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Cynthianna (aka Cindy A. Matthews) is a multi-published author who enjoys writing science fiction romantic fiction as well as contemporary fantasy romances and romantic-comedies. She also writes paranormal/science fiction and humorous erotic-romance under the pen name of Celine Chatillon.

Cindy's non-fiction articles and inspirational essays have appeared in over forty publications. She works as a freelance manuscript evaluator, book reviewer and copy editor.

Email : cynthianna@hotmail.com

Website : http://www.cynthianna.com

Driving in England

Written By: AJ Matthews, Cynthianna
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Susannah and Duncan drive into romance when they go on an urgent mission for her boss. Susannah Koenig travels...

“Oh. My. God.”

Susannah Koenig smothered a laugh behind a hand, staring at the headline splashed across her laptop’s screen. Unfrocked Vicar Eaten by Lion! She couldn’t believe her eyes. That kind of thing only happened in the movies or on some poorly written sit-coms—not in real life—and most certainly not in some staid English village circa 1932.

She rose from the sofa and walked away from the coffee table littered with the remains of half-eaten bagels, dusty genealogy volumes, and various papers she’d gathered over the past two weeks. There’s no way on earth I can tell the boss about his ancestor, the unfrocked vicar who was consumed by a large beast of prey. No way. I value my job too much.

But what could she do? Harold Spalding paid her good money to graph out his family tree in minute detail. How could she avoid mentioning the former Reverend Titus Spalding, a man accused of sexual misconduct who was stupid enough to stick his head in a lion’s gaping jaws?

“I can’t believe this.” She switched on the kitchen light and began automatically stacking dishes into the dishwasher. “Who in his right mind would knowingly walk into a lion’s cage at a circus to prove his innocence? In the twentieth century no less! The man was a first class idiot!”

Shit! The sudden realization of the horrible revelation hit her hard in the stomach. She gulped and put down the dish she was stacking. I can’t tell Mr. Spalding that he had a complete lunatic for a grandfather. It’ll kill him.

And then she’d be out of a job.

A very good position with responsibility and prestige, one that she had slaved and suffered long enough to land... Women hit the glass ceiling in the good ol’ boy oil industry all the time, so Susannah felt rightfully proud of her accomplishment, even if it had taken many years and more than a few gray hairs. Nothing was going to stand in her way of keeping her job until they forced her into retirement. Nothing.

“Damned if I do—damned if I don’t.” Susannah sighed. She could think of only one thing to get herself out of this dilemma. She needed help—professional help. She’d have to email that stuffy, stick-up-his-ass Duncan Balfour and ask for his assistance once again. Maybe the genealogist par excellence could find some other worthy tidbits of information about the crazy vicar, suggest some way to sweeten the news, to make it more palatable for her boss to swallow?

“If I’m lucky, there might be two Reverend Titus Spaldings in England, and the boss is related to the more normal fella. Please, Lord, let that be the case!”

Swallowing her pride, and a few dry crumbs of bagel, she headed back to her laptop to email the uptight Brit.


Dear Mr. Balfour:

I’m in need of your assistance. I’m working on a genealogy project on behalf of my employer, Harold Spalding, and may have discovered a link in his family tree to a Reverend Titus Spalding of Understrand, Norfolk County, England. As I recall reading online, you’re a resident of the area. Could you check your own and local sources to enlighten me as to the true character of this individual? Could his name have been confused with any others of same or similar name? Your help in the past has been most appreciated, and I thank you in advance for this undertaking.

All the best,

Susannah Koenig


Tapping send, she glanced at the computer clock. Britain was six hours ahead of Texas, so Balfour would receive her missive first thing in the morning local time. Good enough. She’d check her email in the morning to see if the priggish academic felt her request for information worthy of an immediate reply.

Give the devil his due, Balfour always replies in a timely manner with hard factual material, even if his tone is patronizing. But somehow, Susannah got the impression the man found addressing a lowly American amateur beneath his dignity. Hadn’t she paid his fees promptly? Hadn’t she been businesslike and fair in all her dealings with the man?

Glass ceilings existed everywhere—in business, in genealogy circles, in life in general. In spite of the odds, she had marched forward, throwing herself against the walls of prejudice erected to keep women in their place, particularly women of a certain age as she had been labeled in the past few years. Her success had been hard won and all of her own doing. No silver spoons were ever placed in her mouth!

Susannah rolled her eyes heavenwards as she rose from the sofa. Some people! It’s like they don’t know what it’s like to earn a living. Spalding Oilfield Solutions paid her good money, and the chance to advance offered by the boss’s interest in her family tree hobby had been too good to ignore. She headed back to the kitchen to finish filling the dishwasher and sighed. “I just wish I didn’t have to depend on some old-money, snobby jackass I’ve never met in the flesh to get me through this rough patch.”


Susannah and Duncan drive into romance when they go on an urgent mission for her boss.
Susannah Koenig travels to England on an urgent mission to discover her boss’s relatives. Duncan Balfour, a renowned genealogist, doesn’t think he’d like to meet the woman who nags him online for help. Then he realizes he is the long lost relative Susannah’s boss is desperately searching for. Once the pair meet, they can’t deny their mutual attraction, but Duncan can’t help lying to her to protect his family’s reputation. Can Susannah pierce Duncan’s armor to find the loving man within and reveal the truth that could save a life?
Price: $4.99
The Fixer Uppers

Written By: Cynthianna
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Can single mom Cassie find happiness on a blind date? Will she allow Mike to fix her broken heart?   ...

He smells of paint and newsprint—and male. Cassie closed her eyes. She could feel the overpowering warmth and strength of Mike’s muscles through the thin fabric of his shirt as she stood entranced next to him. What if she turned around this instant and pulled him into her arms instead?

Her sluggish mind was wandering she realized. She blinked and shook her head to clear the cobwebs.

“Oh—kay. I’m ready.”

“Then let ‘er rip.”

The dart hit the imprint of Mike’s pinkie.

He grinned. “Not bad. Now give Jack a stab right in the heart. Aim for the middle.”

Cassie screwed both eyes shut and sent the dart flying with a passionate fling. A loud thump broke the silence.

“Oh, no—can I open my eyes now? Did I break something?” she asked timidly.

Mike let out a long whistle. “Look what you did.”

She cautiously opened one eye. The dart had hit dead center.

“Yippee!” Cassie jumped up and down. She gave Mike an impulsive bear hug, almost knocking the breath out of him. “Let’s do it again!”

Mike’s gaze fixed on her mouth. “Yes, let’s do—”

Can single mom Cassie find happiness on a blind date? Will she allow Mike to fix her broken heart?
Can a single mom find happiness on a blind date—or at least dinner with a male who can cut up his own food? Cassie and Mike believe they’re in like, not in love. But when down-on-his-luck Mike is evicted, Cassie takes him in. Mike starts fixing everything from window screens to her sons’ broken hearts. Will Cassie let Mike fix hers?
Price: $5.99
The Stocking

Written By: Cynthianna
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Adele’s lonely Christmas Eve is made much brighter by the arrival of a mysterious silver-whiskered stranger&...

The sound of snow falling off the eaves was familiar to Adele, but something seemed different this time. She threw back the goose down quilt and plunged her feet into icy shoes, grabbing her shawl from the foot of the bed. She glanced at the clock on the mantel as she headed to the front window to see what the ruckus was all about. It was midnight.

Moonlight painted the snow-covered world in a lustrous diamond blanket. The blue-black sky was clear now and only a gentle wind howled across the endless white prairie. Her small home was most certainly encased in a large snowdrift, invisible to anyone but those who knew where to look for it. She scanned the horizon and pulled her shawl closer across her boney frame.

“So beautiful, yet so cold and lonely.” Adele said to Tabitha as she jumped to the windowsill, purring loudly, demanding to be petted. Her owner happily obliged. “You silly thing. You keep me company, but you can’t hold a decent conversation, can you?”

Thump, thump! The sound of snow falling from the eaves startled Adele again. Surely is couldn’t be melting? What else could be on her roof?

“Heavens be!” she gasped. “Could it be ol’ Saint Nick himself?” She covered her mouth with one hand and hugged the shawl tighter against her with the other. “Lordy, no! If I wasn’t sure about losing my mind before, I am now. But, oh, Tabitha—wouldn’t be wonderful if the dear ol’ saint came down the chimney to treat me this one last time?”

Shivering from cold and anticipation, she lowered herself into her chair by the fire, bending to stoke its dying embers. A shower of snow rained upon the glowing coals, effectively quenching their warmth.

“Well, I never…”

A second later another trickle of snow dropped to the hearth from above.

Adele sprang to her feet and strained to look up the chimney flue. “Glory be! Is it really you?”

“Me?” came a deep male voice. “I guess it is. To whom do I have the pleasure of conversing with?”

“Adele. Adele Stougaard.” She stood up and scratched her head. “I thought you knew everyone, Saint Nicholas.”

A jolly laugh then. “My name is Nicholas, but I’m far from being the blessed saint himself. Can you guide me to the direction of your front door, my good lady?”

Adele relaxed. The disembodied voice coming from above was only a lost traveler. She sighed and shook her head, disappointed to think she hadn’t witnessed a miracle.

“Head toward the moon and watch your step,” she called up the flue. “I can see out my front window, so the door should be visible after you climb down from the roof.”

A knock at the door a moment later confirmed her suspicions.


Adele’s lonely Christmas Eve is made much brighter by the arrival of a mysterious silver-whiskered stranger…

Price: $0.99

Written By: Cynthianna
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Space cargo pilot Calinda crash lands on a desolate world during an intra-galactic conflict. Bitter and injured, s...

“Go ahead. Ask it.”

Why did your parents have an offspring?

She didn’t expect this kind of question. Loved One must have scanned the contents of the book on genetics and found it wanting.

“I supposed it was because they loved each other,” she mumbled, shifting positions to get comfortable again.

Love is important in cloning?

“What? No, it’s not necessary at all when it’s done in a lab. Only for sexual reproduction.”

And that is how most humanoid species reproduce?

“Yes, yes it is.”

Did you love Jakob?

Space cargo pilot Calinda crash lands on a desolate world during an intra-galactic conflict. Bitter and injured, she doesn’t expect to live long enough to be rescued. Then she encounters a strange non-corporeal being who can mimic anyone she imagines—who can read her secret thoughts and still loves her as she is. Can a loner truly love an alien being who lives inside her mind? Can Calinda truly come to accept what it means to become “unalone”?
Price: $1.99