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George Snyder

A scholastic underachiever, George Snyder did manage about three years of college. He retired as Senior Editor, Technical Publications from Boeing, and has a work resume that reads like the yellow pages of the phone book. With 31 books, mostly in the noir crime genre, a couple dozen short stories and articles, he has been described by one editor as “a durable pulp fiction novelist.” Seven of his books are available at net outlets (soon to be nine). Besides gold prospecting, motorcycling, fishing, and scuba diving, George is a sailing bachelor who lives aboard his small sloop and when not voyaging from port to port spends every morning writing.

Email : freelancer66@earthlink.net

Beyond Gender Wars

Written By: George Snyder
Published By: Extasy Books
Heat Level:

Future from Paradise, The City of Women and Rescue, compiled into one novel... After the war between men and w...
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Future from Paradise, The City of Women and Rescue, compiled into one novel...
After the war between men and women, Earth exists void of outdoor life. The Savage Clan, outside mutants, prey on humans for their flesh. Life on Earth is without joy; a barren landscape with little oxygen, no plants, a sea without life. Bradley, on vacation from the City of Men, leaves his male-mate Gerald and travels outside the charted area where he discovers a living palm tree. Beyond, he finds Future, a magnificent vessel from far off Serene Island, a land where life, love and wine are of good vintage. 
After escape from the Savage Clan, the cyborg, Brandy, with the brain and organs of Bradley, enters the City Of Women and meets city leader Margo. During Brandy's quest for peace between men and women to prevent more conflict, the city is invaded by the Savage Clan. Under attack, women, already weary of war, find themselves at war again with Brandy fighting alongside and thousands killed and mutilated. Brandy is damaged beyond repair.  
With the City of Men in revolution, Bradley seeks to rescue Sheri even though he doubts her love and suspects she might be with his rival Jack. Rawlins, the city leader is dead. The new order finishes killing enemies yet keeps the same dominant attitude toward women. Fighting his way, including confrontation with Jack, Bradley finds Sheri, knowing she may carry no love for him, and together they escape to Future for the voyage to Serene Island while missiles fly and war between men and women breaks out once again.
Price: $5.99