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Leah Leonard

Leah Leonard is author of several romance novels. A hopeless romantic herself, she’s been writing for over twenty years.

Website : http://www.leahleonard.com

Dead Man's Diamond

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Tombstone Sherriff John Behan discovers a dying man in the desert who has the largest diamond John’s ever se...

John followed Val across the smoke-filled bar, up the creaky wooden stairs. Her floral scent lingered in the long dark hallway. She led him into the room just above the saloon.

He closed the door behind them.

“Well, sheriff, I must say I wasn’t expecting this tonight…especially not from you. What exactly can I do for you?” Val began to loosen the satin ribbon ties on her corset that held her voluptuous body in place.

John’s gaze traced the lines of her neck and came to rest on the exact spot she wanted him to notice. He swallowed hard, stepped forward and pulled her close so fast he heard her catch her breath. Their lips brushed when he pushed her back toward the bed. I can’t do this now. It’s not why I’m here. I have to get a hold of myself.

“Well, if that’s the way you want it, sheriff.”

“That’s not why I’m here.”

“How about this?” She walked toward him again, draped her long arms around his neck and kissed him before he could stop her.

John twisted her arms around, catching her wrists in his hands. He wanted nothing more than to do what she was tempting him to–throw her down on the bed and have his way with her as so many others had before him. “Not now, Val.” Maybe later…

“Oh come on, sheriff.”

He pushed her away again. “I said not now. Can’t you take no for an answer?”

She turned up her lip and pouted.

The ploy must have worked wonders for any number of men, but not him. Not now. Now he had to get some answers. He did his best to keep a strong, stern look on his face, not betray what he was thinking, or the urgency of it. “What do you know about a man named Steven Brown?”

Val visibly shifted when he mentioned the man’s name, although she looked like she was trying her best not to show any sign of emotion. For a split second, a strange and faraway look passed over her face.

“What’s wrong, Val?”


She stopped pursuing John and looked away toward the window.

“Val?” John repeated. “Tell me what you know.”

She stood silently, pulled the sheers away from the window and stared out.

John walked up behind her, stared down at the dusty street in front of the saloon where several men mounted their horses. He grabbed her shoulder, spun her around. “Do you hear me? Stop looking out that window and talk to me.”

“I hear you.” Val grabbed John by the vest and kissed him.

Her tongue ran over the stubble on his face, down his chin to his neck. John couldn’t control himself any longer. He held Val, nibbled his way down the tender part of her neck to the soft places where the salt on her skin mixed with her perfume. He stiffened.

Her hands ran all over his back, instinctively urging him to pull her closer. “Oh, sheriff,” she moaned. “I’ve wanted you to do that ever since I can remember.”

He responded by reaching eagerly into the available space between her corset and her bare skin. The fact she wanted him to take her made him know he couldn’t–at least not now. Not until he had some answers about the killer on the loose. Besides, she was almost young enough to be his daughter. Since he became Sheriff, he’d done his best to maintain proper manners when it came to his personal life. Val was about to make him forget every promise he ever made to himself. “Val,” he whispered, “I need you to talk to me.”

Val laughed and slid her hand down the front center of John’s pants and gave him a knowing squeeze. “I need you, too, sheriff.”

John sucked in his breath, filled with eager anticipation of her touch and scent. He knew better than to get involved with a witness, especially Val. She had a sexy way of batting her eyes to try and get him to change the subject, forget the fact of her lying. “Stop, Val. No more until you talk to me.” John released her and stepped away until the space between them was wide enough he could breathe freely again.

 “What are you talking about? I don’t know a thing about anyone named Steven.” The expression on her face said something entirely different.

John knew better than to push it. He needed her to trust him. “You sure about that?”

She winked and walked up to him again, tried to reach her arms around him. “You know I’d have no reason to keep anything from you now, don’t you, sheriff?”

John pressed against her, his hands wandered all over her body. He squeezed her bottom. “Is this what you want, Val?”

“Oh yes, sheriff.”

Tombstone Sherriff John Behan discovers a dying man in the desert who has the largest diamond John’s ever seen. Just before the stranger breathes his last, he whispers the name of the most desirable woman in town, Val McRae. What does Val have to do with the dead man’s diamond and can John get to her before trouble finds her?
Price: $3.99
Natalie Locke and the Sundancer

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies

Natalie Locke learned her lessons about texting while driving the hard way when an eighteen-wheeler crossed her pa...

Ten minutes later, the girls were on their way home. Natalie’s stomach churned from the moment she and Tracy left the San Felipe Pueblo all the way down I-25 toward Albuquerque. She was worried enough about Lone Eagle, and the flat tire didn’t help any either. Since they were already over an hour late getting home, they were bound to be in big trouble. Tracy’s mom wasn’t very flexible about bending rules. They called her once earlier in the evening to say they’d be delayed. She hoped Mary wouldn’t be too upset. They did call, after all.

“Man we got lucky.” Tracy sighed.

“Yeah no kidding. The officer came along just in time.”

“Yeah, he did, right? He sure knew how to change a tire.”

This made Natalie’s stomach even more upset. “How will we explain the spare tire on the car and the other in your mom’s trunk?”

“We’ll tell the truth – we got a flat and an officer helped us out. No big deal.”

“Yeah but she’s gonna want all the details, you know?”

Tracy sighed again. “I know.”

Natalie and Tracy were both raised to be honest, and this situation was going to push them to the limit. Natalie felt ill. This was all her fault. And she was also anxious about Lone Eagle. He was so upset when they left him. She wanted to talk to him again, but apparently he wasn’t interested and turned off his phone. She tried to push him and his attitude out of her mind, knowing the mess with the car was a far bigger deal, but the situation with Lone Eagle bugged her. While they drove, Natalie tried his number again a couple of times, but there was no answer.
“Still not answering?”


“Think his phone is off?”


“Don’t worry about it. He’s probably asleep or something. Try again tomorrow.”

Natalie knew she was right, but the whole thing bugged her more than she wanted to admit. “What am I gonna do, Trace? He must feel horrible. I don’t want him killing himself or something.”

Tracy laughed. “Native Americans don’t believe in suicide, so I’m sure he’ll be okay. You’ll reach him when you’re supposed to, besides, we just left him. You told him everything.”

She wasn’t comforted. She pressed redial again. “Yes, but did you see the look on his face? I don’t think he believed me. He wouldn’t speak to us. I hope he’s okay, that’s all.”

Tracy kept her hands on the wheel, eyes glued to the road. She weaved in and out of several cars until they broke free. “I wouldn’t know. He’s your friend, not mine. Besides, the one person who might kill someone tonight is my mom when she finds out about the car.”

Natalie was not comforted by the humor. She dialed again. No answer. She needed to stop. She hung up and stared out the window at the lights in the foothills of the Bernalillo Valley. She looked up at the Sandia Mountains and thought about the flights she and Lone Eagle had taken. He taught her how to transform herself into a hummingbird while she slept, and the process helped her heal from the accident. He also showed her the energy from the stones in her rock shop and how they could be used to help her heal. She was grateful for the knowledge but needed to know more. First, though, she wanted to make sure he was okay. She had to get a hold of him, talk to him more about what happened and reiterate things. She dialed again. One more time, then she would stop. This time the phone rang and rang. No voicemail. Figures. Lone Eagle was not like other people she knew. He was timeless, not interested in modern technology. Besides, in the few months she knew him, she discovered words never worked with him. There was one way to reach Lone Eagle and make him understand and not by phone. She would need to reach him in her dreams tonight.


Natalie Locke learned her lessons about texting while driving the hard way when an eighteen-wheeler crossed her path and she nearly lost her life. Thanks to her accident, she met her new mentor, Lone Eagle, a Native American Shaman who is destined to teach her about the healing powers in the rocks and stones she sells in her shop.

Can Lone Eagle teach her enough to mend her broken bones and dance at her high school prom?

Price: $5.99
Promise You'll Never Forget Me

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A young woman is invited to go hiking with an old flame, but already made other plans. The following week, when sh...
A young woman is invited to go hiking with an old flame, but already made other plans. The following week, when she discovers the man was killed, she struggles with feelings of guilt and remorse and finally begins to let these go when his ghost appears in the window of her parents’ home.
What unfinished business does the spirit have with her and can she find peace?
Price: $2.99
Samuel's Promise

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Set in the late 1800s, Samuel’s Promise describes the love story of Samuel and Nancy Ruggles who were forced...

“Hello, Nancy.” Samuel sat behind her desk, one arm folded over his stomach and his open Bible in the other.

Nancy’s pulse quickened and a sick acrid feeling churned inside. Why was he here and had the nerve to stalk her like this? Hadn’t yesterday been bad enough? She didn’t want to speak to him at all, so she didn’t. Instead, she kept her eyes forward and plopped her satchel down on the chair across from her desk and turned to go check the supply closet in the hall for lack of anything better to do. She wanted to put some space between them.

“Wait.” Samuel rose from the chair and walked around the desk, blocking her from leaving.

“I want to do my work so I can go.”

Samuel stepped closer. “Please.”

Nancy turned around and headed back toward her desk, her eyes gazing at the wooden floor. “Leave me alone.”

He leapt out in front of her, forcing her to stop walking. “I wanted to apologize about yesterday.”

Eyes diverted, she pushed his arm and continued past him to her desk. “Please leave.”

He held a small bouquet of wildflowers to her face, cleared his throat. “These are for you.”

Wasn’t he being a bit presumptuous? How did he know she overheard him talking to Mrs. Thurston? The moment she had the thought, she recalled the feeling of horror that must have crossed her face and the way she ran kicking and screaming from the school building with Mrs. Thurston trying, unsuccessfully, to chase her down. How dare he put her in a position to make such an utter fool of herself? And how dare he come here now demanding forgiveness? And with flowers too? She hadn’t had a bouquet of flowers since Thomas and never under such hostile circumstances. She propped herself against her desk and sighed.

Samuel pushed the flowers toward her. When she didn’t answer,  his hands began trembling. “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

She glanced up at him, never taking the flowers from his hands. She tried to look through him, into his soul, see what made the mantic. Her first impression of him was all wrong. She thought he was kind and a caring teacher to young children, but in reality, behind those dark brown eyes was nothing but a heartless phony that was no more pious than a board in the wall.

His big eyes blinked. “Nancy?”

“What are you doing at my desk? I have work to do, so if you’ll excuse me…” She pushed past and walked behind the desk, taking a seat.

“I don’t want to bother you, Nancy. I wanted to say I’m sorry. I feel horrible. I never meant to hurt you.” He placed the bouquet on the one free spot on the corner of her desk. “Please say you’ll forgive me.”

Nancy drew a deep breath and clutched the bottom of the desk. She bit the inside of her mouth to keep her facial expression calm. “I forgive you, now go.”


Set in the late 1800s, Samuel’s Promise describes the love story of Samuel and Nancy Ruggles who were forced together by faith and the desire to serve God overseas in Hawaii. Samuel’s friend Henry Opukaha’ia, a native Hawaiian, dies before he can lead the missionaries to his homeland, Samuel promises him on his deathbed he will indeed return to Hawaii to fulfill his friend’s dying wish. Samuel has one problem—he’s not married and the company will only accept couples to the group. Nancy Wells works in the office of the Foreign Mission School and she too believes God is calling her to serve overseas, but after her true love was killed years earlier, Nancy closed her heart to everyone but God, and learns she too must find a husband quickly if her dream is to become reality.

Price: $5.99
Sheikh's Design

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Split Second

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

The end of his life marked the beginning… Desperate and jobless a month before Christmas, Joe Crawford...

Joseph Crawford stood in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. He stared down at the water, across the snow-dusted tops of buildings at the childhood home he loved more than any other place on earth. The sounds of honking horns faded into the farthest reaches of his mind while dozens of events from his past flooded his memory.

This felt right.

He knew what he was doing.

He closed his eyes, spread his arms wide and leaned forward.

The wind whipped through his hair. He recalled riding in his father’s convertible to the Catskills when he was five years old.

His two daughters came to mind. Images of their younger years, giggling and laughing in the back yard by their swing set and the time they went sailing off the shores of the Hamptons in his boss’ boat.

Good times—each and every one.

As the breeze picked up, his arms and legs began to numb from the sting of ice hitting his cheeks. He saw Marge in her white dress, her blonde curly hair was longer then than it was now. God was she beautiful! They had a wonderful wedding. She wouldn’t like this, but he hoped she could forgive him. She would—eventually.

He opened his eyes to the blue water below, the world sped up and slowed to a halt all at once. No regrets.

Eyelids pressed tight, he felt a sudden jerk and all motion stopped. He never even felt the water or the cracking sensation as every bone in his body shattered, only a complete cessation of movement. In a split second, his life was over.


The end of his life marked the beginning…

Desperate and jobless a month before Christmas, Joe Crawford attempts to toss himself from the Brooklyn Bridge when he is intercepted by Archangel Raphael and told he must first fulfill a mission before he can ascend to the pearly gates.

His family struggles with the knowledge of his suicide attempt and Joe continues to exist in half- misery when he receives a calling to assist one of the most challenging people in his life.

Will he move on in peace and fulfill his destiny?

Price: $3.99
Tiger by the Tail

Written By: Leah Leonard
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level: