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Gift Shelf FAQ

How do I find My Gifts?
To find My Gifts  you must first click on My Profile  located on the upper left side of the webpage located under Customer Information. This will bring you to the My Account page; on this page click on My Gifts (Orange arrow) under the My Orders  section.


How do I redeem gift codes?

To redeem gift codes, first go to the My Gifts  page through the My Account  page. On the My Gift Shelf page click on the Redeem Code Button (Orange arrow). On the Gifts – Redeem Code  Page, enter your ## digit code to redeem your gift.



How do I send books as gifts?

When sending a single book as a gift, click the Send Gift  button (Orange arrow) located   to the right of the book title. When sending multiple books as gifts, first select the checkboxes pertaining to the desired book (Turquoise arrows) and click on the Send all checked as Gift  button (Purple arrow). When asked to, enter the email of the desired recipient in the text box (Orange Arrow).  

Please note: The Gifts Number (Green arrow - x2) designates how many gifts of the specific book you have in your possession. The number will not  decrease when you send the gift; rather it will decrease when the recipient of the gift claims it.

For single gift:  Enter desired gift recipient email into text box (Orange arrow).

For multiple gifts:  Enter desired gift recipient email into text box (Orange arrow).  Notice multple checkboxes selected (Turquoise arrows).