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Dragon Bound

Seduction of the Golden Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #0
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

April has waited several months for her night of bliss. Finally, alone with her mate, she employs the dirty dance...
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April has waited several months for her night of bliss. Finally, alone with her mate, she employs the dirty dance lessons she took to drive him wild. Can she survive her dragon's passion, or will she succumb to her most basic fears.
Price: $1.59
The Blood Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #0
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

The Water Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #0
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

How much of Summer's sunshine will it take to bring the Water Dragon to his boiling point?   Unli...

“None of these women are my mate, Damek.” Adrian waved his hand. “I have stayed here waiting for this Summer you say lives here, but I have been here nearly the whole of the day.” He shifted in his seat and looked around. “Surely His Highness will take exception to our sullying his great hall for the duration.”

As much as he loved his brother and he wanted to swear allegiance to the new ruler of their species, Adrian couldn’t wait to meet the woman whose voice drew him out of his long slumber. He’d designed the spell he used to put himself to sleep in such a way that only his mate could draw him forth. Now he was here, but she was nowhere to be found.

Damek laughed at him, the ass. “Patience, little brother. Have patience.” Damek took a sip of his brandy. “If the others aren’t the one, it must be Summer. She’s the only one left and she is on her way home now.” He cocked his head and looked toward the front door. “I stand corrected, she has just arrived.”

Heart pounding like a fledgling facing his transformation for the first time, Adrian wiped his damp palms on his strange leggings they called jeans, stood and slowly turned to face the woman he would, with any luck at all, claim as his mate one day soon.

The name Summer fit her well. Sunshine poured through the front door as she entered, filling the foyer with a golden light. He wouldn’t have thought much of it had the light dimmed when one of her dragon bodyguards closed the door behind her.

Perchance it was her beautiful smile that lit up the room as though sunlight poured through the ceiling over her head. Long, shining golden blonde hair fell about her shoulders. When she smiled up at one of the males as he took her wrap, Adrian fought the urge to growl.

He didn’t want to frighten her, nor did he want her to think he would consider her property. The best thing he could do was keep his emotions in check, though it was a difficult thing to do with the other males so close. He felt his scales fighting to emerge, his arms turning a light, iridescent blue with a silver undertone.

Overjoyed to find his mate at last, Adrian quickly moved to step forward and introduce himself.

Damek grasped his arm, pulling him back before Adrian could voice his presence. “Maybe it would be better if I introduced you.” His brother gave the other males a stern look that had them scrambling to get away. Few, if any, ever argued with Damek. He was the oldest of their kind, after all.

Adrian felt it when she saw him. He could actually feel her gaze upon him. His skin tingled and his body went hard. When he turned, he didn’t expect her to be standing so close, with her beautiful sky-blue eyes staring at him with curious interest.

“Hello, Summer. I hope this day finds you well.” Damek greeted her formally as he bent over her hand. Straightening, he turned to pat Adrian on the back. “Allow me to introduce my brother, Adrian.”

Adrian smiled down at the girl, his chest aching with some strange pain. He never expected his mate to be as beautiful as this woman was. What had he done to deserve her?

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mr. Antaeus.” Summer held out her hand with a soft smile.

Adrian paused for a minute, fearing to take it lest he squeeze her delicate bones too hard and break them. “And I you,” he replied as he, too, bent over her hand. Only instead of just taking her hand in his, he kissed it.

The shock of power and recognition shot up his arm and sent a prickle of awareness through his lips. Her aura melded with his, bringing him warmth. He could not say it was an unwelcome sensation after so many centuries encased in ice.

“What brings you to my sister’s home?” She gently tugged her hand, as though he would release it.

Not likely. Letting this woman go was the last thing on his mind. He fully intended to take her with him when he left, even if he must carry her over his shoulder like a sack of grain.

Adrian straightened with a smile. “I have come for you.” He frowned at the sound of his brother’s groan behind him.

“I know I told you that modern women required a bit of delicacy, brother.” Damek all but growled the words.

He needn’t have bothered. Adrian could already sense his mate’s interest flag as she jerked her hand from his grasp.

“You’ve come for me, or come to meet me?”

Her smile seemed genuine, if not a bit strained so he thought it best to enlighten her. She was his mate and they were as good as married in the eyes of his people.

“I have come for you, mate.” He smiled again. It was a good smile. One he knew the maids loved. Well…they had loved it a thousand or so years ago. Women couldn’t have changed that much. “Now, if you would just go to your sisters and tell them goodbye, I will speak to the head of your family and pay them the bride price.”

Another groan behind him had him turning toward his brother with a scowl.

Would the man never stop his groaning? “Are you in pain, man? If so, find yourself a draught of ale and have a seat. All will be well before you know it.”

He wasn’t certain Damek was well at all. He looked rather red in the face.

“You’ll…you will what?”

“I shall purchase you, of course. Where is your brother so that I may give him your bride price?” He waved his hand. “It does not matter that I do not know the price. No price is too high for my mate.” He turned her toward the stairs, patted her on the rump and gave her a gentle nudge. “Off with you, now. Go find your brother and leave us men to our discussion.”

“Off with me, now? Leave the men-folk to their discussion?” Her face turned a becoming shade of pink before turning a darker red.

“Is there some sort of sickness of which I should be aware?” Adrian frowned as he looked between his mate and his brother. “Both of you have turned a hideous shade of red. Shall I fetch a healer?”

How much of Summer's sunshine will it take to bring the Water Dragon to his boiling point?
Unlike many of her sisters, Summer looks forward to finding that a dragon is her mate. In fact, she will settle for nothing less. Yet when Adrian claims her as his own, his old-world manners and charm aren't enough to make up for his equally old-world chauvinism. There's only so much Summer can take before she loses her temper. She has only one question…how much will it take before the water dragon begins to boil?
Price: $3.99
The Fire Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #0
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Like her sister Rose, Tansy fears her inner powers. They’re dangerous. Fire follows her wherever she goes an...
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Like her sister Rose, Tansy fears her inner powers. They’re dangerous. Fire follows her wherever she goes and Tansy is certain it’s only a matter of time before she harms someone. When Tony, a dragon she met at one of her sister, April’s, dating parties begins to make his move, she runs away. She fears him, her power and intimacy with an ancient dragon.

When Tony finds his mate in the arms of another man, he wants to rage at the world. In fact, he finds it difficult to rein in the power of his dragon at the sight. What is his mate doing in the arms of another dragon male? One thing is certain. He will do anything to convince Tansy that she belongs with him and him alone.

Price: $3.99
The Golden Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

April is shocked when she runs into a dragon in the alley behind her shop. Despite his urbane appearance, a wildne...

“Most witches have useful powers. They manifest useful things like money, the power to do some good in this world or even a tuna sandwich,” April said as she popped the lid back on a plastic container half-full of cedar. “Not me.” She snorted. “So far, the only thing I’ve been able to manifest is a patch of toadstools and poisoned oak.”

She glanced at the other members of her coven. All twelve of her adopted sisters looked on with understanding. If anyone could understand her predicament, it was them.

“I know exactly what you mean.” Tansy stepped forward, her scorched cape still smoldering from her last attempt to cast a spell. “What’s wrong with us?” She spread her arms out as if to encompass them all. “None of us have been able to manifest anything like Mother and Father did.” She bowed her head and lowered her voice as though what she were about to say were somehow sacrilegious. “Do you think it’s because we’re adopted and not their blood kin?”

April shook her head and crossed her arms. “Being adopted has nothing to do with it.” She made her voice sound strong and firm even though she wasn’t sure herself. “It can’t be that.” Seeing her sisters looking so dejected over their failures, she decided what her next words would be, true or not. “If being adopted made any difference, why bother to train us at all?” She shook her head. “No, we are doing something wrong. I’m sure of it.”

What that something was, was beyond her comprehension, but she would find out what it was if it was the last thing she ever did. If not for her, she would do it for her sisters and brothers, wherever her brothers were. She hadn’t seen them since the unfortunate accident that stole their parents from them. She avoided looking at Rose, the little sister responsible for that horrific event.

“Look at Iris.” She waved toward her little sister whose thick ebony hair escaped her bun with abandon. “She managed to manifest eggs this morning.”

Iris grimaced. “Yeah. Eight dozen eggs and all of them raw, broken and covering the cheese, ham and English muffins that were supposed to be Eggs Benedict. Some success story.”

“Well, you’re closer than I am.” April scowled at her sister’s lack of enthusiasm. “I tried to conjure up mushrooms to go with the omelets we made out of all those eggs and got toadstools instead.” But they knew that. They had all raided her pantry after that. Now it was as empty as her refrigerator.

April paced back and forth in front of her sisters, her wand in her hand. As she passed, each flinched as the tip of her wand pointed at them in turn. “Stop flinching or I’ll turn all of you into Goddess knows what!”

As mad as she was about their reactions and this morning’s debacle with the eggs and toadstools, she just might lose her temper and do something unforgivable—what, she had no idea. Man, it sucked not having control over her powers. Their parents had made it look so easy. April glanced around at her sisters’ dejected faces and took comfort in the fact that at least, in this, she wasn’t alone.

She wrapped the cedar shavings in the paper they used to make their smudge sticks, then lit it. Smoke rose as the comforting scent of burning cedar filled the room. It was always good to cleanse the room before and after they tried to manifest things. It not only cleansed the room of their mistakes and the inevitable negativity that followed failure, the scent helped relax and ground them.

“Since this session was an obvious bust…again, we should head home, rest and practice until next month.” She nodded when Daisy raised her hand. “Yes, Daisy?”

“Do we have to practice? Can’t we just hang up our capes and shove our wands in a box in the back of our underwear drawers and call it good?”

April is shocked when she runs into a dragon in the alley behind her shop. Despite his urbane appearance, a wildness lurks in his gaze. Gathering her coven together, they discuss the ramifications of one of the witch-killing beasts appearing nearby. When spell after spell continues to go awry, is it a sign that their magic is truly weak or is it the dragon in the picture that is turning tulips into toadstools? Dragons are too bossy to bond to their own kind, so when Drake meets the perfect witch for him, will he have enough fortitude to stand against her coven and their truly crappy magic?
Price: $2.99
The Ice Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Rose wants and needs a mate, but when one offers in the form of a dragon, can she stop running long enough to test...

Leaning forward, Tansy closed her eyes and, with an effort that looked painful, she held her wrists together, her hands arced out. Tansy’s lips moved, possibly in a silent prayer, just before she pushed a ball of concentrated energy at the driver through the thick wire divider.

The driver slumped forward, unconscious as the cab careened out of control toward the brick wall of a warehouse.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Rose closed her eyes and visualized the driver stomping on the brakes. The car skidded to a halt and the two women jumped out.

“Asshole!” Tansy ripped the driver’s door open, jammed the car into park, removed the driver’s seatbelt and dragged him from the car. “Get in,” she snarled in Rose’s direction. “We have to get out of here before someone finds us.”

Rose climbed into the vehicle more because she wanted to get away from the man who had kidnapped them than because she agreed with her sister. “Where to now?”

Tansy looked down at the gauges as she put the car in gear. “As far as three quarters of a tank of gas will take us, then we’ll catch a bus.”

Two hours and one flat tire later, they were walking. “I’m hungry.”

“Don’t whine to me about the state of your stomach, Tansy. This was your idea.”

“Yeah, but you’re older. You should have stopped me.”

Rose stopped walking to glare at her sister. “I’m older by months, Tansy, not years. That does not give me more experience. If it did, I would have known this harebrained scheme of yours would turn out badly.”

Tansy stuck her thumb out as a car approached. “I don’t care what you think about the perils of hitchhiking. I’m hitching a ride to the nearest restaurant.”

Rose shook her head and sighed. “Whatever. It’s not like you couldn’t use that weird energy thing on someone again.”

“I can’t. I can only use that about once every six hours, but that’s beside the point. I’m hungry and thirsty and my feet hurt.”

“Why do I always forget you’re the whiney sister until I go with some stupid plan of yours?” Rose shook her head. She almost laughed when the car sped past and Tansy stomped her foot like a frustrated child.

She didn’t laugh, however, when a long, sleek limo stopped and a door opened.

“Get in.”

“Uh, no thanks.” Tansy backed away.

“I thought you wanted a ride. You had your thumb out, didn’t you?” The man inside didn’t move to get out, nor did he attempt to coerce them into the vehicle any further.

“Well…yes. I did have my thumb out.”

“Then get in. I’m late for a meeting. I can’t sit here indefinitely.”

“I’m not sure about this, Tansy.” Rose grabbed her sister’s arm as she sighed and headed for the car.

Tansy turned around with a sigh. “You’re not sure about what? The man stopped because I had my thumb out.” She narrowed her eyes as if to say get in or you’re on the menu. I’m starved. “Get in. He’ll take us to town.”

“Which town would that be?” Rose asked as she climbed into the car behind her sister, the whole time telling herself you’re just too damned stupid to live, Rose. Or maybe that was Tansy. The jury was still out on that one.


Rose wants and needs a mate, but when one offers in the form of a dragon, can she stop running long enough to test the bond?

Rose is convinced that no man, let alone a dragon, could possibly want her. When an ice dragon turns on the heat, she does what her instincts scream for her to do. Grabs her sister and heads for the hills with a dragon in cold and calculating pursuit. With her destiny held in a kiss, will she ever let him get close enough to prove their match?

Price: $2.99
The Earth Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #4
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

When a dragon and a witch travel to Alaska in search of a plant thought long extinct, the result is…magic. ...

Walking to her window, she looked out over the grounds at the back of the house. With the swimming pool and patio just outside the sliding glass doors in the great room, to the lush, trimmed gardens beyond, she could have loved this place. Well, that is, if it weren’t for the fact that she felt like a prisoner here.

With a sigh, May went to her dresser and pulled out her bikini. It was the one she bought on a whim while visiting one of the expensive shops April had taken her to. She smiled when she held it up in front of herself to look in the mirror. She’d never even tried it on. She bought it at April’s suggestion that it might make her feel better to make Drake pay two-hundred dollars for a scrap of material barely big enough to cover the pertinent parts.

April had been right. The little scraps of white material, covered in yellow polka-dots, at least made her smile. She didn’t smile because of what it cost her brother-in-law, she smiled because she was now the proud owner of a teeny yellow polka-dot bikini.

Still smiling, May undressed and donned the swimming suit. What the heck? If she couldn’t go anywhere, she could at least take a dip in the pool and get some sun on her white legs.

She’d just closed her bedroom door, when she heard one of her sisters ask, “Going for a swim?”

May turned to give Ginger a sideways glance. “Uh, no. As a matter of fact, I was just going to church. Wanna come?”

“Okay. I deserved that one,” Ginger said with a giggle. “Though, I wouldn’t mind worshipping at the chlorine temple myself.” She hooked her arm around May’s and pulled her along beside her. “Will you wait for me to change?”

“Of course.”

Nothing was worse than swimming alone. Though Drake had cameras all over the place, and security personnel, it didn’t mean she wanted to be out there by herself.

What if something happened and she got a cramp in the deep end? What would she do other than drown? She was safer with one of her sisters along. Every one of the Flowers children had taken water safety courses.

While water magic was common, their parents had insisted that each of them learn safety measures. In fact, all of them had lifeguard jobs in the summer while they were in school.

For some reason, their parents had feared for their safety when around lakes—they never did figure out why.

May was glad for her sister’s company. She hadn’t been looking forward to swimming alone. The last thing she wanted was Drake’s security personnel ogling her while she was getting in a few laps. At least with Ginger there, they would most likely look solely at her sister if they decided to hang around.

Drake never used to have security patrolling the grounds inside the walls until her sisters, Rose and Tansy, climbed a tree and snuck out over the eight-foot tall brick enclosure. After that fiasco, he posted guards to keep the unattached Flowers sisters in as much as keep others out.

“Can you hurry? I need to get out of this house before I go mad,” May said as they entered Ginger’s room. Like May’s room, it was large. However, that’s where the similarities ended. May’s room was lavender with an ivy border just below the crown molding. This room was light blue, almost the same color as Ginger’s eyes, with some sort of pink, flowery plant decorating the top few inches of the wall. Even the furniture was different.

Sitting down on Ginger’s bed, she waited while Ginger hurried into the bathroom she shared with her twin, Ivy, to change.

“What do you think?” Ginger asked when she strode out of the bathroom. Holding her arms out, she slowly turned around.

“I think all of the guards are going to have heart attacks. That’s what I think,” May said with a snort. “Heck, next time, just try a few strategically placed adhesive bandages. I think they’d cover more and they come in a variety of prints and colors.”

Ginger’s bikini was little more than a few pieces of string. It consisted of two half saltine-sized crocheted triangles that barely covered her nipples and the bottom was a thong with a similarly sized triangle to cover her nether regions.

“If they want to look, let them.” Ginger grinned and waggled her brows. “No one ever said I was a good girl anyway.”

“Well, I certainly never said you weren’t a good girl.” May glared at her sister. “Do you think people talk about you behind your back or something?”

“I never said that.” Ginger ran back into the bathroom and grabbed her cover-up. They didn’t need towels. Drake had a towel rack and pool house just off the patio. The Flowers had never been what May would have called poor, but this…this house was simply decadent.

Following Ginger, they made their way down to the first floor and out through the French doors in the great room and into the sunlight.

The men on the ground watched them both suspiciously. It was as though they thought the two women planned to climb over the tall brick walls wearing nothing more than bikinis. Perhaps they hoped they would try so they could watch. Who knew?

Ginger immediately made her way over to the outside stereo and turned it on. Classic rock poured from the speakers as they both circled the pool with a critical eye.

“What do you think? Do we test the water or just jump in and take our chances?”

May grinned. “I think we could just jump in.”

“You would,” Ginger said with a snort. “You always loved just plowing into the water when Mom and Dad took us to Lake Superior. That water is almost ice cold.” She rubbed her arms as though remembering.

“Well, you asked.” May stepped back a few paces and took a running leap into the large pool.

Cold water closed over her head and she let out a little giggle. Ginger would screech when she jumped in.

“You bitch. You knew I would take that as a challenge.” Ginger laughed and leaped into the pool. She came up sputtering. “It’s cold. It’s so cold!”

“I think it feels great.” May swam a few laps, then turned over onto her back to look at the sky. “I could stay here all day.”

“Me, too.” Ginger sighed as she floated next to her. “I wish we could go to the lake.”

“Yeah, me, too.” May knew they couldn’t. As far as the dragons were concerned, taking the women to the lake would be a logistical nightmare, security wise.

“Well, we’ll just have to close our eyes and pretend we’re there.”

“I guess.”

“What did you think of that big dragon who bought the Pussycat?”

“I think he was okay. He was very handsome in the face, but he was too big.” May frowned. “You know how I feel about muscle-bound men. Yech.”

“I don’t know if I should feel insulted or flattered.”

May’s body stiffened, her body sinking beneath the surface. She came up sputtering and glared at the man in question. “What are you doing here?”


When a dragon and a witch travel to Alaska in search of a plant thought long extinct, the result is…magic.

When the larger than life dragon buys the Purring Pussycat to get May out of her dancing contract, May is sure she’s in trouble. When she refuses his suit and he kidnaps her to take her to the wilds of Alaska, she knows she is. How can she convince Damek that she’s not attracted to large, muscular men, especially when she can’t seem to stop looking at him?

When Damek follows May to her place of employment, he knows exactly who she is—his mate. When she refuses his offer of marriage, he does the only thing he can. He kidnaps her and drags her to Alaska with him where he must search for a plant long thought extinct to reverse the effects of Dragonkin’s potent aphrodisiac, Dragon’s Desire.

Will the strong-willed pair overcome their differences before they return to her home, or will Damek regret even staking his claim?
Price: $3.99
The Spirit Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #6
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

It’s one thing when Jasmine manifests dead things. It’s something else when they start to walk and tal...

 “Yes, April. You know it’s for the best. As long as I can’t control myself, there’s a danger someone is going to realize I’m the one causing all of the strange happenings.” The one who woke him chuckled softly and Ryuu stirred in his lair. “One of these days, someone is going to find one of the bodies before it decides to die again.”

“They do not die a second time, Jasmine. They merely walk the earth as though they were alive again. None of them have spoken or acted as though they have a mind of their own.” Ryuu fought the urge to growl at the male who spoke. What was a male doing so close to his lair?

“You’re forgetting the one that followed me around saying, me eat your brain, Drake.”

“You don’t think that one came back with a sense of zombie humor?” April asked.

Ryuu smiled at the fact that even though he was several feet below the surface, and he could not see those who disturbed his rest, that he could still differentiate between the two females who woke him.

“I doubt it, especially since he tried to attack me.”

“Then apparently, he didn’t realize that you were the one who brought him back to life so he could try to eat your brains.”

“I really don’t think he cared. Anyway, I appreciate you two bringing me here and leaving me alone. The last thing I want to do is endanger anyone else.”

“We will not leave you unprotected.”

“I don’t need protection, Drake. I need alone time.”

“We will not leave you without leaving three of my best men to protect you. If you wish to stay here, then you will stay here with them. I have already informed them to follow you discreetly. You will not even know they are there.”

This Drake person was fast becoming someone Ryuu could respect. One should never leave females to fend for themselves in strange places.

“If that’s the only way you’ll leave me here, then I guess I don’t have any choice but to accept your generous offer.”

Ryuu heard the strain in the woman’s voice. She did not want this Drake’s help, but she would accept it graciously in exchange for her right to remain here.

For some reason, Ryuu liked the idea of her staying close. Something within him stirred at the sound of her voice and he wished to rise to find out what it was about the woman that caused such a reaction in him.

He heard heavy footsteps vibrate the earth overhead as one of them walked away. He didn’t think it could be one of the females, but it had been a century or more since he had risen. It had also been that long since anyone dared to visit his home. Many things could have changed since then.

After a few minutes, the ground above grew quiet. Ryuu relaxed, allowing himself to slip back into a deep sleep, once more.


The sound of crying woke him. Sitting up, he frowned. How much time had passed since the last time he’d awakened? He moved through his lair, searching for an intruder. Was this some sort of trap designed to get him to leave the safety of his cave?

Placing a hand to his chest, Ryuu looked up toward the woman who sobbed so heavily. What had happened to her? It sounded as though her heart had broken—either that, or she was terrified.

Her heart-wrenching sobs touched him in a way that nothing else ever had. Curious, Ryuu chose to leave his self-imposed prison to investigate. If he exited through one of the other openings, he could approach her undetected. The last thing he wanted to do was reveal the main entrance to his lair—especially if this was a trap.

Drawing on his dragon’s magic, Ryuu opened the entrance a mile from the woman and walked out into the blinding sunshine. The light was bright, almost too bright for a dragon who hadn’t seen the sun in nearly one-hundred years.

He approached from the north and downwind. Who knew what kind of trap awaited him? It was best to keep alert and use the element of surprise.

The sobs grew louder as he approached. Finally, exiting the trees in front of her, he stopped, totally rapt. The most gorgeous woman he had ever seen sat on the large boulder that covered the entrance to his lair.

Her hair, as black and shiny as the purest obsidian, tumbled to her waist. Beautiful eyes, nearly the same dark, green of the rarest jade, filled with tears when she looked up and met his gaze.

“Go ahead, you nasty goon,” she said on another sob. “Mash my head in and eat my brains. I hope you choke on them.”

The woman, who he now realized could very well be the most beautiful in the world, swiped her arm across her nose in a very unladylike way that almost made him smile. “Put me out of my misery. I’m tired of running. Just get it over with already.”


It’s one thing when Jasmine manifests dead things. It’s something else when they start to walk and talk.
Jasmine is a witch who needs her mate, as evidenced by the fact that she can bring things back to life—whether she wants to, or not. When corpses begin to come back to life while she’s around, things get interesting, not to mention messy. When she awakens a male who keeps insisting he loves her, Jasmine runs. What sane person wouldn’t?
When a very beautiful and talented witch wakes Ryuu from his deep slumber, he feels a connection immediately. When he pursues her, she runs. It’s almost enough to give him a complex until he realizes the poor girl thinks she reanimated him from dead tissue. Now, all he needs to do is convince her that she’s his mate and that he’s the Spirit Dragon, not a zombie.
Price: $3.99
The Sapphire Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #7
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Daisy is one of the strongest of the Flowers sisters. So why does she wish to shun her magic? Daisy hates magi...
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Daisy is one of the strongest of the Flowers sisters. So why does she wish to shun her magic?
Daisy hates magic and would do anything to shun her latent powers. She wants nothing more than to live a normal life. However, with her unorthodox upbringing, she isn’t certain what normal is. All she knows is that she doesn’t want to marry a dragon who would inevitably make her powers stronger.
The Sapphire Dragon knows Daisy doesn’t want to live a magical life, but pursues her anyway. Posing as a human, he’s surprised when she refuses to associate with him at her sister’s party one moment and then decides to have dinner with him in another. How long before she figures out the human male she’s falling in love with is really the dragon she’s trying to escape?
Price: $3.99
The Red Dragon

Written By: Tianna Xander
Series: Dragon Bound #8
Published By: Extasy Books

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