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Sector Guard

Ripped and Roar

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #21
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Cila Wen has lived her life unable to speak for fear destroying those around her. The Sector Guard has offered her...

Grinning, Cila walked to her quarters and noted that her bags were missing. What?

“I took your satchels to the ship and stowed them. We are ready to leave anytime.” Arkhov gestured for her to precede him.

The hooks on his inner wrists were obvious, but she ignored them and led the way back to his ship. If he wasn’t going to mention them, she wasn’t going to mention them. She had no idea of his species, but it was closely related to the Azon with something spiky thrown in.

She stopped at the exterior hatch. It wasn’t yet keyed to her bio print, so she had to wait for Ripper.

He pressed his hand to the pad, the claws on the tips of his fingers clicking lightly against the plate. “I will get you registered for entry to the ship. Just take a seat at the control panel and I will be with you as soon as I seal the hatch.”

Cila walked into the huge, open space and raised an eyebrow at the small bulkheads that delineated the areas that could hold cargo, the tiny dining area as well as wide bunks that folded up against the wall. She gave a mental snort as she took in enough living and running-around space to fill the tiny relay station. This was more space than she had ever had to herself or even to share with one person than had ever been at her disposal.

“Do you like it?”

She turned to face Arkhov and he was inches from her. Waves of heat were coming from him and she held her breath when his scent started to spike her attention. She backed up half a step and signed. Wow, lots of space.

“The Sector Guard gets to do shakedowns of quite a few new designs for spacecraft. It’s one of the perks.”

You get to fly around in untested ships?

“More or less. They are tested by our technicians and inventors and then we are given the go ahead to fly them on assignment. You will be meeting with Fixer. She and Beast have crafted this particular ship with his wingspan in mind.”

Will I meet them?

“Fixer, most certainly. She will be on the team trying to help you gain control over this mysterious talent of yours.”

She smiled, twisting her lips to one side. There is no mystery. I emanate concussive sonic force. I can do it with my body, but my voice is my most powerful outlet.

He laughed. “As are the voices of most of the women of the Sector Guard, mind you, most of them could not shatter bone with a simple whisper.”

Cila Wen has lived her life unable to speak for fear destroying those around her. The Sector Guard has offered her a position and assistance in controlling her talent, but Cila is not sure if that is even possible. Ripper, her soon-to-be partner, is convinced otherwise and does everything in his power to help her out of her shell and into his bed.

Harvest Hunt

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #22
Published By: Devine Destinies

Ashlin wants to save the beast marked for the hunt, but when intelligence sparks in his eyes, the idea becomes the...

Kalorda was the only thing that she could think of when she looked at that magnificent beast in her recordings. The fur, the fangs and the intelligence in those huge silver eyes.

If he was a shifter trapped in his feline body, it would explain the tiny electrodes that were visible on her scans. Someone had locked him into his shifted shape and sold him to a certain death on Endin.

She set her alarm and prepared her hunt garb for the morning. She also packed a med kit and as much higher-tech healing units as she could fit in it. Rations, maps and water locations are all readied and she quickly let herself sleep for a precious two hours.

She woke easily, years of training in action. She dressed, booted and geared herself up, creeping along the walls and slipping due east.

Ashlin ran through the woods and let her true nature show. Her nails lengthened to claws, her teeth sharpened, ears grew more pointed and nose grew wider to increase sensitivity. She tore at the back of her trousers to remove the basting stitch her mother put in place every time Ashlin hunted.

Her tail was long and helped her balance on the long jumps across brooks, her eyes let her see in the dark and the claws braced her on every curve. She twitched her whiskers in anticipation of the incoming male. If the beast was smart, he would follow her.

A bubbling laugh escaped from behind her teeth as she ripped through the pre-dawn forest. In a sense, the folk of Endin were soon to be hunting her.

Running full out in the dark was dangerous, but with her senses turned up to the maximum, she was miles away from the city by dawn. She paused in the reddish light to drink her fill at one of the many streams, then settled back against a rock with her senses wide. Every tiny motion in the woods would register in her ears, her whiskers catching every vibration.

Two hours later, she jolted awake. Something was approaching rapidly and it was moving at a speed far beyond that of an Endin.

Flat paws were thudding against the loam of the forest floor and she waited quietly, hiding in the shadows until the beast ran past her, stopped and returned to her.

Ashlin wants to save the beast marked for the hunt, but when intelligence sparks in his eyes, the idea becomes the gateway to a new life.

Ashlin has spent her life trying to move beyond her status as a throwback. Unlike all of the population around her, she has to fight for respect on a daily basis. When being Hunt Master is taken from her once again, she resolves to avoid the hunt, but looking into the eyes of the beast to be hunted, she knows she cannot ignore the intelligence in those silver eyes. Leaving her home before dawn, she waits for the beast to catch up to her and manages to help him transform back into Rumble of the Sector Guard. In that moment her fate is sealed and her life in the stars begins.

Wound Up

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #23
Published By: Devine Destinies

Neva had to face her insecurities and her new partner at the same time. What chance does her resolve have when Arc...

Neva shooed her charges down into the emergency hatch. With a string tied to the door, she tugged it open as she lowered the hatch door and moved the rug to cover it. Peeking through the one-inch opening, she charged the strand with the brittleness of ice and jerked hard.

As it shattered, she lowered herself down into the underground tunnel and looked at the best and brightest that the Citadel had to offer. "Okay, ladies, we are going out that door and into the forest. Keep silent and calm and we will be fine."

Sterla tugged at the door and scowled. "Winder Neva, this door is sealed shut."

A cold chill ran through her, but Neva moved toward the door. Sure enough, a synthetic welding substance was trailed around the doorframe and firmly held the door in place. "Stand back. This will take some practicing."

She took a thread from the reels at her waist and tied a knot in one end. Focussing the sputtering talent that had cursed her her entire life, she started to spin the thread faster and faster, imbuing it with an acidic temperament and stepping forward. The whirling thread ate into the door, creating a hole that was large enough for them to crawl through.

She discharged the characteristics she had imbued into the thread, snapped the used area off and dropped it to the floor.

"Please come this way. I will seal the door behind us. Get to the other end of the tunnel and wait for me. I will be right behind you."

Geli looked up at her with solid black eyes. "Are you certain?"

"I am certain. I will be right there." She watched as the Citadel apprentices crawled through the hole, one by one. Her hands were busy while they escaped the noises of the Raider attack. Neva wove a web of threads rapidly, using the hooks she had had implanted in her nail beds. With the loose fabric bunched in one hand, she crawled through the hole she had made. She turned and fastened the web to the interior of the hole and charged it with an electric shock strong enough to stun any of the races who were known the frequent the Raider clans.

She walked down the tunnel and found her students waiting for her. "Thank you for following instructions. The Raider warning came out nine minutes ago. If they land and come for the weaving house, they will find the door open and no one in it. Whoever sealed the door will lead them to the trapdoor and from there, they will find that we have escaped. Now, we have to remain at liberty long enough for help to come."

Geli swallowed and her tongue flicked out rapidly. "Do you think they will come in time to keep us from being taken?"

"I have no idea, but I do know that we have to fight." She looked over her six students and smiled grimly. "Now, stand aside so I can blow the door. If they are waiting for us on the other side, this is going to hurt."


Neva had to face her insecurities and her new partner at the same time. What chance does her resolve have when Archer’s very presence has her wound up?

Escaping through her workshop tunnel, Neva is less than impressed to find that her proposed partner was the one sent to rescue her and the Citadel staff.

She has managed to dodge her offered position in the Sector Guard for over two years and when Archer comes to save her, she knows that her time to think about it is over.

Archer is bewildered that a woman like Neva keeps turning him down. He’s ridiculously handsome, has an impressive talent and is a charming conversationalist. What more could a woman want?
Seal the Deal

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #24
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Contract has been trying to get into her legal briefs for months, but choosing the Sector Guard over her friends a...

“The Sector Guard can offer you adventure.”

She smirked. “Not interested.”


“I can travel as much as I wish to.”

He dragged in a deep breath. “You will have the opportunity to help folk in dire situations and under incredible stresses. Guardsmen need a counsellor more than anyone can know. We face death, violence, the most heinous situations as well as the burden of arriving too late.”

She leaned back and put her arms on the chair, her party gown flowing around her in soft gold folds that matched her eyes. “You have caught my interest. Go on. What can I do for the Guard?”

“Well, let me state first that I am a Contract specialist. Every legal precedent in the Alliance and Nyal space is within my mind and I can create an airtight agreement that even light cannot escape from.”

Sekhara tilted her head at the Wyoran with the hypnotic voice. “I see. Now, why me and not one of the plethora of other telepaths out there? And, do you really intend to legally trap me?”

“You have an ability to make contact with anyone based on their cranial scans, at immeasurable distances.” His blue eyes seemed to grow larger and she could feel the push of his talent against her.

She quirked her lips, “That is classified information.”

“And as a member of the Sector Guard, you will be in a position to use your talents to the fullest extent, every day. They need you. We need you.” His tone rang with determination and sincerity.

“What about our personal interaction? Even Altius and Effin have told me that there is an expectation of bonding between partners. Physical bonding. Where do we stand on that?” She put an expectant look on her face and waited.

Contract swallowed and looked sheepish. “It would be nice to have a Wyoran woman with me and I promise to be a sensitive and careful lover and to do my best as a partner. I will back you up when needed and stand aside when you don’t.”

“That seems awfully passive for a man with your reputation, Contract. Criton Ethyn was quite the ladies’ man around the hub before he left for his new career in the stars. I have heard tales of debauchery, bondage and any number of group activities of a sexual nature. It is amazing how a man can change when he realizes his choices of life partner are limited.”

His mouth opened and closed, the cords of his neck flexed as he struggled to breathe. “How do you know all that?”

She quirked her lips. “Effin Nywyn, husband of Relay, is the cousin of Altius, our host, tonight, who is the brother of my employer, Sahvahn Nywyn. They did the research long before they let you find me tonight.”

The door to the study flew open and a creature bounded in, wriggling with delight as it sat next to Sekhara’s chair.

“Hello, Maxi. How are you today?”

Criton was looking at the beast warily. “You have a nylander?”

“Ledara gave me one of the kits when Maxi was born. Six months later and she is ready to leave her mother. Is there room on your shuttle for her?” Sekhara reached out and stroked the snow-white fur on her new pet. The mental link between them snapped into being and strengthened as the Wyoran let her mind touch the beast’s. A centre of calm rippled into her from Maxi.

“Room on my shuttle? You agree?”

“Let’s return to the party and have a nice time. You can meet me at my office tomorrow and we will discuss the finer points of the contract.”

He cautioned her. “You will have to apply to let the nylander leave Wyora.”

She grinned as she stood and walked to the door with Maxi at her side. “I already have.”

Contract has been trying to get into her legal briefs for months, but choosing the Sector Guard over her friends and family is a no-brainer for Sekhara.

Life counseling the abused and grieving has worn on her nerves, so when she is offered life in the Sector Guard once again, Sekhara jumps at the chance. After some heated negotiations, Contract and Counsel begin life as partners with Counsel’s pet, Maxi, along for the ride. They find a lost Terran, get blasted across the universe, and have to be rescued by a member of Udell base, and that is just Counsel’s first day…
What kind of a career is it when you have to keep your hands off your partner while you fight for your life?

Pilot in Command

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #25
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Helen needed more from life as a pilot than the Alliance could offer. When a handsome Azon offers her a new positi...

“I have been over all of the reports from beginning to end. I watched the battle from all angles, including the civilian ships that you refused to abandon.

You are a very brave woman, Pilot Taline.”

She blushed and she knew that her tank-pale skin was turning bright red. “I did what I had to based on the situation.”

“And refused to leave until the raiders were beaten back and retreated.”

She took a look around the silent medical bay and the lone doctor that attended her. “I have been fired.”

He looked up and laughed. “No. You have not been fired. You have been offered a commendation and a sort of a promotion.”

She made sure that she was wearing a sheet before she moved and she held it to her breasts while she tried to swing her legs over to dangle off the edge of the medical bed. “What kind of promotion?”

“There is a new position in the Alliance that is about to be offered to you. It is an offer made only to exceptional members of their races and species.

You qualify for that distinction.” He watched her carefully as she slowly started to swing her legs. “How long were you in that tank?”

“Two years. I tried to work out when I could.”

Her bare legs clearly showed the ports in her skin as did her arms, chest and her temples and the base of her skull.

She had been altered to join to a warship and now that was being taken away from her. “What kind of position would this be?”

“You would be a pilot but in a smaller ship.”


“Because I need a pilot and you are the best there is.”

She snorted and looked at him in shock. “I am supposed to go from being a living warship to a private driver? That is considered a promotion?”

He crossed his arms and scowled. “It isn’t a bad deal. I am considered charming in some sectors.”

“It isn’t personal, but I used to be able to tear holes in space and jump across it in an instant. This will be a step down for me.”

He nodded. “I see. What do you know about Reflex ships?”

She froze in place and then started kicking her legs again. “Tell me more.”

He leaned forward with a smile lighting the sharp curve of his lips and did just that.

Helen needed more from life as a pilot than the Alliance could offer. When a handsome Azon offers her a new position, she can’t say no, to anything.
Helen has enjoyed her tenure as an Alliance pilot, but working with unpredictable crews is wearing on her nerves. When an incident of defense of the innocent via mutiny ends her career, controlling warships is over. Joining the Sector Guard felt right, but if she had known what was ahead of her, she may have held back when the handsome Azon doctor offered her a job.
Hyder has always known the matches that he sees are the perfect mate for the person he is speaking to. He may not know a name, or a location, but he knows what everyone’s perfect match looks like. Seeing himself as the Terran’s perfect match is a surprise, but when he looks her over, he is sure he is up to the challenge. He just has to put Pilot in command.