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Kendra Mei Chailyn

I was born Kadian Tracey on the beautiful island of Jamaica, Kingston to be exact, but soon began moving all over the place. From Marverly to Brown’s Town back to Marverly, then eventually ended up in Golden Springs. At thirteen years old, I was adopted and moved to Toronto Canada. It was a crazy move, I know, and snow? Cold! I began writing poems at an early age and soon graduated to song lyrics—when I was going through my when-I-grow-up-I-wanna-be-a-singer phase. Eventually I stopped writing for I found a new love, acting. But I couldn’t stay away from writing for very long. Soon I was trying my hand at scripts.

My love of romance novels started at eight years old. I got bored between the bookmobile visits in Jamaica and dove under my mom’s bed to find something to read. I crashed into her Mills and Boons—you know the really old ones?—books and KISS Romance magazines and it was all downhill from there. I don’t think I ever paid attention to the content back then, all I cared about was that I was reading.

At seventeen, I thought writing a romance isn’t that hard so I decided to write my own. It wasn’t as easy as I thought and by the time I turned eighteen, I had a three story series done and ready to go. But my computer didn’t seem to like them for it crashed with them. But still I write.

In my spare time—though at times it seem that I don’t have any—I love acting, trying to sing like the girls in the Hindi movies, dancing, swimming, torturing my friends, cooking, reading, writing—of course, cultures—primarily Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Jamaican—of course, Hindi—and so much more. I am also a graduate of Radio Broadcasting with honours and a proud owner of a BA in Communications Studies with a Minor in Dramatic Arts.

I also pen sensual romance under the name Kendra Mei Chailyn and write as a member of the Writing Divas as K.D. Tracey.

Cruise with Me

Written By: Kendra Mei Chailyn
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Lawyer Sasha Carson is reluctantly on a cruise with her best friend. She hates being on a floating city with no la...

It was another mad dash from their room to the elevator. The moment they were rushing from the room, Sasha suddenly needed the restroom. She frowned, standing behind Anna who was busy jabbing her finger into the button. She mentally scowled at her bladder for she was just about to break out in a rather poor rendition of the pee-pee dance.

“You know, that will not make it come any faster,” a voice spoke from behind them.

It was a cool, masculine sound that had Sasha shivering. There was a slight accent—one that made Sasha wanted to turn and leap into the arms of the man who possessed it. Both women spun to see who it was.

Hubba! Hubba! They do not make them like him in Cornwall at all.

Sasha couldn’t help the fact that her eyes bulged a bit.

“My apologies, ladies.” He bowed his head slightly. “I did not mean to startle you.”

“Oh! Not a problem,” Anna replied only to turn and tap the button again.

“I take it you do not want to miss our departure?”

“No, she has this idea of a movie-esque going away,” Sasha managed with a flip of her wrist. She lifted her chin proudly when her voice didn’t crack. She wanted to put on a strong attitude, but inside, she was grinning and flailing like a horny teenager.

“Ah yes. The waving, the throwing of confetti, the yells of bon voyage—it is the best part of the cruise, no?” he asked with a dazzling smile.

Sasha inhaled, pressing her lips into a thin line. It was either that or moan in desperate heat. She turned and jabbed her finger into the button. “I wouldn’t say the best part—”

“Of course!” Anna interrupted. “Then you can say to your friends later when you’re watching one of those movies, I did that!

Sasha fought the urge to roll her eyes. Instead, she reached out and tapped the button.

Finally, the elevator arrived. “After you, ladies,” the man motioned.

They stepped in and the door slid shut silently. It was a quiet ride down and Sasha made good use of the moment. She eyed their companion as he stared ahead with his arms folded behind his back. He was dressed in a rather ravishing pinstripe suit, but no tie. A shame really, for Sasha could see herself grabbing it and leading him into the bedroom only to shove him to the bed just to have her way with him.

She bit her lower lip to stop her runaway thoughts and refocused.

The top two buttons of his shirt were undone as well as the jacket buttons. From that small opening, she saw the beginnings of what had to be a muscular chest curved upward into a strong neck. He had a perfect cleft chin, lush lips with carved cheekbones. His eyes were a kind of blue she’d never seen before on a man. It reminded her of the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean. He had long, black hair, tied back neatly with a hair tie.

A jab to her side by Anna, Sasha tore her eyes from him to see the door was open. Once again, he allowed them out ahead of him.

“Until next time, ladies,” he spoke and walked off in the opposite direction they were going.

A pang of disappointment surged through Sasha and she fought the look of forlorn she was feeling at his departure. She realised she wasn’t breathing. She pushed the air out and gripped Anna’s hand.

“What’d I tell you?” Anna beamed obviously quite proud of herself. She turned and stared greedily at a handsome man walking by. “Woof!” she barked.

The man laughed and continued on.

Sasha gasped, grabbing Anna’s hand and tugging her. “Stop it! You’re not even drunk! I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Wait, I thought I was the one who took you here.” Anna giggled.

Sasha shook her head in frustration. “You’re incorrigible. Come on.”

Lawyer Sasha Carson is reluctantly on a cruise with her best friend. She hates being on a floating city with no land in sight. The last thing she expects to find is Manuel Alfonso. When she meets him at the elevator, she can barely control herself, but knows Manuel is the kind of man who can break her heart, body and soul. Manuel Alfonso is on the cruise with his little brother to get away from home and his responsibilities. When he sees Sasha, he wants her. He knows Sasha feels something for him, too, but there’s something in her fighting their attraction. To make matters worse, he has a secret that threatens to end their little love games before it gets good. What will it take for Sasha to let Manuel in, and to let love reign?
Price: $3.99
Dance with Me

Written By: Kendra Mei Chailyn
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Ex-dancer, Andrea Nichols' divorce is finally finalized and to her horror, she is left with a house that is fa...

They walked into a room and Lisa flipped on the light. It was better than Andrea was expecting really. On the far wall, it had mirrors from ground to ceiling. Every dance room needed those because dancers needed to ensure their form was right. The walls were decorated in a beautiful, painted scenery.

"That's beautiful."

"We have some talented kids that come in here." Lisa nodded.

"That was done by the children?"

"Two of them graduated our program. Both are doing quite well--one is entering law school next September and the other is working an internship at a newspaper in New York. The third--we couldn't save him. He was killed last June in a drive-by." A look of great loss flashed across Lisa's face. "I'm sorry," Andrea whispered. "It's always hard when you lose children."

"Yes you can get ready over there. The light switch is on the inside wall. Harm will be in soon."

"Thank you."

Andrea remained standing where she was for a while longer, looking at the painting on the wall. It was an ingenious way to get children to use their talent. Give them something they love to do, and they would spend hours doing it. For her boys, it was soccer and art. They never did get the dancing bug from her. She smiled at that thought and entered the small room. Once she had the light on, she sat on the only chair in the room taking off her shoes and strapping her ballet slippers to her feet. She then dug through her bag for her CD. It was good to always show up with one's own music to an audition. She stripped down to her dancing gear--a long flowing white skirt, with matching tights underneath with a black tank top.

When she re-entered the room, a handsome man was leaning against the mirrored wall, his arms crossed over his massive chest.

"Miss Nichols?"


He walked to her with a hand extended. "Harmon Gale."

Andrea shook his hand even though she felt at that instant her heart fell from her chest. His large hand swallowed hers. She had to look up into his face because he towered over her something fierce. To say Harmon Gale was handsome wouldn't fit. There had to be another word to describe him. He reminded her of the men she would see in the magazines that she used to buy at the corner store, the ones wearing Armani suits the ones that always seemed to have far away looks in their eyes. She never did understand if that was sexy or not.

Harmon had long black hair pushed back, deep green eyes and tanned skinned, like he had spent a lot of time in the sun. His full lips and chiselled face were wonderful additions to the lovely picture before her. The necklace he wore looked a bit too small for his neck and Andrea could tell a child made it. It had shells and the initials NG. His wide shoulders were covered by a graphic tee that said WWJD on the front and sloped down into thick, jeans covered thighs.

"So, you will be dancing for me today," he continued.

Nerves sprang forth again for she knew those beautiful eyes would be on her as she danced.

Dear God, how high did you make that window?

Ex-dancer, Andrea Nichols' divorce is finally finalized and to her horror, she is left with a house that is falling apart, a car on the brink of death, bills piling up and ten-year-old twin boys. She is left feeling exposed and betrayed. With her sons away for soccer camp, Andrea reluctantly drags herself to church for answers on what to do next. When her Pastor suggests putting in a good word for her with the man who runs the local youth centre, Andrea is happy to be given a chance to dance again--that is until she finds out she needs to audition for the job. To make things worse, the moment she walks into the room and sees Harmon Gale--she knows she is in big trouble. Harmon Gale, ex-boxer turned teacher to troubled youth and author, has his hands full with running the centre and being a single father to his thirteen going on thirty-year-old daughter Niki. When Andrea Nichols walks into the centre for her audition, Harmon loses his heart immediately, but is Andrea willing to give him a chance or will she simply keep her wall up and run?
Price: $4.99
Home for Christmas

Written By: Kendra Mei Chailyn
Published By: Devine Destinies

In order to fulfill his father’s dying wish of him bathing in the Ganges, Raj Sohan leaves home. His wife, M...

Raj took a long look at the suitcases on the bed. He swore he would stay at home, spend more time with his wife after his last trip took him away for three weeks. He felt as though he’d been ignoring his marriage for business—but this trip wasn’t for business. He made a promise to his father on his deathbed and it was a promise he couldn’t just go back on.

“You didn’t touch your breakfast,” Melody said from behind him.

He turned and smiled at her. Accepting the coffee Melody handed him, he kissed her before taking a sip and placing it on the bedside table.

“I’m sorry, hon. I wanted to eat more but for some reason my stomach wasn’t in agreement with my brain.”

“Now there’s a fight we rarely ever win.” She chuckled. “I packed you a couple extra traveler’s checks, just in case. You never know, right?”

He smiled. “I love you, you know that?”

“I know.”

“I know I promised you that I wouldn’t leave again for a while, but…”

“Babe, you don’t have to explain it to me. You made a promise to your father and I wouldn’t think very much of you if you went back on your word.”

“But you are my wife—and my allegiances are to you now. I made a promise to you, too—that I would forsake all others, keeping myself only to you. What about that pledge?”

Melody reached forward and dragged her palm down his chest to the waist of his pants. She eased to her knees, bracing her free hand to one of his suitcases and kissed him gently. “I respect and love you for thinking of me. But I know what this would do to you if you didn’t stick to your word. Now—stop being a baby and go do what you have to.”

Raj accepted the kiss and caressed her face. When she sat down again, he went back to the rest of his packing.

Silence filled the room except for the periodical sound of zippers. Once the bags were packed, he placed them on the ground, climbed into bed and pulled her against his body. Going away was hell on him every time. Raj hated leaving Melody behind. Most times, he would give in and take her with him—sometimes she told him to go without her because she said, “Sweetie, some absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Raj kissed her head as his heart ached. He basked in the silence of just being with her with no expectations. But his peace was not to last for the doorbell peeled. Reluctantly, he allowed her away from him so he could climb off the bed. He grabbed his bags and watched as his beautiful wife slid his carry on over his shoulder. Together, they descended the stairs. He opened the door to hand his bags to the limousine driver and turned to face Melody.

Sadly, Raj held onto the woman that had been his wife for the past five years. She had loved him, protected him, gotten angry at him and then made up with him by making love. She had given him a wonderful home and shoulders to lean on when he felt he couldn’t go on. A few years before, his father had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. They told him that his father only had a few weeks, but Sajeev Sohan had shocked them all. A few months ago, the shock wore off and Sajeev died. The only thing the old man had asked from his only son was that Raj at least visit the Ganges in India. He didn’t even have to bathe in it, just stand on the banks and whisper his father’s name to the winds of a country he had wished to visit one last time before his death.

In order to fulfill his father’s dying wish of him bathing in the Ganges, Raj Sohan leaves home. His wife, Melody, respected that enough to let him go alone even though she always wanted to see India. When he leaves, her heart breaks though she knows he is coming back. The day he is supposed to return, Melody Sohan gets the perfect idea to welcome her man back.
Price: $1.59

Written By: Kendra Mei Chailyn
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Fathers don’t always know best   An army brat, Riley Jackson was forced from one country to ano...

 “Oh please,” Jinks said. “Don’t compare yourself with that toad. You never cheated on him. You never left him for a bimbo from the stupid side of town. Look, are you busy tonight? I want to talk to you about something that you might be against but who knows? And besides, we haven’t had a real girls’ night in, like forever so it’s past due.”

“What do you want to talk to me about?”

“Just…I’m coming over tonight, okay?”

Riley moaned. “All right. But gimme some time to stop for groceries, get home and shower.”

“You got yourself a deal, lil lay-deh!” Jinks slipped into a really bad Texan accent.

Riley giggled. “You suck at that and not the good kind.”

“I know, but practice, as they say, makes perfect! Any-who, I’ll talk to you later doll.”

The call ended on a lighter note and Riley pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store close to her house. Sure it was a drive from the highway, but they had her favorite ice cream—rum and raisin. For a moment, she sat in the car staring out, pulling her emotions together. When she decided she was going to be happy and not let Martin and his bimbo ruin a wonderful year, she grabbed her purse and pushed from the car. With happiness pouring through her veins at seeing her best friend and her favorite ice cream, she hummed Hell on Heels as she grabbed a cart. But her merriness didn’t last. Her mind quickly went back to the nineteen year old she’d fallen for at fifteen. Sure, she could see if her father had said Seungo was too old for her, but that wasn’t his problem. His problem was Seungo’s heritage, his culture—him.

But to her, Seungo, was perfect.

He held her when she cried and dried her tears with a finger. He would kiss her head, stroke her hair, and never once asked for anything more. He laughed at her stupid jokes—and they were some really idiotic ones—he showed her how to use chopsticks and how to play the Ajaeng. He was gentle as she sat between his legs with her back against his chest. His arms were wrapped around her holding the instrument in her lap and his chin rested against the side of her head. Suddenly he’d kissed her head and without a word, she felt so loved and cherished. How could a fifteen year old feel so strongly about a boy? Was she allowed to feel so much for a boy?

Go—that was her nickname for him—was her prince and since leaving him, she judged every man by his standard. Riley pushed the cart to the cashier and after she paid for everything and it was bagged, she pushed the cart out to her car. Soon, she was on her way once more, just as the first drizzle of rain fell to her car. She groaned and pressed her foot down against the gas. She blew by a speed limit sign and slipped her foot off the gas. She was going too fast for that area. But she made it home and unpacked the car before the rain really came down. By then she was in the shower, lifting her face to the water and arching her back to get it massaged by the downpour.

After showering, she got dressed in a pair of white track pants with a blue graphic t-shirt that said MBLAQ: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality on the front, with a picture of the band on the back. She had gotten it a year before at their concert. Next on her list of things to do was making some dinner for herself and Jinks. The front door opened in the midst of her cooking and she looked up when Jinks, soaking wet, waddled into the kitchen with a frown on her face.

“Can you believe this weather?” Jinks asked. “All this water is from running from the damn curb to your door.”

“You look like a drowned rat!” Riley laughed. “Go upstairs and change. My clothes won’t fit you very well, but at least you’ll be dry while we toss your clothes in the dryer.”

Jinks shook her head and exited again. Riley chuckled and dumped a handful of scallions along with some crushed garlic into her pasta sauce, stirred it and covered it to boil a little. While she waited for that to happen, she poured some hot water over two peppermint tea bags and sipped from one. When Jinks returned, she wore one of Riley’s t-shirts. Riley handed her the cup and Jinks moaned with a grin. Riley waited until after friend had taken a sip before speaking. “Did you want some dinner? I’m making pasta.”

“You know I never eat when I’m coming over here,” Jinks replied, curling into one of the kitchen chairs. “Come sit for a sec. I wanna get this out of the way.”

Riley felt as if she was walking toward her doom as she moved to sit across from her friend. She placed the mug on the table and wrapped her fingers around its warmth.

“I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear right now but what kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t suggest it?”


“It’s about Seungo. I was heading to Seoul and if you want, you can come with me and go look for Seungo. See if he will talk to you and just…”

Riley rose and went to stir the sauce. She didn’t expect that to come from Jinks. Taking a breath, she sat again and picked up her mug. “Go wouldn’t like me now, Jinks.”

“Girl, please. He loved you then.”

“He was being nice.”

“Ry…no man, no matter how old or young they are would treat a woman the way he did you and not feel something for her. Besides, he was old enough to know better then. He was nineteen. And what do you mean he was being nice and he wouldn’t like you now?”

“I’m not the same little girl he told his deepest secrets to as we tossed rocks into the Seolmacheon. I’ve changed. I’ve gotten…” she trailed off and spread her arms. “…bigger.”

Fathers don’t always know best
An army brat, Riley Jackson was forced from one country to another; Military base to Military base.  Her father is then stationed in South Korean and once again Riley prepared herself for being alone and miserable. Then she meets Seungo Ji and life becomes better. Only, he's much, much older.  Her father freaks and ships her back to Canada to get her away from Seungo.  Years later, after her latest boyfriend turns into a toad, her best friend dies without leaving a will sending Riley into a custody battle with his parents, she heads to Seoul to see if there's still some feelings there between her and Seungo while she waits for a judge's decision.
Seungo Ji has just returned from his mandatory two year military training. All he wants to do is see his brother, see his mother and make sure his brother didn't burn down his Entertainment business while he was away. But when he gets home, and there's a knock on the door, the last person he expects to be there, is Riley.  Old feelings come rushing back and he has no idea how to deal with them. To make matters worse, now he's in a battle with Riley's hectic life, her father and both their hearts
Price: $4.99
The Thing About Love

Written By: Kendra Mei Chailyn
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Blair Chadwick's parents were rich--thing was, they never told her. After their deaths in a plane crash, Blair...
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Blair Chadwick's parents were rich--thing was, they never told her. After their deaths in a plane crash, Blair now has to decipher her father's will when his lawyer seems to be holding out on her. All she knows is she must go to a beach house she didn't know they had, stay there for a period of time and after that she would get her inheritance. Reluctantly she goes and meets the very sexy, very funny, Austin Kent.
Motorcycle racer Austin Kent sees Blair and he knows he wants her. He's been looking for love and everything about Blair, from the pout of her lips to the ebony of her skin tells him she can be the one
Price: $4.99
What you do to Me

Written By: Kendra Mei Chailyn
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Kelin Chase is educated and ready to face the working world. When she accepts a nanny job with Henry Quartermaine,...

Having Kelin stand up to him both angered Henry Quartermaine and turned him on. His body burns for her in ways he couldn’t understand but yearned to explore. But how can he get past Kelin’s dislike for most of his family? How can he prove to her the Quartermaine’s aren’t evil monsters and that she should stay with him—not only as a nanny, but forever?

After helping Emily with her paper, print it and Emily took a shower, Kelin tucked the child in and started reading her a story. But Emily fell asleep before the end of it so Kelin tucked a bookmark on the page, turned out the light and pulled up the door. She then hurried downstairs to clean up the living-room where Emily had been playing earlier. With that finished, she placed Henry’s dinner in the oven, turned it on. Waiting for it to heat up, she turned the oven off and walked into the den. If he didn’t get home by the time the oven cooled it was all on him.

Before the shelves, she browsed, searching the many volumes of mostly leather bound and expensive titles. They said she could read anything she wished in there. She found a copy of The Secret Garden and settled into re-reading it. She was part way through chapter four, when she heard a car pulling into the yard. She closed the book, glanced at the clock and frowned. It was way past midnight. If he expected her to be back there for seven to get Emily ready for school he had another thing coming. You won’t be doing it for him, Kel—you’re doing it for pay and for Emily. You couldn’t care less what he thinks. Lifting her chin she made to go back to her book but the front door banged open and the loud laughter of a woman erupted through the house. Furious, Kelin stood up, tugged her clothes in place and made her way calmly to the front door. A blond woman was there, being held up by who Kelin hoped was Henry Quartermaine. “I would thank you two very much to keep the noise down,” she snapped quietly. “There’s a child who has to be up at seven A.M sleeping upstairs.” “Who are you?” The blond staggered towards Kelin. “The nanny,” Kelin lifted her chin. “If you wish to carry on then leave the same way you came in.” “You can—can’t talk to me—like—that,” the woman slurred, leaning precariously to one side, catching herself only to lean the other way. She peered at Kelin through half closed eyes. “You’re just the hired help.” Kelin wanted to slap the woman silly but she said nothing to her. Instead she turned to the man eyeing her. “Henry Quartermain,” he said, raking his fingers through his brown hair. “Sorry we’re late.” “I’m not the one you should be apologizing to Mr. Quartermaine. Now I’ll get my things.” “Wait a minute,” he called after her. Kelin quickened her steps to where her coat and purse was in the den. Scooping them up she hurried through another door to bypass Henry and out the front door. But still she wasn’t fast enough for he caught her getting into her car. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he questioned, grabbing her arm.

She pulled her hand away from him and whirled to face him. “What happens between you and your daughter, Mr. Quartermaine, is none of my business. I am here to care for her and make sure she’s in one piece by the time you return. Everything else is up to you as a father. And for future reference I want you to know, though I am employed by you, I would thank you very much to remember that I have a life outside your wall. Now, if you ever grab me like that again, by the time you realize your mistake, you’ll have another hole to breathe out of. Good night, Mr. Quartermaine.”

Kelin Chase is educated and ready to face the working world. When she accepts a nanny job with Henry Quartermaine, it’s only for the money. Then she meets little Emily-May and she falls hard for the child. But soon things happen and she has to stand toe to toe with one with Henry Quartermaine.
Having Kelin stand up to him both angers Henry Quartermaine and turns him on. His body burns for her in ways he can’t understand but yearns to explore. But how can he get past Kelin’s dislike for most of his family? How can he prove to her the Quartermaines aren’t evil monsters and that she should stay with him—not only as a nanny, but forever?
Price: $4.99