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Robin Badillo

I’m the mother of four terrific kids, two boys and two girls, and a rescued pup named Maxie, who has her own Facebook page. Go figure!

I live in a small East Texas town, near Houston and I love the small town life.

I have dreams to see the world, but would be satisfied just to explore more of the US.

I love to watch old romantic movies and musicals with my daughters and then switch it up and watch nitty-gritty action movies and westerns with my son’s. Any time with them, laughing and just having fun is my idea of paradise.

I’ve always loved reading, but never really had the time to sit down and do a lot of it. In fact, I probably read more now than I ever had before.

I generally write full length paranormal vampire romance, but I’ve tried my hand with a new genre or two. I am enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing the envelope on the stories I write and hope that my readers are just as thrilled as I am with the chances I take. After all, without them, there is no reason to write.

As a final note, I also believe that it’s true what they say… Grey Hair is God’s Graffiti!

Website : http://www.robinbadillo.com