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Lord Tricking

Written By: Belita Renn
Published by: Extasy Books
ISBN #:978-1-4874-0286-0
Word Count:102386
Page Count: 319
Heat Level:
Price: $5.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, Hiebook, HTML, Mobipocket, Rocket, Epub, Sony PDF, Sony LRF
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    Sentenced to hang, Virginia is rescued by a stranger interested only in her ability to kill.

    Accused of killing her lecherous stepfather, Virginia is found guilty and is to hang at dawn. A stranger arrives and offers to save her on the condition she gives her life to him. He will not tell her what he wants, only that he will not hurt her and he does not own a brothel. Given a new identity, she quickly learns that if she does not do as she is told they will kill her or return her to the prison to hang. In the company of mysterious people with identities as false as hers, Virginia fears they will kill her once she has completed the task. Making matters worse, she may be falling for Rand—her savior—and she does not even know his real name.

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