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Erin Sinclair

I have created stories in my head, on paper and out loud since I was a young girl. As an adult, I have been employed in the use of the written word for over two decades in various administrative positions. I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother. As each role ebbs and flows in my life, the one that remains consistent is that of a writer. In my opinion, storytelling is the original art form. My lifelong dream has been to weave worlds, visit the fantastic and pursue the impossible through the wonderful magic of words. When all else fails, a well-crafted story soothes me, lifts me and takes me away from the mundane to the unlimited potential of the imagination. Care to join me?

Website : http://www.erinsinclairwriter.com

Cupid's Folly

Written By: Erin Sinclair
Series: Big Fat Greek Tall Tales #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Poor Cupid, he's having one HELL of a week. He's been run over by a car, mugged, shot, stabbed, poisoned a...

Cupid's heavy breathing jarred his lungs. He'd been on the run for the last hour. Every time his pursuers caught up, a feint here, a dodge there, enabled his escape.

The smell of the wharf assailed his senses as the evening's drizzling rain muted the normal odors of the natural and unnatural. A foghorn from a distant ship on the bay beckoned to the land bound. Shadows leapt forward, vicious creatures seeking to impede his progress. He tamed them, utilized the surreal gloom to his advantage.

A painful throb to his side caused him to bend over where he placed his hands on soaked knees. He fingered the torn right leg of cloth, pulled it back to reveal a battered kneecap. Shit, this is--was my favorite suit. The cold night air inflamed the injury, caused the open wound to sting. A grimace twitched his lips as he recalled its cause. He slipped on a forgotten dead fish in an alley on his last run from the group.

Far off voices and the echo of heavy footsteps forced Cupid to recede into a cavity created by two shipping containers improperly stacked side by side. The narrowness of his cave forced his breathing to slow.

"How did he disappear so fast? We were right behind him," a nasal whine of a voice emanating from a man pierced the night.

"I don't know," a frustrated cultured British accent from another man responded.

A woman's voice, clear and high-pitched, offered a harsh answer.  "Could it be that you're both idiots?"

Cupid knew Mistress Fate had arrived. The Brit mumbled something but Cupid couldn't understand him.

"You're lucky you're good in the sack, Mr. Remington," she snapped in cruel reply. "Otherwise, your markers in Vegas would be due and owing right now."

The cheeky Mr. Remington was silent.  A few minutes after Fate's last comment, only the sound of soft rain against metal and another blast of a foghorn gave Cupid the impression he was alone.

To play it safe, he waited a few moments more before stepping out of his refuge. He peered around him.  His pursuers were gone. Cupid found his bearings and hobbled toward the point where the night's chase began, exhausted, hurt and hungry. "Care to share?" he inquired to a feral cat that eyeballed him with territorial certainty, protecting its rat buffet.

The animal hissed and grabbed its dinner, slinking backward toward the cover of garbage cans.

"How rude," Cupid stated. A shrill whistle broke the night and caused him to stop. It was the kind of attention grabbing sound construction workers used to heckle pretty girls as they walked by their work zones.

Cupid froze. He rolled his eyes and sighed. This night is never going to end. Turning to gaze at the source, despite the weariness pouring through him, his admired the perfect body of his black leather clad captor in appreciation.  She is something.

The thud of footsteps behind him initiated a glance over his shoulder. Two of Fate's Universal Solicitors were fast approaching. He recognized the handsome Mr. Remington's blond blue-eyed beauty and the creepy bugger of a man, Mr. Leach. Cupid shuddered as his gaze landed on the cowlick bald patch with its gray tufts of hair sprouting from the sides of Leach's egg shaped head.  The wiry mess somehow found a way to take root in his ears. Cupid's lip curled in disgust. By Zeus, Leach, will you do something about that?

Cupid turned once more to meet Fate's cobra stare with a grin and nodded politely to the woman approaching him. "Ursula, a pleasure as always." Her smile was dazzling. Eros imagined all the sharks of the Pacific Ocean bowed their heads in appreciation of its toothy cruelty.

"Eros Bubala, hasn't your mother ever told you it's dangerous to play outside after dark?"

"I'm a big boy, I can handle it."

Ursula strutted toward him. The sway of her hips was hypnotic. If they were not on opposite sides, he could show her a few things about hips--his and hers. She had no problem invading his personal space. Standing very close, her spiked hair poking his cheekbone, she sighed. As tall as he, only because of four-inch stacked black leather stiletto boots, she leaned toward his right ear and whispered seductively.

"Do you really think so?"

Cupid's eyes and mouth popped open in startled surprise as the pain of a dagger's blade stabbing through his diaphragm shocked his brain into paralysis. A numbing sensation followed. He looked down at a spreading stain that looked black in the dim glow of streetlights muted by the mist of moisture in the air. He laughed. "You won't succeed," he muttered as the threat of unconsciousness pulled him down to the wet ground. He fought to stay awake as two sets of masculine hands lifted him. One of the hands rifled through his rear pocket and pulled out his wallet. Damn lawyers, always stealing your money.

"Dump him." Fate ordered.

The freezing cold saltwater lay claim to him, the current making a human buoy of his powerless body before a rip tide tucked him under the pier and water filled his lungs. A final thought cavorted through his mind before he blacked out. My tailor's going to kill me.

Poor Cupid, he's having one HELL of a week. He's been run over by a car, mugged, shot, stabbed, poisoned and dumped into the San Francisco Bay, all because he's been assigned to join a lovely young couple, Michael Tattinger and Nina Davis, by Valentine's Day. However, Mistress Fate and her inept band of Universal Solicitors, cosmic attorneys who keep track of all human events by studying the Akashic Book, are doing everything they can to stop Cupid in his tracks. The Akashic Book is a celestial record of all choices, actions, events and their outcomes made by every human being ever born. It seems the Book reveals to Fate's attorneys, if Michael and Nina become a couple, they will eventually produce a son who will replace Miss Fate as the Master of Fate. Not willing to relinquish her power, Miss Fate will have none of it. She pulls out all the stops to prevent the young couple’s meeting, allowing no one, including a god, to stand in her way. Will Cupid be able to keep to his deadline? Will the bumbling Universal Solicitors prove successful? Will Miss Fate finally understand the meaning of true love and realize nothing on Earth or in Heaven can stop her own Wheel of Fortune from turning?
Price: $2.99

Written By: Erin Sinclair
Series: Cafe Nowhere #0
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Nothing can stop love, not even Death.
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Nothing can stop love, not even Death.
Price: $2.99
The Wishing Tree

Written By: Erin Sinclair
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A plain family heirloom—a Christmas tree crafted of chiseled gold laced with sparkling crystals known as The...

Within a few minutes, a small hillock rose before her and she climbed it. Cedar wood burned from several fireplaces adding a fragrant scent to the air and smudging the sky with its smoke. The large cabin her family had owned for well over two decades beckoned her with welcoming light from all of its visible windows. She could make out the building through the nude trees of the winter forest without a problem. The home announced its warmth and protection and was a beacon of love to her. She smiled and quickened her pace.

The fluffy dry powder of the recent snowstorm was easy to trudge through, but layered the forest floor two feet deep in some places. Simone lifted her toned legs high, stepping gingerly so as not to stumble on any tree roots or dips in the ground. She paused for a moment to catch her breath, then startled at the sight of a set of large booted footprints in the more shallow areas of snowfall. She looked around her, wondering to whom they belonged.

This was private property. Her family owned sixty acres surrounding the cabin all the way to the lake. On a night like this, the Millers would not be out. They would be inside, cooking a ton of rich food, singing Christmas carols and enjoying hot toddies by the large hearth in the grand family room centered in the middle of the cabin. Curious, she followed the markings to a large oak off to her right. She noted they led to and past a Ford pickup truck emblazoned with the seven pointed star and golden shield of the Orleans County Sheriff's Department.Simone grew worried, wondering if there was anything wrong at the cabin. She gathered Teddy's carrier to her and hurried away from the truck, fear mounting. As she passed under the massive wide-branched oak, a profound crack ricocheted around her, snapping her attention upward. "Wh-whoa!" a voice bellowed as a man, dressed in the uniform of a deputy sheriff, crashed through the tree. A violent whuff of air blasted from his lungs when he landed flat on his back in a deep pile of snow right in front of Simone's feet. A poof of the fresh powder caught her in the face.

Surprised, she gasped and stumbled backward. She dropped poor Teddy and the expensive Dior handbag to the ground. Teddy hissed and shrieked in irritation, but she righted herself before falling, shouting, "Oh my word!"

Clearing the snow from her eyes, she looked down on the long, lanky form of a handsome, stunned deputy sheriff who lay, unmoving, at her feet.

A plain family heirloom—a Christmas tree crafted of chiseled gold laced with sparkling crystals known as The Wishing Tree—has been passed down to the women of the Miller family for generations. Legend has it if a heartfelt wish for true love is made on the tree, one's soul mate will be brought to them by mysterious happenstance. 1958. Simone Miller, top fashion model for the Astor Modeling Agency, is on a break between assignments and decides to meet with her family at their cabin in Vermont for the winter holidays. Joyful times are had by all for the entire week leading to Christmas Day where she inherits the ornament and all the possibilities the gift represents. 1983. Genevieve Jensen mourns the loss of her fiancé who died in a car accident two months prior to the holiday gathering of the Miller clan. At the insistence of her parents, she arrives at the Miller cabin, finds solace and comfort in their established traditions and begins to smile again, sharing in the love and laughter of her close knit family. 2008. Fiona Landis, top notch interior designer, barely makes it to the Miller family cabin to share in the holiday festivities. On Christmas morning Fiona's high-end sensibilities are put to the test when The Wishing Tree appears beside her, calling to the jaded young woman to make her wish. Will Fiona break the cycle and reject The Wishing Tree? Or will she too succumb to the time honored tradition the women of the Miller clan have shared for well over a century?
Price: $3.99
Witch One?

Written By: Erin Sinclair
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Cassandra Blanchard has it all, looks, breeding, education, successful career, beautiful home, magical powers and...

"Maman, what are you doing here?" She embraced her striking mother, pulling back to kiss her cheeks. Studying the woman's lustrous white hair, light blue eyes, aquiline features, she found a look of worry about her. Other than that, Bettina Blanchard was the picture of health for a woman of one hundred and ten years who did not look a day over sixty. "Is Papa all right? Bertrand?"


Bettina returned the embrace of her only daughter, continued to prepare their breakfast. She replied in a warm soprano, Provencal accent tinting her words. "Oui, darling, your father and brother are well."


The two women, out of long ago established habit, set the breakfast table together, catching up on family events as they placed croissants, butter, homemade jam and coffee on the table followed by cups, saucers and spoons. Cassandra opened the backdoor and the kitchen window to allow the amazing autumn wind to flow around them. Her mother sat in one of the pillowed wrought iron chairs nestled around a small vintage circular pine table and glanced about the room.


"You have exquisite taste, darling. Your home is perfect and the roses, magnifique."


"My mother taught me well." She smiled and waited patiently for the woman to discuss the real reason for her visit. Cassandra deduced her mother was upset. When she was in such a state, she did not like to talk about distasteful things while eating as she believed it upset the digestion.


When the croissants were gone and the women were on their second cup of coffee, Bettina turned to her daughter and hesitated.


"Maman, please tell me what is bothering you."


She sighed. "I am here about your engagement."


Cassandra's face lit into bright cheer as she extended her marriage hand to her mother. "Isn't it beautiful?"


Bettina took her daughter's hand and raised stylish glasses carried on a gold chain to her eyes. She studied the ring, agreed on its beauty. She mumbled again in French and put her daughter's hand down, patting it. "You cannot marry him."


"I'm sorry, Maman, what do you mean?" Floored by her mother's statement, Cassandra did not move. She did not understand and a knife of pain stabbed her heart. Her mother was going to help her plan, she had been sure of it. They would travel the world to find the most unique items for her trousseau, wedding, and honeymoon. It never occurred to her that her mother would not approve of her marriage. Bettina loved Ethan as if he were her own.


"You cannot marry Mr. McBride."


Cassandra shook her head in devastation, not believing what she heard. "I don't understand. You love him as much as I do."


"Of course I do and if there is any way around this, I will gladly give my consent."


Even more confused than ever, Cassandra checked the tears threatening to spill and shook her head, dumbfounded at the comment. "Then what is the problem?"


She took her daughter's face in her elegant hands and stated, "You cannot marry Mr. McBride because you have apparently forgotten you are bound to another."

Cassandra Blanchard has it all, looks, breeding, education, successful career, beautiful home, magical powers and the hottest English teacher on the East Coast. Her life cannot be any more perfect than the night her love proposes to her under a full moon, a bonfire, and the entire small town of wonderful neighbors and friends cheering the happy couple on when she accepts Ethan McBride's offer of marriage. After a blissful evening together, she awakens to find her very perturbed mother reminding her of one small problem--she has forgotten she is already engaged to another, an old family friend who journeys to the States to claim his wayward betrothed. Which one will Cassandra choose--the golden prince or the darkly handsome knight who casts his charismatic spell?
Price: $3.99