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J.E. Marshall

J.E. Marshall was born in the North Georgia Mountains and relocated with his mother to middle Georgia when she married his stepfather. I remember always having a very vivid imagination growing up. I would come up with skits, story lines and anything else that would spark my creative side. Around the age of thirteen, I began creating different characters with my best friend, Felicia, and acting out different story lines for them. My very first male character that I gave life to was Christien James. He is by far the most complicated and intricate character I have created, though he will not be the last.

Dark Beginnings-The Demons Within

Written By: J.E. Marshall
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Love triangles are never simple, and this one has a catch you’ll have to read to believe … Meet Chris...
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Love triangles are never simple, and this one has a catch you’ll have to read to believe … Meet Christien James and Julien Cabrera. Unspoken attraction is what brought them together. Distance and family is what keeps them apart. Now, for an unbridled lust and longing that may never be quenched Christien finds himself doing unspeakable things in the name of, Lucian Cabrera, Julien’s father. These acts will test the very boundaries of his sanity, and for Christien, the darkness of his twisted deeds threatens to turn him into a monster that no one can stop. It’s in this darkness that Christien indulges in the rapturous pleasures of heat and hot, torrid passion. His name is Jack Carmichael. With Jack, Christien discovers the true meaning of love and desire. For Jack, Christien will drop all the walls and barriers of his life and heart and reveal who he really is. There’s only one catch… Jack is dead.
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