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Shannon Rouchelle

Shannon Rouchelle has written numerous short stories and fantasy novels. Shannon plans on completing a fantasy romance trilogy in the future. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys her time with family and friends. Shannon lives on the Saskatchewan prairies with her husband and two boys.

Email : jerichar69@hotmail.com

Website : http://www.shannonrouchelle.com

The Secret Weapon

Written By: Shannon Rouchelle
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

In the third installment of the Leslie Burrows series, we find the young girl facing the most harrowing adventure...

Leslie fell to her knees. Blackness was about to overtake her when she felt something blast close to her ears. She shrieked in fright as guts and blood sprayed against her face. She looked down and saw that the snake was blown apart. Leslie quickly regained the strength to stand and ran from the terrifying scene. She huddled close to the king for protection. “Thank you,” she cried. Leslie leaned over and placed her head between her knees.

The king patted her sympathetically on the back. “Are you all right?”

The tears trickled down her cheeks. She brushed them hastily away. “I just need some fresh air.” Leslie took a few large gulps and then stood.

Warc held his smoldering hot scepter in his hands. The king glanced up at Leslie with some words of wisdom. “Please stay close to me from now on.”

She nodded in agreement.

He took over the lead and walked carefully up the steps. He held his scepter above his head in case of danger.

The shadowy trees swayed in the breeze. Their long branches seemed to hiss at them.

Leslie envisioned them reaching out and strangling her. She kept her hand on the dagger for protection. She swallowed nervously as they made their way past the dead carcass. Leslie shivered when her shoes squished on the guts. She thought the snake might suddenly spring back to life, but to her relief, nothing happened. Warc motioned for her to open the door quickly. She did as she was told and stepped inside. Leslie shut it behind them and took in the shadowy room. The branches from outside scraped against the doorframe. Then she heard the sound of hundreds of snakes hiss ferociously from outside. Leslie knew what had happened. The branches had materialized into deadly pythons. She rushed to the window to witness this for herself. She cried out in shock. They were trapped in a haunted house for the night.

In the third installment of the Leslie Burrows series, we find the young girl facing the most harrowing adventure of all. With a deadly weapon in her procession, she must journey to a dangerous castle and put a stop to its evil force. With Warc, king of the dwarves as a travel companion, they are put to the test. The two embark on a wild adventure in hopes of reaching the secret dungeon in time. Will the darkness of the dagger overpower and corrupt them? Only they can control their fate.
Price: $3.99
The Stalker

Written By: Shannon Rouchelle
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Samantha Tyler is unlucky in love until she meets Ken Strong. His charm and dashing good looks sweep the doubting...
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Samantha Tyler is unlucky in love until she meets Ken Strong. His charm and dashing good looks sweep the doubting woman off her feet. But there is something peculiar about him. Samantha discovers Ken is recently widowed and his deceased wife looked similar to her. Through a series of events, they break off their relationship and Samantha falls into the arms of her friendly neighbor, Bryce Peterson. Samantha soon finds her world is turned upside down. A stalker is threatening to end her life. Not knowing whom she can trust, Samantha must uncover the suspect and save herself.
Price: $1.59
Treasure of a Thousand Worlds

Written By: Shannon Rouchelle
Series: The Dalton Twins #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

The key to adventure begins. After the tragic death of their mother, Daniel and Ben Dalton are left orphaned a...

Daniel moved closer and studied the map. The doorway was within their reach. “We should make it there in a few hours.”

The boys had one last fill from the pool. After quenching their thirst, they watched the water dry up before their eyes.

Daniel looked down at the map and Crystal Waters erased from the surface. He rolled up the parchment with care, and then headed out to complete the last part of the journey.

The going was slow. The rock walls closed in around them and created a tight maneuver. The boys carefully wove through the barriers and cautiously avoided the jagged edges protruding along the surface.

Daniel took over the lead and was well ahead of his brother. His mind was completely focused on getting through the maze when he heard a loud scream. He turned and saw Ben in the distance with the sleeve of his shirt caught on a sharp edge. His arm was pressed firmly against the side of the wall, his effort to escape-futile. “Don’t move!” he warned. “I’ll help you!” He rushed over to where his brother stood. He didn’t understand why Ben couldn’t unhook his shirt from the wall. Once he approached, Daniel understood the intensity of the situation. The sharp jagged rock had suddenly developed fingers. It had his arm clasped tightly in its grip. “Remember what I said earlier?” Daniel lectured. “I told you to stay away from the walls.”

“I tripped,” Ben said in a huff. “I tried to steady myself by holding onto the wall. I didn’t think this was going to happen.”

Daniel had visions of the rock figures appearing from the walls, ready for another attack. He clenched his teeth and pulled hard, but to no avail. His arm was firmly lodged against the barrier. “There’s only one thing I can do,” he decided. “I’m going to have to chip at the rock. It’s either that, or you’ll be trapped here forever.” Daniel pulled out the shiny brass key and pressed it against the rock. He chipped slowly at the stone. Fragments fell away in small pieces. “I hope I don’t damage the key,” he said. “I don’t have anything sharp enough to break this rock.”

After a time, the stone broke apart. The boys were caught off guard when the rock fingers that clenched his arm, suddenly let go.

“Maybe it didn’t like being touched.” Ben rubbed his sore arm.

“I think we should hurry before anything else happens,” Daniel suggested.

They had taken only a few short steps when they heard a rumble. The boys were almost sure it was an avalanche, but when they took in their surroundings, they knew it was something far worse. Izerman’s Canyon quaked. The rock walls pushed in.

“We have to get out of here!” Daniel screamed. “We’ll be crushed.”

The walls suddenly sprouted fingers and tried to grab the boys. Keeping their distance from the walls proved to be difficult as the gap narrowed. They heard the moan of the canyon. It moved closer together.

Daniel grabbed Ben’s hand and helped him along. They raced along the path, the fingers close to touching their skin. The walls steadily pushed closer.

“We’re running out of room!” Ben yelled.

Daniel didn’t look back. The key in his pocket burned. He knew they were almost there. The moan from the cliff got louder. The hillsides moved faster. The fingers brushed his skin as he raced by. Daniel reached into his pocket and pulled out the key. It felt hot to the touch. In the distance, he noticed something. Among the rock fingers glimmered a doorway with an eagle-shaped lock. He pulled his brother ruthlessly along and reached the entrance. The walls moved closer. The rock fingers crept along his skin.

Ben screamed in terror. “Hurry up!”

Daniel held the key out and pushed it toward the lock. The moment he inserted it into the door, the moan from Izerman’s Canyon ceased. The rock walls suddenly stopped moving. “Listen.” Daniel pressed his ear against the door.

Ben leaned in close to hear.

The crash of waves sounded against the door with the distinct cries of seagulls in the distance. The lock clicked and the door gave way.

Daniel placed the key inside his pocket and stood uncertain for a moment.

Together, they took a brave step forward and passed through the entrance. The boys left the door gaping open. They walked a little further, stunned by what they saw. They knew in their hearts there was no turning back.


The key to adventure begins.
After the tragic death of their mother, Daniel and Ben Dalton are left orphaned and forced to move in with a neighbor.
Soon after, questions about their past begin to surface. The boys discover an eagle key and map that takes them from their home in New York to a pirate world. This startling discovery opens the doors to a whirlwind adventure filled with mystery and danger.
With fierce pirates in search of the lost treasure, Daniel and Ben must cross the high seas, battle evil villains and trek through dangerous jungles, to unlock the mystery of a thousand worlds.
Price: $3.99