. The warrior gave a loud whooping sound from his mouth while closing in on the man.

Poor Nate, run, man…run!

His silent pleas did nothing. Nate glanced back to see the rider swing his long stick like a sickle. A look of sheer terror flashed through Nate’s eyes seconds before the warrior struck. He didn’t even have time to scream. His body instantly turned black like a shadow—then crumbled as dust before the wind and rain carried his soul away.

Pike watched in horror as Nate’s silhouette rode off into the storm on the back of that fiery looking horse with the warrior driving it on.

Summoned from beyond the grave, the Rain Riders strike terror into the men chasing Shye. But will she get her farm back before the angered spirits kill the man holding the deed?
Drug runners have taken over Shye’s land in an underhanded scheme. Even worse, a man she’d called a friend has issued an ultimatum. With only seven days to make a life changing decision, she struggles to find a way out and Trip worries that she’s in too deep. His attempts to protect her fail when the Ghost Dancer calls to her again. Will Shye want to come back after riding with spirits of the greatest warriors in history?
While preparing the soil for their new crops, a group of cynical men defile an ancient Native American burial ground. What they unearth amuses them as they make plans to sell the artifact for big money. Their greed invokes a supernatural force unlike any other. Can they undo their mistake before the Rain Riders take their souls?
Away from the Sun

Written By: Austina Love
Series: Sweet Hitchhiker #5
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Shifting is a precious gift when life gets in the way. Will Shye fly into the shadows forever to escape heartbreak...

She tromped through the tall weeds beneath a half moon. Trip couldn’t take his eyes off Shye’s slender yet curvy hips that swayed as she cut her own path. Carrying a rocket launcher on one shoulder, dressed in painted on black pants, knee high leather boots and a black half-top, she looked as hot as she was dangerous.

Beams of moonlight danced off the lustrous black mane of raven hair trailing down her back. She hadn’t said much on the ride down from Remle’s cabin to her farm. What should’ve been a time of great celebration had been delayed by filth—the dirty underworld of drug runners that had taken over her farm during the past weeks.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” He placed a gentle hand on her bare arm.

She turned and gazed up at him with eyes that never ceased to melt the ice of past betrayal from his heart. “This is the only way to purify my land,” she replied in a voice softer than the look of fierce determination in those huge black doe-eyes. “Isn’t fire nature’s way of burning death from the earth? I must remove all traces of the white man’s shame from my home before moving my parents onto the land.”

“I’m sorry it went down this way.” He caressed her soft cheek with one hand. “I had hoped we could’ve taken your land back long before the situation got this far out of control.”

She offered a brave smile. “I was really far off track when I assumed Carter had wanted the land for its rich soil and valuable minerals. Who would ever suspect the town banker as a major player in a drug ring?”

Trip’s thoughts did a quick rewind. “You know, babe, if none of this had happened, you and I may have never met.”

“True,” she agreed with a little laugh. “If I hadn’t been robbing his bank I wouldn’t have needed a fast getaway driver…and you are fast.”

He couldn’t help but grin with pride. “But it was your gutsy moves that forced Carter to hire Draven. I’ve been tracking that prick for years. Seems like our agendas worked well together so far.”

“I had no idea that Pike was working with Carter…and Gage yet!” She shook her head. “If things keep going like this, my peaceful village will become a ghost town. We’ve lost the banker and the lawyer. Wonder who’s next?”

“The killer,” he stated. “Draven can’t get too far carrying that rain stick around. From what I saw, the Rain Riders will take his ass if he runs off with their sacred relic.”

“But he could sell it.”

“If he does word will travel like wildfire and we’ll pick up his trail again.”

“True.” She nodded. “Anyone who acquires a relic of such value won’t be able to hide their excitement. What are your plans now? Will you take to the road again in search of him?”

He slid one arm around her bare waist while holding his own weapon in the other. “Not without you. We agreed to marry once your mission is complete and the farm was back in your hands.”

Ina and Ate will be very pleased.” She stood on tiptoes to place a sweet kiss on his lips.

“I hope your mother and father are as happy about our wedding plans as they are over returning to their home.”

“They will be. They’ve wanted me to settle down for a long time.”

“Can you settle down?” he teased.

“With you…yeah. Just because we’re getting married doesn’t mean we have to slow down. I’ve really taken a liking to riding on your Harley. I hope there are some joy rides in our future.”

“As opposed to running from the law and chasing criminals?” He laughed.

Her sweet light laugh was laced with irony. “Yeah…”

“Then I’ll just have to make sure you receive all the rides your heart desires.” His lips brushed hers in a light kiss. “I can’t wait to make you officially mine,” he murmured while their lips still touched.

“We can get married here if you like.” Her voice rang with hope and her eyes sparkled. “I have no doubt that Ina has been working furiously on my dress. I can’t imagine a more fitting way to celebrate the reacquisition of my family’s plantation than by joining myself to you here…where all my ancestors before me shared their vows. I believe their spirits live here and will bless our union.”

“You have the loveliest way of expressing your faith.” He smiled in adoration.

Shifting is a precious gift when life gets in the way. Will Shye fly into the shadows forever to escape heartbreak?
Shye’s life seems like it’s finally coming together when more trouble blows into town and her wedding plans with Trip are placed on hold. The temptation to remain forever in the shadows becomes too strong when Shye disappears to clear her mind.
Will Trip find her before his old nemesis strikes again? Or will Shye give in to the forbidden desire of darkness and power?
As the targets continue to shift you will be shocked by the outcome of this exciting conclusion!