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Customer FAQs

Question: How do I receive my e-books?

Answer: Once you have purchased a book, click on 'my bookshelf'. You will find links there for all available formats for each book you have purchased. Click on the format you require and the download will begin.

Question:  I bought epub format but it won't work on my ebook reader.

Answer: Email us at extasybooks@gmail.com, give us the title and we'll remake the book and upload it to your bookshelf again. We have more sophisticated programs now to make the books. Some of the older epub formats won't work.

Question:  I buy books from both stores. Can I use the same shopping cart or do I have to log in again?

Answer: No, you can move between stores now and add books to your cart from both eXtasy and Devine. All your purchases will be in one shopping cart and one checkout.

Question: If I want to save my store credit, how do I do that?

Answer: When you go through the checkout, simply put your cursor in the store credit box and delete it, then complete the checkout. When you want to use your credit, or part of it, type in how much you want to use.

Question: I paid for my book by e check, but I didn't get the download notification.

Answer: If you use an e check to pay for your purchases, it takes 5-6  business days to clear. As soon as we receive the clearance, you will receive confirmation that your order is confirmed and you can download your book. eChecks are the same as paper checks.

Question: I paid with credit card via 2CO. Why does it take longer to receive my books when I use this option?

Answer: Your order will be confirmed by 2Checkout if the payment has gone through correctly and your c/c has been verified.

Question: How long do I have to download my e-books?

Answer: Your file will be available indefinitely on your bookshelf.

Question: What formats do you offer?

Answer: We offer our books in 10 different formats. HTML, Rocket, Hibook, PDF, MSReader (lit), Mobi, Palm, ePub, Sony LRF, Sony PDF.

Question: I have a Kindle. Which format do I download?

Answer: PRC/Mobi. Download the file to a folder on your computer, then attach your USB cord from your Kindle to the computer and transfer the book to your Kindle. Alternatively, we now provide downloading directly to your Kindle device. Follow set up instructions.

Question: What about a Nook?

Answer: Same answer as for Kindle except for the Nook, you choose the PDF file.

Question: I don't have an ereader, only a computer.

Answer: PDF files or HTML are great for your computer. To read PDF you need the latest Acrobat Reader available for free at http://www.adobe.com HTML can be read in any browser.

Question: My book won't open in Adobe Reader. It tells me the file is corrupted.

Answer: You need to download the latest Adobe Reader. See above.

Question: I found errors in this book. Should I email the publisher?

Answer: Yes, definitely. Please make notes of the errors and email us.

Question: Can I print the book?

Answer: Yes, our books are printable. However, we strongly recommend the purchase of a PDA (digital reader). There are many versions available that will hold many of the above formats and it makes transport of your books much simpler and saves on ink and paper.

Question: If I don't like the book, can I get a refund?

Answer: I'm sorry. We do not refund if you don't like a book.

Question: I bought the same book twice in error. Can I get a refund?

Answer: No. The author has already been credited the sale and the royalty, but you can choose another book by the same author of the same value and we will add it to your bookshelf.

Question:  I have lost all my books. What do I do?

Answer:  Contact us. Send us the paypal receipt for each order, a list of titles and we will add your missing titles to your bookshelf.