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Kate Wylde

Kate Wylde is an award-winning Canadian science fiction and fantasy writer of several novels, short stories and essays. Like most of her heroines, Wylde is a  warrior. She is an ecologist with strong allegiances to the environment and an advocate for the wellness of the planet. She has published scientific papers and speaks on water issues and landscape evolution.

When she’s not writing or teaching science & ecology, Kate travels and explores the world with her feline friend and gourmet, Toulouse.

Here you can find information on Kate’s works of short fiction and novels, where to find her stuff as well as her upcoming appearances, interviews and any other juicy information about this wild lady knight.

Email : katewylde007@gmail.com

Website : http://katewylde007.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/coll

Collision with Paradise

Written By: Kate Wylde
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

A hotshot pilot on a collision course with destiny… When Genevieve Dubois, Zeta Corp’s hot shot s...
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A hotshot pilot on a collision course with destiny…
When Genevieve Dubois, Zeta Corp’s hot shot starship pilot, accepts a research mission aboard ZAC I to the mysterious planet Eos, she not only collides with her guilty past but with her own ultimate fantasy.
Genevieve thinks she’s found paradise in the jungle planet of Eos and its people; only to discover that she has brought the seed of destruction that will destroy it. And Eos, whose steaming jungles harbour an eerie connection with Atlantis, is not the paradise she envisioned after all. When she is forced to journey through the perilous jungle to redeem herself and save the man she loves, its intoxicating breath threatens Genevieve’s very sanity with secrets not only of her guilty past but of ancient Earth.
Price: $5.99