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Submissions FAQs


Please read full submissions guidelines below the FAQ.

We do NOT accept currently published books. This includes with another publisher and/or self published. Your book cannot not be available for sale anywhere on the web.

Do I need an agent to submit to eXtasy or Devine?
No, you do not.
What is the required heat level?
Please look at our flame clarification. 2 Flames or less would be suitable for Devine Destinies. We also publish YA and Children's books at Devine.
What is your ‘turn around’ time?
Careful reading of all submissions takes time, but the company will endeavor to respond within 4 weeks. If, after 4 weeks, you haven’t received a response, please email the company.
How long before my story is published?
eXtasy cannot give you a set timeframe. Each author and work is unique. Some work may require more editing than others, or there may be ‘glitches’ in the process beyond our control. No author favoritism will influence the process.
I have a book that has been previously published. Can I submit it to eXtasy?
Yes, provided that you hold all the rights to the story. We will need proof of this at the time of submitting the proposal. We would also like to know why you want a second chance with this book. e.g., did you find that it didn’t sell well (if so, why? – e.g., was it submitted to the ‘wrong’ publisher and promoted in the wrong market. How would you promote it differently?) Did the publisher go out of business? Works that have been accepted for one market may not find a home in eXtasy without substantial re-writing. It might be easier to write a new book. However, if you feel that the book is worth the effort and a second chance, then we will consider it via the usual submission process, but the editor-in-chief will scrutinize the work even more closely than a ‘new’ work.
What marketing and promotional strategies has the company in place to promote my book and me (the author)?
eXtasy has many strategies to promote the company and the author and his/her work. From internet magazines, chat lists to print magazines, attendances at conferences and fairs where eXtasy's and Devine's books would be at ‘home’.  We will work with an author to help maximize the work and the author’s exposure in the mainstream. However, we also expect authors to have their own strategies and networks to promote themselves and their work. If there is a relevant conference of ‘fair’ or event in their home town, then we would expect the author to have an appearance scheduled. Libraries, bookshops, etc. are other venues for marketing and promotion.  Remember: what comes out of a venture is equal to what is put in. Put nothing in and expect nothing.
How will I be paid?
This is detailed in the contract. Payments will be made into your paypal account. We do not pay using bank cheques, etc.
At eXtasy and Devine, what is the publishing process?
Each author and work will be treated differently, but here following is the basic structure: Upon receipt of your query (5 chapters, synopsis and query letter) it is sent to an editor to read.

If this editor thinks the story has potential, he or she will inform the EIC.

If the company wants to see more, you will be requested to send the full manuscript.

Upon receipt, the complete work will then be sent to an editor-in-chief to read.

If accepted, a contract will be forwarded to the author, together with an ‘author information form’.

Once the author has returned 2 signed copies of the contract, the work will then be sent to the line editor who will work closely with the author to polish the work to the highest standard.

The author will be required to complete and send to eXtasy an ‘author information form’ – containing tag line, back cover blurb and suggestions for cover art.

Once edits are completed, the manuscript will then be sent to an editor-in-chief for final reading who may make further suggestions or accept the work as presented.

Once the final edit has been approved, a ‘galley’ will be prepared and sent to the author for final reading – for typos, etc.  This is NOT the time to do more re-writing.

Author and cover artists will work together to produce cover art that complements the book (but eXtasy reserves the right to have final say on the cover art).

Once the galley is prepared and accepted, the work will be passed on to the editor-in-chief who will prepare the work into its publishing formats.

The book will then be posted on the website.

Books will be listed with several third party resellers.

As you can see the process is both long and involved. Books aren’t written overnight, and they don’t get published overnight – at least not in this company where quality control is the over-riding consideration.
How many books a month will eXtasy publish?
That depends on the number of works submitted and the publishing process as detailed above. At this point we do not plan to publish more than 20 books a month, but this may increase in the future. At Devine we publish 4 to 6 books a month.
Will my book go to print?
This will depend on:

The sales figures for the book as e-book and show of author's willingness to market.

At this point electronic books are outselling print books.
I have read the submission guidelines, I am still not certain what sort of books you are seeking. Can you name any authors I can read to get inspiration?
If you aren’t familiar enough with any of the genres or sub-genres listed, then the chances are that you don’t know enough about these concepts to write a book that eXtasy or Devine Destinies would accept.  We aren’t asking for ‘run-of-the-mill’ stories with ‘window-dressing’.

If you aren’t certain about a story idea you, then you can email us with an outline and we can advise whether it’s something you can pursue with us (without intention to buy sight unseen, of course!), or if we wouldn’t be interested.

We do not want formula, be it romance or otherwise.
Anything else you could suggest to a writer who would like to be published with eXtasy?
Forget the ‘tried and true’ formula. (Yes, every commercial fiction has formula – i.e., reader expectations). eXtasy books must have strong plots, strong characters and fantastic worlds. Tell your story in a unique, compassionate, compelling style with characters who are strong (and vulnerable) and we might be interested … Push the boundaries!

We are not interested in reading works that have descriptive violence, and/or raunchy sex (porn)– stories that contain such have little to offer the discerning reader who forms the readership of eXtasy.  If you want this sort of work – to either read or write – there are other publishers you can pursue.
You rejected my work, would you be interested in seeing a re-write?
This will be discussed at time of rejection. If we feel that the story has ‘potential’, then we will say so and offer you the chance to resubmit once you have re-written it. We will not consider work –whatever the potential – if it is poorly written, has spelling and grammatical mistakes or other writing flaws (POV slips or purple prose, or whatever!) because this work will require substantial editing and we do not have the time to teach you the craft – if you want to write professionally, then you have to learn the craft. Editors in every top publishing house do not re-write books, they edit books.

We at eXtasy Books are proud of the reputation we have earned for the quality of both our novels and shorter works. This doesn't happen by accident.

We accept submissions in all the sub-genres: romance, sensual romance, YA, BDSM, G/L/B, interracial, African/American, Alternate Lifestyles, Science Fiction, Gay/Lesbian, and any and all combinations thereof. We embrace the unusual and original, and are interested in all heat levels. If it's outside the box, feel free to send it.

Approximate required word count:
  • Sizzlers 12,000 - words and up
  • Novellas – 20,000 - words and up
  • Full novels/anthologies - 50,000 words and up

We do NOT accept simultaneous submissions.

I'm sorry. eXtasy replies within two weeks to a query or submission so you're not left hanging. It is a waste of our valuable time for us to read a submission, only to hear, "Thank you, but we have already signed with another publisher."

We do NOT accept works that include:
  • Sexual abuse of minors under the age of 18 in any form, including being exposed to sexual acts. This includes consensual acts by anyone under 18. This includes incest.
  • Bestiality.
  • Non-consensual sex or BDSM that results in actual physical damage.
  • Necrophilia
  • Golden Showers or any act containing the use of feces.
  • We will also reject works where individuals are subjected to strangulation or suffocation as part of the sex act, whether self-inflicted or otherwise.
  • Other than that, anything goes.
We expect all submissions to be professionally prepared and as free of mechanical errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar as possible. Unless prior approval has been obtained, we will also not accept any submission that is clearly an unrevised first draft. Editors are here to help you polish your work, not fix it for you--that's your job. A manuscript submission is like a job interview. You wouldn't go to one of those wearing dirty jeans and a torn T-shirt. Don't send your "baby" out looking that way, either.
Do NOT rely on your spell checker.

Manuscripts should be prepared as follows (we expect authors to use a version of MS Word and will not open and non-MS Word doc):
  • Please submit all works in RTF Word format.
  • Margins: 1" (inch) top, bottom, left, right.
  • Single line spacing.
  • Tabs set at 0.2"
  • Plain text only, no fancy formatting.
  • Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • Include the complete manuscript (without any fancy headers, footers, or fonts), synopsis, and cover letter with author credits.

We look for solid plots, well-developed settings and characters that are fully three-dimensional. We want originality and professional-level storytelling. History should be well-researched and totally fictional worlds in fantasy and science fiction must be visualized clearly. Get your facts straight.

What we don't want are erotic stories that are essentially a thin plot stringing sex scenes together or characters whose motivations and personalities are shallow and stereotypical. While the purpose of all erotica is to arouse the reader, eXtasy books provide excellent entertainment for the reader as well. In other words, the sexuality is an asset to the book, not the other way around. Sensuality is vital--we expect your characters to use all five of their senses. There not only has to be a reason for the sex…we want to know how they feel about it as well. And there's no need to keep a tally in your head; the amount of sex should be appropriate to the story. We don't require so many scenes per story. We'd rather a lot of tension and one big scene than sex for sex's sake.
We also aren't interested in works that are little more than new versions of old stories. A novella in the spirit of The Story of O is one thing; a novella that's little more than a thinly disguised rewrite is another, and won't make it past the first read. Creativity is not only desired, but required.

Extensive use of vocabulary is a must, and reliance on standard romance clichés is discouraged. You needn't use raw Anglo-Saxon to describe the sexual organs but substitutions should evoke a sexual frisson, not a giggle. Graphic descriptions of genitalia should also be avoided. Remember, the most important sexual organ is the brain, so keep the focus on characters' feelings, thoughts and sensations. Make the language appropriate to the setting. Show, don't tell.

Keep the sex original and different. Nothing loses a reader's interest faster than having characters do the same thing over and over with only minor variations. Nor, contrary to popular belief, need all sex scenes end in a climax. Interruptions can lead to anticipation, and in the case of erotica, waiting can be half the fun. Sexual tension is perfectly acceptable.

Thank you for checking us out, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Submit to: extasybooks@gmail.com

Q: Will you accept previously published books?

A: Only if you give us new material as well and we must have a document stating that the book was legally released from previous publication.