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Song of the Sea

This is an on-going saga: each book may not have and HEA/HFN, but the series culminates with an HEA/HFN in the final book.

Irish Magic

Written By: Caitlin Ricci
Series: Song of the Sea #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

In order to save a boy no one else believes exists, Hannah Glass is willing to do almost anything. Hannah Glas...

“Come along honey,” her dad said as he gave a light tug on the hand he held in his. Nine-year-old Hannah Glass nodded and took a step forward. The train was coming; she could smell the smoke in the air as the rest of the passengers crowded in around her. Daddy Liam shielded her from the other side, making sure no one got too close. She liked that about him, that he was always protecting her. Between both of them, she knew she was safe on the platform. She looked up at the sign above her head, then across the few faces of the people that she could see and frowned.

“What’s that?” she asked them.

“It’s a sign that says where we are and where we’re going. See?” Liam bent to show her a slip of paper with writing on it. “We’re in Dunmore. And we’re trying to get to Newport. This train will take us there.”

“I know where we are, Daddy Liam,” Hannah said quickly. She rolled her eyes, though she knew better. “I don’t know what that is.” Not wanting to let go of their hands, she nodded to the little boy in the oversized sweatshirt. He was down the platform from them, but he looked so weird. “He’s strange,” Hannah said aloud.

“Hannah Glass, you do not call people strange,” Daddy Liam said sternly.

She nodded. The wolf inside of him had been a fuzzy haze, but had quickly snapped into focus with his anger. “I’m sorry, Daddy Liam,” she said quietly. She wasn’t afraid of his wolf. Not one little bit. But sometimes he was too bright to look at. Like when her daddies told her not to look at the sun because it could hurt her eyes. But she still liked to look anyway.

She kept looking at the little boy, even as she swung her daddies’ hands in hers. He did look strange. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to think that and that saying it again would get her in trouble with Daddy Liam. But there was really something wrong with him. And it bugged her.

“Daddy Liam, I know I’m bad for saying it. But he’s odd,” she said as quietly as she could while she watched him. There was an old man with him the same age as her daddies, but the little boy didn’t look like he loved him like she loved her daddies. He looked mean, and the little boy wasn’t looking at him.

“Hannah, I’m not going to tell you again,” Daddy Liam warned. “You can’t call people names. It’s wrong. Now stop it.”

She shook off their hands to be able to point to him as hot, frustrated tears burned her eyes. “But, Daddy Liam! His fur is hurt!”

“His what?” her dad asked, clearly startled by what she’d said.

For a moment she wondered why she hadn’t just started with that. But then Daddy Liam was looking down at her, his bright blue eyes staring at her, and she was sorry for making him worry. Because he did look like it. A lot. He looked to the crowd and she waited for him to find the little boy, to go rescue him for her because she was too little to do it and they’d told her not to go off on her own.

“Hannah, I don’t see anyone,” Daddy Liam said after a few minutes of looking while she continued to stare up at him, hoping that he could see the little boy, too. She stared at him so hard that her eyes began to hurt. She couldn’t believe he’d given up—he hadn’t tried hard enough. She knew that he was out there and Daddy Liam would find him if only he really went looking for him.

Her dads were talking and she tried to listen, but all she could think about was the little boy and how scared he’d looked. She cried on the train ride home.


In order to save a boy no one else believes exists, Hannah Glass is willing to do almost anything.
Hannah Glass has a pretty fantastic life and she knows it. Both of her dads are awesome, she’s a human in a pack of werewolves, and her best friend is a werewolf, too. But her ability to see the werewolves as they really are has always unsettled some of the members of her pack. And ever since she was nine she hasn’t been able to let go of the idea that there is a little boy out there somewhere that needs her help.
When she receives a mysterious message telling her to stop looking for him, it only further fuels Hannah’s need to save him. But her alpha has already gone off on enough wild goose chases to rescue him and people are starting to doubt he ever existed in the first place.
To prove them all wrong and save him, Hannah will leave everything she knows behind to go on one wild adventure that will change her life forever.
Irish Melody

Written By: Caitlin Ricci
Series: Song of the Sea #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Being a teenage werewolf is hard enough, but for Ippy nothing ever comes easily. Two years after Hannah and...

Ippy was waiting on the sidewalk in front of his house when Hannah pulled up in her new car. She’d had it less than a week, since her eighteenth birthday and he couldn’t help but be jealous of her independence. “Hey!” she said, leaning out the window toward him. She was all smiles as strands of her long brown hair escaped her unruly braid that he could see over her shoulder. He returned her expression, though his smile wasn’t nearly as bright as hers. Not because he wasn’t happy though. He just knew that it didn’t get that big. His smiles never did.

“Ready?” Hannah asked him, her smile slipping a bit when he continued to stand there.

Ippy nodded and moved around to the passenger side of her car. His backpack went in the back on the floor and he slid into the front seat.

“Do the homework?” she asked as she pulled out into the main street in front of his house.

He was trying to be better and had been watching the kids at school to know what he should have said at this point. He wanted to tell her that it’d been required so of course he had. But that’s not what normal kids said. Yes, he answered her, thinking that was probably the right thing to say. By Hannah’s smile that must have been it. Thanks for taking me.

She shrugged and turned up the radio. Her fingers danced over the steering wheel as the warm summer breeze flowed through her car through the open windows. “Sure thing, Ippy. Now that I’m out of school I don’t get to see you all the time. I don’t mind taking you. Though I’d prefer if you could ditch. We’d be able to go see a movie. The new sci fi one is out. The thing with the aliens and a crashed spaceship or something like that. Wanna go?”

He shook his head. He had to go to class. But he wanted to go to the movie too. We’ll go Saturday. Hannah’s mouth did the funny little thing where the corners pulled down when he said something wrong. Her mouth was doing it now too. He thought about it for a minute before rephrasing his response. I’d like to go with you on Saturday. If you want to.

She smiled at him. “Sounds good to me.” Hannah pulled up in front of the iron gate blocking Samson’s front drive and pressed the button on the intercom box next to her window.

“Name?” he said dryly.

Hannah rolled her eyes and winked at Ippy. He’d never really been able to figure out what a wink meant. “Special delivery of an escaped convict for one grumpy old alpha.”


Being a teenage werewolf is hard enough, but for Ippy nothing ever comes easily.

Two years after Hannah and Ippy rescued Caelum, Ippy has heard his best friend become close to the selkie. He’s glad for their connection, but wants to get to know Caelum as well. Which is harder for Ippy since Caelum is in Ireland, but not impossible because this selkie has a secret—he’s able to walk into the dreams of others. Using that ability Caelum visits Ippy often and they soon have a connection unlike anything Ippy expected. For the past few years Hannah has been saying that someday they’d all live together, and now it seems like it might actually be a reality for them. But when his dad finds out that he cares for Caelum, Ippy’s world is torn apart. After an attack that not only leaves him broken, he’s left homeless as well.
Irish Mist

Written By: Caitlin Ricci
Series: Song of the Sea #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Now that they're together, things should be easier, right? Not always.    Caelum, Ippy, and Han...

Excited didn’t really cover what Caelum was feeling as he stepped out of the Irish sea and walked the short path up along the rocky beach to the little cottage his family had owned for generations. He stopped at the door and turned back to look over the grass hillside that lay around his little patch of the world. He’d signed the deed to the house only just the night before, claiming the house for himself. And the two people he loved.

He expected them to come in today and wondered what they’d think of his home, a place they’d never seen, but that he’d been trying to show them for the past five years. Loving people he’d barely spent a few days with in person might not have been conventional, and loving two people like that was definitely odd for most, but he knew in his heart that they could make it work. They were his and he was theirs. End of story.

The tea kettle sang and he went in to pour himself a cup. And he should probably think about getting dressed at some point, too. Living alone, he rarely thought about clothing, but he supposed that might have to change today. At least for a little while. He wouldn’t rush Hannah and Ippy into a physical relationship. He didn’t have much experience with dating people that he could actually touch, but he knew that pushing was bad.

Caelum poured himself a cup of ginger tea and let it steep while he went through the open bedroom door to the hand carved dresser his grandfather had made for one of his wives. It was his now, along with everything else in the house, as his family made their way down the coast to warmer waters. He wasn’t worried, as he was sure they’d let him know where they were tonight in his dreams. Selkies were good at that. He tugged out a pair of shorts and slipped them on before going back to his drink.

He could hear the sea from anywhere in his house, a constant comforting sound for someone like him that needed to experience it at least once a week. Daily was better and over the past few years he’d spent far more time as the dark, spotted seal he could turn into at will than as the man that hid inside. Looking around the cottage, he was glad he’d spent some time the day before to clean the place up. He was naturally tidy, a skill only reinforced during his captivity, but there’d been a few things to pick up and wipe down before Hannah and Ippy arrived. He’d made up both of the extra bedrooms and moved his studio into the living room.

He hadn’t told them about painting, though he didn’t know why. Maybe at first it had been out of shyness. But now, five years later, he wasn’t so sure. He didn’t fancy himself an artist, but he had sold a few pieces over the years and his family seemed to enjoy his work. Though he was fairly certain that’s what family was supposed to do, so he didn’t know how much faith he could really put into their compliments.

Now that they're together, things should be easier, right? Not always.    Caelum, Ippy, and Hannah have found a sense of completeness with each other. They're best friends and they love each other, everything should be perfect, exactly like they always talked about it being. But finding a place in the world for their unusual relationship might become a lot harder than any of them had imagined, especially when complications arise from a werewolf pack that is intent on driving them apart. They've fought hard to stay together so far and are determined not to let anything stand in their way now.