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Frozen Vengeance

Written By: Evi Asher
Published by: Extasy Books
Series: Eternals # 4
Word Count:33,118
Page Count:
Heat Level:
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    Poor Ryan Myashi doesn’t know what to think. The more he gets to know the erratic but dazzlingly-good looking jock, Tanner Cruz, the more perplexed and irritated he becomes. Every time Tanner’s hare-brained actions cause Ryan’s life to go spinning out of control, Tanner seems to come through smelling like roses—so often that Ryan starts to think of it as The Tanner Effect. The big, handsome jock has finally made his feelings clear—that he thinks nerdy little Ryan is cute and wants to be his boyfriend. Ryan’s problem is that he’s only now coming to grips with his sexuality and wants to tell people in his own way, and in his own time—especially his parents. Problem is, Tanner is such a wild man that those plans are blown sky-high. Plus, Ryan finds that Tanner has a secret of his own.

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