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Alexander Dregon

I was born in Philadelphia Pa. I was shipped off at an early age to live with my father’s Aunt in Maryland, where I stayed until the death of her husband, my uncle, when I was seventeen. After a year of bumming around I joined the Army, serving first in Europe as an MP, then finally, in Korea as a Tech Supply Sargent in a missile platoon. In the intervening years I studied karate, bodybuilding, power lifting, guitar and acting to name a few of the things I tried to use to pass the time, all of which were fun but ultimately unsatisfying on the level I sought.

Deciding that it was not the place to find the cure I was searching for, I got out of the Army honorably and tried my hand at skip-tracing or as it is more commonly known bounty hunting, again trying to fill some indefinable void left in me by life. And once again in the end failing to do so.

Finally moving to my final place of residence in Missouri, I was married until recently, during which I developed what few skills I have at writing. I learned to enjoy the simple act of it and so here I am, again trying to complete myself by seeking the approval of others. Will this be the long sought answer to the emptiness of my life? God I hope so.


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Cosmic Pathos

Written By: Alexander Dregon, P.J. Cooper
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Hope, Dreams, Revenge, and Compassion can make even an Alien seem Human When a cry for help cannot be ignored or...

Still, if they were going to rescue her, they had to find her and take her off the ship physically. She knew she could never make it to them. The trouble was that the only way they could get to her was through what was left of bay two behind what had been her storage unit. Anything else could lead to parts of the ship that were open to the still-core of the engines. That would be a fatal choice for everyone.

She could not allow that. They were trying to help her. She couldn’t let them wander into something like that while they were trying. Despite the cold, she began trying indicator lights. The lights would mark a path that they could use, just as they guided off-loading crews to the sections of the ship they were to unload.

The coldness seemed to seep through the fabric of her suit now, making every movement slow and stiff, but she pushed on. She had gone from no hope to whatever this was and decided that this was infinitely better. Whatever happened, she would know she had done all she could.

Hope, Dreams, Revenge, and Compassion can make even an Alien seem Human
When a cry for help cannot be ignored or a child cries or evil is made to serve good or the taking the high road leads to disaster, the only thing we can trust are our gut feelings and that goes for humans too.
Price: $4.99
Crosspoint in Time

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A ship without a purpose finds a war without a reason.   Massive, it dwarfed the Daehawk. It appeared...

Sheridan took over the role of command despite what appeared to be worse injuries than Ivanova’s. “Well, Captain Alexander, I don’t know who you are or where you hail from but on behalf of Babylon five, thank you very much.”

Alexander was more interested in making sure everyone lived through this. “Time enough for that later. You both look like you need medical attention. Can we beam you aboard, or do you have your own facilities?”

Ivanova started to say something but Sheridan cut her off. “To tell the truth, we don’t know. comm system is down and Med-lab is cut off.”

“Understood.” Turning to his crew, he said, “Beam them straight to Sick-bay. I’ll meet them there. And keep me posted on those damn…” he realized he had no name to call the ships that had attacked him.

“Shadows.” Sheridan chimed in.

Alexander thought for a moment. The name fit. He nodded. “Two to beam up. Energize.”

As Sheridan and Ivanova watched, all the while wondering what this beaming was, the room suddenly began to shimmer and grow dark. Filled almost instantly with a feeling of panic, they wondered if their rescue had just been a dream, a delusion created by their minds to shield them from the knowledge that their lives were over. But almost as quickly the shimmering faded, leaving them not on the familiar if devastated C and C of Babylon five, but in a whole different place in another room. And as they would learn, on another ship.

“Easy, now,” they heard a voice say as strong hands buoyed them up. “We’ll get you in this bed and have you fit as a fiddle in no time.”

Both Sheridan and Ivanova were more than a little afraid, although neither was about to let it show. Just then, Captain Alexander walked in.

A little taller than Susan, he was powerfully built, evidenced by the way he took over from the slight medic who was trying, not too successfully, to wrestle Sheridan onto the bed.

“I’m Captain Alexander. This is my Chief medical technician Doctor Davis and his staff whose names, if they will forgive me, escape me at the moment.”

That brought smiles and muffled laughter from all. True, he could not recall their names, but he knew what each one’s strengths and weaknesses were. He continued.

“And you are guests on Federation Star Ship Daehawk.”

Sheridan looked at Ivanova, while she looked at him, both equally perplexed. Finally Sheridan said to her, “Seems you’ve outdone yourself this time, commander.”

Another round of laughter.

“After Doc does his thing, we need to talk. We…”

Sheridan cut him off. “Captain, I don’t want to seem ungracious, but we have over a hundred thousand beings still on that station. If the Shadows return…”

Alexander held up his hand. “From the first encounter they had with us, I don’t see them spoiling for a re-match. Besides, my crew is scanning for them. We couldn’t seem to get through their hulls, but we can pick them up.”

Sheridan was not deterred. “Even in Hyper-space?”

Now it was Alexander’s turn to look confused. “What is…Hyper-space?”

“That is how we travel faster than light. The Shadows can…”

A ship without a purpose finds a war without a reason.
Massive, it dwarfed the Daehawk. It appeared to be built along the lines of a spider with far too many legs. But the most terrifying thing about it was the color. It was black, but if you watched one spot, it seemed to shift and shimmer as though it was trying to pull you in. Add to that the fact that as you watched it, you seemed to hear a scream in your mind that tried to freeze the marrow in your bones. No, a few seconds of observation and you knew this was not something you were going to reason with. Its goal was your death, plain and simple.
Even before he could break out of his trance-like state, the thing fired.
Guardians of Infinity

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Guarding infinity is like wrestling a ‘gator. You gotta watch both ends. That was what the thing was doi...

The same flashes I had seen in the truck were still going on, but now I could see what they were. Different colored balls of energy would pop in from nowhere, then fade out after a second. Red, green, gold and every color in between that you could think of, they looked like giant sparks from a welder’s torch, and individually, they lived about as long. For a minute I thought it was some weird Christmas display some yokel had set up in the middle of the field. It only took a minute to realize I should be so lucky.

Far worse than that was what I saw in the middle of that mini storm.

I had to blink a half dozen times to get them in focus, but when I did, it really didn’t help. I was sure that either I was losing the best part of my mind, or I hadn’t bothered to wake up.

In the middle of the flashing lights were two figures. I could only see them intermittently when one of the balls lit them up, but what I could see was enough to make me raise the magnum.

One was easily eight feet tall. The other was a more normal height. The other thing that was easy to see was they were both trying real hard to kill the other.

The larger swung an arm like a telephone pole at the smaller one, who dodged it and leaped in the air to kick the big one in the face. I woulda sworn on a stack that it wouldn’t bother the big guy, but it staggered him back a couple of steps. The little one barely landed before he was in the air again with another kick. This time, the huge arm connected with the shoulder.

It was easy to see he was trying to disable the big guy one piece at a time, and he knew how, too. The kick connected and the arm dropped like it was dead. Except the dead don’t feel and the way this thing was roaring—it must’ve hurt like hell! Whatever was going on, the big guy was getting the worst of it.

About that time, I realized two things. One…neither of these two was from around here, or anyplace else that I knew of. And two…I had no idea why they were fighting or who I should be hoping wins.

Now, I always believed in fate. Not so much because it was a good thing, but rather, the opposite. All the bad things that happened to you were pre-ordained and laying for you in their appropriate place on the road of life just waiting for you to reach them. There were good things, too, but they were off to the side somewhere and you usually had to make detours to get to them, but they were waiting for you as well. You just had to know when to step off the path and hunt them down.

Given that philosophy, the next thing that happened made me wonder which this was. As I watched, the smaller fighter landed another pair of blows that staggered his larger opponent once again. His landing, this time, did not serve him as well. Either he found a soft spot in the field, or a rabbit hole, but he suddenly sank to one knee grasping at his foot. The larger one, sensing an advantage finally, raised his good arm high above his head.

It wasn’t hard to guess his plan, and despite the skill he had shown, I just didn’t think the little guy was gonna get up if that arm hit him flush.

In that moment, I made a decision. Right or wrong, I wanted the little guy to win. If the big guy had just grabbed him or tried to reason with him, maybe I’d have gone the other way, but I was raised to believe if you smash a guy when he’s down, that made you a bad guy, regardless.

Now, I been wrong before, but this time didn’t have that feel to it. I aimed the magnum and shot the big guy in the raised arm.

For those of you unfamiliar with guns or at least with the .357 magnum, let me tell you this is a vicious gun. They tell you that a gun won’t knock a man down, but I’m here to tell you it will. And what the bullet might not do, the fall can sometimes. The entry hole isn’t much, but with the hollow points I like to use, when the bullet leaves, it might take an organ or two with it.

I could’ve gone for the head shot. I’m pretty good with this thing, and given the size of the dome on that thing, it would have been hard to miss, but the truth was, I still wasn’t sure about who was who. I figured if I get them to stop fighting, somebody could explain.

Turned out to be unnecessary. The bullet hit him in the arm all right. Right on the seam of what turned out to be armor and then bounced off. It did, however, draw his attention to me. He stared at me and for the first time in the minute or so since I walked up on this nightmare, I got a good look at the big one’s face. That alone told me that I made the right choice.

Whatever this thing was, it wasn’t remotely related to anything human. The only description for his skin that came to mind was that of a catfish—smooth and slimy. There was nothing so benign about that mouth though. It was easily the worst case of overbite I had ever seen. Complete with two-inch teeth and a forked tongue that flicked out between them as it looked at me.

Guarding infinity is like wrestling a ‘gator. You gotta watch both ends.
That was what the thing was doing when Taylor found it. It was releasing the primary component. All he had to do then was wait. All this flashed through my mind in an instant. Cole had beaten me by several seconds, but Warden was already trying to isolate this new wrinkle and find a way to stop it. Given my nature and what I had seen already, I was ready to bet on him when the little bell began ringing its ass off in my head again. This time I knew why. I could see from the look on his face Taylor had just remembered the Striker team he had ordered dispatched to Earth! My Earth! They were on their way there to protect it, but what they were going to do was make it the opening salvo in the last of a war none of its inhabitants knew anything about. Given the effectiveness of this new bug, once they landed it could take as little as a few days for all life on my world to vanish. A fact not lost on any of the men with me at that moment, either. The difference was, unlike me, they knew what to do. At least I hoped so. Taylor started talking to the air again. “The teams I ordered to his Earth. How long—” Cole cut him off. He realized the depth of their error as well. “They launched three minutes after you gave the order! Given the mass of that ship they were flying, I doubt they’re there, yet, but they aren’t far from it in any case!” Taylor turned without a word. Cole followed and I fell in step behind them. Whatever was going on, I had made myself a part of it, and I wasn’t through just, yet. Warden shouted at our backs as we all headed down the hall. “They’ll make the final insertion in fifteen minutes! After that, it’ll be a thirty-minute flight to that Earth. That was it then. Forty-five minutes to doomsday!
Price: $4.99
Heritage Lost 1

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

A little knowledge is a bad thing. A lot of knowledge is a good thing. The trick is knowing the difference. ...
A little knowledge is a bad thing. A lot of knowledge is a good thing. The trick is knowing the difference.

Allen Craig is a private eye, with all that entails. His nature is to blend in. To not be noticed. He lists it as one of his finer accomplishments. But when he gets hired to find a missing girl and a set of mysterious cards she carries, he finds he is more well-known than he first thought. By his former employer, the CIA, a former partner of his in the same, and most importantly, by a group of near indestructible creatures also determined to have the cards this woman carries. Craig doesn’t understand their importance or hers.

But as he learns from his former partner, whatever is going on, the stakes are a lot higher than he realized. And like it or not, he is now involved. So the question becomes is he a player? Or a victim?

Price: $4.99
Heritage Lost 2

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

The quest for knowledge should be eternal. The quest for power is. Spirited away to a distant planetoid orbit...

Satisfied with their understanding, he began calculating the best trajectory for their escape. As he did, he told Craig, “I hope you are right. As soon as we break and run, they will be after us in moments. If they are aware of the Dianodes presence, they will undoubtedly have a plan to capture us in place already. We must keep vigilant for it.”


The ship lurched to the right as Nothen began to bring the engines up to full power. It began to tear through space again at an even faster rate than it had before.

For Craig and the others, it quickly became a battle simply to stand upright. Seconds later, they gave up and found their seats again, watching as Nothen gave his full attention to coaxing all the power possible out of the ship, trying to put as much distance between it and the approaching horde as possible.

At first, it seemed he had caught them napping as they maintained their headings toward their former position, but then, as they watched, the lead ships shifted to new headings along with several others, performing an almost-perfect flanking motion to transfer the direction of the fleet’s motion after the ship.

They were no faster than their quarry, but they were behind them, with the bulk of their forces out and about in the vast void of space. Logic said their best option was to attempt to overtake them outright and failing that, to herd them into a confrontation with more of their ships. Either was a good plan.

The flaw in the former plan was that the ships were not fast enough to overtake them. The flaw in the latter was that the ships were visible far enough away for Nothen to change course to avoid them. The advantage they had was that because there were so many ships, they were able to flood the area with enough errant energy to make communication if not impossible, then at least extremely difficult.

That was standard operating procedure for the Bhrhin ships whenever they entered an area with an unidentified ship even if it was one of theirs. The reason was that so many of their ships had fallen into Rindivin hands, they couldn’t trust that it wasn’t some kind of trap, especially this close to the portal where most of the captured ships were held.

Of course, that in itself meant that if they were cut off long enough, the Rindivin would show up just to try and find out what was happening there. If they showed up in sufficient numbers, it would be fine. The Centha would easily be able to overcome the numbers, unless they had developed some new device they were unaware of.

Given that there were an infinite number of possibilities of what could happen, Nothen decided to concentrate on the ones that would improve their chances of survival, the most obvious of those being to find somewhere that either they could not follow or someplace they dared not.

He knew one that fit the latter description at least, but it held its own problems for his group. Seeing his face frowning with concentration, Leo asked, “What’s the plan? Anything we might like?”

The quest for knowledge should be eternal. The quest for power is.

Spirited away to a distant planetoid orbiting Wolf 359, Craig and the others awake in a medical compound being treated by aliens. Terrified at first, they soon learn that they are now pawns in an inter-galactic power play. And that their only chance lies in a retreat through a portal to another universe. Despite the danger, or because of the fact they have no choice they make the journey only to find even the trip is the most dangerous thing they have ever done. The question is, will it work?
Price: $5.95
Secrets, Lies and Legacies of Kelen's Moon

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Trapped in a volcano on Kelen's moon, Adam Colton and the others on the transport they escaped in try to figur...

Caught unawares by the fury of the onslaught, the formation broke and scattered, whirling around to try and regroup for another attack. But Holt had no intention of giving them time to finish whatever maneuver they had planned. "Price, magnetize your hull, then lock onto the underside of my ship! We're getting the hell out of here! Now!"

Without a word Price activated the magnetic clamps and rolled the ship to slam the plates together. But not before he fired a full spread of missiles at their attackers. He hadn't bothered to use his particle beams as their power level and range made them less than effective against what he presumed would be full combat armor, but the missiles were powerful enough to do some damage to the ships. And failing that, they did set up enough interference to give them a few more seconds to complete the maneuver.

Price shouted over the Comm, "I'm in place. Controls neutral. You can go at your option!"

Price noted himself falling into old habits as he reverted to the jargon of his days in D-force. He found himself enjoying it despite the situation.

Thanks to the inertial dampeners, Baler, Amnical, Rosin, and Simone sat strapped in while Price performed the last move, nearly oblivious to the twists and turns the ship was going through. Simone, still trying to find more about the infection, was ignoring the buffeting, while Baler watched a sensor screen, searching for the carrier he knew was out there somewhere, with another wave of fighters just waiting for the chance to release them. Why they hadn't yet was beyond him, but he didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

On the bridge of the Nightwolf, Colton walked onto it with Kelen one step behind. The area of the bridge was large enough to accommodate them as well as the normal crew without crowding, but Colton still hung back on the side to stay out of the way.

Holt acknowledged their entrance with a curt nod, before returning his attention to the battle outside.

"Can you see anything else out there? There has to be a carrier some place!"

"If it is, it's laying to outside of sensor range. Either that or they've got some new kind of stealth tech! Either way, I got nothing sir!" the Ensign on sensor monitoring said, afraid he was failing in some way and trying his best to make up for it.

"Price, keep scanning for that thing! I know it's out there somewhere! It has to be! Those things couldn't have made it through Earth space without being challenged."

"We already came to that conclusion," Kelen said, leaning over to almost whisper into Holt's ear. "But there was another reason. They use charged ships rather than any type of reactor. Once they go down, they need..." Kelen had a thought suddenly. "They need to be recharged! That could explain why they haven't sent a second wave yet. They don't have enough recharged yet! It was only a few hours ago that they sent the attack against the plant. That could be your chance Captain. Take these out and we've got a chance."

"You heard him, guys. Take these out and we can live through this!"

A chorus went up of "aye sir" and "yeah" on both the bridge and throughout the ship via an open Comm. The crew of the Nightwolf prided itself on being as tough as need be, and in this, one of the few real chances they'd had to show what they could do, they were not about to turn in anything less than a stellar performance.

Kelen wasn't finished yet though. "I'd say our best bet is to head for the inner sectors. You can use one of your shuttles to make contact once we get close enough to get a real time signal so we won't spread the contamination any further. Then we can..."

"Kelen you might be the best businessman in the universe, but your strategy reeks!" The voice belonged to Baler.

Trapped in a volcano on Kelen's moon, Adam Colton and the others on the transport they escaped in try to figure out who attacked them and why. With Kelen's plant destroyed and his Dashon infected by a virus he can't cure, it becomes all too clear that both they and Earth are in a dangerous position if the theories they keep hearing are true. Worse still, when the D-force ship Zulu Alpha accidentally triggers  the virus in wave form, that position becomes even more untenable. Their only chance to stop what they believe is coming, is to save the only known Dashon left in the Galaxy. The location of which is only known to their shipmate Tim Baler. Yet despite their situation and Kelen's seemingly good intentions, Baler holds onto his distrust, as well as his dislike, for Kelen. So the question of everyone's survival becomes, can they learn to trust each other in time?
Price: $5.99
The Apocalypse Crystal

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Adam Colton is a bond agent on the tiny outpost of Rifos, sending escapees from the inner planets back to face jus...

Once inside, he ordered them to the side away from the window and shouted, “Baler, you son of a bitch! I go to the john and you think you can slip in that quick!” While Baler and Simone looked at him incredulously, he pulled one of the tanks out of its berth under the bench.

Catching on, Baler shouted, “Aw man! She won’t break! Besides I thought you could use the help.”

Simone was insulted enough to slap him, even though she realized it was an act. Then she did, just to lend credence to his performance.

After a few seconds, Price kicked a trashcan over and shouted, “Look out you damn fool!” Motioning for them to follow as he turned to run, he fired his MPP into the tank. It ruptured at once sending fumes throughout the lab. As they left, he returned the grinder to its former position and left it again grinding on the table, throwing sparks out in an arc that encompassed most of the room.

From outside, Reyes listened intently, silently cursing whatever was slowing down the muscle he had called for. He had no intention of going in alone against Price because he knew his reputation. He’d sent a signal right after he’d heard the first mention of Dashon crystals, but he didn’t mention them, deciding to keep that detail to himself. No one had showed yet.

He’d started to send a second signal just before they had started this little dust up and was about to go ahead when the windows of the lab on the third floor blew out in a fireball. As he dove for cover behind the tree, shards of glass rained down and stabbed at the ground. Several shards found their way into his leg and he screamed from the pain. A second explosion sent still more shards flying as the tank left under the bench went off from the heat and shattered everything that had survived the first blast by virtue of being in the cabinet above it.

Reyes could hear the wail of disaster crew vehicles and thought about ditching his listening gear. It wouldn’t do to get caught with it. But he decided to risk it. He did cut the feed so there was no way to trace it to where it had been connected. Not that there was anything there to connect to anymore.

He cursed his luck. Now, not only did he lose the only lead they had to this mysterious asteroid, he was sure he would end up in front of Kelen Roaert to explain how. His leg throbbed in time with his heartbeat, which was rapidly increasing at the thought.


In the back of the building, Price and his charges had made their way again down the back stairs. This time they had not slowed and with the cover of the explosions, they were sure that their escape had gone unnoticed. Once in the garage, Price immediately looked around at the vehicles parked there.

Deciding on a rather worn looking cargo transport, he shattered the window with the butt of his gun and scrambled inside. As they crouched in the shadows beneath the door, Baler spoke up.

“You can’t steal a truck! We’ll have your people on us before we get a block away!”

Price almost smiled. Would have if he hadn’t been holding the flashlight in his teeth. Finished, he snatched it out as he whispered fiercely, “Get in!”

Adam Colton is a bond agent on the tiny outpost of Rifos, sending escapees from the inner planets back to face justice. At least he has been since his ship was damaged in a storm and he was marooned on the little world. Soon though, he thinks he 'll have enough to pay for the repairs on his ship and get back to prospecting, which he loves even though he knows he'll never get rich at it.
At least that's what he tells himself.
The real reason he wants to leave is a failed relationship with the outpost's premier gemologist, Simone Jennifer.
Angered at her memory and tortured by the secret he keeps that drove him into space from his home world of Tau Ceti Ultra, he plans to return to his former life as soon as possible, vowing to forget both "Moni" and Rifos.
But a clandestine call from the woman draws him back like a moth to a flame and he quickly finds himself at odds not only with Kelen Roaert, the richest and allegedly most powerful man in the Galaxy, but with his former mentor and friend, Aldon Rosin, leader of the most elite military group on his home world, known as the Ultras.
Now he finds himself caught in a power play, alone save for Moni, the local sheriff, Logan Price and a fellow prospector named Tim Baler. Together the four of them try to outwit the organization of the man dubbed the Crystal Commissar, only to find out that like most things, nothing is quite what it seems...
Price: $4.99
The Assemblage: The Osagi Construct

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Series: The Osagi Construct #1
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Fifty thousand years ago, a war began. Fifteen hundred years ago, part of that war made it to Earth. Now they are...

The sun was shining through the window in the office the man sat in. It would have never have been considered opulent. It wasn’t extra-large or fancy, but it was well appointed with an efficient touch that was a reflection of the man that worked there: stoic, quiet and minimalist to a fault. That was his way—in his office, his home and his life.

Ian Speed was all those things, but above all of them, he was a loner. He’d been one all of his life. It wasn’t by choice. He’d often appreciated the company of others; he simply lacked the skill to make friends. There were occasional flashes of humanity from him, but normally he just stayed away from people in general. The few people who knew him socially never invited him to any social events anymore, and the matchmakers among them had long ago given up.

Everyone who knew him knew he was alone by choice. It wasn’t a matter of looks or some lack of social skills; no, Ian was far beyond that. He simply felt no direct kinship to anyone. It was as if he had no idea of what he should feel in a normal situation. He had never learned all the things that make one normal. He had no feelings for anyone beyond an abrupt but genuine politeness.

And an insatiable curiosity. This, in conjunction with his analytic mind, had enabled him to make a good living as a project coordinator at Richland Ltd. It was a small operation that managed to keep him on staff, not by paying him extremely well, but by letting him indulge his love of checking out the strange and unusual things that were his only real passion. He did very good work for the company, and they returned the favor by looking the other way when one of his pet projects showed up somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be.

This was one of those times. He had been following the news about some volcanic activity in the ocean around the Hawaiian Islands, and wondering if it would affect shipping, when he felt an oddness he was unaccustomed to. Nothing definite, but rather a gut feeling that he was supposed to do something. He was in the middle of it when his boss walked into his office.

“How’s it? You look like you could use a little excitement in your life, and I’m here to provide.”

That was Ian’s boss, Rick Jansen, in a nutshell. The only other black man in the office, he had always struck Speed as strange but as usual, he thought little about it. Rick was a special kind of person. If there was something he didn’t like, he was going to fix it. Nice enough guy, but nosey enough to make homicide a consideration. Yet of all the people who knew Ian and his particular affliction, only he had never given up on dragging Ian into the light of pleasant conversation.

As a result, there were times he was so annoying that Ian had to excuse himself to go somewhere out of hearing and either laugh at the absurdity or scream at the nerve of the man.

Still, he endured. Not out of any loyalty to the company, another job was just a phone call away, but out of respect for the fact that they had never asked for more than he wanted to give. That was something that another job might not be so willing to accept. And besides, in the end, the truth was that Speed usually enjoyed Rick and his little escapades even though he’d never admit to it.

Smiling sardonically at Rick he asked, “So what’s the plan this evening? The racetrack? The theater? Or maybe something truly unique, like say, oh I don’t know...a séance?”

Rick sat in the chair across from Speed and stared at him blankly. Then he spoke as though he was running the risk of getting on someone’s bad side.

“And just how did you know that? Here I was thinking I was going to pull a surprise on you, and you know damn near as much as much as I do. You’re a real buzz-kill, you know that?”

Speed laughed. He was forever getting in the way of Rick’s little schemes, and somehow that made the man’s constant meddling more tolerable.

“Just a guess. You haven’t tried anything insane in weeks, and I figured you were about due.”

Rick shook his head as if to clear it and grinned. He was used to the way Speed was always on top of things even before he knew what they were. Even so, it was still somewhat disconcerting. In a strange way though, it was what he’d come to expect from their resident man of mystery.

“Right, well, here’s the plan. I’ll pick you up at eight at your place, and we’ll take a ride to the lady’s house.”

“What lady?” Speed was truly shocked. Rick was a lot of things but this was the first time he’d gone this far.


Fifty thousand years ago, a war began. Fifteen hundred years ago, part of that war made it to Earth. Now they are in real trouble.
Ian Speed is a strange man. He lives in a social vacuum and tries to pretend it doesn't matter, when in reality, he wants desperately to fit in. He simply has no idea how.
That is until his boss and friend, Rick Jansen, takes him to a show given by a mysterious woman named Antara, who seems to know more about him, and his troubles, than he himself does. During the show, he finds himself alone with the woman, who promises to explain all of it to him and more if he'll call her the next day. He finds himself looking forward to it.
From that moment on, his life changed. Now he finds himself in a world he'd never believed in, full of wonders and dangers beyond his imagination. And he learns why his life has been what it has, and what he has to do to fix it. The price is high but the rewards are great.
All he has to do is...survive.
Price: $5.99
The Primal Connection

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
Heat Level:

Urges, impulses, deja vu. First contact is not what it used to be. Terry Bridger is a unique individual. A for...

Terry had heard his target's intake of breath as the man prepared to launch his attack and been ready for it, stepping back just out of range at the last second. Still, he had been surprised not just by the speed but the savagery of the blow. Had he not read his intent and acted accordingly, Terry would be bleeding profusely from the knee or knees right now.

Instead, Terry was staring across his nine millimeter at his opponent’s face, twisted in an inscrutable rage.

Almost cheerfully, he said, “Hi. Just wanted to borrow your phone. I need to call the cops and have your a** thrown in jail.” Then, he smiled as evilly as he could, adding, “Unless you’d like to save everybody some trouble and try to pull that ax out of the wall so I have an excuse to blow your fuckin' head off!”


Urges, impulses, deja vu. First contact is not what it used to be.
Terry Bridger is a unique individual. A former Army Ranger, CIA operative, cop and private detective, he now works as a consultant for the FBI. His specialty? Catching the most vicious, most dangerous serial killers. And he has a hidden advantage. He calls him Charlie.
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The Vampire and the Nightingale

Written By: Alexander Dregon
Published By: Devine Destinies
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Justice can be found in the strangest places. Sometimes even the heart of  monster. After three hundred...
Justice can be found in the strangest places. Sometimes even the heart of  monster.

After three hundred years, Darius Pine has lost none of his flair for life. Or his thirst for justice. A member of the unique and secretive group of what most would simply label vampires, known as The Gifted, he devotes himself to issuing the just rewards to those that have escaped the retribution they deserve.
To do so however he has to avoid the entanglements of the political side of the New Templars, the leadership of the nation’s Gifted.
So when the Templar leader needs a favor in return for his being left alone, Darius is delighted to find out it involves an old enemy of his own and a final chance to right a past wrong. Only to find an innocent life on the line, a way of life threatened and his own life in jeopardy as well.

Price: $5.99