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Growing Pains

A Growing Lad

Written By: U.M. Lassiter
Series: Growing Pains #1
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

You can’t be a wallflower when you’re bigger than the wall. High School junior Alex Johnson thinks...
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You can’t be a wallflower when you’re bigger than the wall.
High School junior Alex Johnson thinks he finally has his life all arranged to deal with his Asperger’s Syndrome, with the help of a handful of close friends and relatives. Everything threatens to fall apart when he suddenly finds his condition is really due to a one-off genetic treatment he had as an infant. Yes, the treatment saved his life, but now he’s going through incredible changes that threaten to stand all his hard-won relationships on their head. Suddenly, he finds he’s big man on campus—literally!
Small Farm Big Farm Boy

Written By: U.M. Lassiter
Series: Growing Pains #2
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Just because you’re large, doesn’t mean you want to be in charge.   High schooler Alex Jo...
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Just because you’re large, doesn’t mean you want to be in charge.
High schooler Alex Johnson suddenly finds himself a muscle teen titan, thanks to a strange genetic treatment his late father gave him to save his life as an infant. As a shy, often awkward young man with Aspergers, can he adjust to now being likely the biggest, strongest man alive? Perhaps ever? Fortunately, Alex has a hot new boyfriend to stand by him as he tries to navigate quickly changing relationships with his friends. What  Alex and Ryan don’t know is that their lives are about to take an ominous turn. Will Alex be able to take the bull by the horns?
Big Man on Campus

Written By: U.M. Lassiter
Series: Growing Pains #3
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Does size really matter? Whether he likes it or not, Alex is the Big Man on Campus  Muscle teen titan Ale...

I arrived home a few days before the start of school, driving my Checker Marathon taxicab. Well, it’s not really mine, but Bob and Lauren’s farmhand, Farley, owns it. He’s letting me drive it as long as I take care of it and pay for the insurance. It’s a good thing, too. I just don’t fit in a regular car anymore. Did I tell you I was seven foot six? Even so, we had to fiddle with the driver’s seat to make it go back far enough to be comfortable, and I still have to wriggle in and out. Step one, pull my knees up to my chest as far as I can. Step two, point my lower legs to the left. Step three, stick my feet out the door while keeping my knees low enough to pass under the steering wheel. Step four, turn. Step five, lower my left shoulder and duck my head enough to clear the doorframe. Step six, stand up. Didn’t Arthur Murray start this way?

Ryan says you can’t buy entertainment like that.

When I got home from the farm, I pulled into the driveway and parked by the rear house. That’s where my grandmother, Gram, lives. She’s my dad’s mom. I used to wonder why she lived here with us instead of with a blood relative—other than me—but now I see that she wanted to be the pipeline between me and Bob.

“Hello, sweetie,” Gram said as she came out her front door. “You told me how big you are now, but I’m still amazed!”

She put her arms around my waist and gave me a hug. I could hardly see the top of her head over my expansive chest. When she reappeared, she looked up at me with a broad smile.

“I missed you, honey,” she said as she patted my abs. “Your stomach is so hard!”

“I missed you, too,” I replied. “Is anybody else home?”

“Not yet. Why don’t you put your things away and then we’ll have some lemonade.” I leaned over to give her a little kiss and then went to unload my gear.

I didn’t have much. I’d spent the summer wearing a pair or two of overalls and sandals, usually without a shirt—my Farmer John from Hell look, as Ryan calls it. As a result, I only had a couple of shirts and a few pairs of underwear. The rest was my computer, some books, and miscellaneous items.

I opened the back door to the main house and squeezed myself in. I was nearly a foot taller than the doorway and more than a foot wider, so I turned sideways and crouched. I’d become quite adept at the maneuver.

“Hello?” I called out, just to be sure.

I entered the kitchen and as I crossed the room, the floorboards complained mightily. My feet were pretty big and did a good job of spreading the load—think elephant—but I realized that caution was in order. Unlike the farmhouse, this was a modern building and presumably a bit more sturdy. Nevertheless, I proceeded with caution up the stairs to my bedroom.

As I entered my bedroom, I couldn’t get over how much smaller everything seemed. The ceiling was just inches from my head, and I had to be careful and not hit the light fixture. I spread my arms and nearly touched the opposite walls with my fingertips. My twin bed, which had already collapsed before I even got this big, seemed positively tiny. I put my meager belongings away and had a seat.

The bed complained, but it didn’t collapse any further. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry as I lay on the bed with my head propped against the wall, my feet hanging off the end, and both elbows touching the floor. Unless I could talk Phil into it, I was probably going to have to blow the money I’d saved all summer on the biggest bed I could find. Until then, I’d have to be careful not to roll over.

I went back down and out to the back house to see Gram again. She’d been helping me with my back-to-school clothes, and I wanted to see how she was doing.

“Gram?” I called as I squeezed into the front room. She entered from the kitchen with a pitcher of lemonade.

“Sit down, sweetie,” she said. I looked around trying to select a chair that I wouldn’t flatten.

“I need to get my chair,” I said. I went back out to my car and got my old library chair out of the back seat. I took it back in the house and made myself comfortable. It occurred to me just then that I might need to take it with me to school. The thought of carrying a ratty old wooden chair around campus to all my classes didn’t sound very appealing.

“I’ve been shopping for your clothes,” she said as she handed me a glass of lemonade. “And I’ve had some success.” She sat down with a couple of large plastic shopping bags. “The people at the shop were very helpful. They all said to say hello, and hope you’ll visit them soon. I think you’re a little bit of a celebrity.” Gram pulled several t-shirts out of one bag.

“These are the largest tees they make. If you haven’t gotten any bigger since you sent me your measurements, you should be okay,” she said as she handed me the shirts. “I’m a little concerned about the sleeves,” she added.

The shirts were plain, basic tees, no printing, no pockets and just solid colors. I unhooked my overalls and pulled on a red one. It was nearly skin-tight, but at least it fit.

“What do you think?” I asked Gram.

“My, it’s certainly, well, impressive,” she said. The sleeves were indeed very tight, and they rode up on my biceps. “Here, try one of these jerseys.”

More of the old reliable football jerseys. I put one on over the t-shirt, and it was much looser.

“This is good,” I said.

Does size really matter? Whether he likes it or not, Alex is the Big Man on Campus
 Muscle teen titan Alex Johnson is starting his senior year in High School. Alex has spent most of his life seemingly invisible, but since an experimental genetic treatment to save his life, he’s literally Big Man on Campus. His friends think that Alex is large and in charge, so the school bullies won’t be a problem anymore, but the bullies have other ideas. Meanwhile, Alex is just trying to cope with the usual problems—peer pressure, sports, grades—and a suddenly rocky relationship with his first real boyfriend. Along the way, Alex reaches out to some of the geekiest freshmen in school-- something no one ever did for him-- and his plan to help them produces some startling results.
Best Laid Plans

Written By: U.M. Lassiter
Series: Growing Pains #4
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

High school senior and muscle- teen-titan Alex Johnson just wants to help a new friend, but he learns it’s n...

As expected, the Bulldogs won the championship. The local paper named Jason MVP, naturally. I was sure that he still hated me, but maybe he was learning that perhaps he didn’t have to be a bully to gain the respect of his friends. Some friends, if you ask me.

By the way, my name’s Alex Johnson, and if you’ve been reading my scribblings so far, you know I’m a senior at Antioch High School in the bustling megalopolis of Antioch, Nebraska. The aforementioned Jason is the school bully, or at least he was until he and I had a little heart-to-heart.

You see, I’m seven-feet six-inches tall, and weigh a touch over seven hundred pounds. Yes, you read that right.

That’s a fairly recent development for me. Up until the middle of last school year, I was pretty average size. I was a scaredy-cat that didn’t interact with hardly anyone, mainly because I had a mild form of autism called Asperger’s.

I didn’t know it, but when I was a baby, my late father and his research partner, Dr. Bob Leonard, cured me of a terrible neuro-muscular disease with an experimental gene-splicing treatment. All seemed to be going well, until last year when something switched the whole process back on and turned me into a teenage version of the Hulk. At least I’m not green, and I don’t get mad. Well, no more than anybody else.

On the plus side, I’m healthy as a horse. Shit, I weigh as much. The reason I’m so heavy is that whatever made me grow also caused my muscles and bones to be much denser than average. As a result, I’m many times stronger than an ordinary person of the same size—that is, if one existed.

You might think that I dealt with Jason by simply pounding the shit out of him or threatening. The truth is, before I grew I’d been on the receiving end of a pounding and I just can’t imagine doing that to another human being.

Instead, I hit him where he lives. I threatened, er, promised him, that if he didn’t lay off the bully stuff, I’d go out for the football team and pretty much eclipse his entire high school career. When Jason realized he was going to have to choose between being the local sports hero or being a bully, he had a Come-To-Jesus moment and chose sports.  This was fine by me, because I never cared much for sports, anyway. Besides, I had an awesomely good-looking boyfriend.

Ryan is Japanese-American, and since last summer, he’s gone from handsome to achingly beautiful. He’s one of the grad students helping Bob with his research, and he’s come up with a compound designed to counteract the muscle wasting that accompanies so many chronic medical problems. It also makes a dandy post-workout supplement for healthy people. It’s not a hormone like steroids, so it doesn’t have all of those nasty side-effects. Ryan has packed on about twenty pounds of solid muscle, and these days I can hardly keep my hands off him.

Because of my refusal to go out for sports since I went all Jumbo, I was relegated to first period gym with all the scrawniest, geekiest freshmen. That hasn’t been all bad, because I’ve struck up friendship with a lot of them—once they realized I wasn’t going to eat them or something.

My favorite little geek is a guy named Courtney. We hit it off right off the bat. I think it’s probably because he immediately took me at face value and never judged me. This meant a lot to me, not just because of my freakish size, but because it’s pretty much common knowledge now that I’m gay.

So when I had a chance to help my buddy, I took it. Court has always hated the fact that he’s so small. Small people have an unfairly hard time in our society, and for Courtney it meant that he was picked on mercilessly.  I sweet-talked my boyfriend into giving me some of his magic muscle elixir and then convinced a reluctant Courtney to start weightlifting.

It was a hard sell at first, but with the beginner's gains helped along by the growth compound, he caught the bug. Once that happened, the change was remarkable; and I don’t just mean physical. Suddenly, little Courtney was brimming with self-confidence. It didn’t hurt that when we started doing strength training in gym class, Court was the one showing everyone how it was done. He even landed a sweet—and pretty darn cute—little girlfriend. Everything seemed to be going well except for one teensy problem…

It had been a week since Courtney’s bottle of Grow Juice had gone missing, and so far, absolutely nothing had happened. I kept expecting at any minute for one or more of the football players to blow up like a balloon, but nothing. Courtney started bringing in just enough compound for the daily dose, and kept it with him until he used it. Why he couldn’t have done that in the first place is beyond me.

High school senior and muscle- teen-titan Alex Johnson just wants to help a new friend, but he learns it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Courtney is a runty little freshman who is tired of being relentlessly bullied. Alex can’t always be around to protect his little friend, so when his scientist boyfriend Ryan comes up with what seems to be the answer to Courtney’s problems, Alex takes action. Unfortunately, the plan has unintended consequences for more than just Courtney.  Meanwhile, Alex is trying to deal with the media attention his incredible size and strength is causing.
Living Large

Written By: U.M. Lassiter
Series: Growing Pains #5
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Growth takes a holiday.   It’s not easy being big enough to have your own zip-code, but it help...

“You should count your blessings, Alex.”

It was early Sunday evening and I’d just gotten back from the farm, and was sitting in Gram’s living room with a cup of cocoa and a plate of cookies.

“Easy for you to say,” I mumbled with a mouthful of Pecan Sandies.

“Oh, Alex,” Gram scolded, “with all you’ve been through, this is just a little bump in the road.”

She was right, of course. Since Saturday evening, everyone at the farm had been trying to convince me to go ahead with the Florida trip, but so far, I wasn’t convinced.

I had a long discussion with Bob about the issue and finally confessed my fears about mental illness.  He thought that if it was indeed a panic attack, that it could probably be controlled with medication. That just depressed me further, because I thought that I was finished with all those drugs. Before I literally outgrew it, I was taking some twenty pills a day, just to be functional. Not having to take them anymore was extremely satisfying. It reminded me of the old bible verse and the scales fell from my eyes.

In the meantime, I’d just have to hope that the lab results came back with some kind of useful information.

“It was all just so frighteningly real,” I told Gram.

“That doesn’t surprise me, dear,” she said. “You remember when I had my hip replacement?”


“I had the most dreadful hallucinations afterward from the anesthetic. I thought there were strangers prowling around my room.”

“That’s creepy,” I said.

“It certainly was. But they went away.”

“But I don’t think that’s really the same, Gram,” I said.

“Well, the point is that once I recognized what was happening, I wasn’t afraid anymore. It’ll be the same for you.”

“I hope so.”

Growth takes a holiday.
It’s not easy being big enough to have your own zip-code, but it helps if you’re as strong as an ox—or three. Muscle teen titan Alex Johnson not only has to adapt to his new size, but has to cope with finishing his senior year in high school. So far, Alex has managed to keep the school bullies in check, but couldn’t salvage his oldest friendship. Alex is also worried that some of his old developmental problems might be coming back to haunt him and nearly cancels a spring break trip with his hunky boyfriend Ryan, who turns out to be maybe not as mature as Alex thought. Can Alex patch it up with his friend? Can he keep his boyfriend from getting him into any more trouble? Can he really fit into those teeny-tiny swim trunks?
Big Man, Big Trouble

Written By: U.M. Lassiter
Series: Growing Pains #6
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

It’s not nice to play with Mother Nature—especially if she’s with the mob.   In the...

Monday came around and there was still no word about Jason. Some of the comments I heard at school weren’t too flattering, but I guess that was to be expected. It was a little disturbing to hear that for some people the important thing was that this happened after the end of the season. All I could do was shake my head.

Ron had told me over the phone the night before that Jason’s parents wouldn’t even remotely consider the fact that their son was anything other than a red-blooded, one-hundred-percent he-man heterosexual, and that they weren’t particularly helpful. He was getting more cooperation from people that Jason beat up than he was from the parents.

I was chowing down on my mid-morning snack when I spotted Frank across the quad. He had Sammy with him, and it looked like he was back in Frank’s good graces. By that, I mean Sammy was animatedly speaking to Frank, and Frank wasn’t pushing him away. Frank saw me and made a beeline to where I was sitting.

“Have you heard anything, Alex?” he said as Sammy struggled to keep up. Frank still had the same worried expression.

“I’m sorry, Frank, but no.” I still hadn't told him about finding the GPS thing on Jason's car.

“It’s going to be okay, Frankie,” Sammy said, clutching Frank’s bulging forearm.

“Sammy, could you excuse us for a moment?” I said.

“Well, I don’t see why Sammy can’t hear...”

“Fine.” I started gathering up my things to go back to class.

“Wait, wait...” Frank said. He looked down at Sammy. “I’ll catch up with you,” he told him. Sammy shot me an icy look, turned and left.

“You do know something,” Frank continued.

“No, I don’t. I just wanted to talk to you about Sammy.” Frank’s eyes narrowed and he pursed his lips. I’d have to talk fast or I’d lose him.

“I want to apologize,” I said. Frank’s features softened. “You’re right. It’s none of my business who you hang out with.”

Frank cocked his head to one side like a dog that heard a funny noise. He looked down at his feet for a moment and then looked back up. “Apology accepted,” he said.

I stood up and pulled Frank in for a hug. “Thank you.”

 Frank leaned his head against my massive chest. “I’m just so overwhelmed,” he continued. “Things have been changing so fast.”

“Tell me about it,” I replied.

We stood there silently for a couple of moments. We must have been quite the sight—two freakishly muscular behemoths holding each other tight in the middle of the school yard.

“You can let go now, Frank,” I said.

“Your body is like steel,” Frank said dreamily.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I replied. “Wait—are you hard?” Frank looked up at me with a slightly embarrassed expression. He stepped back abruptly.

“I’m always hard when I look at you,” he said, suddenly lowering his voice. “How could I not be? The gigantic pecs, the boulder shoulders, the veins running everywhere. And let’s not forget that giant basket you’re carrying around now. Hell, I’ve been whacking off to the image of you for the last nine months. Sometimes I don’t even have to touch myself!”

“But you have a boyfriend,” I said slightly incredulously. “Two boyfriends!”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“I just...I mean...oh, never mind. About Sammy...”


“Can’t you see how he’s working you?”

“Oh, that. Nah, I’m on to him.”

Now it was my turn to **** my head. I even put my hands on my hips for good measure.

“I really don’t understand.”

“Alex, don’t worry about it. These days, Sammy’s more like a pet than a boyfriend.”

“Isn’t that leading him on?”

“Now you’re getting it.”

“Oh, Frank...”

“Don’t you dare feel sorry for him. You’re the one that called him a weasel. He’s getting plenty out of this relationship.”

“Like what?”

“Just look at me!” Frank held his giant arms wide. “I’m the school uber-stud! Well, after you.”

I stood there slack-jawed. I thought I had this relationship stuff figured out.

It’s not nice to play with Mother Nature—especially if she’s with the mob.
In the exciting conclusion to the Growing Boy series, teen muscle titan Alex Johnson has just returned from the time of his life on Spring Break with his boyfriend Ryan and is stunned to learn that the school football star is missing—but that’s not as shocking as who tells him—and why. Things take an even darker turn when two more of his friends go missing and Alex is followed by a mysterious man with a Taser gun. Meanwhile, Alex has good reason to think that the experimental treatment that made him what he is might be affecting his mind. Alex may no longer be the biggest thing to hit the small Midwestern town of Antioch, Nebraska, what with kidnappings, Russian mobsters and a cliff-hanging conclusion. Will Alex be rendered non-compus-mentis? Will he save the day? Will Bugs Bunny be dashed to bits on the rocks below?