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Sector Guard

Freak Factor

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Living life on Kaddaka station was predictable and profitable. Mala's talent for undetectable repairs has made...

Taking off her EVA suit was a lot easier than putting it on. Boots first, then helmet and finally, she unsealed the baggy thing. She stumbled free and stretched just as the hatch opened to reveal the occupants of the ship.

"Holy mother of stars," Mala whispered it as quietly as she could, but there was no getting around the fact that the male Selna was one of the most attractive things she had ever seen. She shook her head, of course he was. All Selna put out pheromones causing compatible races to want to mate. Mala's mixed bloodline was no exception.

She stayed out of their way and merely nodded to the pilot as she passed. It was easy to determine that she was the controller for the ship. The ports in her wrists gave it away. The pilot looked with a smile between Mala and Isabi. Apparently, Mala should have been writhing on the floor in front of the Selna. That just wasn't her style.

Her repair crew helped her look busy as the occupants made the long walk to the end of the repair bay and they waited until the Selna and pilot were out the door. The instant that the coast was clear, Mala stripped off her gloves and ran her hands over the hull. The minor and major damage caused by the blasts ceased to exist at her touch, the metal joining, sealing and healing under her fingers.

This was why she made the credits that she did. The money was compensation for the perfect repairs that she was capable of. It was her one skill, this repair talent, her freak factor when it came to blending in with other techs.

She moved slowly along the ship, inch by inch, clearing and eradicating all trace of the battle. Whatever had hurt this beautiful ship had been brutal. The damage had been deliberate and designed to turn the ship into a paralyzed meteor, it had worked. The poor baby.

She was murmuring to the ship when she reached the engine damage. "Gergar, I need some metal here." She stroked the superficial damage on the exterior of the housing and waited for the hand to tap her shoulder. She took the metal sheet blindly and held it in place, feeling it melt into the surface of the ship. She could repair anything as long as she had enough materials to patch up the holes.

"I am going to need three more of those if this engine was any indication." She clambered over the ship, keeping her focus on feeling the entirety of the ship at all times. It took her two more hours, but at last she was finished. Dizzy and terribly pleased with herself, Mala sat heavily next to the ship and turned to face her crew. Dismay filled her.

"You know, if I hadn't seen it for myself, I never would have believed it."

The Selna from the ship leaned on one of the pylons and played with one of the chunks of metal she had been using to reconstitute the engines.

"The report was quite insistent that she was capable of it. I am glad to see that it was not exaggerated." The pilot was smiling.

Whatever race she was from was in Mala's own makeup. She could feel kinship with the strange pale creature with its wide eyes and cheerful grin. Her crew was huddled together near the door, mouths gagged and arms and tail confined. "Let them go and tell me what you want."

The beautiful Selna moved close to her and whispered, "We want you."

Living life on Kaddaka station was predictable and profitable. Mala's talent for undetectable repairs has made her quite wealthy and the station quite popular. When a Reflex ship comes in hot, out of control and unable to stop, she is the woman for the job. The job itself is an audition for the Sector Guard, but unless Mala is successful the passengers of the ship will never be able to tell her the good news. Isabi has been less than enthusiastic about meeting his new partner, until he sees her. Suddenly his interest is peaked. She doesn't seem to notice the pheromones that he exudes and she certainly doesn't fawn all over him. This woman may be worthy of her position as his partner, and he will not have her working with anyone else. Their talents make them the perfect team, now he just has to prove it to her.
Running Wyld

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Agreha Wyld had a good life, friends, family and a place she was accepted. When the Sector Guard call for exceptio...

If a Dhemon walks into your bar, you know you are in trouble, but when he asks for you by name, it's time to run. Agreha Wyld made her way right past the offending Dhemon. He didn't see her, but that was only because Aggie had put on her makeup.

Shifting her features was painful, but if it was only for a few seconds, she was willing to do it. Outside the bar, she let her face go back to normal and stretched her features to relax them. She was halfway down the block, winding her way through crowds and waving at friends in the market, when she noticed that the Dhemon was exiting the bar. His cloak was too heavy for the warm afternoon sun, but he kept it closed as he turned to follow her.

"Aw hells." There was nothing for it. She shifted her legs into a more efficient running configuration and laid on the speed. Moving with the speed of a four-legged animal, she sprinted for safety. She didn't know what the Dhemon wanted, but with the stringent morals of his species, she was sure that she had offended someone somehow. Avoiding him was the best solution.

She wasn't even breathing heavily when she looked back to see no trace of her pursuer, it made it easier for her to slam into the living brick wall in front of her.

He sighed heavily and crossed his arms over his chest, all patience and hard muscle. "Aggie, what have I told you about running through the market?"

She looked up from her vantage point on the ground. "To not do it? To do it when the market is empty? Sorry, Avatar. I was trying to avoid someone." The Avatar was the personification of the planet Cor. Cor used the body to carry his consciousness around when there were negotiations in the works regarding his planetary resources. The rest of the time, Avatar Lio was free to live a life and even flirt. Now was not one of those times.

It was Cor who spoke. "The Dhemon who was looking for you?"

"How did you know?" She stood up, brushing her skirt off and returning her legs to normal configuration.

"I sent him to you. He has a proposition that I believe will appeal to you."

"Well, I think I lost him so better luck next time." She straightened her halter top and smoothed everything down.

"You didn't lose me. I simply tracked you until you stopped moving."

Agreha Wyld had a good life, friends, family and a place she was accepted. When the Sector Guard call for exceptional beings goes out, her planet nominates her and it is over a year later before they get a response. The response's name is Haaro Denler, telepathic Dhemon and Aggie's destined mate. A marriage of convenience is her initial reaction, but her mind swiftly wanders down other paths when she sees the Dhemon's wingspan. During her first assignment on a tech-free world, she embraces her new duties as a Sector Guard, and decides to embrace her husband with the same enthusiasm. Won't he be surprised?
Hael's Fury

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Minimizing natural disasters was all that Liv Hael lived for. Her matriarchal family tree had a long history of do...

A pang of sorrow hit Livin. It had been nice to think that she would not be alone as she aged, that there would be a friend nearby. She could see the match as the couple danced, it was obvious that they shared a soul.

She continued in her quiet corner and watched the women circling the newcomer. The sleeper. He was beginning to look frustrated by the attentions and his gaze was darting around until it alighted on her. A slow smile crossed his features and he moved out of the clutch of women to make his way to her.

Councilwoman Ratha intercepted him and he stopped for a moment to speak to her. He jerked his head toward her and when the Councilwoman turned to look, a blush flared over Livin's features. She was not used to being subjected to this kind of scrutiny. Ratha had the nerve to try and hold him back as he continued along his predetermined path. He shook her off and stopped immediately in front of Livin.

He extended his hand for a greeting and she looked at it for a long moment before she took it. "Livin Hael. I…" she was unable to continue as her emergency pager went off. With her right hand engaged, her left fished her pager out of her bodice. The message chilled her. "I am sorry, I have to leave." She tried to free her hand, but he was having none of it.

"You cannot leave, the doors are bolted until midnight. Where do you need to go? I will take you." He flexed his wings and scooped her into his arms without another word. She clutched his neck as he bent his knees and launched skyward from a standing position. Holy hells. She had heard of a standing launch, but most males couldn't manage it. It took tremendous strength.

"I need to get to Cleath forest. There is a wildfire that I need to attend to." She pressed her lips against his ear to speak and closed her eyes at the shudder that went through both of them at the contact.

"We will be there within the hour. Trust me?" His voice was in her ear and she shuddered at the heat that caressed her.

"I don't know you, but I trust you." They were the last words that she spoke in a normal tone as he hurled her upward and let her go.

She was falling, the ground was getting closer and closer and a scream was frozen in her chest. She summoned what air she could to slow her fall, but was terrified that it would not be enough.

I would never let you fall.

She could swear that she heard a voice, but when her body was caught in midair by a taloned fist, she shook with the ramifications. He really was a sleeper. He could shift.

A deep bronze head turned to fix her with one swirling gold eye. I am and I can. I dreamed of you.

She had dreamed of him, too, but thought that it had been residue of her history class. He carefully placed her on his neck and she clutched at him desperately, closing her eyes against the rising wind and hiding herself from the fear that his sentence had engendered in her.

Minimizing natural disasters was all that Liv Hael lived for. Her matriarchal family tree had a long history of doing their duty to Drai and she was following in their footsteps. When she meets the dragon that she dreamed about, and he offers her a position in the Sector Guard, she can't believe her ears. Only one thing stands in the way of Liv and Vasu joining. Will she accept his house as her nest?
Seering Order

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #4
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Reva has spent her life in servitude, her commanding voice her largest asset. When an Enjel swoops her off and awa...

As the doors opened for them, she noted the humanoid standing to one side of the Matriarch's throne. Reva approached and bowed formally. "Matriarch, you sent for me?"

The visitor was an Enjel, his midnight wings flared out behind him, matching the silken hair flowing from his forehead. His eyes were the same bright onyx as the K'ket, but his skin matched hers in chalky appearance.

"Yes, Nanny Reva. This Enjel has come forward to purchase you."

"For what purpose, Matriarch?" The glare she gave the winged man should have given him the hint that she was not up for any fun and games.

"As a breeding partner. He says you have complimentary genetics with his kind and he has been seeking one such as you for some time." The enormous Matriarch clacked her front claws delicately. "I have agreed."

"Pardon, Matriarch?" She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I thought I had served the Roci family well?"

"You have, Nanny, but it was a very large amount of money." The oversized insect cackled and her stinger came shooting forward to the spot where the Enjel had been standing.

He wasn't there any longer. He was behind Reva, winding his arms around her waist.

"You have received payment, Matriarch. Attempting to kill me was inhospitable."

"You are correct. I was just trying to see if I could keep both my Nanny and the money. She is quite talented, you know. I am sure you will be happy together." Retracting her tail from the floor, the Matriarch settled back on her hot rock. " Be gone, before I change my mind."

"Farewell, Matriarch. Lovely doing business with you." The Enjel bowed formally and bent his legs.

It took all of Reva's self-control not to scream as he launched them into the air and took them out the window. With her talent for giving orders that had to be followed by all within earshot, she carefully did not follow her instinct to yell let me down. With the height at which they were flying, it would have been fatal.

She kept quiet. The rush of air past her face felt surprisingly soft, and at this height, she could not taste the insects that populated this world. It was refreshing. His wings beat steadily, keeping them aloft and transporting them to the spaceport on the far side of the city. A trip that took hours on foot, was accomplished in fifteen minutes.

When her new owner landed in the open-air spaceport, he placed her gently on her feet and took her hand in his own.

"Come with me, Reva. The faster we get off this planet, the safer you will be."

"What? What do you mean?" She didn't dig in her heels, but she wasn't following him with the enthusiasm he apparently wanted, so he swung her into his arms and carried her into the shuttle.

"Strap in and I will tell you. But I do warn you that your orders won't have quite the effect you anticipate, so I would avoid using them until we are off this world." He dropped her in the co-pilot's seat and took his own seat in the specially made chair. It accommodated his wings nicely, but offered back support.

He ran through pre-flight checks in seconds.

Reva could only sit, bemused. This was not what she had experienced the last three times she had been sold. Those eager hands had caused her no end of stress. Her talent had bloomed by then and had kept her from their advances, but they felt a certain amount of uneasiness around her that had sent her back to the block. "Where are we going?"

He finished the checks, got clearance and lifted off before he answered. "We have been summoned to Sadril. They are evacuating due to a problem with their sun, and as members of the Sector Guard, we are going in to help with the evacuation."

That shocked her. She was the slave of the guard? "Sector Guard? You are a Guard?"

"We both are. The minute you crossed that threshold, Reva the slave ceased to exist. You are now a full citizen of the Alliance with the rights and freedoms included. Of course, if you try your position in the guard out and find it not to your liking, you can find employment elsewhere. We are always looking for support staff on Morganti." Most of his speech was said through clenched teeth as he fought the helm for control.

"Would you like some help with that? I am fully checked out on this style of shuttle." The offer came from the part of her that feared he would shake the ship apart.

"If you can help with the attitude, I would be most grateful." His teeth were still tight. He flipped a toggle to activate the co-pilot's controls.

Reva leaned forward to grip the controls as he relaxed. She smoothed their ascent and gently guided them out of the atmosphere. She brought them up and headed them to the slingshot point off the nearest moon, then turned to look at him.

His black eyes sparkled in the starlight. "That was well done, but I knew it would be."

She snorted in disbelief. "How could you have known I could fly?"

"Well, you can tell I can fly just by looking at me." He smiled at her surprised laughter. "Let me set the coordinates for our mission and then we can have some lunch and discuss how we came to be in this shuttle together." He competently entered their destination and set the computer for maximum speed. "Okay. That's taken care of that. Let's have a little talk now."

Reva has spent her life in servitude, her commanding voice her largest asset. When an Enjel swoops her off and away from her life as a nanny, she has a choice. Blinding and unfocused freedom, or life as a Sector Guard. Seer is her companion, and he wants to move up to lover, but as Order becomes comfortable with her new job, she has to think things through. She has to face her lack of education, social skills and romantic entanglements, and she has to do it fast before her Enjel loses patience.
Star Breaker

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #5
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

With an asteroid heading to Morganti, Kale volunteers to retrieve the Star Breaker, a weapon that has the ability...

"What was that? What happened? What did you do?" The normally taciturn Movik was frantic. When the sphere uncoupled itself, he had started to wring his hands and when it shattered into blazing particles that they could see from their vantage point above the breaking asteroid, he freaked.

"I did nothing. Whatever or whoever was inside that sphere is now out in the cold blackness of space."

"What do you mean who? What do you know?"

"The planet consciousness inside me felt the proximity of a star. That star is now humming happily as the creature from the sphere tears apart those rocks." It was hard to see, but here and there a form appeared, shattered a rock between its hands and then dodged away to strike another one. At the rate it was going, the great asteroid would be head-sized balls when it struck Morganti's atmosphere, easily destroyed by entry.

"An Avatar? Oh, nononononono." He was clutching at his head now, rocking back and forth, moaning as he watched the fragments of the sphere come apart wherever they touched the debris. "Where did the asteroid come from?"

Kale had to ask the base for that question. "This is Kale-Gant to Sector Guard Base Morganti."

Mala's tired tone came through the communications unit. "Go ahead, Avatar."

"Has an origin for the rock been determined?"

There was silence for a few moments while she brought up the information. "It has been travelling for just over four hundred years. Remnant of the Emhara system. Their white dwarf went black, the nearest planet to the star exploded, but everyone was evacuated. Is everything okay?"

"Yes. The bulk of the asteroid has been destroyed. Did you get the shield up and running?"

"Only just. When you get back, you are going to have to work on increasing food yields. I am afraid I had to replace quite a bit of energy and the commissary is pissed."

"Whatever you need, Fixer. Make me a list."

"Will do. See you when you get home. Sector Base Morganti, out."

Kale turned to Movik. "Whoever made the shell, made it from the same alloy that the occupant is so cheerfully tearing apart. The Emhara system ring a bell?"

If it was possible for Movik to turn any greener, he would have. As it was, he sat on the floor, rocking himself into a pattern saying, "Nonononononononono," as a constant chant.

With the momentum of the oncoming disaster modified by the lack of forward movement, Kale guided the shuttle closer. He wanted a closer look at the occupant. When she came out, he focussed the scans on her and took in the pale skin, midnight hair and humanoid body. It wasn't until she turned to wave at the camera that he saw the appalling truth.

With an asteroid heading to Morganti, Kale volunteers to retrieve the Star Breaker, a weapon that has the ability to shatter anything in it's way. When he takes possession he feels a familiar presence, a star's Avatar is trapped within the sphere. Carella has been waiting for her freedom, and when her sphere collides with the asteroid, she is naked, free, and in the mood to blow something up. Kale is struck by her beauty and power, and she wants nothing more than a comforting touch after her violent venting. Upon returning to Morganti they find out who she is, but not why her memory has been wiped. Together, they may find a few answers to questions they had never even imagined asking, including How could a Terran who disappeared two years earlier have spent the last four hundred years as the Star Breaker?
Imperial Guard

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #6
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Dealing with the family who refused to let her bury her father is difficult, but Isabi keeps her grounded as she f...
Dealing with the family who refused to let her bury her father is difficult, but Isabi keeps her grounded as she fights for the survival of her estranged family.
Wyt and Wild

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #7
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Alessandra Wyt has been hooked to computers for the majority of her tenure in the Alliance for her talented intuit...

Effin Nywyn looked up as the sonic boom shook the air. He had been hoping for a quiet time on the planetoid for hunting and meditation. It was just his luck to have company.

He looked up to see the ship wobble badly and head deep into the forest. "Hells."

His oath as a physician kicked in and he hopped on his short-range skimmer. The smoke cloud was mercifully short, meaning that either the ship was out of fuel to burn or it had immolated anyone onboard. Either way, his work would be short. The speed of the crash was bound to have killed the inhabitant, but he had to satisfy his own urge to make sure there were no survivors.

The heavy warmth of the forest engulfed him as he followed the trail of the beacon in the ship. That it was working was good if the odds were twisted and there was indeed a survivor. Someone else would come to claim the body. He needn't worry about burial.

The column of metal had shredded on contact with the ground, peeling open like ripe fruit. He landed his skimmer outside of the debris zone and walked in.

He could feel something in the wreckage, something alive. Sighing, he opened his mind and connected to the living being with a jump of surprise. She was alive and whole, but trapped in some way.

Moving faster than he ever had in his life, Effin crossed through the debris and entered the shadowed expanse of the interior. The flare of a bright mind called to him from a dark corner. When he saw why she was trapped, he laughed in relief. "A gel bed. Just wait, lady. I will have you out of there in a few moments."

She didn't respond, but dark blue eyes stared out of a face framed by rich brown hair. The breathing mask on her face framed full lips and a tilted little nose. She was cute and he recognized her species.

It would have been hard not to recognize a Terran when he saw one. His cousin, Altius, had married one a few years earlier and Thea was a lovely addition to the family.

Her eyes seemed a little dazed, but with the shock of the crash, he would be surprised if she had survived unscathed.

His fingers moved over the switches and toggles, rerouting and overriding the commands until the gel dissolved and its contents were free if moving somewhat sluggishly.

"Come on, Beauty. Time to get away from the wreckage." Lifting her was easy. Her body indicated she would be quite tall, but there was nothing to her. No real muscle mass and barely any curves.


* * * *


A touch on her mind stiffened her spine until she saw the owner of the thoughts that she linked to. A Wyoran. No wonder her mind attached to his so easily. His was trained for this type of thing.

He was dressed like a wild man--leather leggings, black boots, no shirt to cover his auburn skin and his red-black hair fell heavily to his waist in a silky cloud. His eyes were dark amber, slitted and smiling into the tube where she lay. His mouth wide with a grin and his nose flat and vaguely feline with a jaw that made her want to stroke it.

That one instinct froze her in her tracks. She was on an assignment to a new world, not flying around to get her rocks off.

He seemed to know his way around a gel bed though and soon had the goo dissolving back to whence it came. He lifted her in arms that supported her easily and carried her out of the wreck. One thing stuck in her mind as he murmured to her in the skimmer as he piloted them away from the crash. He called her Beauty.

Alessandra Wyt has been hooked to computers for the majority of her tenure in the Alliance for her talented intuition, but when an opportunity for reassignment to the Sector Guard came up, she jumped at the chance, so to speak. With her mind unable to handle space travel, she is shipped unconscious across the galaxy. The odds of her ship being damaged and her pod being ejected are astronomical, but she does not have time to do the math on her way down to the uninhabited world beneath her. Waking in the arms of a strange man is also something she hadn't counted on, but Effin is just the person to rescue the damsel and fight off the predators who see her as an easy snack. With his skills as a hunter, he can find her in the dark, and damned if she doesn't want him to. Effin is sure of only one thing, if his woman is headed to the Sector Guard, then he is signing up.
Dragon Summons

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #8
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Assigned as Inventory Master to the newest Sector Guard base on Teklan, Roxanne is sure only of one thing, if the...

At home, she changed clothes, loving the feel of jeans and a t-shirt, ran through a few chores and was thinking about trying to sleep when her phone went off.

"Sama? What is it?"

"They just came in. You have about half an hour."

"On my way."

With no time to waste, she sprinted down the path and made a beeline for the commissary. The family was indeed there having a meal and with no decorum at all, Roxy skidded to the side of their table.

"Greetings, I am Roxanne Nelson, Inventory Master of this station and I realize it is rude, but I need to ask a question."

Taken aback, the father spoke, "I am Retingar, this is my mate, Ashla, and our daughter, Minara. What is the question that you would ask?"

She nodded her head to each as the introduction was given. "What is the significance of the song in the night?"

The three Drai blinked at her and the male raised his wings slightly in surprise. "Where did you hear of the song?"

"It doesn't matter. What is it?"

Minara grimaced. "The song of an ancient Drai calling to his mate. That is why we are here. There is a dragon sleeping on this world and he is about to wake. When he wakes, he will start the song and I will go to him."

"So, if you hear the song, he is calling you?" She was having trouble dodging the crux of her problem.

"That is the history. I have not heard it yet and we have been here for some weeks." Minara shrugged.

"Thank you for the answer. I am sorry to have disrupted your meal." She started to turn and leave, but then had to ask, "What if he is waking, but he is calling someone else?"

Minara blinked, so her father filled in, "Then we will simply leave. There is none who should stand between a dragon and his true mate. It would be an insult that might cost a life."

"Ah. Well. Good luck then."

She was almost to the door when Ashla called out, "How long has it been going on then?" Her tone was amused. She had heard what Roxy had not been saying.

Roxy turned her head and said over her shoulder. "A month."

"Then I would go in search of him soon, or he will come to you. If that is the situation, then the entire base may be in jeopardy. The shifters were said to be patient only to a limit before they take their mate hunt into their own hands." She was chuckling.

Roxy hazarded a quick look at the table where they sat. Retingar was shocked, Ashla amused and Minara relieved. She gave them a quick nod and left the commissary.

She sprinted to her house and closed her eyes the instant that she lay down. She was fully clothed. If she needed to follow his song to find him and shut him up, she would do it.

She desperately needed a good night's sleep.

Assigned as Inventory Master to the newest Sector Guard base on Teklan, Roxanne is sure only of one thing, if the seductive singing in her mind doesn’t stop, she is going to go nuts. With a little investigation, she finds the source of the nocturnal music
Tears of the Star

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #9
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

When the planet Balen finished his mourning for his lost avatar, he contacted the Sector Guard to get the miners o...

“She seems to have activated on her own.” Rolland smiled at the cavorting creature ahead of him.

The voice from the other end of the com seemed eager, “Is she well?”

“She’s flying. It looks like she has picked up her birthright. You may be able to visit sooner than you thought, Olaris.”

“You don’t know how much this means to me, Sovereign.”

“Yes, I do. Your loss was one that most would not have been able to bear, but she is alive, alert and rippling with power. Despite the physician’s assessments, she has both of your characteristics.”

“Balen will be pleased. He has been alone for so long.”

“The same amount of time as you since the day your wife passed into the next world.”

“We knew it would happen. She was at the end of her duty as avatar for Balen and could not withstand the rigors of the pregnancy.”

“Enough. You can explain this all to your daughter as soon as I catch her.”

While they had been talking, Sovereign had been following his soon-to-be partner through the skies. Eventually, she noted his attention and slowed to let him draw even.

She cuddled up to the side of the shuttle and her deep black eyes bored into his soul as she watched him through the window.

He mouthed two words to her, Sector Guard, and her face immediately brightened. He flicked the controls to open the side door and grinned when she took the hint.

She seemed remarkably cheerful for someone who was radiating enough power to rip him and his shuttle apart.

“Did you say you were with the Sector Guard?” She walked slowly and carefully up to the cockpit and her gaze met his.

He knew what she was looking at. His dark violet skin had given more than one person pause in his lifetime. That, coupled with his white hair and scarlet eyes, made him a striking example of his species.

“I am. I am here to assist in the cessation of operations of the mine. Balen has begun to wake again and as he comes out of mourning, he is rather upset with what the colonists have been doing in his absence.”

“I can imagine it would be rather distressing. I had no idea that Balen was sentient.”

Sovereign took in the view that was available to him. She was wearing a work suit that would be more suited to a miner than someone with her grace and style.

“He is, but he has been mourning his avatar. She died fifty years ago.”

“No offence, but who is flying the shuttle?”

She looked worried. It was rather funny, as she could fly away from any crash. “Autopilot. It is circling back along your route to the mine offices. I intend to shut this down today.”

When the planet Balen finished his mourning for his lost avatar, he contacted the Sector Guard to get the miners out of his territory so that he could replenish the frozen surface. Zenina Sin Ar is the one to get the message and when she tries to inform the powers that be, they set a price on her head. With no other place to turn, she runs for the museum and the rocks that landed on the surface when she did. Completing a circuit, her powers activate and she can finally become what she was meant to be, Tears of the Star. Sovereign is the Sector Guard officer sent to evacuate the planet, the surprise he feels at seeing a woman flying around the surface is matched only by the knowledge that this is the one his sister said he would meet. The child of two avatars with a destiny irrevocably tied to the planet below.
Psyche's Caress

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #10
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Roha Excelter - code named Psyche - is on assignment on Marketh. She had a simple investigation planned until some...

This was ridiculous. She set the controls to follow the beacon at three thousand feet and went to the emergency supplies. She hooked the mask on and felt immediate relief as her preferred atmosphere blend came into her lungs.

Her ship rocked as something struck the side and she staggered back to the helm as quickly as she could.

"You are not authorized to enter this airspace. Please drop to fifteen hundred feet and wait for additional escort."

She pulled the breather from her face. "I am authorized to be in this airspace, I am a representative of the Sector Guard and you have just assaulted my ship."

A small craft was on her left side bearing the marks of impact with her ship.

"I don't have any record of your clearance. Where are you going?"

"Asher Prime. Please contact the ground control for the authorization specs." She snapped the mask back into place.

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "Land. Land now! The Asher Prime signal was highjacked and your shuttle has been coated with acid. I don't even want to know if they got something into your ship."

She did a hull integrity check as she started to lose altitude. He was right. She had been coated with acid. A quick check of the interior of the shuttle showed more than a tolerable share of toxins. If she had been a Terran or Azon, she would have been dead. Her placement of the breather had probably saved her life.

She dropped out of the sky as fast as she could. Alarms sounded on every instrument she had and it was a controlled crash that skidded her hundreds of yards before her ship rocked to a halt.

The Archer was dead.

Moving as quickly as she could, she stuffed all of her equipment into a duffel, grabbed her away bag and blew the emergency exit. She took a few steps back, then sprinted through the hole, tumbled on the ground and ran as far away from the hulk of her ship as she could.

The small craft was landing nearby and she approached slowly, her hands out at her sides, carrying her bags.

A man exited the ship and held an object toward her. "Kneel."

She knelt and waited as he approached. The object he was holding was a palm scanner. "You have ingested quite a bit of toxic gasses. I am amazed you are still up and functioning. Nice landing, by the way."

She kept her mask on and watched him as he reached for her wrist. She jerked her arm back.

"Don't worry. This is just to flush your system. It's saline based and shouldn't have too great an effect on you, even with your physiology."

"You're a doctor?" She kept her arm against her chest and glared at him.


Oh, her mask. Right. She pulled it away from her face and his eyes widened in surprise. "You're a doctor?"

"I have some medical training. Enough to tell that you aren't from around here." His golden eyes in his smoke grey face were smiling.

She extended her arm and waited for the rush of his emotions and thoughts. She was surprised when his warm, strong fingers made contact. He was calm, relaxed and concerned for her. With this man, instead of drowning in the ocean of emotion, she was standing on the shore and wanted to wade further in.

His black hair waved off his forehead and a lock slipped across his face, making him blow it upward as he tried to clear it. He was holding her wrist with one hand and administering a hypo to her skin with the other.

"What is your name?" Her voice was husky and soft to her own ears. She cleared her throat self-consciously.

"Ruar. Ruar Asher." His lips were curved in a charming smile as he looked into her eyes.

"I am Sector Guardsman Psyche out of Station 13."

"We have been expecting you."

Roha Excelter - code named Psyche - is on assignment on Marketh. She had a simple investigation planned until someone tried to kill her. Twice. The simple problem turned out to be a conspiracy to keep volunteers imprisoned and the population in general, ignorant. Working with the Marketh council she has to uncover the seedy details of the confinement and find a way to bring the prisoners back to dignity. Once a third attempt on her life is made and she is saved by the same man for a second time...she begins to realize that Ruar might be a good candidate for the Sector Guard.
Powered Up

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #11
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Ilsa Kimoni has spent the last three years saving her own people in privacy, locked away in the seizure centre on...

“What brings the Sector Guard to my door, so to speak?” She kept eye contact with him, but it was difficult. Her dark brown gaze was no match for his silver one.

“We have received a report that you are exhibiting symptoms of being a candidate for the Sector Guard.”

She blinked. “Who are you?”

His cheeks bronzed even more. “I am sorry, my name is Razer. I am one of the Guardsmen out of Udell Base.”

“What report could you possibly have gotten on me?” She was curious. She drummed her fingers on the edge of the chair.

“That you have a talent for animating large pieces of equipment.”

Ilsa’s lips twitched in an effort to squelch the run of amusement that his statement caused. The double entendre was only in her mind. “I have never declared any such thing. What could have possibly triggered a report?”

He looked at her legs for a moment. “Can I ask you a question?”


“What is wrong with your legs?”

She giggled. It was nice that he was direct. “Nothing. Well, they are a little weak, but there is no reason for the chair.”

“Then why are you in it?”

“Because they are afraid I will have a seizure when I am standing, so they have alarmed the chair to keep me from falling. It’s stupid, but I can’t check out under my own steam.” She snorted and wiggled her toes, but when she shifted her weight, the chair chirped a warning. “See?”

“So, they are imprisoning you here?” His voice took on a harsh tone that was endearing to her and seemed to surprise him.

“Yes and no. If I go without a seizure for six months I will be free to go.”

His lips twitched. “Why can’t you?”

“Because, for example, if I did have talent, it might read as a seizure and my body might be locked in an unconscious state. Hypothetically.”

He smiled outright. “Indeed. Hypothetically.” He chuckled, a rusty sound that made her wish she was out of that chair and preening for his attention so that the smile would bathe her in its light.

“What would your talent be, hypothetically?”

He already knew, she could see it in his face. “Well, if I were to have a seizure, as they call it…I would send my conscious mind into a mobile machine and use it like my own body.” She smiled. “Hypothetically.”

“What kind of machines?”

“Walkers, transports, boats, anything that can move, but you knew that already.” She squinted at him and he grinned again.

“I do. Would you be willing to leave Pahnnan?” It was a formal request and she read it as such.

“I would. There is nothing left for me here.” Once her parents had died, there was no one left to miss her.

“Excellent. I will make the arrangements.” He rose and bowed to her.

She smiled. “That’s it?”

“That is it. You have already been cleared to leave the surface and the training centre at Udell is awaiting a woman’s touch.” His lips were twitching again.

Ilsa Kimoni has spent the last three years saving her own people in privacy, locked away in the seizure centre on Pahnnan. When a member of the Sector Guard request and demands her skills, she has no choice but to say yes. Controlling technology is her talent, but she will need skill and patience to deal with her new partner, Razer. Born of the warlike mercenary race, Kozue, he is appalled at her lack of physical skills but captivated by her deep brown eyes. What could Commander have been thinking to pair him with such a soft, golden, sexy female? She would be more distraction than assistance. When she powers up, she proves her worth, and still distracts the hell out of him.
Armed and Armoured

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #12
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Kahlia has fought a few battles for the survival of innocents on Allishan 9, but her primary concern is her life a...

A voice in the interior com had her concentrating on how to respond. Eventually, she figured out the com system. "Phase, how are you doing?"

In her mechanical voice, she replied. "Feels weird, but I am fairly comfortable. You?"

"I am fine. Just catching bugs in my teeth."

She popped the pilot hatch. "Come inside. I am not using the chair."

"What? Where are you?"

"Everywhere that is part of the mech. Come inside."

His long limbs slid through the hatch and the part of her that felt a surge of lust was squelched as she kept striding through the forest. He certainly was pretty. Perhaps a deep violet for a team colour. That would suit them both, as well as provide a dark colour for concealment before battle.

"You are serious. You really aren't in here."

"I beg to differ. I am everywhere and you are now behind the strongest shields this suit can manage." The steps of the suit became less jarring with every stride. She made the shocks as effective as she could.

"How bad was the suit?"

"It was neglected and it was unarmed. I have corrected that."

He grinned, breaking the Rupture mask that he wore. "How do you do that? We couldn't figure it out at the museum."

"I think it has to do with molecular transfer. The same as my ability to become one with objects."

He leaned back in the pilot's chair and put his feet up on the console. "Explain it to me."

"I really can't. It isn't the sort of thing I could have analyzed. I touch something and feel the intent in the object, the love or care that it needs or wants, then I step into it and give it what it needs to be the best it can be."

"That is fascinating. You can do this with anything?"

"Well. It has to be large enough for me to walk into, but after that, it seems to be fairly open. At the museum, there was a tank I could have used, but it was filled with a dark energy by its previous occupants. It wanted to kill and there were children in the way. I wouldn't use that."

He looked surprised. "They have emotions?"

She thought about it as the mech climbed a hill. "More or less. They are left behind by the owners, operators or the assemblers. Traces of their thoughts and purpose."

"How are you speaking to me?"

"I have altered the com unit. You are hearing thought to voice."

"How does it feel to have me inside you?"

Kahlia has fought a few battles for the survival of innocents on Allishan 9, but her primary concern is her life as a designer. On one of the school trips that her sister badgered her into chaperoning, she meets her destiny, and her doom. Rupture is a member of the Sector Guard and he has his eyes on the woman stepping out of the battle suit. With the holes in the exterior and interior, she was either inside the suit or a helluva magician. Either way, he is going to bring her back to Udell base, by any means necessary. He sets his personality to charm, but it is the facts that draw her attention…and agreement.
Celestial Storm

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #13
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Andra Nickles has been a Terran courier assigned to the Sector Guard for a few years. The storm that wraps her shi...

Andra Nickles fired up her engines with a wave at the Guardsman watching her leave Morganti. The babies in Fixer's arms waved back on their momma's behalf. A fresh batch of suits and armour boxes for Udell base were stowed in the hold and she was on her way.

"This is the Guarding Flight, Alliance courier, clearing the Morganti base with a flight path for Udell base. Please confirm."

It was second nature to check in with the ground crew when she left. The tech she was carrying was highly confidential and experimental to the point of dangerous.

"Acknowledged, Andra. Keep it in a straight line this time."

"Yeesh, play chicken in a meteor storm once and I never hear the end of it." She was smiling as she lifted off and went through the pre-jump checks on the way out of Morganti's atmosphere.

Her halo was implanted in her skull and her controls responded to her thoughts. Working on the Sector Guard support staff allowed her to experience and experiment with tech she had never dreamed of back on Earth.

It still struck her as amazing that she had been one of the chosen Volunteers to leave her world and family behind. She had been a courier back on Earth as well. Her shining skill was her inability to get lost. It was so much a part of her that she had never even considered that it could be a talent until the assessors threw her into situations, mazes and even blindfolded her in the trials to prove it to her.

Once out of the atmosphere, she laid on the thrusters while she did final checks on her jump systems. The jump markers loomed and she cubed her position between them. Orientation in three-dimensional space was a skill that came as naturally as her navigational talent.

Andra leaned back in her seat, relaxed her palms on the sensors at the edge of her seat and took a few deep breaths. She opened the gateway in her mind and pictured her destination. She sent a pulse through the jump beacons via her halo and they synched with those near Udell. A sliding wrench and she was in two places at the same time.

The Guarding Flight settled into the Udell beacon space a moment before alarms started blaring and the ship started shaking. "What in hell?"

She was still weak from the jump when air began to hiss out of the seals on the ship. Outer displays showed a brilliant collection of lights and particles writhing around the ship. "Udell base, this is the Guardian Flight, courier Andra. My ship is under attack by a particulate storm and engines are unresponsive. I am in distress. Life support is failing and I have no ability to eject and run."

"Andra, stay put. We are coming to get you." Guardian's voice was calming, but Andra knew that with her seals failing, her life support would soon be useless. She would soon be cold and lifeless in the vastness of space.

"I will wait with bated breath."

"Funny stuff. Do what you can to stay alive."

"Will do." Releasing her restraint harness, she moved as rapidly as she could as her ship lost gravity.

Particulates flowed into her shuttle and danced around in a light and flowing pattern. Andra batted them out of the way as the grips of the emergency breather fought her.

Breathable air was becoming scarce, small particulates made their way into her lungs as she fought to free the breather.

More particles made it into her body. She was faint from the lack of oxygen and ice was starting to pool in her limbs. Her knees gave way and she slumped to the deck with the certainty that death was coming.

The particulates swirled, becoming thick tentacles that lifted her gently before surging into her mouth and nose. There was no pain, only the feeling of being bathed in warmth as the particles danced outside and within. A curiosity and joy that she knew were not her own filled her from the inside out as the world went dark.

Andra Nickles has been a Terran courier assigned to the Sector Guard for a few years. The storm that wraps her ship and makes its way inside finds her just outside of Udell. With her body overwhelmed, her mind shuts down and the entity within the storm takes up residence. Racked with radiation that she doesn't know how to control, she is relegated to the home of Udell's avatar, Nich, where she learns a little about his race and a lot about his taste in botanicals. Using flowers as a tool to visually measure her radioactive output is unorthodox, but everything she is now experiencing is beyond her situational training. With care and control, she becomes the Celestial Storm, now she just needs to rework the name.
Resurrecting Flame

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #14
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Jenya has spent days leading one hundred prisoners to freedom through a tunnel of her own making. She succeeds in...

The tunnel was pressing on her, but she couldn't stop to enjoy the sensation of blind panic that it was engendering. Jenya sent her talent forward, inch by inch, eating away at the rock and dirt of the walls of her prison.

The prisoners who had followed her into the tunnel were now her prime concern. They trusted her to deliver them from the persecution of the Lekark regime and she was going to die trying.

Teachers, doctors, musicians--there were close to one hundred who agreed to follow her if she could bore a hole through the rock.

She inched forward and drew on her inner reserves to evaporate the rock. Jenya knew that her power was failing, but she couldn't trap them in here with her. She had to give everything she had if they were to make it out alive.

Jenya shoved herself right to the edge of the stone and blasted forward with furious intensity. She rode the adrenaline and did the same shockwave of power over and over until finally, after what felt like six hours of crawling, they struck daylight.

She fell out of the hole and tumbled to the ground. Hands grabbed her and pulled her aside. The light of day blinded her and she couldn't see who had a grip on her. If it was the polizai again, she was just going to let herself die.

A voice called to her, but it was far away. In the sun, finally free of the oppression that had almost taken her life, she looked into the daylight and let her mind relax.

A face blocked the sunlight. If she was dreaming of an escort to the afterlife, this face would not be the one she would pick. Braids banded with metal swung and clashed around his face. Silver eyes in a bronze face were the only celestial markers. The rest of him was all warrior and firmly grounded to the earth.

A light slap to her face got her to focus. "What?"

"Are you all right? Can you sit up?" The man seemed angry.

She sat up and her head spun. "I am up. But if you want me to dance, you are going to have to buy me a drink."

Jenya's eyes were shielded by the scowling wall of muscle at her side. She saw the endless dispensing of the escapees from the narrow hole in the side of the rock face. "We made it."

He looked down at her and kind warmth with a touch of pride filled his gaze. "Yes, Digger, you did."

"Can I sleep now?" She sighed. It would not be a sleep she wanted to return from. She had depleted herself entirely digging them out.

He nodded absently as someone caught his attention for the emerging folk.

She scooted so that she was leaning against the wall and relaxed. Just a little rest and it would all be over.

* * * *

The staging area was going nuts with the influx of ninety-four refugees and Vornan was trying to make sure that they all got the attention they needed.

Razer and Tech were in the process of attacking the totalitarian government that had taken over this minimally populated world, and the rebels that they were rescuing were already free.

"Razer, this is Flame. The majority of the rebels have been freed and are receiving medical attention." He waited for the double click that acknowledged and returned to attending the medical needs of those who had fallen out of the wall.

He went from cot to cot until finally a woman grabbed his arm. "How is Jenya?"

He checked the roster. There was no Jenya in the medical tent. "Who?"

"Jenya. She led us through the darkness. She made that tunnel as we went. It took so long." The woman's face was oddly clean. As what she had said sunk in, a chill ran through him. He looked around the room and noted that aside from some grass stains and dirt on hands and knees, their faces were clean.

"How long did you crawl through the tunnels?" He checked her vitals and the bandage on her wrist that seemed to be the most common injury.

"It was a dark forever, but I think it was somewhere between six and twelve hours."

"Was the tunnel already there?"

"No. I told you, Jenya made it as we went." She lay back and looked up at him with exhausted eyes, "Is she all right?"

He didn't answer, Helsin was on this assignment and he checked with the physician. "How long were they underground?"

"Based on pupil response and dehydration, two days. The investigations have shown that the tunnel is over six miles long."

Helsin may have said something else, but Flame was running.

She was slumped against the wall where he had left her, her body quiet and smudged with dirt. He had called her Digger as a joke, but as he searched her body for signs of life, he came to the conclusion he hadn't bothered to look for.

She had offered her life to free her people, and he had left her here to die.

Jenya has spent days leading one hundred prisoners to freedom through a tunnel of her own making. She succeeds in her task and is ready to rest, but the arrival of the Sector Guard throws a wrench in her plans to fade away. Green flames pull her back into the living world and the silver eyes of a Kozue Guardsman are the first things she sees when she wakes. As Digger, she is offered a place in the Sector Guard and put through her paces with Flame and Guardian watching carefully. What possible use could her talent for burrowing through rock be to the Sector Guard?
Guarding Pax

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #15
Published By: Devine Destinies

Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become...

“I wouldn’t choose anywhere else. If you run into her, ask Pilot about it in more detail. As the first Guardsman, she might have an insight that I lack.”

Tricia made a face at the monitor and laughed outright as the image of a hand with the middle finger extended came up on the screen. “Charming, Aggie.”

“I do try. We are coming up on Morganti. Star Breaker is en route to escort the shuttle in. The staff from the base has already made contact and will be loading you into their shuttle. This is where I wish you good luck. Once your bubble is unhooked, I won’t be able to speak to you.”

“I know. It has been wonderful to have you to talk to though. Those stiffs at the Citadel didn’t even want me to have a book in here.”

“I have passed your appreciation to the captain. I had several packs of cards made for crew members and he parted with his personal set.”

Tricia swept the cards into a pile and tapped them square. “Would he like them back?”

“You know you are under contagion protocols. Anything in that room that isn’t you is up for scorching.”

She grumbled silently. Her talent had been refined and honed by the Citadel to the point where she could simply touch, speak to or be in the same room with someone and they would go from irritated to placid in an instant. Her very voice was considered toxic and even Aggie had to use an audio filter so as not to be touched by her talent.

Talent or curse, Tricia couldn’t make up her mind. She was on the fence as to what the classification for her condition was.

“The Morganti crew is here. Good luck, Tricia.”

“Thanks for the sympathetic ear, Aggie. I hope to see you soon.”

A laugh came through the speakers as the door to the hold opened to display four friendly faced base staff. “See me or hear me?”

“Whatever. It was nice to have another human to talk to.”

“Same here—” Her voice cut off as the staffers disconnected the leads to the walls of Tricia’s bubble.

Thick layers of clear plexi were sealed and without the air coming in through the umbilical, she had less than an hour. It was a good thing that the crew that moved her was efficient.

They trundled her out of the bay in which her bubbled had been installed and into a shuttle bay where a large transport vehicle was waiting.

Something was wrong. There was no Sector Guard logo on the side of the ship. Frantically, Tricia ran to the com and tried to connect, but there was no answer.

Her escort noted her frenzy and moved quickly, their eyes keeping a look out for any members of the ship’s crew. Tricia’s heart sank when a staff member from the Deckar came around the corner and one of her escorts blasted him.

She was being kidnapped and she couldn’t get out of the damned cage!

Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become dangerous and uncontrolled. The Sector Guard techs rise to the challenge and in no time, Tricia has been outfitted with a uniform that will let her eat and converse in public without putting her in a bubble. Guardian is her new commanding officer and they have met before. When she was a mediator and he was joining the Alliance, she mediated his contract and he took a place in her nocturnal fantasies from that day onward. Now, assigned to Guardian as a partner, Pax has several things to deal with, and her life depends on his attention to detail. If he would stop staring at her butt, things would go a lot smoother.
Past Tense

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #16
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recruiter from Terra...

The shuttle pilot carefully did not touch her as he escorted her out of the small ship.

“Thank you, Nef. Where to next?”

“You are expected in medical. Please follow me.” He didn’t offer to carry her bag, so she knew immediately that the young Azon had met a reader or two before.

Medical was bustling but organized. A physician met her at the door, showed her where to stow her baggage and her clothing, then led her to a series of injections that left her dopey for the insertion into a tank to allow for the remainder of the treatment to take place. It would take weeks for her transformation to conclude and the IV of fluids to deliver their altered genetic payload.

Mayden was well aware of the reason they put her in the tank, not only was she insulated from contact, but they couldn’t hear her screaming as the pain of her organs realigning took her over. The sedatives kept flowing, but she went through a world of blackouts and agony.

Time ceased to have meaning, but the waves of pain finally receded and Mayden became aware of the steady throb of the engines as it matched her heartbeat. The visitors in front of her took on a steady wave. The doctors, medical assistants and a variety of attendants gave way to military personnel and a woman with rainbow hair who used a scanner on her from head to toe.

The woman was wearing a bodysuit with a tool belt attached and had a concerned expression on her face until the doctor spoke to her in depth. The man beside her seemed to be a male Selna, but Mayden had never seen one before.

There was another visitor in the shadows just beyond her range of vision. She could feel him more than see him, but she knew he was there. He came to visit every night when the crew was at the lightest population. A strange sort of music played in her head whenever he was near, but she was peculiarly grateful for the company.

Even when she couldn’t see him, the faint song rang through her mind, lulling her into a relaxed state as she hung in the oxygenated fluid.

Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recruiter from Terra comes asking her to join the Sector Guard. She will have her body changed to match her partner’s, a strange but necessary practice when one’s partner is a dragon. Harusk is a sleeper, a dragon who chose to preserve his genes through a prolonged hibernation. Waking to find out his perfect match needs a little tinkering is surprising, but his first meetings with her captivate him beyond all of his preconceptions. Not bad for a woman in a tank who can’t even curse at the pain of the transformation process.
Hard Hearted

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #17
Published By: Devine Destinies

Saving her fiancé showed Gralial’s people what a freak she was and they punished her accordingly by r...

Working in the medical facility of the Citadel was fulfilling and the knowledge she gained about a vast array of species was interesting and added to the other areas of study that she had taken on.

Regular mail from her brother kept her informed of his activities and he had indeed headed into the job of Alliance bodyguard.

“Healer Gralial, you have a visitor.”

Gray finished setting the bone of the patient and let her assistants complete the sedation. It was an altered Selna under her hands and she had learned early on, to her surprise, that she could not heal genetically altered beings. She reset them back to their birth specifications.

After cleaning her hands, she exited the medical centre and walked to the visitor’s garden. Her brother stood with a negotiator at his side.

Her improved analytical senses could see that it was not the same negotiator that had removed her from the enclave.

“Garoz, welcome to the Citadel.”

He stepped forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead in the manner he had taken on once he had given up on her response to a kiss on her cheek. “Thank you for seeing us. I see you have been busy.”

He nodded to her robes and she looked down to note that she was stained with blood from the patient in medical. “An accident. She fell out of a tree.”

“I see. Well, this is Negotiator Barks. She has a proposal for you.”

With Garoz’s arm around her, she looked at the negotiator. “Yes?”

“With the agreement of the Citadel, you are being offered a position as a member of the Sector Guard. You will receive training on Station 13 and then move on to a permanent post at another base.” The featureless mask nodded encouragingly.

“Certainly. Do we leave now or shall I pack?”

The featureless creature in the armour held a posture of surprise. “I had heard about it…yes, you may pack and we will be on our way the moment you are ready.”

Gray nodded and went to get her clothing. She removed the set of robes she was wearing and sent them down the laundry chute. With fresh robes and a small satchel, she was ready for her next assignment. Perhaps there would be more to learn in the Sector Guard.

Saving her fiancé showed Gralial’s people what a freak she was and they punished her accordingly by removing her soul. Left with only intelligence and her talent, Gray must start a new life in the Alliance as the Sector Guardsman Hard Hearted.

She is assigned to Teklan base as their healer and physician and partnered with a being that she never even heard of.

As a Nilshan Animorph, Mist has spent his time as an enforcer for the Alliance. When he was offered this position, and Gralial as a partner, he jumped at the chance to protect the woman whose lack of a soul keeps her from caution, fear, or passion.
Multiple Organisms

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #18
Published By: Devine Destinies

Drahali has lived her life as a freak, a woman who was far more than one of the guys. Her strength was limitless,...

“Sir, you wanted a demonstration? What did you have in mind?” She used the manners that her mother insisted on.

“I have a shuttle parked over the ridge, in the authorized zone. Nice blend of technology you have here.” He was stumbling over his own words.

Her mother puffed up with pride. “We left the city for the joys of the land. When the city opened up spreads for ecologically friendly family farming, we jumped at the chance. Now that we are situated out here, I think it would be good for Dra to see some sights among the stars.”

Drahali blinked at the swift turn of her mother’s comment. It wasn’t like Nrahali to be that direct. Like most of the Eorghani, she was the soul of etiquette and decorum.

“That may be a possibility. Shall we?” He gestured to the front of the house and she preceded him.

The spot he mentioned was fifteen minutes away. He drew even with her as they marched to his shuttle. “You don’t wear footwear?”

“Not much call for it here. My soles are tough enough to take most punishment and my talent seems to protect me from most damage.”

“How long have you had this talent? Does it strictly have to do with strength?”

“No. I can also do this.” She hopped up on a rock and stomped one bare foot. The rock shattered beneath her sole.

“Is your talent constant, or do you trigger it?” He seemed genuinely admiring.

“Constant. Is yours triggered, or is that too personal a question?” She blushed when she realized that she might have passed on a taboo.

“Considering that I am about to ask you every involved question I can think of, you have the right to reciprocate.” He smiled at her and her stomach flipped. “My talent is activated. I operate under code name, Multi.”

“That brings several images to mind, but I suppose I will learn.”

Drahali has lived her life as a freak, a woman who was far more than one of the guys. Her strength was limitless, but it doomed her to a life alone until the day the Sector Guard recruiter arrived and offered her a chance to be his partner and possibly more. Remar suffered the same fate on his home world with his body able to split into multiple incarnations of the original. Meeting a woman who was petite, adorable and could snap him in two would have frightened a lesser man, but he could be more than she could handle any time he wished.
Shaken and Stirred

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #19
Published By: Devine Destinies

Tosha wanted a nice day off with her cousin, but a homicidal bug wave forces her to expose her talent to the other...

Tosha knew that she was not the only talent in the family, but for Alara to go on a limb for her was touching. She would be questioned, but she was ready for it, the surety blazed in her eyes.

The moment she was clear of the crowd, the mysterious whirlwind started moving. Tosha closed her eyes as the wind threw grit and dirt into the air. She lost her breath for a moment before two strong arms lifted her in the air. She opened her eyes in surprise to see a man in the centre of the storm.

“Hello.” It was silly, but there was nothing else to say as his solid blue eyes smiled down at her.

“Greetings. Hold tight, we are going airborne.”

She held perfectly still as the whirling surrounded them. With her eyes focussed on her rescuer, she kept herself calm as they passed above the shuttle and into the hills beyond. When they touched down, she was able to breathe again.

Tosha was trembling uncontrollably. “That was…”

He chuckled. “You get used to it. I am Vortex. May I confirm your name?”

“Tosha C’sar. Thank you, but where are you taking me?”

He let out a sharp whistle and a ship appeared in front of them. A shuttle with sleek and graceful lines gleaming in the daylight.

“I am taking you to safety. Your cousin sent an urgent message to the Sector Guard requesting that someone be here today. She was vague, but our own seers confirmed that something would happen here to benefit Teklan base. Here you are.”

The shuttle opened at Vortex’s approach. She was a little surprised to find herself enjoying the novel sensation of being carried. He placed her gently in the nav station and she buckled in out of reflex.

“Not that I am not grateful, but what the hell is going on here?” She turned and faced him.

He laughed as he struck a few keys to start the atmospheric action of the shuttle. They lifted off with no sound and he filled her in. “You are being invited to join the Sector Guard. But, given the Dalpha propensity for caging its talents, we thought to get to you before they did.”

“What of my cousin?” Their height was now such that she could see the tour shuttle on the ground. One lone figure staring up at the sky with patience.

“She will be seen to but through other channels.” Vortex banked sharply and struck a few toggles. “We are going to stealth now. It makes the ship rather twitchy, but she can handle it.”

Tosha scowled, “What do you mean other channels?”

“I don’t know. It is what I was told. You don’t need to worry about her. She will be alive and well in no time. You simply need to have a little trust.”

Her frown increased in severity. “How am I supposed to trust someone I just met?”

“I suppose you will just have to take it on faith.” He hit the thrusters and they shot past the incoming law enforcement.

Her ire died in that moment, fear of the labs in the forefront. She held her breath as they passed those who wanted to shackle her in a cell.

As she watched the stream of ships coursing from the planet to the moon, she made a decision. “Faith is good. I will take this on faith.”

Vortex chuckled and slammed the thrusters into high gear. “I will take it.”

Tosha wanted a nice day off with her cousin, but a homicidal bug wave forces her to expose her talent to the others on her tour. Before her government can lock her up, she is swept off by a tornado and whisked into the stars. Joining the Sector Guard had never been an option, but now it was her only choice. Her name is changed to Shake and her first assignment is a doozy. With Vortex at her side, she accepts the emergency assignment and finds herself facing a proven killer who has no problem adding her to the roster.
Echo in Time

Written By: Viola Grace
Series: Sector Guard #20
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Alara has spent her life under the radar, hiding her nature from the government and those around her. When it came...

The women were startled into laughter and a soft dialogue was begun. Alara peeked over to the men’s side of the room and jumped when she noticed the brilliant blue and gold eyes staring at her from under dark brows and deeply red skin.

While her mind shrieked at the beloved familiarity of his features, she tried to keep her face straight. His burnt colouration was a stark contrast to her shades of green and the images in her mind of exactly how extreme that comparison could be started a blush that she hid from him by turning her head.

“Why are you blushing?” One of her new companions whispered it in her ear. Well, it seemed to be a whisper, but the woman who spoke was across the table. It was her talent, speaking at a distance, a handy power that the Dalphaic government was trying to find a use for.

Alara gestured to the distance between them and quirked an eyebrow.

Chuckling, Dori came around the table and positioned herself next to Alara.

“I have seen him before. He wasn’t wearing quite so much.” Her words caused a flaring blush in Dori’s cheeks as she caught the meaning.

“Oh, I see.”

“I wish I didn’t, but I did.” Alara winked and Dori returned to her place. She didn’t really regret the knowledge, but it made for a cute quip.

A sudden whisper in her ear brought her upright in a hurry. “He’s coming this way.”

A flurry of straightening her hair brought giggles from the ladies at the table as she turned to smile with bland curiosity at the man who lived in her dreams every night.

“Are you Alara J’tak?” His voice was abrupt and not at all what she would expect from a lover. She mentally slapped herself. He didn’t know that they would be lovers.

“Yes. And you are?”

He drew himself to his full and impressive height. He was magnificent, his horns gleaming in the open panels of sunlight coming through the ceiling. “General Brodin of the Sector Guard Base Teklan. I am here to rescue you.”

Alara heard and felt the women at her table swoon, but she knew how this was supposed to end. She got to her feet and looked up at him with an expectant look. “How are you going to do that with your limbs encased in restrictors?”

He leaned down until they were almost nose-to-nose. His gaze warmed and his voice took on a distinctly sensual tone. “You’ve seen the future, you tell me.”

Alara has spent her life under the radar, hiding her nature from the government and those around her. When it came to a choice of letting her cousin fall into servitude to their own government or live a life free in the stars, Alara stepped into the path of disaster and made sure that Tosha went free. Trapped and locked in a lab where other talents were incarcerated she meets a new friend and the man who has haunted her dreams for the last six months. General Brodin has fought wars and when his talent surged forward, the government of Dhema sent him to the Sector Guard. He has waited patiently to find his true mate, and when he was told to get himself captured on Dalpha he did it without question. Seeing Alara for the first time, he knows why.