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Creative Spark

Time to Wake

Written By: Caitlin West
Series: Creative Spark #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Karen Bowers has always dreamed of dead people. They begged for her help and at the tender age of twelve, her pare...

They stepped past several shelves and Daniel turned at the last, moving into a spacious corner. Not all of the books had titles on the spines which made Karen’s heart sink. She wondered exactly how they were supposed to know which texts they were supposed to pull or how they were going to differentiate them.

“So…” Daniel cleared his throat. “We’re looking for information about the Reilly family. This area has port journals and some ancient captain’s logs. I’m hoping that we’ll come across something from Colin Reilly, preferably something late in his career. It should have clues to what we’re interested in.”

“But how can we find anything in this?” Karen waved her hand over the books. “Do we have to check every single one?”

“No, they do try to organize them somewhat.” Daniel drew one book from the top left of the shelf. Karen presumed that it was the beginning of the section. “These are port records. You can tell because they’re made of this dark red leather and are often grouped up in threes. They spread them out because they’re easy to spot and organized by what port master was in charge at the time.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to do that by year?”

“That depends on what research you’re doing.” Daniel put the book back. “All of those books have been scanned into a computer and put in chronological order. This is more about the people who wrote in the books than what’s in them.”

“And the log books… alphabetical by author? Or ship name?”

“Good question,” Daniel replied, drawing another book out near the top. “This is the log book of Reginald Alponte of the merchant ship Sequester.” He paused a moment and chuckled. “I wonder if he meant to make that play on words.”

Karen snorted, stepping closer to the shelf and carefully drawing out a text to look at it, on the third shelf down about midway through.

“This one is Bartholomew Lamont of the HMS Dragon.” Karen slid it back carefully. “So we should be close. They really need to put letters on the shelf to give a researcher an idea of where to look.”

“I believe they change things out a little too often for that.” Daniel crouched and began to look through books in the section that Karen motioned to. “And it doesn’t take much to figure out where you’re at. Draw a couple out and you’re in the right location.”

Karen took the other side and worked toward him. “Maybe we should have hit the natural history museum first, especially if they have journals.”

“When and if we have to go there, you’ll see that they’ve got a lot of books. If we had to pour through those, we’d be there for a very long time.” Daniel hesitated a moment. “I found a book by Roberts.”

“Like… the pirate?” Karen looked over hopefully.

“No, his name was Timothy Roberts… worked on a fishing schooner.” Daniel smiled at her enthusiasm. “So you’re a pirate girl, are you?”

“Hmm? No, I… well, I’ve got a passing interest. You know, seen all the movies… read some books… watched the movies again.”

“Ah, a fan of the genre.” Daniel moved on with the books. “I believe they have a rather large section of pirate fare here. You should come back sometime and delve in.”

“I might.” Karen flushed. “It’s just… you know, a guilty pleasure.”

“I know all about them.” Daniel paused again. “Desmond Reilly… 1712. That can’t be a coincidence. I think I found the family’s section here.”

Karen Bowers has always dreamed of dead people. They begged for her help and at the tender age of twelve, her parents had her institutionalized. Now, a semi-successful artist, she has embraced what doctors could not stamp out, quietly helping spirits move on to the afterlife.

But even accepting her fate has not made her immune to the twisted designs of the universe. A spirit two hundred years in her grave shows up asking for help, centuries beyond anything she’s ever dealt with. Her clues involve a tragedy in 1805, a doomed love affair and a dangerous ambition that could unravel the very fabric of reality.

Can she unlock the mystery before it’s all too late? Will the help of an eccentric book store owner turn the tide? What will happen to the life she’s managed to build around her odd condition? The answer lies in a spark.

Price: $4.99
Unveiling the Serpent

Written By: Caitlin West
Series: Creative Spark #2
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Karen’s near possession escalates the Reilly investigation, pushing Daniel to contact an old flame for help....

The shop had two bedrooms nestled away in the back. He set her up in the small one he never used and did his best to make her comfortable. Will she wake up while I’m gone? I don’t want her to panic because she’s in some strange place. He penned a quick note and left it by the bed. I hope that helps… And I won’t be gone that long.

Daniel left, locking the front door behind him and hopping in Karen’s car. The engine roared to life and he took a deep breath, considering his next course carefully. They had to get to the bottom of what was going on but he couldn’t risk Karen again. At least in the shop she’d be safe.

What if there’s something out there that you can’t handle? He asked himself. What happens to her then?

That concern had to be shelved. There wasn’t any time for extreme caution. There were answers to be found but they required some risk. Daniel felt resolve return to him and he put the car in “Drive”. At least the trip wouldn’t take very long.

He was fairly certain he knew where James McKellan had lived—the description that Andrea gave could only be one of a couple places. Someone owned the house that he was heading to but it was not currently occupied. He was certain that there wasn’t going to be easy access to the lab but he could at least see what obstacles needed to be overcome.

Andrea wasn’t just any spirit. Daniel hadn’t seen her sort of power for ages and even back then, demons were involved. After years of dealing with the supernatural, Daniel was surprised to admit that he had seemingly encountered something new.

And that created more questions. What else could this spirit do? Why was she compelling Karen instead of asking her to do things? What was her real motivation?


Karen’s near possession escalates the Reilly investigation, pushing Daniel to contact an old flame for help. They return to find that the spirits have been quite active in his brief absence, leaving behind the journal of James McKellan. It could contain the answer to the 1805 tragedy but with overt dangers literally springing from the Ethereal, such a discovery may be useless.

Whatever spawned Andrea’s visit seems to have a shocking agenda, one that could utterly destroy the world in a mad attempt to save it. Without aid from outside sources, in the shadow of a city ignorant to the dangers that loom over it, the three investigators must risk more than their lives to stop the coming apocalypse. The enemy here does not merely kill, it destroys the very essence of what it is to be human.

Price: $4.99